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The Return Of A Warrior

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1959 ~ 2008

"When I re-signed him, it was for a one time shot at the Royal Rumble. The fans reacted to him so well I offered him a longer deal. It's not my fault he ended up going even crazier."

Vince McMahon, speaking on The Self Destruction Of The Ultimate Warrior: Part II DVD in September 2008

"With each passing day since the incident, I find myself wondering whether they made the right decision or not. Whilst he was ok at first and was getting along with everyone, he suddenly went crazy and wouldn't do a thing asked of him. They went with it because he was crazy and the fans were buying into it. The match with Hogan was something else."

Dave Meltzer, conducting a TV interview in April 2008

"He'd become a close friend over the fourteen months he was back. I can't believe what happened."

Michael Cole, written in an article on wwe.com in April 2008

"He was f'ing crazy, brotha'. I did what I had to do. It was either him or me."

Hulk Hogan, speaking to the police in March 2008.

"Do I regret his death? Was it my fault because I brought him back? He wanted to continue wrestling, I tried to take him off the road but he had an ironclad deal. It was his own damn fault that he died. Not mine."

Vince McMahon, speaking on The Self Destruction Of The Ultimate Warrior: Part II DVD in September 2008

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Well, this is certainly a very interesting idea. I especially like the quotes from Cole, Hogan, etc and I can imagine the WWE releasing another DVD to capitalise on the tragedy. I hope the writing keeps up to the good standard so far.

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This shall be great. I hope Warrior no sells in a Hogan match and Hogan just stiffs him and kills him. Or, on a more serious note, maybe they can just stab him for being a bastard. I can't wait for this, itshould be even more wacky than PunkRockPete's wacky WWE diary.

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The Royal Rumble

The situation in the ring ~ The #17 entrant Chris Benoit has been in the ring for one minute and 49 seconds. There are nine other men still in the Royal Rumble and they are Ric Flair, Edge, Randy Orton, Rob Van Dam, The Sandman, Kenny Dykstra, Super Crazy, Gregory Helms & Tommy Dreamer.

The clock begins to countdown:

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

‘Unstable’ The Ultimate Warrior theme kicks in as the words ‘The Ultimate Warrior’ rotate around on the titan-tron. Several recent shots of The Ultimate Warrior in full Warrior get-up in a room surrounded by blue flames flash up before the camera focuses in on The Ultimate Warrior stood at the top of the ramp pumping his fists in the air and puffing his cheeks. 90% of the fans in attendance start jumping up and down going wild for the crazy old fool. He’s wearing multi-coloured trunks, multi-coloured boots with multi-coloured tassels with multi-coloured tassels around his biceps. His hair is frizzy but not to the volume of old and he’s carrying a bit of weight around the gut, but his arms are just as big as they were back in the day, if not more so.

The Ultimate Warrior after taking in the sounds of adulation from the crowd runs at what has to be considered full pace for someone pushing 50 towards the ring. He slides in and immediately goes for Super Crazy, nearly taking his head off with a clothesline. He then clotheslines The Sandman, Rob Van Dam & Gregory Helms before launching Super Crazy over the top rope with a military press. Tommy Dreamer then attacks him with a clubbing forearm to the back and Dreamer and The Sandman go to work on him as Flair is eliminated by Edge and Viscera heads to the ring as #19.

Kenny Dykstra has now joined the attack on The Ultimate Warrior. He, Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman all continue to beat on him as Gregory Helms is eliminated by Randy Orton. #20 Johnny Nitro enters and he too joins the beat down on The Ultimate Warrior. The Ultimate Warrior powers up and starts shaking on the ropes as the four continue to punch him. It is no longer having an effect though and Warrior turns around and lays them all out with punches and clotheslines. #21 Kevin Thorn enters and is immediately eliminated by Viscera who is in turn eliminated by Randy Orton & Edge. The Ultimate Warrior then eliminates Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman in quick succession as Rob Van Dam is eliminated by Orton & Edge. #22 Hardcore Holly enters. Hardcore Holly tries to eliminate Johnny Nitro as Edge & Randy Orton target The Ultimate Warrior. They do the old spot of trying to push him over the top rope in one corner as the action continues. #23 Shawn Michaels enters and goes to town, super kicking Kenny, Holly & Johnny Nitro, the last of which sends Nitro flying over the top rope. Michaels makes the save for The Ultimate Warrior and he and Warrior toss Orton out of the ring. #24 Chris Masters enters. Warrior and Michaels try to eliminate Edge. Hardcore Holly is trying to eliminate Kenny and Masters ends up pushing them both over the top rope and Chris Masters then makes the save for Edge. #25 Chavo Guerrero enters and is eliminated by Shawn Michaels. The same goes for #26 Montel Vontavious Porter. Edge & Masters and Michaels & Warrior pair up and they all go at each other and it ends up with Warrior eliminating Chris Masters. #27 Carlito enters and he goes straight for Warrior as Edge and Shawn Michaels try to eliminate each other. #28 The Great Khali enters. He takes everyone down but everyone then teams up to eliminate him, including #29 The Miz. Everyone battles for position as #30 The Undertaker enters. The Undertaker cleans house and eliminates The Miz and Carlito, leaving Edge, Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker and The Ultimate Warrior as the final four.

Edge and Shawn Michaels go at each other, leaving The Ultimate Warrior and The Undertaker to deal with each other. They stare down in the middle of the ring and The Undertaker throws the first blow. Warrior responds and they slug away at each other. The Undertaker gets the upper hand and whips Warrior into the ropes. Warrior though ducks the resulting big boot and then ducks a clothesline and takes The Undertaker down with a flying shoulder block. Warrior pumps up and starts to shake the ropes. However, he doesn’t notice The Undertaker sit up behind him. As Warrior continues to shake the ropes The Undertaker comes up behind him and tosses him from the ring, leaving Shawn Michaels, Edge and The Undertaker in the ring. The Ultimate Warrior looks irate on the outside, but he eventually comes to terms with being eliminated and heads to the back.

The Undertaker goes on to win the match, to get the title shot at Batista at Wrestlemania.

Next Time on 'The Life & Death of The Ultimate Warrior'

~ The aftermath of the Royal Rumble. What was thought of The Warrior's performance by various people in the back and the reasonings behind him getting to the last four.

~ Plus, what happens when The Ultimate Warrior goes online to find people talking about him being on the juice again.

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Interesting thus far to say the least. Although there isn't much too really talk about, I just thought I'd leave comments on what I could as I'm loving it that much.

It's pretty rare that I see a diary focused more on one character compared to the whole fed, and with this concept added on top of it, I really don't think you can have a dull moment. I mean, the whole DVD concept is beautiful rather than having it in a day by day, current day thing.

Now with that said, you have (if I understood the quotes correctly) just over a year to really build and build towards the ultimate end, his death. Hell, you could probably even go on from there if you wanted with WWE, After The Warrior Antics. Although I assume thats when the diary will bow out.

So...I'm quite looking forward to the next chapter as it seems to be a full backstage/interview piece. It'll be interesting to see how that will be written, and who has to say what.

Great work thus far.

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To be honest I was a little disappointed with the Rumble. If it's still somewhat part of the backstory then that's fine, but if it's a major part in the diary (which I imagine it is) then it was a bit of a bodge job. The first section, the paragraph after Warrior came in was how it should've been written, but it seems like you just got lazy and wanted to finish the thing so started shortening each entrance and elimination. Look at the difference in length between entrants 19-20, 20-24 and 25-30.

It seems like you ran out of ideas and motivation a little bit, with the repetition of 'elimination', 'worked on' and 'pushed over', plus 'multi-coloured' and 'clothesline' at the beginning. Variety is the spice of life, ya know?

With all the said I'm glad Warrior didn't win the Rumble, and I look forward to the backstage shenanigans that result. I think that's going to the 'make or break' of the diary, so to speak.

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Thanks for the feedback and to be honest I wasn't entirely happy with the middle section of the Rumble either, but it was how I intended it.

The entrance and his elimination were the main points in the match, the entrance more so than the elimination. Consider it as the opening chapter of a DVD as that was and is pretty much the aim with this diary. It's sort of a rundown of the DVD and will include excerpts from a 'The Life & Death of The Ultimate Warrior' book.

The first post was the advertisement and the Rumble is the first 5/10 minutes of the DVD, with the inbetween bit from Warriors entry to his elimination being condensed to show the highlights.

I don't want to give much away as regards to what's going to be happening but there may very well be a point where parts of the Rumble will be written again, detailing little things that wouldn't have probably been picked up on a first viewing of the match. This will probably be re-examined when the eventual meltdown comes.

So just stick with it, it'll pick up I promise. I'm still planning stuff out at this stage. I've got my beginning, I've pretty much got a middle and I've got an end. It's just fitting everything together to make it all make sense in the style I want to do it that's going to be the hard part. I'd say I'm 65% done with the planning of the content of this diary at the moment.

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Previously, we saw The Ultimate Warrior make a triumphant return to the WWE by making it to the last four in the Royal Rumble.

Now, The Life & Death of The Ultimate Warrior continues.

Following are various opinions about The Ultimate Warriors return to the ring at The Royal Rumble.

Vince McMahon

“We’d been in talks for a couple of months. The deal was first brought up when he came to the office to agree upon an out of court settlement over the DVD that we’d recently produced. He was claiming we’d made him look bad, which we didn’t. We just told the truth. He wanted money primarily, but he also wanted a return to the WWE. We offered him a spot in the Royal Rumble as a surprise entrant. It was supposed to be a one night only thing. He turned it down at first and then came back saying he’d accept if he was put over strong. So we put him in the final four.”

Jim Ross

“Some sort of a deal was cut and I was surprised to say the least when I heard of the plan to have him get to the final four. It was preposterous at the time. I was surprised by the fans reaction to him and he seemed to get an adrenaline rush from it and performed competently. He took his chance and he ran with it.”

Michael Cole

“I remember him coming out, it sent a shiver down my spine. It took me back. I can just see him now pumping his arms, those huge muscular arms up and down as he came out.”

Pat Patterson

“He’d been quiet that day. We’d gone over what we wanted him to do a number of times and he kept coming back with suggestions. It seemed like he’d turned a new leaf as he eventually went along with everything we said. It was too bad that didn’t last too long.”

Mark Calloway a.k.a. The Undertaker

“We’d done stuff before. When I saw his name on the sheet it was a shock. But it felt damn good to eliminate him. Gladly, I didn’t have to deal with him much when he eventually blew a gasket.”

Vince McMahon

“He came back through the curtain after he was eliminated and he just slumped into a chair. Everyone thought he was going to have a heart attack, he was that red in the face. I don’t remember much about that night. I did congratulate him about putting on a great performance in the Rumble as he sat in the chair. He just grunted back and got up and headed for catering.”

Gregory Helms

“I was in the same room as him when he went online that night. He wanted to see what people were posting on his website about his performance. He saw people were ripping on him and that most were making fun of him for being on steroids and joking that it was good it was for one night only, otherwise he’d have been fired when he was tested. He went off on this rant, going after one guy in particular. It was hilarious watching him.”


Further Reading:

The Ultimate Warrior rants about not being on steroids

“I just finished watchign the RR and I’ve got to say they made a mistake having Warrior go to the final four. Why would tehy give that roided up freak a spot in the final four. It’s rubbish. They should kick his ass out with the wellness project.”

Look, just because you’ve failed in your miserable life doesn’t mean you can go out of your way to make defamatory comments towards a fellow human being the way you did. I say human being, but I don’t think there’s any conceivable way you could be from this planet at all. Look at your spelling, your grammar. It’s appalling and I have no doubt you’re just a snotty nosed 12 year old kid, high on coca cola and mints. I’ve seen the videos; I know what you kids get up to these days. I’ve seen numerous comments about how I shouldn’t have been in the final four at the Royal Rumble but let’s face it, I’ve got staying power. People still love me out there in TV land. All those people out there that were jumping up and down when I came out certainly have a different opinion to you, the little kid who hides behind a computer screen. Ultimate Warrior equals SUCCESS, Vince McMahon knows it, I know it, millions of people know it and deep, deep down you know it as well but you’re too afraid to admit it.

The steroid comments though, those are what infuriates me the most. Let me tell you something, all you delusional pieces of fairy cake. I’ve worked hard; I’ve sacrificed my body everyday since I was called up about coming back. I put my body through hell, something a man nearing 50 shouldn’t do to get back in shape. I watched what I ate and I worked my ass off in the gym which is more can be said for your exercise regime that consists of getting up off the couch to grab another bag of chips from the cupboard. If you want to throw mindless insults out at me, at least do it to my face so I can watch you run away in terror when I respond and threaten to knock you out cold.

For all those people out there that actually enjoyed my performance and were glad to see me back I’m very thankful to have such great fans like you. Hopefully you’ll be seeing more of me soon.

Next Time on ‘The Life & Death of The Ultimate Warrior’

- Exclusive footage of The Ultimate Warriors meeting about a possible full-time return to the WWE.

- Plus the various thoughts of people backstage when they heard about the possibility of a full time return of The Ultimate Warrior.

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Warrior's rant was hilarious.

Just thought I'd say that first.

Anyway, you've come up with an original, well-thought diary, and are running with it well. It's one of the more realistic and unique pieces of writing I've seen in the Dome in awhile, and I'm glad this is working so well for you. I have to say that the beginning alone had me hooked, but the return at the Royal Rumble and the rant afterwards has made me a reader of this.

Hopefully he wins the IC title at WrestleMania 23.

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