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Protest The Hero


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I saw Protest The Hero last night at the Foundation Night Club in Barrie, and it was one of the best shows I have seen in a long time. They played the whole CD from start to finish, and it was just really awesome and fun. My friends and I then went to the local strip club with them....

Anyone else like Protest The Hero?

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They've come around here a couple of times and both they've been total assholes. They played the show, rocked out and treated the crowd like crap the whole time. Then they've gone online and posted about how much it sucked that there was no free beer for them, that the people were too close to them (what do you expect?) that the sound sucked and they didn't get a load of other stuff. In everything else I've seen posted as bulletins from them on MySpace they've seemed to be mighty big douches... only reason I am seeing them soon is because they're coming with the Cancer Bats.

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PTH are fucking class.

And ApSham, it depends who you saw them with. If they were supporting people (Trivium or Dragonforce) then I could understand them treating the crowd like shit, as for most nights on the tours they got totally shat upon, for looking like an emo band.

Haven't seen them. They were supporting someoen on a UK tour, but it didn't get close enough to me for me to go (Seeing as I only knew 1 on the supporting bands).

And my daily shill (because I can)...on the recent tour Jake Kiley of Strung Out filled in for one of the guitarists, for a couple of dates. Which makes them even cooler in my eyes, because SO rock.

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They were all really great after the show. They had no problem with people coming up to them and asking for autographs and stuff. My friends and I had a little chat with them, heard some funny stories, it was awesome.

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