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WWE: Late 2006 (From December 2006)


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OOC Notes: Using the High Voltage Stats 3.5 for Diary. Opening short to get straight to the point.

Survivor Series pitted 6 teams against each other in Classic Survivor Series tag matches... 3 Teams walked out winners those teams being: DX,CM PUNK & HARDYZ. The next team was the legends team of: RIC FLAIR, RON SIMMONS, DUSTY RHODES & SGT.SLAUGHTER. The final team to win their match up was the team of: JOHN CENA, RVD, SABU, KANE & LASHLEY.

The PPV also saw BATISTA win back his World Heavyweight Title after having to vacate it earlier on in the year beating KING BOOKER. CHRIS BENOIT managed to defend his WWE US Title from his long time friend now turned enemy CHAVO GUERRERO. MICKIE JAMES also defeated the "Retiring" LITA to finally win back the WWE Womens Title. Finally MR KENNEDY went 2-0 on the UNDERTAKER beating him in a First Blood match... Having Kennedy started to bleed before Taker thanks to MVP wiping the blood away, Kennedy picked up the shock win to end what was to be Survivor Series 2006.


Things are about to change in WWE. Things are going to be run like I see fit. Who wins, who looses, who gets hired, who gets fired it's all up to me. This is WWE... IF I WAS RUNNING THE SHOW!!!!!!!!

For kayfabe news will be reported by WWE.COM, Non Kayfabe news will be reported by Wrestlezone.com (Reasons of firings, Yada Yada Yada stuff like that)

WWE Announce new sponsers

WWE have recently announced that they have secured 4 new sponsership deals for the company. The main sponser of WWE will be the Sports magazine: SPORTS ILLUSTRATED with them recieving some special coverage of WWE. PLAYSTATION 2 and NINTENDO have also signed deals with the WWE. Both Gamemakers will recieve official licensing from WWE to produce WWE based games. So expect to see some more wrestling action on the Nintendo WII, Nintendo DS and Nintendo Gamecube plus on the Playstation 2, 3 and PSP. WWE have also signed a deal with their new sister company WWE Films. With John Cena and Kane already been in the big screen in The Marine and See No Evil. Expect to see some more wrastlers in Hollywood as Stone Cold is set to appear in the Condemned.

Credit: Wrestlezone.com

WWE Annouces Schedule for Next year

ROYAL RUMBLE- Cross Brand- Sunday 28th January

NO WAY OUT- Smackdown- Sunday 25th February

WRESTLEMANIA- Cross Brand- Sunday 25th March

BACKLASH- Raw- Sunday 22nd April

JUDGEMENT DAY- Smackdown- Sunday 20th May

FULLY LOADED- Raw- Sunday 17th June

THE GREAT AMERICAN BASH- Smackdown- Sunday 29th July

SUMMERSLAM- Cross Brand- Sunday 26th August

UNFORGIVEN- Raw- Sunday 30th September

NO MERCY- Smackdown- Sunday 28th October

SURVIVOR SERIES- Cross Brand- Sunday 25hth November

ARMAGEDDON- Raw- Sunday 17th December


Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin to reunite?

According to sources in the WWE, the expected plan for Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin on RAW is to bring back the Worlds Greatest Tag Team to action. Both men have supposedly been unhappy with how they are being used on RAW and have asked to become a tag team once again. Whether this is yet to be seen is not known yet but stay tuned for RAW to see if this does happen

Credit: Wrestlezone.COM

Darren Burridge signs Contract

WWE.com is pleased to report Darren Burridge has signed a WWE contract and will be sent to OVW for the time being.

Credit: WWE.COM

ECW to stop airing?

According to insiders in the WWE, Because of poor ratings on the Sci Fi Network, ECW will cease to exist leaving alot of wrestlers not on either Raw or Smackdown. Where will the likes of RVD, Big Show, CM Punk & Sabu all go is yet to be known .

Credit: PWInsider.com



As Smackdown heads out of the Survivor Series, What will happen as there will be an action packed main event with The Undertaker, Kane and Batista all team up to take on Mr.Kennedy, MVP and King Booker. With Kennedy picking up a win over Taker thanks to MVP and Batista claiming the World Heavyweight Title off King Booker. Will tempers flare here in this HUGE 6-Man Tag match?

Chavo Guerrero having lost his chance to become WWE US Champion will get one last chance to win the title back as Chris Benoit has accepted his challenge to a rematch. Will the Guerrero beat the Rapid Wolverine or will Benoit prove to be just too good for Chavo?

In other action, MNM will reunite on Smackdown for a tag team warm up match against Brian Kendrick and Paul London. With MNM set to face the Hardy Boyz can they pick up the W against the team they lost the WWE Tag Titles too at Judgement Day or will London and Kendrick prove they are indeed the best tag team on Smackdown?

Also on Smackdown we will see Gregory Helms facing off against Jamie Noble and Funaki in a Cruiserweight Title Triple Threat. Will the champion keep the strap or will Smackdown finally see a new champion?

Finally Finlay and William Regal will square off in a Battle of Ireland and England. Will England come out on top or will Ireland prove to be just too tough?

Scheduled Matches:

King Booker/MVP/Ken Kennedy VS Batista/Kane/Undertaker

Chavo Guerrero VS Chris Benoit- WWE US Title

MNM VS London and Kendrick

Gregory Helms VS Funaki VS Jamie Noble- WWE Cruiserweight Title

Finlay VS William Regal

Feedback welcome: Where to Improve upon, What you liked, Anything that will help me make this diary fun and exciting for you to all read

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Live from Buffalo, New York!!!

Your normal Smackdown intro plays and the pyro blasts on the Smackdown Rampway and fist. Finlay’s Music plays and out he comes to a mixed reaction from the Buffalo crowd. Finlay slides through the ropes and starts to warm up. The music hits and out to a loud chorus boo’s comes Sir William Regal donning the usual attire. William stares long and hard at his old nemesis as he enters the ring ready to get the match up started


William Regal VS Finlay

Finlay has Regal in a front facelock as we return to Smackdown and a replay showing during the commercial break shows that Finlay poked Regal in the eye when the ref wasn’t looking. Regal tries to build up some momentum getting back to his feet before pushing Finlay into the ropes…. Clothesline from the Fighting Irishmen sends Regal flat on his back. Finlay grabs Regal by the feet and drags him over to the turnbuckle. Sliding out the ring, Finlay grabs Regals leg and slams it across the turnbuckle as the crowd cheers. The Irishmen gaining valuable momentum drags Regal out of the ring only for Regal to be pulled underneath the apron. Finlay grabbing hold of Regal’s arms tries to pull him out from under the ring before The Little Bastard lets go. Finlay slides Regal in the ring before lifting him to his feet and hitting the CELTIC CROSS. Finlay pins and gets the 3


The camera opens back up quickly backstage as Ken Kennedy is backstage pacing himself until MVP taps him on the shoulder causing him to jump. Kennedy says to MVP that he’s grateful of his help at Survivor Series. MVP smiles before both men shakes hands and walk to try and find King Booker.

We quickly join up with Teddy Long sitting in his office with the camera showing the back of a wrestler as placed on the table is a contract. Teddy Long mentions that he’s happy that the wrestler has decided to sign up for his show instead of Raw. The figure turns around to reveal it’s Paul Burchill returning from Injury!!!!


Gregory Helms © VS Funaki VS Jamie Noble- WWE Cruiserweight Title

We come back as all three wrestlers are standing in the ring and quickly both Jamie Noble and Gregory Helms team up on Funaki with a double suplex. Noble locks on a Single Leg Crab and Helms stomps away as Funaki desperately reaches for the rope. Helms stops stomping and hit’s a swift kick to Nobles head knocking him down and out. Gregory Helms grabs Funaki by the head and places him on the top turnbuckle and goes for a Superplex… Noble slowly gets to his feet and goes underneath Helms legs and has him in a Powerbomb position….. Helms gets Powerbomb’ed from the top rope but Helms superplexs Funaki!!!! Noble quickly covers Funaki but only gets a 2 and a half count. Noble can’t believe it and starts to complain to the referee suddenly getting up Funaki bounces off the ropes and hit’s a bulldog. Funaki quickly scales up to the top rope and goes for an elbow drop on Noble… It Connects!!!! Funaki building up steam here drags a lifeless Noble towards the corner and goes for The Rising Sun…. Noble counters into the Dragon Sleeper!!!! Funaki is fading away and about to tap when Helms hit’s the Shining Wizard on Noble!!!! Helms covers Noble. 1,2,3!!!!! Helms picks up the W and remains the Cruiserweight Champion.

Winner: Gregory Helms by Pinfall

The camera picks up in the Parking Area where a white stretch limo pulls up, Stepping out of the limo is the New World Heavyweight Champion Batista as he makes his way towards the locker room.

We quickly pick up with Chris Benoit standing by with Kristal as she asks him what he’s thinking off going into the match with Chavo. Benoit responds talking about how he and Eddie knew each other inside and out in the ring, How he knows Chavo will put up a good fight and how he’s going to make him tap out here tonight. Benoit quickly walks out the interview as Chavo’s Music Plays in the ring.


Chris Benoit © VS Chavo Guerrero w/ Vickie Guerrero- WWE US Title match

We join up again as Chavo is standing in the ring with Vickie Guerrero when the music hits and walking to the ring carrying the WWE US Title is Chris Benoit who slides into the ring and the match begins. Chavo slaps Chris but gets and elbow to the face and a smooth snap Suplex to the canvas. Chris grabs Chavo’s arm and locks him in a armbar as Vickie screams for Chavo to fight back. With a forearm to the head of Benoit not once but twice causes him to let go and Chavo the chance to get some offence in the match up. Chavo drags Benoit to his feet and hits one suplex, followed by the 2nd. Going for the Third in the Three Amigos, Chavo goes to lift Benoit up but the move is reversed when Chris Benoit hit’s a drop toe hold and quickly locks in the Crossface!!!!! Chavo trying desperately to reach the rope but cannot…. Luckily for him Vickie Guerrero provides the distraction on the apron causing Benoit to let go and try and get Vickie off the apron…. Chavo gets to his feet and throws Chris through the ropes as we go to a quick commercial break


We join up as a replay shows Chavo slamming Benoit’s head into the steel steps before sliding him back in the ring. Now in real time action Chavo has the El Paso locked on Benoit now causing him to reach the ropes, After a few seconds Benoit reaches the bottom rope and Chavo lets go. Slowly waiting for him to get up, Chavo goes for the Suplex but Benoit slips around him and goes for a German Suplex…. BLATANT LOW BLOW from Chavo Guerrero causes the ref no option but to DQ Chavo Gurrero. Chavo and Vickie laugh as the leave up the ramp leaving Benoit in pain in the ring.

Winner- Chris Benoit by DQ

Backstage we see Brian Kendrick walking around trying to find Paul London when from behind MNM beat him down with punches and kicks. Melina stamps hard on Brian’s head with her high heel shoe as Kendrick has been laid out and with the tag match up next!!!!

MNM VS Paul London and Brian Kendrick ©- Non Title Match

We go back to the ring where Paul London is waiting on his own as MNM make their way down the ramp and slide into the ring. London stomps on Nitro but Mercury hit’s a reverse DDT. Nitro gets back up and locks London in choke hold and Mercury climbs to the second rope… Elbow drop on London!!! Nitro snickers as Mercury lifts him up quickly… Snapshot by MNM!!!! Cover by Nitro 1,2,3 it’s over as soon as it’s just begun. Melina slides into the ring and all three start to beat on Paul London and the crowd cheer for the Hardyz to come out… Cue as both Hardy brothers come running through the crowd and slide into the ring as a Brawl takes place. Matt Hardy has Mercury in a twist of fate position but Joey pushes Matt and MNM slide out the ring and walk up the ramp as Matt and Jeff stand tall!!

Winners- MNM by Pinfall

Backstage we see Miz in his new talking show: Reality Check. He’s sitting in his chair and in the other chair is Bobby Lashley. Miz starts to talk about how Bobby Lashley has screwed his career up by not picking up valuable wins. Lashley comments on how The Miz hasn’t beaten anyone worth beating yet and Miz tries to laugh him off before saying his catchphrase HOORAH!!! Lashley doesn’t look impressed and Miz shouts it again. HOORAH!!!!! Lashley gets up and Miz slaps him not even phasing the big man. Lashley smiles before spearing The Miz through the set sending him crashing down to the concrete floor.


We are back as King Booker’s music plays and out comes King Booker, Queen Sharmell, Ken Kennedy and MVP all make their way towards the ring. Suddenly out of nowhere all come Batista, Undertaker and Kane who slide into the ring and all three men fight the wrestler who they have a problem with at the moment. Taker tosses Kennedy out of the ring like a rag doll and Kane slams MVP into the turnbuckle and punches him hard in the ribs causing him to lean over in pain. King Booker and Batista square off in the ring as both men tie up. Batista using his strength sends Booker to his knees and kicks him in the face. Batista quickly lifts Booker by the neck and hit’s a Chokebomb. Meanwhile outside the ring, Undertaker and Kennedy both trying to get the other to weaken up, Kennedy stamps on Takers foot and rakes him in the eye before whipping him into the steel steps. Kane finally gets out of the ring and stands in the corner as MVP rolls out the ring towards his corner. Batista goes for a Suplex only for the King to reverse into a DDT. Kennedy finally goes onto the apron and is tagged in by the King. Mr Kennedy slowly walks up to the fallen animal and has him in a chin lock. The crowd trying to pump up the animal are successful as he gets to one knee before hitting a back Suplex. Batista tags in Kane who runs in and clotheslines Kennedy. MVP and Booker both run in only to get clotheslined as well. Kane is clearing house!!!! A stunned Kennedy gets to his feet and is set up for a Chokeslam but MVP chop blocks Kane. MVP and Kennedy both start to double team on Kane until Undertaker comes into the ring and grabs both men by the throat… DOUBLE CHOKESLAM!!!! Kennedy and MVP both in a world of hurt do the sensible thing and roll out the ring as Batista, Kane and Undertaker all stare at King Booker. Begging for Mercy the King gets onto his feet and Taker punches Booker who gets punched by Kane, It’s a back and forth punch contest between Kane and Taker on King Booker before both men hit an uppercut causing Booker to walk right into a BATISTA BOMB!!!!! Cover 1,2,3 and the team of Batista, Kane and Undertaker pick up the pinfall!!!!

Winners: Batista, Kane and The Undertaker by Pinfall


Finlay B William Regal

Gregory Helms B Funaki and Jamie Noble (Defends Cruiserweight Title)

Chris Benoit B Chavo Guerrero (Defends WWE US Title by DQ)

MNM B Paul London and Brian Kendrick

Batista/Kane/The Undertaker B MVP/Kennedy/King Booker

ECW stars to appear on Raw this Monday

This monday night on Raw, Some of the ECW Extremists will be in the house as they will find out what brand they will be wrestling on this week. Currently Scheduled to show up are The FBI, Big Show, Balls Mahoney, Tommy Dreamer, The Sandman, RVD and Sabu. Will they be on RAW or SMACKDOWN. Stay tuned on WWE.COM

Credit: WWE.COM

Jerry "The King" Lawler Fired

It's been rumoured that Jerry Lawler was fired from WWE because of increasing difficulty of his behaviour backstage. It's been announced that Michael Cole will be the new Raw Colour Commentator with Joey Styles and Tazz taking over the Smackdown reigns.

Credit: Wrestlezone.com

WWE hirings

WWE are pleased to announce that Alicia Webb, Mark Copani, PAC and Colt Cabana have all been hired by WWE. Pac, Colt Cabana and Mark Copani are set to tone their skills in OVW while Alicia Webb will debut on Smackdown.

Credit: WWE.COM

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With it being the 1st Monday Night Raw of December the fallout of Survivor Series is here as in the mainevent ECW Heavyweight Champion the Big Show will take on John Cena. Both men have been fighting ever since the annoucement of the Champions of Champions match up at Cyber Sunday and now both men will meet in one on one action. The ECW Heavyweight Title will be on the line so will Big Show leave Raw the final ever ECW Champion and new WWE Champion. Or will Cena claim the ECW title and unify it with the WWE Title?

The rumours have been circulating on the internet and finally after a long while Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin both reunite to team up against Degeneration X in what should be a classic tag team match up. Will Rated RKO be around to spoil D-X's parade or will D-X have two words for the Worlds Greatest Tag Team?

With the big clash coming up at Armageddon on Christmas Eve, Jeff Hardy will prepare for the Hardyz VS MNM with a IC Title defense against ECW Alumni Rob Van Dam... In a ladder match!!!! With the ECW Stars being in the house to find out what brand they will be on. Will RVD secure his spot on Raw with a title win or will Jeff Hardy pick up a valuable win heading into Armageddon?

Also on the show Super Crazy will square off against Carlito in a high flying match up to determine a Intercontinental Title shot in the future. This is a big oppertunity for both wrestlers and who will get that chance to face either RVD or Jeff Hardy in the future?

The Samoan Bulldozer UMAGA still going strong on Raw will get the chance to prove his dominance as he will take on both members of Cryme Tyme. Will the boys from the hood pick up a huge win or will Umaga squash the ghetto rascals?

PLUS a Huge annoucement from Ric Flair.

Scheduled Matches:

John Cena © VS Big Show ©- WWE & ECW Unification Match


Jeff Hardy © VS Rob Van Dam- WWE Intercontinental Title- Ladder Match

Super Crazy VS Carlito

Umaga VS Cryme Tyme

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Not a bad start man, havent seen too much so far though, so cant say much at this point, some small flaws, namely Burridge & Pac joining WWE, and ECW going without too much fuss or on-air recognition, but nothing else wrong with it so far

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Yeah i realised the Smackdown Preview hard to read a bit too late lol. I'll edit it now.

Raw show should be up either tonight or tomorrow.

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Live From New York ,New York

…To be loved by Papa Roach plays and the Raw intro video plays and the Pyro explodes as the rapid crowd are holding up their signs to try and get on TV. The music plays and out comes WWE Chairman Vince McMahon as coming down behind him is ECW Heavyweight Champion the Big Show. Both men get into the ring where already laid out is table with a Raw contract on it. Vince welcomes everyone to Raw and is happy to have the Big Show on the show. Big Show talks about being the most dominate champion in ECW History and WWE before stating that he will win the WWE Heavyweight Title from John Cena. Vince McMahon smiles and tells Big Show to sign the contract and make it official that he’s on Raw… Big Show signs the contract and holds it high in the air as the crowd boo loudly as both men leave the ring


We return on Raw with Armando Alejando Estrada backstage with Umaga with a microphone. Estrada talks about how his Samoan Bulldozer will tear through any competition and should be challenging for WWE Gold. He talks about how Umaga will beat Cryme Tyme to an inch of their life‘s in the ring. Umaga’s music plays and both Estrada and Umaga walk out through the curtains and storm down the ring where Cryme Tyme are standing tall.

Umaga W/ Armando Alejando Estrada VS Cryme Tyme- Handicap

Umaga slides into the ring and both JTG and Shad try to beat Umaga down. Unluckily for them Umaga is too powerful and just stands up to their onslaught . Umaga picks up Shad and presses him over the top rope leaving JTG defenceless. Umaga slams him head first onto the bottom turnbuckle leaving him prone. Umaga walks back, comes running in the head with the running butt slam. JTG knocked out senseless is lifted to his feet by the neck… SAMOAN SPIKE!!! JTG is down but Shad slides back in and a Samoan Spike to him too. A double cover 1,2,3 and it’s over. Armando laughs as Umaga stands victorious in the Handicap match

Winner- Umaga by Pinfall


We are back on Raw where Ric Flair standing victorious after the legends beat the Spirit Squad at Survivor Series. Ric Flair mentions the fact that he’s won titles left and right and managed some of the best in his time. Him and Hunter made Randy Orton and Batista into World Champions. Now it’s the time to do it to someone new In the business. The crowd all shout out different wrestlers names and Ric Flair says they ain’t even close. Shout 2000 by Disturbed hit’s the speakers and the lights flicker on and off. Ric Flair is stood in the ring smiling and the words SIAKI roll across the screen. Coming out through some smoke is SIAKI who slides into the ring and shakes hands with Flair. Ric gets on the microphone and says this guy is the future of WWE. Whether he wins titles or beats the best. He is going to make an Impact. The music hits again as both Siaki and Ric Flair leave the ring.

The camera quickly cuts to the back where John Cena is arriving in the building carrying the WWE Title. Meanwhile Super Crazy’s music plays and the Mexican comes sprinting down and rolls into the ring waiting for his opponent in this Number 1# Contenders match for the WWE Intercontinental Title. “I spit in the face of the people who don’t want to be cool” is heard and Carlito swaggers down to the ring. But Super Crazy runs and hit’s a flipping moonsault on Carlito sending him down

Carlito VS Super Crazy- WWE Intercontinental Title Shot against RVD or Jeff Hardy

Super Crazy is the first to get to his feet as he goes for a senton splash but Carlito rolls out the way. The Caribbean throws Crazy back into the ring and goes for a chin lock. Crazy trying to rally the crowd gets them clapping as he gets to one knee and eventually back onto his feet. With an elbow to the chest, Carlito lets go and Crazy bounces off the 2nd rope and hit’s a cross body going for the cover. 1,2, Kick out just by the man who is cool. Crazy stomps Carlito on the left leg and decides to try and go airborne early on here. Crazy up top and going for a Moonsault… Carlito rolls out of the way just in time as Crazy holds his stomach in pain. Carlito grabs Crazy by the hair but an Irish whip sends Carlito in to the ropes…. Carlito hit’s the springboard elbow!!!! Super Crazy groggily gets to his feet but Carlito gets a hold of Crazy from behind… Backcracker!!! Carlito quickly makes a cover 1,2,3 and it’s over!!! Carlito has earned himself a WWE Intercontinental Title Shot at a later date yet to be determined.

Winner- Carlito by Pinfall


We return live to Raw as standing in the ring are both Eric Bischoff and Teddy Long both carrying a Raw and Smackdown contract. Eric Bischoff grabs a hold of the microphone and announces that he will be running Raw Full time with Jonathan Coachman as his executive assistant. An announcement that the Raw fans don’t like one bit. Teddy Long gets on the microphone and says how they should just cut to the cheese playa. He mentions that one of the hottest playas from ECW right now has no brand. That wrestler being CM Punk. Punk’s music hits and he comes down to the ring to a loud ovation of boos. He climbs through the ropes and grabs one of the microphones. He states that in ECW he has proved to the fans that he is what he says he is. Straight Edge and better than you. He goes on to talk about he’s one of the hottest free agents in WWE and should he go Raw or Smackdown. He grabs a hold of the Raw contract and grabs the pen as Bischoff smiles… Punk than smiles and throws the Raw contract up the ramp and signs on the dotted line to appear on Smackdown!!! Teddy Long announces Punk will make his debut against Simon Dean!!!!


Rob Van Dam VS Jeff Hardy ©- WWE Intercontinental- Ladder Match!!!

Back on Raw the ladder is set up in the centre of the ring as the challenger from ECW yet to have a brand, Rob Van Dam makes his way out the ring in his usual laidback attitude. He picks up a chair and throws it in the ring as well as grabbing a table from under the ring. Suddenly Jeff Hardy comes from the back and charges into the ring as Rob Van Dam jumps him before the bell. RVD hit’s a spinning leg drop on the fallen Hardy boy. Rob using his extreme nature grabs a hold of the chair and swings at the ground just missing Jeff as he rolled out the way. Jeff grabs Rob by the legs and throws him through the ropes. Jeff quickly starts to scale the ladder and the crowd cheers…. Rob slides into the ring and dropkicks the ladder making the legs slip and Jeff going stomach first onto the ropes. Jeff bounces off the ropes and hit’s the floor hard as Rob Van Dam grabs the table from the outside and drags it in, setting it up and putting the ladder in place. Slowly RVD climbs the ladder to reach the IC Title for another time… Jeff however gets back in the ring and scales the ladder himself. Both men are at the top and jostling for the belt. Jeff though rib shots Rob Van Dam causing him to lean over the top of the ladder in pain. The extreme of the hardy brothers grabs Rob by the neck and lifts him up high…. Suplex from the top of the ladder through the table!!!!! The crowd start to chant Holy Faeces as Jeff goes for one last reach of the title… What’s this though. Johnny Nitro comes running out of the crowd wielding a steel chair and he smashes it over Jeff’s back… Nitro pushes the ladder and Jeff goes flying into the 1st row!!!! Nitro sets up the ladder and Rob is helped to his feet before Nitro helps him up the ladder and Rob grabs the belt.

Winner: Rob Van Dam- New Intercontinental Champion

We cut to the back where standing by are D-X. They start to talk about how Team D-X wiped the floor with Team Rated RKO at Survivor Series and how D-X wins yet again. They state that it doesn’t matter if you’ve got the World Greatest Tag Team facing off against them, They’ll just have two words for them when it’s all said and done…. SUCK IT!!!


D-X VS Worlds Greatest Tag Team

The old music hits and too chants of You Suck out come Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin who have reunited since breaking up on Smackdown after Benjamin got drafted to Raw in March 2004. They get in the ring and Are You Ready is heard. The crowd cheer and the music plays as Triple H and Shawn Michaels come walking down the ramp before sliding into the ring and starting to brawl with WGTT. Triple H grabs Charlie Haas and hit’s a backbreaker sending him rolling out of the ring shortly followed by HHH. HBK and Benjamin lock up in the centre of the ring and Shelton with an arm drag followed by a elbow drop. Shelton climbs to the second rope but Shawn gets up quickly and Powerbomb’s Shelton. Triple H goes to punch Haas on the outside by Charlie hit’s a drop toe hold onto the steel steps sending the game to the floor. Shawn locks on a sharp shooter and Shelton screams in agony. Trying to get to the ropes but he can’t he is about to tap when Haas super kicks Shawn in the face knocking him out. Haas locks in the Haas of Pain and Shelton has a front face lock tightly on. Triple H slides into the ring and clotheslines Haas nearly knocking his head off. Shelton lets go but gets kneed in the stomach and Pedigree!!! Triple H covers and Haas is about to break it up but Sweet Chin Music. 1,2,3 it’s over!!! D-X pick up the win but out come Rated RKO!!!! Edge and Orton go straight for D-X but they duck and Edge and Orton both get Manhattan dropped!!! HBK is about to Sweet chin music Randy Orton but he rolls out the ring and saves Edge as the crowd cheers.

Winners: DX by Pinfall

The camera goes to the backstage area where John Cena is standing by with the WWE Title. He mentions that he is the true Champion of Champions. He only lost that match at Cyber Sunday thanks to the former Mr. Britney Spears. Tonight he’s going to beat the odds like he normally does and he will claim the ECW Title and be a double champion. Big Show can’t see him.

Cut To Commercial

Big Show © VS John Cena ©- WWE Title and ECW Title

Big Show heads out to the ring to a loud chorus of boos but Cena comes running out and Big Show about to get into the ring is thrown off the apron to the floor. Cena continues to stomp away at the giant before taking a wild swing with his boot to the head. The referee tells Cena to get back in the ring and he does… Before going back out and spearing Show over the barrier as he’s just got up. The crowd are going wild as Cena and Show brawl through the crowd before Show head buts Cena and hit’s a nasty chop to the chest. Big Show lifts Cena over his head in a military position and throws him over the barrier. Show quickly climbs over and whips Cena into the steps sending his knee going hard into the steel. The angry giant tosses Cena back into the ring as he climbs the ropes Cena grabs them and sends the Big Show back into the ring!!! Cena does his taunt and is getting ready for the 5 Knuckle shuffle!!!! Cena bounces off the ropes and connects as the crowd getting excited as he’s getting pumped up and ready to strike with the F.U!!!! Cena lifts him up and manages to slam the giant down!!!! Cena goes to lock on the S.T.F.U and he does but coming down the ramp it’s…. Paul Heyman!!!! Heyman gets on the apron and Cena lets go and knocks the former ECW Owner down. Cena tells Paul you can’t see him but unlucky for Cena, Show has seen him… Chokeslam!!!! Big Show covers 1,2,3!!!!!! New WWE Champion and Still ECW Champion is the BIG SHOW!!!!! Big Show climbs out and Heyman hugs him as his client has secured the WWE Title. Cena lifts his head up from the mat and looks at Heyman and Big Show celebrating as the show ends.

Winner- Big Show- Pinfall- New WWE Champion and Still ECW Champion


Umaga B Cryme Tyme

Carlito B Super Crazy

RVD B Jeff Hardy- New Intercontinental Champion


Big Show B John Cena- New WWE Champion

American Dragon signs WWE Contract

American Dragon Bryan Danielson has signed an exclusive contract with the WWE. He is soon to debut but what show is yet unknown

Credit: WWE.COM

TNA Star to jump ship?

It has been rumoured that a certain TNA star is unhappy with his status and will be jumping ship to WWE ASAP. If this is true or not and who it is is yet to be known.

Feedback Appriciated. What to improve on, What's good etc you kno what i mean!!! I've said it before lol :P

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Hey, i like your diary, i cant wait to see what TNA star is signing lol. I'm getting too much enjoyment out of this.

My feedback on RAW:

Big Show winning WWE title - Not very good but better than having John Cena retain it

WGTT not getting recognition was a bad thing, there return to the tag team division should have atleast been awarded a win.

Rob Van Dam winning I.C. title - good move if you're going to keep a RVD-Hardy feud up.

Good continuation of Umaga's undefeated streak

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Guest Kings Of Kings

Hey man,

I am really enjoying reading your diary so far man , looking forward to the next show and to the TNA star signing :w00t: (Y)

Edited by Kings Of Kings
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After the blockbuster of a main event last week, Smackdown will try and out do that as King Booker will face off against Bobby Lashley In a number 1 contenders match up. After his short stay in ECW, Lashley has returned back to Smackdown with a chance to prove his worth in this life changing match up.

Chris Benoit has got a lot to prove on Smackdown as he will be in a Fatal 4 Way match up. The US Title won’t be on the line but a win for any of the 3 wrestlers in the match could help them have a US Title shot in the near future. The wrestlers that will be in the match with Benoit are: Ken Kennedy, Chavo Guerrero and Paul Burchill

CM Punk has been making waves on ECW and now has the chance to prove himself on Smackdown. Having been announced on Raw, Teddy Long made a match with Simon Dean. With both men on the horizon of having great futures in wrestling. Who will come out on Top?

Smackdown is known to having a great tag division and the champions won’t have an easy task ahead of them this week. In a Fatal 4 Way tag match; Paul London and Brian Kendrick will defend against The F.B.I, The Worlds Greatest Tag Team and a team yet to be announced. Could this spell the end of the champions reign?

Finlay is a tough fighting Irish man who wants to fight since arriving… Sabu is a crazy man who will put his body on the line just to win a match, 2 Cold Scorpio is a hip hop cat who just oozes charisma and can fly… What will happen when these 3 combustible elements collide in one Triple Threat

The cruiserweights will come out and play this Friday night as a 10 man battle royal has been announced. Gregory Helms defends his cruiserweight title against: Matt Hardy, Joey Mercury, Funaki, Scotty 2 Hotty, Kid Kash and Jamie Noble. 3 mystery wrestlers will enter whether from Raw, Smackdown or from an other promotion is yet to be known.

Also Reality Check will feature the monster: Batista. What will happen when Miz meets the champion?

Scheduled Matches:

Bobby Lashley VS King Booker- Number 1 Contenders Match for World Heavyweight Title

Chris Benoit VS Chavo Guerrero VS Paul Burchill VS Ken Kennedy

CM Punk VS Simon Dean

Londrick VS FBI VS WGTT VS ?

Finlay VS Sabu VS 2 Cold Scorpio

10 Man Cruiserweight Battle Royal - WWE Cruiserweight Title

Worlds Greatest Tag Team to Smackdown

During Midweek it was announced that The Worlds Greatest Tag Team will be moving to Smackdown. The tag team who lost their return match to D-X will get the chance to win the WWE Tag Titles on their return to Smackdown

Credit: WWE.COM

TNA pull coup

During an Episode of TNA iMpact! Steve Corino debuted for TNA. WWE had expressed interest in him but due to not wanting to give up Japan commitments decided to sign an Open Contract with TNA

Credit: PWInsider.com

Bobby Heenan and Tag Team sign contract

Bobby Heenan has signed a WWE Contract. The former WCW Announcer and WWE manager returns and is set to appear on RAW. Also signed are Team KAOS: Donovan Morgan and Michael Modest who penned Development Contracts. Rumour also has it that Stacy Keibler has agreed and Open Contract meaning that she will work every once in a while for WWE. This is only a rumour though

Credit: Wrestlezone.com

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Armageddon Updated Card

Big Show © VS John Cena- Street Fight- Double or Nothing WWE/ECW Title match (One title will die)

Batista © VS Bobby Lashley or King Booker- World Heavyweight Title

MNM VS The Hardy Boyz- Interpromotional Tag

20 Man Battle Royal between Raw and Smackdown- Winner gets title shot of their choosing of either WWE Tag or World Tag with partner of their choice

More announces to come, Matches could change.

Armageddon live on December 24th 2006


David Heath "Gangrel" fired

Gangrel got fired this week by WWE after blasting the company on internet wrestling shows. Apart from this, Gangrel refused to put over a OVW Worker at a OVW show. THis infurriated WWE Bosses who fired him immeditly. Whether Gangrel will try and get a job in TNA, The indys or tour Japan is yet to be known.

Credit: PWInsider.COM

Fans to choose who will grace the cover off the end of year WWE special magazine

WWE announced that the fans will choose who will be on the cover for the WWE 2006: Review Magazine. The choices have been narrowed down to Rey Mysterio, Edge, Ken Kennedy, CM Punk, D-X or John Cena.

Credit: WWE.COM

OOC: You the diary readers can vote through here or by messaging me and whoever gets the most votes by the 12th of December real time will grace the cover. A random draw will than be done out of the people who correctly voted the wrestler or wrestlers to cover the magazine. THe winner of the draw will choose 4 wrestlers (2 from Raw and 2 from Smackdown to appear in the 20 man Battle royal... GET VOTING!!! Smackdown Show i will start as soon as i can. School work keeping the playa down!!!

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Live from Newark, New Jersey

Forgotten by Linkin Park the new official theme tune for Smackdown starts to play and the intro finishes. The Pyro is set off as the Crowd in Newark and cheering loudly where standing in the ring are 6 of the Cruiserweights in the match up. Those wrestlers being: Joey Mercury, Matt Hardy, Scotty 2 Hotty, Funaki, Jamie Noble & Kid Kash.

10 Man Battle Royal- WWE Cruiserweight Title

Some unfamiliar music hits and the lights go on and off. The lights flicker back on and walking down the ramp is… JODY FLESICH?!!!! The British Flying sensation has landed here on Smackdown as he rolls into the ring. Some Latin music starts to play and JUVENTUD GUERRERA makes his return to the WWE as he sprints to the ring and starts to play to the crowd. The words American Dragon roll across the screen and BRYAN DANIELSON comes out to a huge cheer but Gregory Helms comes through the crowd slides into the ring and shoves Jamie Noble over the top rope and out as the Battle Royal officially begins. Expecting Matt to face Joey M it does happen as Hardy has a headlock tightly gripped… Funaki and Scotty 2 Hotty grab hands and double clothesline Kid Kash sending him into the turnbuckle. Scotty starts to do the robot and bends over and Funaki using Scotty as a launch pad jumps into the air but Kash ducks and Funaki eliminates himself. Kash lifts Scotty up going for a Brainbuster…. American Dragon with a front dropkick causing Kash to wobble and eliminate Scotty. Bryan slides under Kash’s legs and gets back up lifting him up in a German Suplex… Over the rope goes Kash!!!!! Joey Mercury, Matt Hardy, Jody Flesich and Juvi Guerrera are fighting in the corner where Jody lifts Matt and Joey up and eliminates them both. Juvi eliminates Jody leaving 3 men. Bryan Danielson, Helms and Juvi. Juventud and Bryan immediately go towards Helm but he ducks and Juvi just stops in time at the ropes… Danielson doesn’t and clashes into Juventud sending him over. Helms with a low blow and he pushes Bryan over to defend the title and win the battle royal.

Winner: Gregory Helms- Still Cruiserweight Champion

The Camera cuts to the set of The Reality Check backstage as Miz is practising speaking in front of the mirror.

Cut to Commercial

We are back live for Smackdown as The Miz is sitting backstage on the set of The Reality Check. The Miz welcomes his guest Dave Batista the World Heavyweight Champion. The Miz mentions the fact that Batista torn his muscle and lost the title. Batista acknowledges this and mentions how he never got beat for the title and now he’s back, Stronger than ever as the champion. Miz says he can beat Batista for the title any day of the week. Batista tells him to have a try if he is hard enough. Miz slaps Batista and shouts Hoorah!!!! Batista chuckles and Miz shouts Hoorah in the face of Batista before getting a hand around the throat. Batista smashes Miz’s head over a wooden chair set up before throwing him through the wall walking off as this is the 2nd week The Reality Check has ended with The Miz getting beaten down.

CM Punk VS Simon Dean

Dean is already standing in the ring as the music hits and CM Punk comes out to the usual boos from the crowd. He slides into the ring and immediately both wrestlers start to lock and load with a fury of punches and kicks aimed directly at each other. Punk hit’s a round house kick on Dean knocking him down to the mat. Punk locks in a Armbar and Dean slides over to the ropes. Punk lets go and picks Dean up…. Punk goes to whip Dean but Dean whips Punk into the ropes and…. Shining Wizard. Punk is getting ready for it… ANACONDA VICE!!! Dean taps out and Punk rolls out the ring and heads towards the entrance ramp.

Winner: CM Punk- Submission

Punk grabs a microphone and mentions he beat a great wrestler… But he is still straight edge and better than anyone else. Punk goes onto mention how he is the new face of WWE. Him and his new buddies are going to prove this. The old school wrestlers and gimmicks are dead. It’s time for true wrestling from the heart by the best of the young. CM Punk smiles as Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms, Test and Monty Brown?!!! Come out as Punk continues to say that these wrestlers along with himself are the New Breed of WWE. They are going to dominate Smackdown and show WWE why they are the best in the business.


We are back on Smackdown where Simon Dean has a microphone. He talks about how he is sick of the politics backstage and how he is forced to be a jobber. He has talent and all the boys in the back and in WWE Headquarters do is push the big steroid taking muscle heads. A couple of the production come out and Simon Dean mentions he doesn’t want no stupid Fitness Instructor gimmick!!! He wants to be Nova. He talks about how this is a Shoot and how unhappy he is. He’s going to wrestle as Nova, Talk like Nova, Not follow any scripts and just entertain the fans. Just before the Production crew swat in on Nova he leaves through the crowd making a point.

The Worlds Greatest Tag Team VS Big Mutha F*ckas VS Londrick VS FBI- WWE Tag Titles- Elimination Match

FBI and Londrick both make their ways down to the ring and new Smackdown superstars The Worlds Greatest Tag Team are already standing by… Suddenly out come Monty Brown and Test who come charging in and Monty Brown hits the pounce on Nunzio and Test with a big boot on Tony Mamaluke. Cover 1,2,3 and the FBI has been eliminated already by the big Mofos. Shelton Benjamin and Haas grab Paul London and hit him with the old Leapfrog double team move… Kendrick climbs to the top rope and goes for a cross body on Benjamin… Caught by Monty Brown who tosses him up in the air, Catches him and hits an Alpha Bomb. Monty Brown makes a quick cover and Paul London and Brian Kendrick are eliminated!!! New Champions are guarantied!!! Test goes to Big Boot Haas but a cleaver and well devised Drop Toe Hold sends Test’s head boucing off the bottom turnbuckle. Shelton tries to lift Brown up but can’t so Charlie grabs Monty from behind, Benjamin hit’s the super kick sending Brown falling back…Cue for Haas as he hit’s a German Suplex and has the pin ready. 1, 2, 3!!!! Haas and Benjamin on their return to Smackdown are the new WWE Tag Champions!!!

Winners: Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin- New WWE Tag Champions

The camera cuts to the back where Finlay, Sabu and 2 Cold Scorpio are brawling. Thanks to Nova going on strike before when the match was supposed to happen they are fighting backstage. Finlay sends 2 Cold Scorpio into a dumpster… Out of nowhere the returning Mark Henry and Rodney Mack come in and start to beat on Sabu. Finlay goes to join in but Mark Henry warns Finlay off and for once being smart that he is walks away from the powerful Henry. 2 Cold Scorpio is still down when Henry and Mack walk up to him and offer their hands to help him up. 2 Cold is helped to his feet and Henry & Mack both take a cheap shot on Sabu before spitting on him and shouting Whitey at him.

Cut to Commercial

Smackdown is back with a video looking back at Chris Benoit’s current run with the WWE US Title.

Chris Benoit VS Chavo Guerrero VS Paul Burchill VS Ken Kennedy

Chavo Guerrero and Ken Kennedy are standing by in the ring when Enemy by Sevendust hit’s the speakers and Paul Burchill walks down the ramp and gets into the ring. The music hits and Chris Benoit the US Champion slowly makes his way down to the ring. As he gets in all three men immeditly stomp a mudhole on Chris before he can get in. Chavo climbs out the ring leaving Kennedy and Burchill the future of the WWE to fight it out in the ring. Kennedy goes for a Neckbreaker only for Burchill to turn around and reverse into a Reverse DDT. Burchill quickly goes for a STF and Kennedy tries to get out. Chavo and Benoit both brawl around the ring on the outside until eventually a well placed shot to the head gives Chris the advantage… He rolls Chavo back into the ring, Kennedy gets out of the STF and he starts to stomp on Chavo… Benoit gets into the ring and Burchill grabs him… C4!!!!! Benoit is down and Chavo trips Kennedy out of the ring and as Paul is about to make a cover, Chavo shoves him over the top rope. Chavo pins Benoit. 1,2,3!!!! Chavo has picked up a win over the US Champion Chris Benoit!!!! Burchill slams his hands on the announce table knowing he should have the win instead of Chavo.

Winner: Chavo Guerrero- Pinfall

The camera cuts to the back where King Booker and Queen Sharmell are standing by with John Bradshaw Layfield: Smackdown’s new interviewer. Booker tells JBL that tonight he will beat the peasant known as Bobby Lashley and give him a royal beating… Leading to him becoming the Number 1 Contender to face the rouge Dave Batista at Armageddon.


King Booker w/Queen Sharmell VS Bobby Lashley.

Bobby Lashley makes his way down to the ring but from behind comes King Booker with a sidekick to the back sends him rolling down the ramp. He tries to get to his feet but Booker whips him into the steel post shoulder first. Booker quickly starts to stomp the holy hell out of Lashley not letting him get to his feet. Booker lifts him up and drops him chest first on the guardrail before pulling him towards the ring apron. Booker slams Lashley’s head on the apron before pushing him back in the ring. Booker takes off his robe and climbs slowly into the ring… Lashley gets up slowly and charges at Booker lifting him up and spine buster!!! Bookers back went sharply on the mat and Lashley pummelling him with some mounted fists. Lashley grabs Booker by the hair and places him against the turnbuckle. Shoulder first Lashley uses himself as a battering ram as Booker is in agony. Lashley goes for one last shoulder charge but Booker side steps and Lashley hit’s the steel. Booker walks up to the ref and starts to argue with him blocking the ref’s sight of Lashley. Queen Sharmell grabs the crown and slams it on Lashley’s head causing him to fall back into a Royal Book End. Cover 1,2,3!!! Thanks to Sharmell, King Booker is the number 1 contender to Batista’s World Heavyweight Title at Armageddon.

Winner: King Booker- Number 1 Contender World Heavyweight Title


Gregory Helms won 10 Man Battle Royal- Still Cruiserweight Champion

CM Punk B Simon Dean

Finlay V Sabu V 2 Cold Scorpio never happened

Worlds Greatest Tag Team won Fatal 4 Way- New WWE Tag Champions

Chavo Guerrero B Chris Benoit, Ken Kennedy and Paul Burchill- Fatal 4 Way

King Booker B Bobby Lashley- New Number 1 Contender World Title

4 Smackdown stars, 2 Raw Stars and alot of Divas sent to OVW

Scotty 2 Hotty, Funaki, MVP and Little Bastard have all been sent to tone their skills. Matt Striker and Kevin Thorn from Raw have also been sent to OVW. The Divas sent are Maria, Ariel, Jillian Hall, Kelly Kelly, Kristal Marshall, Layla, Michelle McCool and Torrie Wilson.

Credit: PWinsider.com

Rumoured WWE Competition to take place in 2007. King of the Ring?

Rumours have been circling around that the WWE is thinking of having a competition of sorts in the WWE. A straight away response was the King of the Ring. The competition saw Booker T now King Booker win it but it was only on Smackdown. This competiton is maybe going to involve Raw and Smackdown. One leaked source suggested that it will be set out like a League. So a certain amount of wrestlers in a group with the top wrestlers going through into a knockout matches with the final at the end. This is only a rumour and until it is officially announced that we'll have to wait and see

Credit: PWinsider.com

OOC: So far only one person has voted for a wrestler to appear on the WWE end of year review magazine and that is 1PWCorino over MSN. If no one else votes by the 12th a tuesday than he'll get to pick 2 Raw Superstars and 2 Smackdown superstars to appear in the 20 man Cross brand Battle Royal. The winner recieves either a WWE Tag title shot or World Tag Title Shot up to his choice. He will also get to pick his partner the winner.

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Liking the diary, but not a big fan of the HUGE amount of title changes. The Intercontinental and WWE titles changing hands on the same night? On free TV? It just makes PPV's less important. I like having the belts on RVD and Big Show, but hey, it's kind of over the top. Brown and Test winning the tag titles, STIFF FEST 2006! I wonder how many they will hurt before the titles are lost.

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Brown and Test never won the Tag Titles :) Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas did.

Yeah Brown and Test stiffing people was the main reason i made them lol

Note: So far Mr.Kennedy has got 2 votes so if it stays the same it'll be a draw between DaveKOTW and 1PWCorino to decide 2 Raw and 2 Smackdown to enter the 20 man battle royal

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Guest Mr. Krone

Just been skimming through your diary and I must say that the card for Armageddon is looking incredible. The One Title will die stipulation is awesome, and leads me to believe that Show will of course lose the ECW World Title, leaving just the WWE Champion and the World Heavyweight Champion. The Batista vs. King Booker is nothing special, but because it's not going on last, it's not really a big deal. Hardy Boyz taking on MNM again will steal the show and I wouldn't be suprised that if sooner or later, you got them together in a TLC match.

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Monday Night Raw: Monday 11th December

With 13 days till Armageddon , Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff has decided to offer a blockbuster main event with Big Show teaming up with Rated RKO and Chris Masters to face John Cena, D-X and Siaki. Siaki will make his debut in this match and what a chance to shine in this great main event match up!!!

Rob Van Dam won the IC title in a ladder match thanks to help from Joey Mercury which RVD didn’t seem to happy about. After the show Rob demanded a match with Joey Mercury but Executive Assistant Jonathan Coachman refused stating Joey Mercury is a Smackdown star… So instead RVD will face off against Johnny Nitro in a title match. Will Jeff Hardy have some revenge here tonight?

Val Venis gets a huge chance to shine in a match with Carlito. Can Venis pin the Number 1 Contender and maybe earn his way into a future title shot. Or will Carlito keep going strong into his future match with Rob Van Dam or whoever the champion is

Umaga has been on fire in WWE steamrolling any of the competition… Well he’ll face his most EXTREME Challenge as in EXTREME challenge he’ll face off against Balls Mahoney… IF he beats Balls Mahoney he will than face Christopher W Anderson. If he can beat the enforce he must than

face Tommy Dreamer and if he can beat the innovator of violence he’ll have to stand toe to toe with The Sandman. This is a very hard challenge to overcome as Bischoff wants to see if Umaga can beat 4 of ECW’s finest wrestlers.

On a episode of WWE Byte This with Stevie Richards, Daivari came on and ruined the show making Stevie Richards not that happy. So this week Daivari will face off against Stevie Richards

Scheduled Matches:

Big Show/Rated RKO/Chris Masters VS John Cena/D-X/Siaki

Rob Van Dam VS Johnny Nitro

Val Venis VS Carlito

Umaga VS Balls Mahoney

Umaga VS Christopher W Anderson (If Umaga beats Balls)

Umaga VS Tommy Dreamer (If Umaga beats Anderson)

Umaga VS The Sandman (If Umaga beats Dreamer)

Stevie Richards VS Daivari

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It's the 12th and i've only got 2 votes so i've decided to do a random pick a number with my mother between 1 & 2... Number 1 was DaveKOTW and Number 2 was 1PWCorino... I can now say 1PWCorino will pick 2 Raw Superstars and 2 Smackdown Superstars to appear in the battle royal.

Also the Raw Show will be up either later on today or tomorrow.

Major Announcement set for Christmas Day Raw Special!!

Vince McMahon will make an appearance on Raw on Christmas Day which is set to shack the foundation of the WWE for good. Normally when Vince has an announcement it doesn't dissapoint and on Christmas day both Raw and Smackdown will be set to face off against one and other. What is the announcement and why is it so important? Stay tuned for more


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