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Shady Jeff Killed

Gene Kiniski

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Anyone familiar with Hollywood Undead or MySpace in general probably know who Shady Jeff is or have heard of him. He was formerly part of Hollywood Undead. It's being reported that he passed away after being in a serious car accident on the 27th.

On November 27th, 2006. Shady Jeff was in a terrible car accident. Tyler was called when the accident had happened, and was able to go to the scene of where it all happened, and snap a few photos, here is one of them below.


For those who knew who he was, you were able to see that he was a really great guy. He cared a lot about all of his friends/family/and even all of his fans.

He had many great things planned ahead, he had music set to release really soon, as well as a clothing line that he just had started. It's such a tragedy to see him pass away. It still doesn't seem real.

If you needed to laugh or smile, he always knew how to do that. He even gave the greatest hugs, they were REAL ones, like they meant something.

He'll always be in my thoughts and prayers.


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Seriously, who?

Some chick on MySpace kept pimping them out to me like 2 years ago and tried to send me a song, it sucked so I never bothered again.

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