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Urban Dead


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Urban Dead

Found this link on wikipedia. I remember hearing about it a while back but never got into it. Thought I'd start a topic so people can find this gem of a game and maybe we can get a group going on the game. RPing makes this game a whole lot better so I'll post small rp's here based on my character. if anyone else joins up and happens to be in the same part of town then they can interact using rps and etc. :)


All hell is breaking lose and I'm scared shit-less. It all started last night. I was finishing up Sudoku puzzle when I heard knocking on my front door.Stupid military! First they quarantine the entire neighborhood, then they are bashing at my door

Mr. Travinski , please come with us. We've been ordered to lead you and the rest of the neighborhood to a safe place.

Why was this happening? I've read the warnings about the outbreak and seen most of it via the news , before the blackout happened. I'm not a fighter or a lover , so they shouldn't be coming after me.

Give me a second please , I need to get a few items before I leave.

Sorry Mr. Travinski but time is of importance.

What happened next is still blurry to me. I remember my front door being kicked in and then nothing but blackness. Now I'm alone outside of the Shapr Boulevard Police Department still within Malton city limits. A military truck deserted in the middle of the road and Silence all around me. I'm alone , and scared. I'm a geek not a survivor.


I can't stay out here or I'll surely perish. Maybe I can fit through the small opening here and enter the building. I'll be protected inside , long enough to get my head straight.

few moments later

I was able to gain entry into the building and it looks deserted. I should be able to find some useful gear if I look carefully. First though I need to take a sec and lay back and relax.

Don't Fucking Move! Who are you ?

Donald Travinski , sir. I was brought here by a military transport, I have know clue where my neighbors are or the army guys. I woke up outside this building. Pleas don't shoot me! I don't want to die yet.

Don't worry son. You're in a safe place now.

Slowly people started to merge from different places within the building. People I've never seen but deep down I know they'll be the closet thing to a family.

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