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the most expensive video game ever made


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It makes a lot of sense, really, as Shenmue was in production for a long time and every time I saw it, it looked a lot different than it did the last time.

But that's not nearly as bad as this: http://most-expensive.net/handheld-video-game-system

Look at the how much money the first company lost for the Gizmondo. Ow.

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Guest Scamman

I heard it took 40 million (in 6 years) to make Valve's Source Engine for Half-Life 2 and Counter-Strike: Source, though there might be a technicality that makes it not count as one game.

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Guest Zeokage

Shenmue is probably still my favourite game ever. Therefore I'm part of that "active fan base" that's still waiting for the 3rd one.

Weren't the old ET cartridges collected and dumped in some landfill?

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Shenmue was so underated man. Just like the article mentioned the game featured more freedom than any game featured today. And YES I too am part of tat fan base.

EDIT: What will it take for them to have another go at E.T. and succeed in TODAY'S STANDARDS?

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