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WWE Smackdown! 2007

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3 Way Draft Planned After Wrestlemania 23

Thats right fans, for the first time in WWE history, there will be a 3 way draft. All 3 brands, RAW, Smackdown! and ECW will partake in a lottery to see who will be switched between the shows.

WWE Chairman, Vince McMahon see's it as the perfect way to mix it up in his company, and we arent one to mess with him. The draft is expected to take part on WWE.com exclusivly after Wrestlemania 23. And the catch here is......EVERYONE IS UP FOR GRABS!

The way it works is as follows. Infront of Jonathan Coachman will be a bowl with balls in it, and in each one contains a piece of paper with a name on. All the names in Coachman's bowl will be from Smackdown! and ECW. All infront of Theodore Long will be RAW and ECW, and infront of ECW representitive, Joey Styles, will be the names of Smackdown! and RAW superstars.

Each brand gets 5 picks, and then they get to dip their hand in the 'Bonus Bowl' to select a 'Bonus Ball'. Apparently, the names inside these balls are the names of people who have the ability to shake the brand down to its very foundations.

We cant wait for Wrestlemania 23, and following that is the draft. Make sure you tune into wwe.com for that.

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The following Wrestlemania 23 results are my predicted card. Many of you may disagree with it or what not, but I just wanted to get one up, and I believe its a reasonable card. Anyways, I havent booked this on EWR, but Ill post them anyways.



WWE Wrestlemania 23

Sunday 1st April 07

WWE United States Championship

Chris Benoit© vs MVP

This match came about when MVP shocked Smackdown! when he pinned Chris Benoit cleanly in a tag match just after No Way Out. Benoit said he wanted to prove to the world that he could make MVP tap out, and offered the shot. Benoit claimed the victory in this one by locking on the Crippler Crossface for the submission win.

Winner and STILL WWE United States Champion: Chris Benoit

WWE Women's Championship

Victoria© vs Mickie James vs Melina

Victoria won the title at New Years Revolutions, and continued to rampage on. Mickie James and Melina had a number one contenders match that Victoria disrupted on RAW, laying both Diva's out. Jonathan Coachman made it a three way, but Victoria couldnt be stopped, as she nailed James with a Widow's Peak for the 3 count.

Winner and STILL WWE Women's Champion: Victoria

Loser Leaves RAW

Ric Flair vs Carlito

Carlito was eliminated by Ric Flair at the Rumble, and took it badly, assaulting the Nature Boy on the following RAW. Torrie Wilson tried to apology on behalf of Carlito, but Carlito spat an apple in her face. Flair came to her defence, and since then this rivalry has escalated to the point where Coachman claimed that the 2 men couldnt co-exist anymore. At Wrestlemania 23, Torrie Wilson shocked the world by betraying Flair, costing him the match and Coachman walked out and promptly fired Ric Flair.

Winner: Carlito

Inter-Promotional Match

Ken Kennedy vs Shawn Michaels

At the Rumble, Ken Kennedy was eliminated by Shawn Michaels, but then held down the rope as HBK charged at them, causing him to eliminate himself. A brawl broke out, and at No Mercy, Ken Kennedy squared off with Booker T and Kane for a shot at Batista's belt. HBK invaded the Smackdown! PPV, and cost Kennedy the match up, nailing him with a Sweet Chin Music. And after a great bout here, Kennedy suffered the same fate, as HBK won the match with his patented Superkick.

Winner: 'HBK' Shawn Michaels

Money In The Bank

Ladder Match

Jeff Hardy (RAW) vs Sabu (ECW) vs Matt Hardy (SD!) vs Shelton Benjamin (RAW) vs CM Punk(ECW) vs Kane (SD!)

2 men from each brand were selected, and what a show they put on. Matt Hardy nailed CM Punk with a Twist of Fate off the top of a ladder, while Kane chokeslammed Sabu from a Ladder to a table on the outside. Eventually however, it was Jeff Hardy who reached up and claimed the briefcase, ensuring himself a title shot within the next year.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

ECW Championship

Bobby Lashley© vs Rob Van Dam

Lashley and RVD had built up the rivalry, the new school of ECW facing the old school. And on this night, the old school prevailed, as RVD nailed Lashley with a 5 Star Frog Splash to pick up the win, and start his second reign as ECW Champion.

Winner and NEW ECW Champion: Rob Van Dam

Triple H vs Edge

Since the wars of DX vs Rated RKO, this had been escalating into one hate fueled rivalry, which has seen Edge go as far as to reveal to the world that Triple H is still married to Stephanie McMahon, and even spearing her. This lead to a match that saw the referee taken out, and a sledgehammer introduced. HHH battered and bloodied Edge with it, but eventually, it was Edge who picked up the win, after masing HHH, and then nailing the Edge-e-cution for a massive victory.

Winner: Edge

Inter-Promotional Match

Undefeated Streak vs Undefeated Streak

Umaga vs The Undertaker

At the Rumble these 2 men battled, and it was Taker who sent the SamoanBulldozer over the top. And how Umaga got his revenge. At No Way Out, as it looked like Undertaker was poised to dethrone Batista at the top of the Smackdown food chain, Umaga charged in and battered the Deadman, leaving him a bloody mess. At Wrestlemania 23, both streaks were on the line, but it was Undertaker who kept his streak going, handing Umaga his first defeat in almost a year after a 3 Tombstone Piledrivers.

Winner: The Undertaker

World Heavyweight Championship

Batista© vs Booker T

Having dropped the 'King' title, Booker T went on a mean streak until he won the chance to finally end this rivalry, by pinning Ken Kennedy at No Way Out. And at Wrestlemania 23, Batista put the rivalry to rest, as he pinned Booker T after a huge Batista Bomb. But that wasnt the last of it, as MARK HENRY shocked the world by returning, and dismantling the champion in the middle of the ring.

Winner and STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Batista

WWE Championship

John Cena© vs Randy Orton

The 2 faces of the next generation squared off for the first time, as the WWE Champ faced the Royal Rumble winner. And at the end of the night, after an RKO, it was Randy Orton standing tall as the NEW WWE Champion. And it seemed as if the fans enjoyed it, chanting Orton's name as he held the belt up, and the confetti reigned down.

Winner and NEW WWE Champion: Randy Orton
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The Draft Begins....

The camera opens up, and we see Todd Grisham standing behind his podium dressed in a nice suit. To the left are 3 stands all with a bowl full of balls on top. Behind each one stands Jonathan Coachman, Theodore Long, and Joey Styles all representing their respective brands. In the middle is the 'Bonus Bowl'.

Hello fans, Im Todd Grisham. What a night Wrestlemania 23 was, and right now.....we are going to commence with the draft. Now guys you all know the rules. You can select 5 balls from your bowls, and then select a ball from the Bonus Bowl. Once a superstar is traded to another show, say if a superstar goes from RAW to Smackdown!, the same superstar cannot be drafted to ECW. Everyone is up for grabs, including the respective champions. Now Jonathan Coachman, please select first.

The Coach puts his hand in and pulls out a ball. He opens it, and opens the paper up.

My first pick.....Hardcore Holly!

WOW! ECW's Hardcore Holly will now be moved to the RAW Brand. Now, Theodore Long, will you please select the first lottery pick for Smackdown!.

Long puts his hand in and pulls out a blue ball, and then opens it.

Playa, the first star to move to Smackdown.......SHELTON BENJAMIN!

Shelton Benjamin, a former WWE Intercontinental Champion, moving to Smackdown! Ok, and Joey, will you do the honours and select the first for ECW.

With pleasure. And the first pick for ECW, and our newest Extremist.....The Miz? What the.....I should get another pick?

Im afraid not fella's. Once you pick, you pick. Now we will do this as quickly as possible. So just like before, same order.....go.

The second pick from RAW......from Smackdown!.....Tatanka!

Well Playa, the next star to be seen on Friday Nights......Kevin Thorn!

Ok.....the next ECW Extremist is.....GENE SNITSKY!!

My 3rd pick for RAW......from ECW.....Mike Knox!

3rd choice for Smackdown.....we welcome back.....Super Crazy!

The 3rd newest extremist on ECW.......MATT HARDY!!

The fourth choice for RAW......from Smackdown!.....joining the Diva Division, Jilian Hall.

The fourth pick for Smackdown......Matt Striker.

Well replacing Striker on ECW.....will be.....ooooo.....'The Masterpiece' Chris Masters!

The final pick for RAW........from ECW.....your former Champion, The Real Deal......BOBBY LASHLEY!!

Well playa, the fifth and final pick for Smackdown......from ECW aswell......SHANNON MOORE!!

Fine....well my final pick.....FINLAY!! And in brackets, it says 'Lil Bastard!' So I get 2 for 1....well 1 and a half.

Ok guys, the time has come for you to pick your 'Bonus Ball'. Now remember, these are the names on people who could have a serious impact on your brand. So Coach.....do the honours please.

With pleasure Todd. And the Bonus player for RAW.....will be......

He opens the ball up, and his eyes go wide with excitment.


Oh my word! The Undertaker will be on RAW. Theodore Long, Smackdown! just took a huge hit......fish in the Bonus Bowl and pull out a winner for Smackdown!

Will do Playa.....our Bonus Player is.....

He pulls the ball out, opens it, and smiles.

Right back atcha Coachman, the bonus player for Smackdown!, the Rated R Superstar, EDGE! HOLLA HOLLA HOLLA!!

WOW! Edge, the man who defeated The Game at Wrestlemania, will now be on Smackdown! Joey Styles, the final pick is yours.

Ok.....and the bonus player.....and thee new extremist on ECW......

He opens the ball up, and shrieks with delight.


OH MY WORD!! THE IC TITLE WILL MOVE TO ECW!! This is shocking. My word fans, what a draft we have had here tonight. Check back on wwe.com for the official results, and the upcoming previews.

WWE 3 Way Draft Results

RAW Draft Picks

The following WWE Superstars have been drafted to RAW:

1. Hardcore Holly (ECW)

2. Tatanka (Smackdown!)

3. Mike Knox (ECW)

4. Jilian Hall (Smackdown!)

5. Bobby Lashley (ECW)

Bonus Pick: The Undertaker (Smackdown!)

Smackdown! Draft Picks

The following WWE Superstars have been drafted to Smackdown!:

1. Shelton Benjamin (RAW)

2. Kevin Thorn (ECW)

3. Super Crazy (RAW)

4. Matt Striker (ECW)

5. Shannon Moore (ECW)

Bonus Pick: Edge (RAW)

ECW Draft Picks

The following WWE Superstars have been drafted to ECW:

1. The Miz (Smackdown!)

2. Gene Snitsky (RAW)

3. Matt Hardy (Smackdown!)

4. Chris Masters (RAW)

5. Finlay /w Little Bastard (Smackdown!)

Bonus Pick: Jeff Hardy* (RAW)

* The WWE Intercontinental Champions moves to ECW as Jeff Hardy is the current champion.

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WWE Smackdown! Preview

Friday 6th April 2007

Fans, the fallout of Wrestlemania is exciting enough, but the first ever 3 way draft has also been made, with Smackdown! losing 6, but gaining 6 NEW Superstars. But the main story at Wrestlemania 23, was the return of Mark Henry. After Batista had succesfully retained his World Heavyweight Championship against Booker T, the 'Worlds Strongest Man' took to the ring and dismantled the champion. Tonight, Batista will be in the house, and you can bet your bottom dollar that he will be out for revenge, as one of the most brutal rivalries in Smackdown! history, has just been taken to the next level.

The main event this week, see's Chris Benoit put his WWE United States Championship on the line, against the returning Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin has been away from Smackdown! for 3 years, and will look for a succesful debut. But Chris Benoit has been champion for well over 5 months now, as this main event looks to be off the chain. Thats not the only gold being defended tonight, as the greatest Cruiserweight Champion, Gregory Helms, puts his title on the line against Funaki.

Also tonight, we will see the return of Edge. Like Benjamin, Edge has been gone for 3 years, and how he has changed. Edge is the most controversial star in WWE history, and will bring that with him this friday night. We also know that Chavo Guerrero will be giving an interview, and that a whole host of other stars will be in attendance. Make sure you dont miss the fallout to Wrestlemania 23.....

WWE SMACKDOWN! only on CW Network, Friday's at 8pm.

Confirmed Matches:

WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Gregory Helms© vs Funaki

WWE United States Championship

Chris Benoit© vs Shelton Benjamin

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WWE Smackdown!

Friday 6th April 2007


’A video of Wrestlemania 23 was shown, showing Benoit making MVP tap out, Shawn Michael’s nailing Ken Kennedy with the Sweet Chin Music, Jeff Hardy climbing highest to be crowned Money In The Bank, Edge pinning Triple H, RVD defeating Lashley for the ECW Heavyweight Championship, Undertaker ending Umaga’s winning streak, Randy Orton dethroning John Cena as WWE Champion. The video then shows Batista beating Booker T, but then the music changes, and it goes black and white as Mark Henry returns and brutalizes Batista, leaving him down and bleeding with the title across his chest.

Segment 1: WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Gregory Helms© vs Funaki

Helms starts the match off by nailing some hard rights to Funaki, and then whips him to the ropes. But Funaki ducks the clothesline attempt, and nails Helms with a Cross Body. Helms kicks out, and the crowd boo’s as he rakes Funaki’s eyes, and then nails a running neckbreaker. 1……2…KICK OUT! Helms pulls Funaki up, and sends him to the ropes, and goes for a Samoan Drop, but Funaki rolls him up with a Crucifix Pin…1…….2…..KICK OUT! That was close. Helms gets up and angrily slaps Funaki…..WHO NAILS A DROPKICK!! Helms falls into the turnbuckle, and Funaki hops up and begins a 10 punch. At about 7, Helms pulls him up……POWERBOMB!! He covers…..and puts his feet on the ropes…..1……2….KICK OUT!

Helms looks angry, and he goes to the top rope. As Funaki gets up, HELMS GOES FOR A BLOCKBUSTER!! FUNAKI MOVED!! The crowd goes wild, and as Helms gets up, Funaki nails a Tornado DDT…..1……2….KICK OUT! Funaki cant believe it, and he begins to climb up the turnbuckle, going for a moonsault. But Helms nails a forearm to the back, and he climbs up behind Funaki. He pulls his head back……NIGHTMARE ON HELM STREET OFF THE TOP ROPE!! He covers….1……2…..3!! HELMS SUCCESFULLY RETAINS THE WWE CRUISERWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP! The crowd boo, as Helms holds the belt up, as JBL hypes up that no one can beat Greg Helms.

Crowd Reaction = 63%

Match Quality = 81%

Overall Rating = 72%

Segment 2: Edge = Ratings!

‘ON THIS DAY….I SEE CLEARLY!’ The crowd boo’s wildly, as Edge emerges through the smoke, wearings his street clothes. He enters the ring, and he takes a mic.

Edge: Well….well…..well. Look who’s back on Smackdown. I guess there is only so much you can do RAW. I mean…..theres only so many times you can beat HBK to within an inch of his life, can pound Triple H into a bloody mess, and there is only so many times you can become the WWE Champion. Well guess what…..just because I’ve moved shows……doesn’t change me. Im still the Rated R Superstar……and baby…..I EQUAL RATINGS!!

The crowd boo’s wildly, as a cocky Edge slowly walks around the ring.

Edge: Face facts people, there has been no one who has entertained quite like me. So you know what….I think Theodore Long should do the right thing. And that’s give me a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship. You see……

‘There’s No Holding Me Back’ The crowd goes wild, and Edge looks shocked, as Chris Benoit walks out in his in-ring tights, with the US Title around his waist. He takes a mic, and steps up to Edge.

Chris Benoit: Gee Edge….when was the last time I saw you? Oh yeah…..probably about the time you walked out on a tag match, and left me to win the belts on my own.

The crowd cheers, and Edge smirks.

Edge: Erm…..get your dates right Chris. The last time you probably saw me was when I leveled your ass with a steel chair, and climbed high to be crowned the FIRST EVER Money In The Bank! Or maybe it was at Backlash that same year, when I beat your ass in a Last Man Standing match.

The crowd boo’s, and Chris Benoit just takes it on the chin.

Chris Benoit: Edge….you have done a lot in the past year, and you have upset a lot of people. But the fact remains that you have won a lot of championships. But pal…..this is Smackdown! Here…..you gotta earn your shots.

Edge: Look Chris…..Ill have that title shot handed to me when Long realizes he has no other options. Im the Rated R Superstar. I do what I want…..WHEN I WANT!

The crowd boo as Edge drops the mic, and storms out of the ring past Chris Benoit. He walks up the ramp, not even looking back to the ring.

Overall Rating = 75%

Segment 3: School is in Session!

Matt Striker walks out, and the crowd gives him little reaction. He takes a mic.

Matt Striker: School is now in session. And I am your teacher, Matt Striker. Now tonight marks the beginning of Matt Striker’s Smackdown! career, and its going to be a prosperous one. But I see that its only right that seen as how Smackdown has given me such an opportunity, I should give something back to Smackdown. So right now, in this ring…..I will give any Smackdown superstar a lesson in wrestling…….

Matt Striker waits for a response, as Cole claims that Striker is just being arrogant.

Matt Striker: Come on……anyone who wan…..

BOOM! The pyro’s shoot up. HERE COMES KANE!!

Overall Rating = 74%

Segment 4: Matt Striker vs Kane

The crowd goes wild as the Big Red Machine storms to the ring, as Striker claims that the lesson is over. Kane enters…..BIG BOOT! Striker gets up dazed, right into a big sidewalk slam. Kane goes to the top rope. Striker gets up…….DIVING LARIAT! Kane gets up……and he raises his hand to a massive cheer. Striker turns around groggily……SLAP! Kane goes for it……CHOKES…..NO! Striker nails a few kicks to the gut……off the ropes……SLAP! CHOKESLAM!! Kane covers……1……2……3!! KANE JUST BEAT STRIKER WITHIN A MINUTE!! The crowd cheers as Kane does his turnbuckle pyro, as Striker lays motionless in the ring.

Crowd Reaction = 70%

Match Quality = 57%

Overall Rating = 60%

Segment 5: MVP Gets His Oppurtunity!

The camera’s go backstage, and MVP is standing by with Theodore Long, and he doesn’t look happy.

MVP: Look man…..that title should be mine. Benoit some how fluked a win at Mania, but then you give the title shot to a new guy? DAMN DAWG! What the hell is wrong with you?

Theodore Long: Look playa…..I don’t have to justify myself to you or anybody. But you want an opportunity playa, then by god you’ll get one. Next week…..in Smackdown’s main event……it will be MVP, in a non-title match up…….versus…….BATISTA!!

The crowd goes wild, and MVP stands there, wide –eyed, as Long slaps him on the back.

Theodore Long: Now that’s opportunity. Holla, holla, holla!

Suddenly, a stage hand races up to Theodore Long.

Theodore Long: What is is playa?

Stage hand: Mr Long…..Vince McMahon is on his way to the arena.

Theodore Long: What? Hell, tell everyone to fix up and to look sharp. I wanna impress McMahon.

Overall Rating = 63%

Segment 6: Chavo Comes Clean!

The camera’s shoot backstage, and we see Chavo Guerrero standing, looking into the camera. He looks upset.

Chavo Guerrero: Its been nearly a year and half, and still the name of my uncle is being dragged through the mud. Randy Orton started it, but it was that Vato, Rey Mysterio who really milked it. But then Benoit got into the picture, and he has humiliated me, making the Guerrero name look weak because of his pride. Well the issue, just like my uncle, is now layed to rest. And the issue between me and Benoit, it is over.

The crowd are booing Chavo Guerrero, as he is backing away from Benoit.

Chavo Guerrero: Because the time has come for Chavo Guerrero to do what he knows his uncle Eddie has wanted. And that’s for Chavo to have his name placed alongside Eddie’s in the Hall of Fame. And nobody……NOBODY…..WILL STOP ME!!

Suddenly, the lights begin flashing off and on, and then suddenly, for a few seconds go red. Chavo looks around scared, and the lights flash again and remain normal. Chavo nervously walks off, as JBL and Michael Cole discuss what just happened, as The Undertaker has left Smackdown! to go to RAW.

Overall Rating = 64%

Segment 7: Kennedy Goes Crazy!

The camera goes backstage, and Josh Matthews is standing by with Ken Kennedy.

Josh Matthews: Ken Kennedy, at Wrestlemania 23, you went toe to toe with ‘HBK’ Shawn Michaels, and came so close to a memorable win. But the Heartbreak Kid beat you with the Sweet Chin Music and…..

Ken Kennedy: What the hell? HE CHEATED! HE CHEATED TO BEAT ME! I should have won that match…..it was meant to be MY Wrestlemania moment. But no…..Shawn Michaels once again pulls the wool over everyone’s eyes, and makes them believe that he was the better man. BULL CRAP! All he has done is unleash a beast inside me, and I swear to go Josh, someone will pay for what HBK has done. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU LOOKING AT?

The camera moves, and the crowd cheers as we see Super Crazy, who was redrafted to Smackdown! walking past. He looks confused and Ken Kennedy runs and for no reason begins hammering Super Crazy with rights. The crowd boo wildly, as Kennedy has snapped. He runs and slams Crazy into a nearby crate, and then pushes him through the curtain onto the entrance ramp. He kicks him down the ramp, and then slams his head off the ring apron. He then rolls him into the ring and enters, and hammers him with rights. Charles Robinson races down and calls for the bell……WE HAVE AN IMPROMPTU MATCH RIGHT NOW!

Overall Rating = 67%

Segment 8: Ken Kennedy vs Super Crazy

The crowd are chanting ‘KENNEDY SUCKS!’ as he hammers away at Crazy in the corner, and then vicously whips him to the ropes. As Crazy comes back, Kennedy nails a hard clothesline. He drops down, and hammers away on Super Crazy with hard rights. He gets up, and angrily boot’s Crazy in the ribs, and again. He pulls Super Crazy up, and hurls him to the turnbuckle. He charges, but Crazy gets the boot up. Kennedy stumbles back, and Super Crazy charges…..AND NAILS A MASSIVE HEADSCISSORS TAKEOVER!! The crowd cheers, and Super Crazy uses this moment to catch his breath.

He gets up, and nails a few chops to Kennedy, and then a nice dropkick. He goes to the top rope…..MOONSAULT……KENNEDY MOVED!! Crazy lands hard, and Kennedy pulls him up…..DDT!! Crazy is down, and the crowd boo as Kennedy rolls out of the ring, an hurls Tony Chimmel to the floor. He slams the steel chair shut, and rolls back in, and as he goes to nail Super Crazy, Charles Robinson pulls the chair out of his hand. Kennedy argues with Robinson…..CRAZY ROLLS HIM UP…..1…….2…..3!! SUPER CRAZY WINS!! The crowd goes wild, and Super Crazy rolls out of the ring, and walks up the ramp with his arms aloft, as Kennedy looks ready to explode in the ring. WHAT AN UPSET!

Crowd Reaction = 67%

Match Quality = 67%

Overall Rating = 66%

Segment 9: The Champ Wants Revenge!

’ANIMAL’ hits, and the crowd goes wild, as Batista walks out with the World Heavyweight Championship still over his shoulder. He does his pyro, and enters the ring, and demands a mic. A ‘BATISTA’ chant starts up, but Batista is in no mood tonight.

Batista: Im gonna make this short and simple……MARK HENRY! GET YOUR ASS OUT HERE RIGHT NOW!!

The crowd goes wild, as Batista drapes his belt over the turnbuckle, and then takes his blazer off. He rolls his sleeves up. But there is no response.

Batista: HENRY!! You put me out of action…..YOU MADE ME GIVE UP MY TITLE! So when I came back….it was eye for an eye. But you went one further. You humiliated me at Wrestelmania. NOW GET OUT HERE AND GET WHAT YOU HAVE COMIN TO YOU!

‘You know it’s the Mack Militant’ The crowd gives a mixed reaction, as Theodre Long walks out with a mic. Batista doesn’t look happy.

Theodore Long: Batista…..playa….I know what Henry did was wrong, and your more than welcome to a match with him. But Henry and Booker both have the night off......*crowd boos*….I gave them that for their own safety playa!

Batista: Well Long…..you just cancelled the rest of your show. Because Im not leaving this ring until I spill Mark Henry’s blood.

Theodore Long: Playa…..this is MY show. Henry will not be here tonight….so leave the ring…..or I will have you escorted out by security.

Batista: Fine…..have it your way!

Batista drops his mic, and the crowd boo. They then cheer as he rolls out and walks to the announcers table. He pulls the top off, and the monitors out, as 6 heavily built security guards race down the ramp. Batista has a chair, and is whacking the table, when one of them pulls it out of his hand. Batista turns….AND CLOTHESLINES HIM! 2 charge, and Batista clotheslines both of them, and then SPEARS an oncoming guard! The next one runs, but Batista knee’s him in the gut, and slams him into the steel steps. The last guard charges, but Batista hoists him up……SPINEBUSTER THROUGH THE ANNOUNCERS TABLE!!

The whole crowd goes wild, and Long looks on in shock, as 12 more security guards race down the ramp. Batista takes his belt and his blazer, and this time leaves quietly with the guards surrounding him. He scowls at Long as he leaves, with the crowd cheering his name. BATISTA HAS SNAPPED!


Overall Rating = 72%

Segment 10: WWE United States Championship

Chris Benoit© vs Shelton Benjamin

Benoit gets a huge cheer as he walks out, and he and Benjamin lock up. Benoit with a go behind, but Benjamin reverses into a hip toss, but Benoit counters that and nails one of his own. He locks on an arm bar, but Benjamin gets a leg scissors, and Benoit releases. Benjamin gets a side headlock as they get up, and Benoit goes for a back suplex. Benjamin flips over and lands on his feet, off the ropes, but Benoit ducks under, and both men race to the ropes, and both stare down as they hold on. The whole crowd rise to their feet and applaud the chain wrestling, as Cole talks about this being ‘REAL WRESTLING!’ (A stab at RAW, ECW or TNA perhaps?)

They hook up again, and Benoit nails a kick to the gut, and a stinging chop. He whips Benjamin to the ropes, and nails a double forearm to the chest. He pulls Benjamin up, and nails a hard snap suplex….1….KICK OUT! He pulls Benjamin up, but Benjamin nails a jaw breaker sending Benoit back to the ropes. Benjamin runs, but Benoit pulls the top rope down, and Benjamin hurtles over to the outside. He gets up slowly, and Benoit runs…..SUICIDE DIVE ONTO BENJAMIN! The crowd goes wild, as Benoit putting his body on the line for his title. He pulls Benjamin up, but Benjamin rakes the eyes, and then slams Chris Benoit’s head off the ring apron. He rolls the champ into the ring, and hops onto the apron. Benoit gets up, and Benjamin leaps onto the top rope…..SPRING BOARD MISSILE DROPKICK!!

The crowd boo, and Benjamin covers…..1……2…KICK OUT! Benjamin gets up, and he nails some hard rights to Benoit, and then whips him to the corner. He charges…..SHELTON SPLASH……BENOIT MOVED! Shelton collides with the turnbuckle, and stumbles out…..GERMAN SUPLEX!! Benoit holds on……GERMAN SUPLEX! He goes for the third…..GERMAN SUPLEX…..NO! Benjamin wriggles out, and goes for a kick to the gut…..Benoit grabs the foot…..DRAGON WHIP…..BENOIT DUCKED…..AND BENJAMIN NAILED NICK PATRICK! Benoit grabs Shelton from behind……GERMAN SUPLEX!! The crowd cheers, as Benoit does the cut throat.

Benoit climbs the turnbuckle, and he is lining up the diving headbutt…..WHEN HE IS PUSHED FROM THE TOP ROPE!! ITS EDGE!! HE CAME THROUGH THE CROWD!! Benoit falls and hits his neck on the top rope on his way down. Edge hops back over the fan barrier laughing, as Benjamin pulls Benoit up……T-BONE SUPLEX!! He covers, and Nick Patrick is back up……1……..2…..NOT THIS WAY……3!!! MY GOD!! SHELTON BENJAMIN HAS WON THE UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP! Edge has screwed Benoit! Benjamin cant believe it as he is given the title belt, and he holds it up high as he leaves. Benoit gets to his feet with an angry expression on his face.

Crowd Reaction = 79%

Match Quality = 81%

Overall Rating = 80%

Segment 11: McMahon On Smackdown!

‘No Chance’ hits, and the crowd rise and boo as Vince McMahon swaggers in his trademark style to the ring. He enters, and waits for the ‘ASSHOLE!’ chant to die down.

Vince McMahon: Following the unprecedented success of Wrestlemania 23, Im here in Chicago tonight…..*cheap pop*…..on official business. Now Theodore Long, could you please make your way to the ring.

‘You know it’s the Mack Militant’ The crowd gives a mixed reaction as Theodore Long, the Smackdown! GM walks out. He enters the ring.

Theodore Long: Mr McMahon…..Playa….its an honour to have you on Smack…..

Vince McMahon: If I wanted to speak to a brown noser I would of called Eric Bischoff. *another pop* See Long….I came here tonight to give you an official warning. Because after watching Wrestlemania 23, I noticed you were losing control of your wrestlers. Because the last thing I want to see is a title match at the biggest event of the year marred by a brutal attack. And that’s what happened at Wrestlemania.

Theodore Long: I know what Mark Henry did was wrong, and playa, Im gonna make…..

Vince McMahon completely cuts him off.

Vince McMahon: So I came here tonight, to give you this warning and what have I seen. I have seen one man assault another for no reason, I have seen a great champion screwed out of his title belt, and I have seen you lose the respect of your World Champion. I saw him ignore you completely and damn near ruin MY show.

Theodore Long: Im sorry Mr McMahon. I will deal with Batista severly, don’t you mind that.

Vince McMahon: Im sure Batista will be punished for his actions. But Im afraid Long….it wont be by you. Incase you haven’t realized yet Long, after what I have seen tonight……YOUR FIIIIIRRREEEDDD!!!

The crowd actually cheers for that, and Long looks shocked. Vince McMahon smirks, and Long drops his head and leaves the ring, as JBL praises Vince and Cole screams that SMACKDOWN NOW HAS NO GM! As the show comes to a close

Overall Rating = 89%


Overall Rating: 71%

TV Rating: 6.02

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Smackdown! Lookback

Theodore Long was sensationally fired by Vince McMahon this past week on Smackdown!, just 5 days after Wrestlemania 23 and the 3 way draft. The WWE Chairman claimed that Theodore Long had lost control of his show, and with what went down this past week, you would have to agree. Long was a fantastic GM, and was devastated to be released from his position. The only question now is.....who is brave enough to take control of the out of control Smackdown! brand?

Edge has always claimed that he is the Rated R Superstar, and that he equaled ratings. And when Chris Benoit told Edge to earn his shot, Edge gave him the chilling message that he does what he wants, when he wants. Benoit should of heeded those words, as during his maian event US Title defence against Smackdown! newcomer, Shelton Benjamin, Edge raced through the crowd to cost Benoit the match, crowning Shelton Benjamin the NEW WWE United States Champion, on his very first night.

Batista came to Smackdown! for one reason, and one reason only.....to take out Mark Henry. But when Long announced he had given the 'Worlds Strongest Man' the night off, Batista abruptly tried to destroy the show, breaking the announcing table, and man handling 6 security guards. Batista will stop at nothing until he gets his revenge.

WWE Judgement Day

LIVE on Pay Per View, on Sunday 20th May 2007, Smackdown! will present Judgement Day. No matches have been announced as of yet, but expect the Official Theme Song and Poster to be released in the coming weeks. Also, check back here at wwe.com for the latest updates in matches.


New Champion, Randy Orton, gave John Cena his rematch and retained the title belt. Triple H and HBK agreed that there last hurrah as DX would be tonight, and they defeated Carlito and Hardcore Holly. As they hugged, HBK nailed HHH with a Sweet Chin Music. Also, Bobby Lashley made Carlito know what he thought about his actions toward Ric Flair by giving him a Dominator. And Umaga continued his rivalry with The Undertaker by busting him open in the middle of the ring.


RVD has found very quickly that alot of people want his belt.....as both Test and Chris Masters assaulted him. Jeff Hardy announced that he would take all comers for the IC Title, and Sabu stepped up but was unsuccesful. Also, The Miz met the hard side of Sandman's Singapore Cane after annoying the ECW fans.

WWE Smackdown! Superstar Of The Week

Shelton Benjamin

Benjamin came to Smackdown! with a great reputation from RAW, where he won his first match against Triple H. On Smackdown!, he went one better. Not only did he beat Chris Benoit, he also became the NEW WWE United States Champion.

WWE Weekly Poll

Who will be the next General Manager of Smackdown!?


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WWE Smackdown! Preview

Friday 13th April 2007

Last week, Vince McMahon made a rare appearance on Smackdown!, and he promptly fired Theodore Long as the General Manager. Who will run the show? Vince McMahon will be in the house tonight, to address the situation. But Long's last act as GM has been approved, and tonight, MVP gets his chance, as he faces the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista in a non-title match up. With the 'Animal' so worked up, is this really an oppurtunity MVP wants?

Also tonight, Shelton Benjamin makes the first defence of his US Title, as he puts the belt on the line against the cross dressing, Vito. The former champion, Chris Benoit, is set to be in the house tonight, and his intentions are clear. He wants Edge in that ring, after the 'Rated R' Superstar screwed him out of the WWE US Title last week.

In other action, Ken Kennedy has demanded a rematch with Super Crazy, after the newcomer upset the odds and won last week. Chavo Guerrero will face Psicosis, and the WWE Tag Team Championships will be on the line, as Brian Kendrick and Paul London defend the belts against the Teachers Pets. Its going to be a wild night, dont miss.....

WWE Smackdown!, Friday Nights at 8pm on the CW Networks.

Confirmed Matches:

Chavo Guerrero vs Psicosis

WWE Tag Team Championships

Brian Kendrick & Paul London vs Teacher's Pets

Ken Kennedy vs Super Crazy

WWE United States Championship

Shelton Benjamin© vs Vito


Batista vs MVP

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WWE Smackdown!

Friday 13th April 07


’A video plays, showing Vince McMahon calling out Theodore Long. He lists what has been going on, and the footage plays of Henry attacking Batista at Wrestlemania 23, Edge screwing Benoit out of the title, and Batista destroying Smackdown! last week. The video ends with Vince McMahon yelling, ‘Theodore Long…..YOUR FIRED!’

Segment 1: The GM Situation

‘No Chance’ hits, and the crowd gives a mixed reaction as Vince McMahon struts onto the stage with a mic in his hand.

Vince McMahon: Last week, I came to give Theodore Long an official warning on his handling of Smackdown! affairs, and what was I treated to? Chris Benoit being screwed out of his title belt, and the World Heavyweight Champion going off the hinges. And Long proved to me, that he was no longer up to the task of controlling this show. And so I had no other alternative but to show him the door. I will not tolerate such insolence, and the new GM WILL control this show whether he or she likes it or not.

The crowd gives an excited cheer, as Vince McMahon smiles.

Vince McMahon: But…for tonight, I will be over seeing proceedings, as the interviews for the vacant GM position have been thick and fast. And very soon…..when I have reviewed the situation thoroughly, a new GM will be named. And as for Batista, he WILL face Montel Vontavious Porter tonight. And I just hope that the new GM punishes you for destroying the show last week.

With that, Vince drops his mic and leaves to more boo’s than cheers.

Overall Rating = 82%

Segment 2: Chavo Guerrero vs Psicosis

Chavo walks out to good heat, and he calls for a lock up. But instead, he slaps Psicosis, and then nails some hard rights. He takes Psicosis over with a snapmare, and then races to the ropes and nails a big dropkick to the back. He pulls Psicosis up, but he nails a jawbreaker, and then sends Chavo down with a spinning wheel kick. He covers….1…..2…KICK OUT! Psicosis climbs the top rope, and as Chavo gets up, he leaps off…..MISSILE DROPKICK. The crowd cheers, and Psicosis only gets a 2 count. He pulls Chavo up, but Chavo rakes the eyes…..and nails a vertical suplex.

Chavo keeps Psicosis grounded with some choke holds, and then goes for the 3 amigo’s. But on the second one, as he pulled Psicosis up, Psicosis whipped back down and nailed a DDT. Psicosis went for the top rope leg drop, but Chavo rolled out of the way. Psicosis gets up, and Chavo Guerrero grabs him…..AND NAILS THE BRAIN BUSTER!! He covers…..1……2…..3!! CHAVO PICKS UP THE WIN!! The crowd boo as Chavo raises his arms in victory, when suddenly the lights in the arena begin to flash on and off. A red light briefly comes on, but then flickers off. Chavo looks around nervously, and then high tails it as the crowd laugh at him.

Crowd Reaction = 69%

Match Quality = 85%

Overall Rating = 77%

Segment 3: WWE Tag Team Championship

Brian Kendrick & Paul London© vs Teacher’s Pets

The crowd gave a massive cheer to the dare devil champions, and they started this one at a fast pace, as they sent James and Idol to the outside immediately. They both then ran to the ropes, did a square dance and then dived over the opposite ropes and landed on a man each, much to the delight of the fans. London rolled Idol in and Idol quickly nailed an elbow drop, as James slammed Kendrick into the steel steps. Idol then nailed a nice vertical suplex, and tagged in KC James. James nailed 2 hard clotheslines, followed by a nice running Powerslam, but London kicked out at 2. James tagged in Idol again, and they are isolating London here. Idol slams London in the turnbuckle, and after nailing a few stomps, sits him on the top rope. He climbs to the top aswell…..SUPERPLEX!! He covers…..1……2….KICK OUT! Idol pulls London up, and London goes for a clothesline, Idol ducked……PELE KICK!! LONDON NAILED IT! The crowd cheers……he needs to make the tag!

Idol tags in James……HERE COMES KENDRICK!! Kendrick nails a dropkick, and another, and then a big headscissors take over. Idol charges in, but Kendrick ducks the clothesline attempt, and then nails him with a spinning wheel kick. Kendrick turns, and James knee’s him in the gut…..AND NAILS A SKY HIGH POWERBOMB!! He covers Kendrick…1……2….London dropkicks Idol…..DROPSAULT! HE BROKE UP THE COUNT WITH THE DROPSAULT! The crowd cheered, and Idol pulls London up, and launches him over the ropes and follows. KC James gets up woozily, and Kendrick grabs him…..up the turnbuckle……SLICED BREAD #2!! 1……..2…….3!!! THEY RETAIN THE TITLE BELTS!!

The crowd cheers wildly, and Kendrick is handed the tag title belts by referee Charles Robinson, as London is catching his breath outside…..WAIT A MINUTE! ITS GREGORY HELMS!! Helms slides in behind Kendrick, holding the WWE Cruiserweight Championship in his hand. Kendrick turns…..WHAM!! HELMS NAILED HIM WITH THE BELT! London slides in, but Helms slides out quickly, and walks up the ramp laughing, as the tag champs scowl at him. What the hell has gotten into Gregory Helms?

Crowd Reaction = 52%

Match Quality = 72%

Overall Rating = 62%

Segment 4: Teaching Smackdown?

Backstage, we see Vince McMahon’s office door open, and the crowd cheers as we see Shane McMahon walk out.

Shane McMahon: Come on dad…..you know it’s the right move.

Vince McMahon: I’ll consider it son, but there are more interviews to be had. Plenty of candidates and…..

Suddenly, Matt Striker walks up to Vince McMahon. Vince doesn’t look happy, and Shane pats his father on the back and leaves.

Vince McMahon: Matt Striker……what can I do for you?

Matt Striker: No no no Mr McMahon…..its what I can do for you. See, Smackdown! is easily the number one brand in Sports Entertainment. It just needs a sense of direction. It needs a mentor. What Smackdown! needs……IS A TEACHER! So who better to be the new Smackdown! GM, than your teacher…..Matt Striker.

The crowd boo, and Vince McMahon looks confused.

Vince McMahon: Who are you again?

The crowd laugh, and before Striker can answer, Chris Benoit barges into the scene, pushing a security guard out of the way. The crowd cheers, and Vince looks as if he is expecting this.

Vince McMahon: Chris….look, let me explain…..

Chris Benoit: Explain what? Whats the big deal having security follow me around? I don’t need protection Vince…..I NEED REVENGE! GIVE ME EDGE!! GIVE ME HIM TONIGHT!!

Vince McMahon: I knew you might fly off the hinges and rightly so. But security is for the safety of others Chris, you’re a very dangerous man. And sadly, I cant give you Edge…..because he isn’t here tonight Im afraid. His plane was cancelled.

Chris Benoit: I got a lot of anger in me Vince. Im about to snap! And when I do, a lot of necks will be snapping aswell.

Vince McMahon looks at Benoit, then at Striker and smiles.

Vince McMahon: Matt Striker…..you want the job as GM…..its yours……IF…..you can beat Chris Benoit tonight!

The crowd cheers as Matt Striker’s jaw drops and Vince re-enters his office. Benoit glares at Striker and walks off, as JBL laughs that Striker has a lot to do tonight.

Overall Rating = 84%

Segment 5: Ken Kennedy vs Super Crazy

The rematch from last week. Crazy got a really good cheer as he made his way out, but he was blind sided by Kennedy. Kennedy rams Crazy into the fan barrier, and then slams him roughly into the steel steps. He rolls him into the ring, and enters and the ref calls for the bell. He pulls Super Crazy up and nails some hard rights. He then whips Crazy to the ropes and nails a hard back elbow, busting Super Crazy’s lip open. He pulls the luchadore up, and sends him to the turnbuckle. He charges, but Super Crazy hops over him and rolls him up…..1……..2…..KICK OUT! Both men get up, and Kennedy nearly decapitates Super Crazy with a clothesline.

He drops to his knee, and begins hammering away at Super Crazy with hard rights, and the referee tells him to get off. Kennedy spits at the ref, and continues to hammer away at Super crazy, busting his eye wide open. As blood pours down Super Crazy’s face, and the crowd boo, the referee calls for the bell. Kennedy gets up and laughs, when he hears…..’YOUR WINNER BY DISQUALIFICATION……SUPER CRAZY!!’ Kennedy angrily glares at Tony Chimmel and rolls out of the ring, as medics race down to attend to Super Crazy. He gets right in Chimmels face, and yells ‘DECLARE ME THE WINNER, YOU FAT PIG!’ Chimmel looks confused…..AND KENNEDY NAILS HIM WITH A RIGHT! The crowd boo as Kennedy nails a few more, and then picks up the steel chair.

He slams it shut, and rolls into the ring with it, and scares off all the medics. Super Crazy is a bloody mess in the middle of the ring, and he begins to clamber to his feet. Kennedy stalks him with a crazed look in his eye, and Crazy turns……WHAM!! A SICKENING SHOT!! The crowd boo, and Kennedy slams the chair down on the mat. He pulls Super Crazy up onto his shoulders and climbs the turnbuckle. He looks at the booing crowd and leaps off…..GREEN BAY PLUNGE!! ONTO THE CHAIR!! The crowd boo’s wildly, and Kennedy gets up, and he yells at the motionless Super Crazy ‘I CAN BEAT YOU!! YOU ARE NOTHING!’ The crowd boo as Kennedy leaves, and the medics once again attend to Super Crazy.

Crowd Reaction = 68%

Match Quality = 75%

Overall Rating = 71%

Segment 6: The Champ Stands Alone.

The camera’s go backstage, and we see Shelton Benjamin taping his wrists, the WWE United States Championship resting in the cabinet behind him. The crowd gives a mixed reaction to him, and then boo, as William Regal enters.

William Regal: Hello Shelton. It’s a pleasure to finally meet you.

Shelton Benjamin: Ummm….likewise. Whats up Will?

William Regal: Well, I noticed last week you won that title belt, a very impressive feat on your Smackdown! return. But my query is…..arent you worried? Your on new turf now, and a lot of people see that title belt as a bullseye on your chest.

Shelton Benjamin: Your point being?

William Regal: My point being Shelton, that I could help you. I know Smackdown! inside out, and I could help you very much. Follow my lead, and I promise you, you will stand atop of Smackdown! soon enough.

The crowd boo, and Benjamin looks like he is considering it.

Shelton Benjamin: No offence Will…..but Im the WWE United States Champion. I don’t follow the lead……I TAKE IT!

The crowd cheer as Benjamin picks up his belt, and walks out of the locker room as Regal sneers at him.

Overall Rating = 75%

Segment 7: WWE United States Championship

Shelton Benjamin© vs Vito

’AINT NO STOPPIN ME NOW!’ Benjamin actually gets a good cheer as he walks out, and he enters. Vito walks out to no reaction whatsoever, and as soon as he enters, he wiggles at Benjamin. Benjamin looks disgusted, and Vito throws a right…..Shelton ducks…..AND NAILS A T-BONE SUPLEX!! Cover….1…….2……3!! WOW!! That has to be one of the quickest title matches in WWE history. Benjamin holds his title up to a good cheer, and suddenly Regal enters the ring, applauding. He walks up to a confused Benjamin, and raises his arm up, and encourages the crowd to cheer more for Benjamin. They do, and Regal leaves, followed by a confused Benjamin.

Crowd Reaction = 68%

Match Quality = 76%

Overall Rating = 72%

Segment 8: Chris Benoit vs Matt Striker

Matt Striker comes out to a lot of heat, but Benoit gets a standing ovation. As soon as the bell rings, Striker gets in Benoit’s face, saying when he is GM, the only thing Benoit will be breaking is Striker’s eggs when he makes breakfast. Benoit’s response? A KNIFE EDGE CHOP! He nails 6 or 7 of them, and then whips Striker to the ropes, and nails a big Belly to Belly. Cover….1…..KICK OUT! Striker gets a thumb to the eye, and nails some hard rights to the Crippler, and then nails a nice side suplex. 1…….2….KICK OUT! Striker nails some hard stomps, and then off the ropes……KNEE DROP! Cover…..1……2….KICK OUT! Striker pulls Benoit up, and nails a hard European Uppercut, and then nails a big DDT! 1……2…..KICK OUT!

Striker pulls Benoit up, and whips him to the ropes…..and nails a big dropkick on return. 1……2….KICK OUT! Striker wants to be GM! He grabs Benoit, but Benoit breaks free…..GERMAN SUPLEX!! He holds on……GERMAN SUPLEX!! He holds on…..GERMAN SUPLEX!! HE NAILED ALL 3! The crowd cheers wildly, and Benoit does the cutthroat taunt, and begins to climb to the top. He leaps off……DIVING HEADBUTT……STRIKER MOVED!! CRASH LANDING!! Benoit is down, and is hurt, and Striker gets up…..and nails a Swinging Neckbreaker…..1……..2…….NO!! BENOIT KICKED OUT!! Striker cant believe it.


Crowd Reaction = 70%

Match Quality = 69%

Overall Rating = 69%

Segment 9: What I Want…..When I Want!

As Benoit gets to his feet in victory, the crowd boo, as Edge, decked out in a leather jacket and beanie hat, hops the fan barrier……WITH A STEEL CHAIR!! He slides in……WHAM!! A HARD SHOT TO THE SPINE!! Benoit arches forward, turns…..WHAM!! A SHOT TO THE SKULL!! Benoit goes down hard, and Edge holds the chair up to massive heat. He demands a microphone, and he stands over the fallen Benoit. He bends down…..

Edge: See Chris……What I Want……When I Want!

He drops the mic on Benoit’s chest, and tosses the chair out of the ring. He arrogantly walks up the ramp, as Benoit lays out cold in the middle of the ring, as Cole talks about Edge already causing controversy on Smackdown!

Overall Rating = 83%

Segment 10: Non-Title

Batista vs Montel Vontavious Porter

MVP gets good heat, and he waits nervously…..’ANIMAL’ kicks in, and the crowd blow the roof off. The champ walks out, and he pumps up the crowd. He enters, and he and MVP immediately lock up…..and he sends MVP crashing to the mat. The crowd cheer, and they lock up again…..and again, Batista hurls MVP to the mat. Batista smiles, and then flexes at MVP, who angrily charges at Batista…..right into a clothesline. The crowd cheers, and Batista roughly hauls him up, and slams him to the turnbuckle, charges…..and squashes him with a clothesline. As MVP stumbles out, Batista nails a massive back body drop. The crowd is going wild, and Batista angrily roars, he isn’t happy, and MVP is now the lamb to the slaughter.

MVP rolls out of the ring, and Batista quickly follows, but MVP with a cheap shot. Batista stumbles back, and MVP runs and tackles Batista into the ring post. The champ goes down, and MVP nails some hard rights. He pulls Batista up, and rolls him into the ring. He enters, and nails a leg drop and covers….1……2…KICK OUT!! Angrily, MVP pulls Batista up, and nails a knee to the head, off the ropes…..CROSS BODY…..BATISTA CAUGHT HIM! Batista runs with him……POWERSLAM!! The crowd cheers, and Batista gets up and roars. He stalks MVP, who turns…..Batista charges……SPEAR…..MVP moved…….BATISTA HIT THE TURNBUCKLE!! The crowd boo’s, and as Batista turns, MVP NAILS A FLASHBACK!! 1…….2……KICK OUT!!

MVP angrily grabs Batista, and goes for the T.T.B, but Batista pushes him off. MVP goes for the Malicous Intent, but Batista sends him to the ropes…..SPINEBUSTER!! The crowd cheers as Batista roars to the crowd…..THUMBS UP…….THUMBS DOWN!! ITS BOOKER T! The crowd boo, as Booker T races down and hops onto the apron. The referee is distracted, and Batista has MVP set up. But he then notices Booker T…..LOW BLOW!! MVP NAILED A LOW BLOW!! Batista hunches over, and MVP nails the MALICOUS INTENT!! The crowd boo, and MVP covers and Booker T drops down…..1……..2……3!! OH MY GOD!! MVP HAS PINNED BATISTA!!

Crowd Reaction = 64%

Match Quality = 69%

Overall Rating = 66%

Segment 11: An Alliance Is Formed!

Booker T enters the ring laughing at Batista, and stalks him as he gets up. Batista is hunched over, and Booker goes for it…..SCISSOR KICK…..BATISTA MOVED!! Booker turns…..SPEAR!! Both men are brawling on the mat as the crowd goes wild…..but they boo…..HERE COMES MARK HENRY!! BACK ON SMACKDOWN! Henry charges down the ramp, and he enters and he pulls Batista off Booker, and hurls him to the turnbuckle. Henry charges, but Batista moved. Henry hits the turnbuckle hard. Batista turns, and Booker goes for a Shuffle Sidekick…..Batista ducked……BOOKER HIT HENRY!! The crowd cheers, and Boooker turns……SPINEBUSTER!!

The crowd goes wild, and Batista roars at Booker…..BUT HENRY STEAMROLLERS HIM!! Batista is down, and Henry nails some hard stomps, as Booker rolls out hurt. Henry pulls Batista up, and nails some hard headbutts, and then sends Batista to the ropes…..but Batista goes for a clothesline…..HENRY DOESN’T MOVE!! Batista nails some hard rights, and he is backing Henry to the ropes. Henry teeters over them, and Batista runs off the ropes……WHAM!! BOOKER NAILED HIM IN THE SPINE WITH A CHAIR!! Batista stumbles forward…..WORLDS STRONGEST SLAM!! The crowd boo, as Booker enters the ring, and over the fallen body of Batista…..Booker T and Mark Henry SHAKE HANDS!! OH MY GOD!! THIS DOESN’T BODE WELL FOR THE CHAMPION!

Overall Rating = 77%


Overall Rating: 72%

TV Rating: 6.07

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I think I'm enjoying this, but some things confuse me.

Furstly, I'm a huge Shelton Benjamin fan so good job and drafting him over. Good decision. He's awesome and def deservers the US belt.

Matt Striker confuses me. In the first show he is buried by Kane, and then Benoit struggled a little to beat him? I realise that Kane is a monster but Benoit is one of the best technical wrestlers in the world. He deserves to be able to school Striker.

Elsewhere, Henry & Booker T combining is a cool decision. That really stacks the odds against Batista which is always cool.

I'll be reading. This is a solid start.

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Dude, Matt Stryer (along with Nick Dinsmore) and two of the most technically sound wrestlers in the world, yet they're two of the most underrated wrestlers, along with Nova of course.

Matt Striker or Matt Stryker? Two different people.

Now, don't get me wrong. I realise that Matt Striker has talent. I like his in-ring work and his gimmick BUT he was buried by Kane just a week previous so I don't think it's fair that Benoit struggles against him. It doesn't make booking sense. Sometimes "viewers" of a show have a memory. It just causes to make Benoit look weak.

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Now, don't get me wrong. I realise that Matt Striker has talent. I like his in-ring work and his gimmick BUT he was buried by Kane just a week previous so I don't think it's fair that Benoit struggles against him. It doesn't make booking sense. Sometimes "viewers" of a show have a memory. It just causes to make Benoit look weak.
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Smackdown! Lookback

It was a night to forget for the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista. He had his chance to relieve some anger on MVP, but it ended up going all wrong. As Batista had MVP all set for the Batista Bomb, Booker T showed up out of nowhere, and distracted Batista, causing him to suffer a defeat to the cocky youngster. As Batista took it to Booker T, Mark Henry, the man who assaulted the champ at Wrestlemania 23 emerged and attacked. And just when it seemed like Batista was getting the upperhand, Booker T levelled him with a chair. To rub salt in the wounds, Booker T and Mark Henry shook hands over the fallen body of the champ. It seems that Batista has the alot to worry about now.

Matt Striker has certainly made himself heard since coming to Smackdown!, and has made as many friends as he has picked up victories. NONE! This week, he tried to persuade Vince McMahon to make him the NEW Smackdown! GM. Vince McMahon said Striker could be the GM.....if he beat an irate Chris Benoit. Striker stood little chance, and Chris Benoit made 'The Teacher' tap out.

Ken Kennedy has always been a man of words and not actions. But this last week, we saw a new side to Ken Kennedy, and we dont like it. After losing to Super Crazy two weeks ago, in the rematch this past week, Ken Kennedy assaulted Super Crazy and got himself DQ'd. Kennedy then assaulted Crazy with a chair, even nailing a ring shaking Green Bay Plunge onto the steel. Ken Kennedy has snapped!

WWE Judgement Day

Fans, on Sunday 20th May 2007, WWE Smackdown! presents Judgement Day. No matches have been announced as of yet, but we will keep you fully up to date with all the matches made in the coming weeks. But today we can exclusively reveal the WWE Judgement Day poster:


WWE Judgement Day Official Theme Song: 'Attitude' by Alien Ant Farm


WWE Champion Randy Orton realised that life as WWE Champion isnt pretty, as this past week on RAW, he suffered a horrible beating at the hands of John Cena. The fans have turned on Cena and sided with Orton since their battle at Mania. Also, HBK said he Sweet Chinned HHH last week, to put an exclamation point on the break up. HHH responded by chasing HBK off with a sledge hammer. Also, Bobby Lashley lost to Umaga, after Carlito distracted him.


RVD put the belt on the line against Test, and came up trumps. But it was Chris Masters who had the last laugh, locking RVD in the Masterlock. Sabu promised Jeff Hardy that he would take the now 'ECW' IC Title off him, and then beat Matt Hardy in the ring. Also, Finlay stood up to Sandman, and battered the Hardcore Icon with his own Singapore Cane.

WWE Superstar Of The Week

Montel Vontavious Porter

You dont have to like MVP, but his stock is certainly on the rise. He may of been unsuccesful in gaining the US Title at Wrestlemania, but this past week, he picked up a win over the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista. All be it with the help of Booker T.

WWE Weekly Poll

What punishment should Batista face for destroying Smackdown!?

Send your answers in NOW!!!

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WWE Smackdown! Preview

Friday 20th April 2007

Last week, Vince McMahon claimed that the interviews for the GM position were underway, and a host of candidates have been suggested. Tonight, on Smackdown!, the WWE Chairman WILL announce the new General Manager of Smackdown!. Who will it be? Also, last week did not go well for Batista. Not only did he lose in a non-title match up to MVP, he was then subjected to a beat down at the hands of Mark Henry and Booker T. It seems as if the 2 have formed an alliance in their hatred for the champion. Batista will not be at Smackdown! this week due to the beating from last week, but Booker T will. He goes one on one with Kane in this weeks main event, which is sure to be a great match.

Edge has certainly been controversial since coming to Smackdown!, not only costing Chris Benoit the WWE United States Championship, but last week, he took a chair to the Rabid Wolverine. This week, Edge will be in the house to explain his actions. One man who has some explaining to do is Ken Kennedy. After losing twice.....TWICE....to Super Crazy, Kennedy gave Crazy a beatdown so brutal, we dont know if we will ever see Super Crazy again. Ken Kennedy will be in the house tonight, but we have no clue as to why as he isnt booked to compete.

One man who will be competing, and looking to keep his winning streak alive since coming to Smackdown!, is the US Champion, Shelton Benjamin, who faces Jamie Noble in a non-title match. Also tonight, after the suprise attack last week, Brian Kendrick goes looking for revenge against Gregory Helms, and Chavo looks to keep the ball rolling as he faces Jimmy Wang Yang. All that and more......dont miss.....

WWE SMACKDOWN!, Friday night at 8pm, only on the CW Network!

Confirmed Matches:


Shelton Benjamin vs Jamie Noble

Gregory Helms vs Brian Kendrick

Jimmy Wang Yang vs Chavo Guerrero

Booker T vs Kane

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WWE Smackdown!

Friday 20th April 2007

JBL: Your New General Manager!

John Bradshaw Layfield has done it all. He has been a long reigning WWE Champion, WWE United States Champion, and held the WWE Tag Team Championships a number of times. He is a self-made millionaire, and has also been the voice of Smackdown! as the colour commentator. But now JBL has what he truely wanted all along: Power. When Theodore Long was dismissed as General Manager of Smackdown! 2 weeks ago by Vince McMahon, the WWE Chairman promised a new GM that would rule Smackdown! with an Iron Fist. And he has delivered. With the interviews taking place for the last 2 weeks, at the beginning of the show, Vince McMahon himself introduced our new GM: John Bradshaw Layfield. JBL took to the ring with a mic in hand, and his first order of business was to announce who would succeed him as Michael Cole's commentary partner.....'The American Dream' Dusty Rhodes!

Throughout the night, JBL certainly asserted himself as the new General Manager, setting up 2 matches for next week's Smackdown!. During his acceptance speech, JBL said that seen as how RAW had Backlash next week, he would deliver a PPV quality edition of Smackdown!. And it certainly seem's that JBL is true to his word. Montel Vontavious Proter, who defeated Batista on Smackdown! a week ago, demanded his title shot. JBL agreed that MVP deserved a title match, and declared that next week, Batista will defend the World Heavyweight Championship against the cocky rookie. And with Batista absent for the night, JBL also promised that Batista will recieve his punishment for destroying Smackdown! after his title match. Another match JBL made was the deciding match between Ken Kennedy and Super Crazy. A week after decimating Super Crazy into a bloody pulp, Kennedy claimed that he was better than his luchadore adversary. Well JBL said the fans needed to see it, and infact, had a Special Guest Referee to oversee the match. The hottest free agent in wrestling has just become Smackdown!'s newest signing, and next week will mark the debut of.....'The Nature Boy' Ric Flair. Kennedy obviously didnt sound too pleased, but judging by the fan's reaction, they cant wait to see Ric Flair come to Smackdown!

In the main event this week, we saw Booker T battle the 'Big Red Machine' Kane. With Batista not in attendance, Booker T focused all his energies on taking out Kane, but whatever he threw at the 'Monster', Kane kept coming back, kicking out of a Scissor Kick and a Bookend. As Booker T went for a second Scissor Kick, Kane dodged the bullet, and grabbed Booker by throat, and shook the ring with a devastating Chokeslam. The match was over, until Booker T's new partner in crime, Mark Henry stormed the ring with a steel chair, and hammered Kane over the head with it. The referee called for the bell, but Booker T and Mark Henry didnt seem to mind. They beat on Kane, with the fan's chants for 'BATISTA!' nothing but a feint hope. After drilling Kane with a Scissor Kick, Booker T allowed Mark Henry to take over, as he nailed Kane with a World's Strongest Slam. But it wasnt over, as Henry took Kane out of the ring, and in one of the most disgusting acts ever witnessed on Smackdown!, wrapped a steel chair around his neck, and slammed Kane into the steel ring post. Henry and Booker stood tall, as Kane layed motionless, his windpipe may very well have been crushed. If they wanted to send a message to Batista, they certainly have now.

Edge has caused controversary wherever he has been, and since coming to Smackdown!, he show's no sign of stopping. In the 2 weeks he has been part of the show, Edge has cost Chris Benoit his WWE United States Championship, and also hammered the Rabid Wolverine with a steel chair. This week, Edge took to the ring to address the fans. He said 'I dont owe anyone an explanation, or an apology. I am the 'Rated R Superstar', I DO WHAT I WANT.....WHEN I WANT!' This was too much for Chris Benoit, who raced to the ring to get himself some retribution, and after nailing some hard chops and rights to Edge, he went for the Crossface. But Edge wisely wriggled free and high tailed it up the ramp, leaving Benoit screaming for him to face him. We dont know if Edge will accept Benoit's challenge, but one thing we do know is that Edge will make his Smackdown! in-ring return next week, so certainly expect some fireworks.

Shelton Benjamin has been on a roll since coming to Smackdown!, winning the US Title on his first night. And this week, he defeated Jamie Noble in a fantastic, non-title contest. Noble showed some great technical finess, and went for the Trailer Hitch on the champion. But Benjamin managed to battle to his feet and nailed the Dragon Whip. A T-Bone Suplex later, and Benjamin, and his new found mentor, William Regal were celebrating another win. Backstage after the match, Shelton Benjamin even thanked Regal for his direction, and Regal responded with 'When the talent and the oppurtunity is there, you have to take it.' Another man who seemingly see's oppurtunity is WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Gregory Helms. Not content with being the longest reigning cruiserweight champion in WWE history, Helms revealed in an interview this week, that he attacked Kendrick last week, because its time for him to claim more gold. And in their one on one contest, Gregory Helms picked up a win over the tag champion, when Kendrick missed the Sliced Bread #2. Although he landed on his feet, it gave Helms the oppurtunity to roll him up, and he grabbed the tights for extra leverage, gaining the 3 count. Although Helm's picked up the win, the look on Kendrick and Paul London's face tell us that this is far from over.

Chavo Guerrero stated that he was going to get his life and career back on track, as his life has been dominated by the death of Eddie Guerrero. And he seem's to be going in the right direction, as this week, he picked up the win over Jimmy Wang Yang when he nailed the 'Personal Affliction' (Brainbuster). But once again, the lights began to flicker, and when they went red, horrifying orcheastral music blared from the speakers. Chavo ran from the ring, and what we thought could of just been a powercut, now looks like it could be something a little more serious, and that Chavo Guerrero could be the victim of a cruel prank. Or maybe something a little more sinister.


Smackdown! Match Results:

Shelton Benjamin def. Jamie Noble

(CR:51 MQ:99 OR:67)

Gregory Helms def. Brian Kendrick

(CR:69 MQ:81 OR:67)

Chavo Guerrero def. Jimmy 'Wang' Yang

(CR:59 MQ:95 OR:69)

Kane def. Booker T by DQ

(CR:84 MQ:73 OR:72)

Overall Smackdown! Rating: 70

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Smackdown! Rating

The TV Ratings are ever increasing, as this week Smackdown! got a 6.10 rating. The highest it has been since the draft.

Smackdown! Lookback

Well the new GM was finally revealed and what a shock, as John Bradshaw Layfield was appointed as the Smackdown! Head Honcho. JBL has done it all in the WWE, and has made little friends, but he has everyone's respect.....something Theodore Long appeared to lose near the end of his reign. JBL's first order of business was to place Dusty Rhodes as the NEW colour commentator of Smackdown!. Its exciting times, as we look to see where JBL takes Smackdown!

Kane was subject to a horrific beatdown at the end of Smackdown! thanks to Booker T and Mark Henry. Henry even wrapped a chair around Kane's neck, and slammed it into the steel pipe. We can confirm that Kane has ruptured his trachea and will be out for 2-3 months. But if anyone thought that Mark Henry wasnt a serious threat to Batista, they will realise it now, as no one has ever manhandled Kane quite like Henry did.

JBL was quickly on the phone when he was announced as the General Manager of Smackdown!, and he revealed that he had signed the hottest free agent on the market.....RIC FLAIR! Thats right, the Nature Boy is coming to Smackdown!, having been on RAW for nearly 5 years. He will be the Guest Referee in the deciding match between Ken Kennedy and Super Crazy next week, and we cant wait to see the Nature Boy on a friday night!

WWE Judgement Day

On Sunday 20th May 2007, WWE Smackdown! presents Judgement Day, LIVE on Pay-Per View. Still no matches have been announced, but check back to wwe.com for all the latest news on this blockbuster event.


Official Judgement Day Theme Song: 'Attitude' by Alien Ant Farm


The ongoing battle between Randy Orton and John Cena raged on, as they signed a contract for a Street Fight at Backlash. If Orton wins, he has told Cena that the spinner belt....WILL BE DESTROYED!! Hardcore Holly made his presence felt this past monday night, as he beat the disrespectful Kenny Dykstra for laughing at him. Also, HBK mocked HHH, and said at Backlash, DX will die.....along with Triple H himself.


Chris Masters made the challenge to any extremist so he could send a message to RVD. He got Balls Mahoney, but eventually, The Masterpiece stood tall. Test got a Big Boot from Gene Snitsky, and Sabu and Jeff Hardy agreed that they needed another match for that belt. Jeff Hardy won when the time limit ran out 2 seconds into Sabu's cover after an Arabian Facebuster.

WWE Smackdown! Superstar Of The Week

John Bradshaw Layfield

It may be an odd choice, but JBL has certainly made Smackdown! his show.....literally. The man who held the WWE Championship for so long, and who has epitomized Smackdown!'s never say die attitude is now in control of his beloved show.

WWE Weekly Poll

What do you think of the new format for the Smackdown! results?

Send your answers in now!

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Guest Superburnitt

Push Kevin Thorn dammit! I prefere the old style you had going but this new style is different so people might approve. Mark Henry is the guy who should beat batista for the title, i dont know why but ive always wanted to see a Mark Henry title reign!

Does this diary mean the end of your FWA diary?

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WWE Smackdown! Preview

Friday 27th April 2007

Last week, JBL became the new General Manager of Smackdown!, and what a night it was. But it was also the night inwhich we saw Mark Henry brutally attack Kane, crushing his trachea with a steel chair and putting the 'Big Red Machine' on the shelf for a few months. That was to send a message to one man.....Batista. And the Champ will be in action tonight, as he puts his title on the line against the man that pinned him 2 weeks ago, Montel Vontavious Porter. Its a real oppurtunity for the rookie, but Batista will surely now be more worried about Mark Henry and Booker T getting their hands on him. This friday also marks the debut of Smackdown!'s newest signing.....'The Nature Boy' Ric Flair. Flair has been assigned the referee the deciding match between Ken Kennedy and Super Crazy. And with what has occured over the past few weeks between the 2 men, Flair certainly has his hands full.

Edge will make his in-ring debut tonight on Smackdown!, as he faces none other than Vito. When informed, Edge laughed that he had to face a man in a dress. Edge should be careful, as Vito has proven time and time again, that despite his taste in clothing, he is one tough customer. The WWE United States Championship is on the line aswell, as Shelton Benjamin puts the belt up against Chavo Guerrero. Both men have been on a roll as of late, but which man will walk away with the title belt? Tune in to find out.

Also tonight, Gregory Helms will face the other half of the WWE Tag Team Champions, Paul London. Last week, Gregory Helms cheated to defeat Brian Kendrick, as his quest to secure more gold continues. London wants to show Helms that the tag belts are theirs, and this will be a great match. Also, JBL has promised tonight, that Batista will recieve his punishment for destroying Smackdown! 3 weeks ago. What could he have in mind, especially when you think of the brutal feud those 2 had over the World Heavyweight Championship? Fans, JBL has promised a PPV quality Smackdown!, so make sure you tune in.....

Friday Night at 8pm on the CW Networks. WWE SMACKDOWN!

Confirmed Matches:

Paul London vs Gregory Helms

Edge vs Vito

WWE United States Championship

Shelton Benjamin© /w William Regal vs Chavo Guerrero

Special Guest Referee: Ric Flair

Ken Kennedy vs Super Crazy

World Heavyweight Championship

Batista(s) vs Montel Vontavious Porter

Edited by Bros of Destruction
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