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• Welcome to the first edition of Wired, the brand new internet newswire dedicated soley to the rebirth of Extreme Championship Wrestling. We here at Wrestling Edge are still reeling following the incredible show that was One Night Stand last Sunday night, in which a new WWE Champion was crowned in Rob Van Dam! Shockingly, it was a masked man later to be revealed as Edge that cost John Cena the title, following a vicious Spear through a table.

Chants of "Thank You Edge" rang throughout the arena as the Rated-R-Superstar stood tall in the ring. Moments later, Rob Van Dam was crowned WWE Champion as the ECW locker room and crowd erupted. It is unknown as of right now how this angle will continue, though rumours flying around are that RVD will be christened new ECW World Champion tonight on Hardcore TV. However, due to the controversy surrounding the finish (including Paul Heyman's interference as referee) it is believed Vince McMahon will be involved somehow.

• There are a few names confirmed for the ECW roster at the moment, those being Rob Van Dam, Kurt Angle, Sabu, Big Show, Tommy Dreamer, Sandman, Balls Mahoney, The FBI and Justin Credible. Most of the wrestlers you have seen in relation to the ECW brand in recent weeks are possibilities to become fixtures of the roster. Names being thrown around right now include Kid Kash, CW Anderson, Lance Storm, Al Snow, Masato Tanaka, Danny Doring, Roadkill, and even a return from Tajiri to the company following his departure last year.

Away from ECW alumni, a number of 'outsiders' are being considered by higher ups as potential crossovers to the ECW brand. Rumours indicate that workers such as Eugene, The Basham Brothers, Jimmy Yang and Rodney Mack are all strong candidates to join the roster sometime in the future.

• Finally, there are a number of matches rumoured for the debut of Hardcore TV tonight, but two in particularly strong contention for air time. It is believed that creative will be continuing the angle started at One Night Stand with Big Show demolishing the younger, smaller workers. This is to create an image of unstoppablility for Big Show, so as to slingshot him into the upper echelons along with the likes of Sandman, Tommy Dreamer and Rob Van Dam. After attacking Little Nunzio, Tony Mamaluke, Super Crazy and Tajiri at One Night Stand, the follow up is scheduled to be a handicap match pitting Nunzio and Mamaluke against the giant. Where the angle will go from there, however, is unknown at this time. Also, with Kurt Angle's drafting to ECW it is highly believed that his Invitational will continue under extreme rules. The first match may well go ahead tonight with candidates for JOB Squad members being Kid Kash, Nova, Super Crazy, Justin Credible, or Eugene. It is still not known whether Angle will be working as a face or a heel in upcoming weeks.

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I saw em in Montreal about 5 weeks ago. Fucking Rockin'! If you haven't already bought their new album, do so, becaue they're playing the whole album on the tour.

Oh... great... <_<

The entire album? It's one of the most average albums in their collection. Dance of Death and Brave New World are so much better Bruce Era #2 albums.

Why play the whole album this time round? They didn't do that with DoD (granted they played half the album or so, but, you know, DoD was fucking good).

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