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So, I might have just gotten a bunch of money...

Guest JT179

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Ok, so while looking over my finanical aid package for the spring semester I noticed that I got a need based grant for over 1,700 dollars a semester. Now, this is the odd thing. I didn't get any of the money from this grant in the fall. This same thing happaned last year and I ended up getting a much smaller sum of money that was supposed to be put to use towards the fall semester but didn't in check form. So if this is the same thing again, that means i'll be getting a $1700 check from the financial aid office, not to mention the extra 500 bucks that I won't need for the spring semester. This is great for a few reasons:

A. I won't have to borrow cash from my parents

B. I will be able to buy Christmas presents

C. With all this extra money, I can afford an Xbox 360!

So that brings me to my questions. I need to know what to buy. The obvious choice is to get the complete Xbox 360 for 399. After that i'm at a loss. Controllers, extras, games, etc. These are the games I know I need first and foremost:

Gears Of War

Dead Rising

After that I haven't got a clue. Thoughts, comments and suggestions? I won't be making any purchases now, i'll be doing that in January after I get back to school I imagine. I just want to get a clue as to what i'll be doing and what i'll need to get.

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In addition to the games you have listed:

WWE SD vs RAW 07

Call of Duty 2 and/or 3

XBOX Live Arcade points cards to buy games such as Lumines, Street Fighter II, SmashTV and Geometry Wars

For Accessories, either a Quick Charge or Play and Charge Kit are necessary as it saves from wasting batteries in the controllers. Quick Charge uses a wall outlet to charge where as Play and Charge uses the 360 USB ports to charge a controller

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Definitely check out Oblivion, if it's even remotely the kind of game you're interested in. I've had hundreds of hours of gameplay from it and it's probably my favourite game for the 360 (having not played GoW yet.)
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First person open-ended RPG. Luscious graphics and a pretty interesting storyline. The strength is absolutely massive world they've created, with hundreds of smaller villages, inns etc. filling in the space between the main cities. There are absolutely hundreds and hundreds of side quests apart from the main storyline, so many that I'm not even close to getting them all yet. The levelling up system is really simple to get to grips with, and is based on how often you use a certain skill rather than manually going through and messing around with lots of stats.

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Guest StylesClash86

I had no problems reading the text from Dead Rising, and I played it on a SDTV yesterday that was like 10 years old. So it isn't nearly that bad, for me anyways. You will need another controller in case a buddy ever comes over, of course.

Game wise, there are so many fun ones. I liked Gears of War (though short offline), Saints Row is so much damn fun. Gun is also really fun, but it's been out a while so doesn't get much hype. SD vs. Raw 07 is MUCH better on 360 than PS2. Lastly, I would check out Call of Duty 3, Ghost Recon Advanced WarFighter (GRAW), and Oblivion.

That's all I can think of for now, I'll try and post some more up in a bit.

Edit: Saw you don't like the online play much and it makes me wonder if you should get GoW. It is a VERY good game, yes, but it's so short that I could have rented it and beat in time to not have a late fee. You should still check it out, but 60 bucks could go towards one or two other games. Another shitty part is multi-player is only up to two people. Great visuals though.

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Sorry to steal the thread, but its not really required to have an HDTV right. I got a 360 today (can't play until christmas though) and have a somewhat smaller tv in my room where the 360 will be, I'm not getting Dead Rising though so is that the only game that its a problem with?

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After speaking with an old friend of mine this is what i've figured out:

Xbox 360 ($399 Version)

3 Month Xbox Live Gold Subscription ($20, test it out while I have a good internet connection at school)

Extra Controller, Not Wireless ($30)

Quick Charge Kit ($30)

Dead Rising ($60)

Gears Of War ($60)

Maybe one or two more games. Probably SmackDown vs RAW 2007, haven't decided on that one yet though. I'm thinking i'll be trading in my GameCube & Xbox systems and all the games to bring down the price on these goodies. Well, maybe not all the Xbox games. I'll keep Halo 2 and a few others I play semi-regular, but otherwise everything else will go.

I'll probably do this in January with a friend of mine who knows what he is doing, we will go to GameStop and pick everything out together.

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Supposedly the same problem is in the Lost Planet Multiplayer Demo that came out recently, freakishly hard to see the text on SDTV. That game is another Capcom one though so it could just be a Capcom probably right now.

Other games look fine on SDTV and have no problems whatsoever, but I would almost recommend not getting a 360 unless you have an HDTV because you just don't get the full experience of the 360 without one. That's why I'm saving up for an HDTV. The prices you can get one now are insane, around 30" can be as low as $400 CDN for Tube or $600 CDN for LCD

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So I got my refund check and decided to get the system early. Got Gears Of War & SmackDown vs. RAW '07 at the same time (will get Dead Rising later). I'm having an issue though connecting to the Xbox Live Marketplace (don't have an Xbox Live Gold Account yet, wanted to make sure this worked first).

It is saying that there is a problem with the IP address assigned by my DHCP server. Can anyone explain this to me in English Please? Here is the EXACT wording of the error:

There is a problem with the IP address assigned by your DHCP server. If you are using a router or gateway (which i'm not), turn your console and the device off and then back on, and try again.

Your console was unable to negotiate a lease with your DHCP server. Make sure that addresses are available on your server.

Thoughts, comments & suggestions please?

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