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Final Fantasy XI Europe -> September

Herr Matzat

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Looks really good. Is that for the PC or PS2 version? And how much will it cost to play online?

there is no PS2 version planed for Europe, sony/square ore whomever issent investing in building anny network in that direction for some reason.

f the official side dossent say the price people might not have anounced it yet ? ;)

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I've heard a lot of bad things about FF XI.

Apparently, there are a LOT of griefers (players who try to kill off other players or get other players killed) running around in the game, and its monotonous trying to gain skills and change character classes.

(I've also heard the same thing about griefers in Lineage, or whatever its called)

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yeah, it´s said to basicly be your usualy online RPG problem ³ sinc you have the hughe sum of fanboys, but actualy i don´t mind other players that much in online rpgs, i fish out the good ones and have fun wilest i ignore the major population, even thou the lake of some real storyline is missing in online rpgs to much (FFXI is said to have a storyline with a final boss, but no one seems to play it becaus you have to level so much betwen the story segments that you forget that there was something elth you could do)

i asume that pvp on issent a default option ^^

i still need to check out star wars galaxies to, at least that game works free for 14 days and is free to download.

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Michael, I'd definitely suggest giving Star Wars Galaxies a go. A lot of people in my Everquest guild quit to go play SWG, and the players who play both say SWG is really fun.

(I've even been thinking of trying it)

Plus, they're supposed to be adding an expansion later on that will add space combat to the game, and you'll even be able to get your own X-Wing, Tie-Fighter, or Millennium Falcon (and other people can board your Millennium Falcon, if you let them) - may have other ships you can get, as well. Supposedly, it'll work with a flight stick, but you won't need one if you don't already have one.

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Weird its unusual for basically every game shop to get it wrong, including there websites too but oh well nevermind I wont be buying if its on shitty PC.

Thing is though, why would they bring it out in other countries but not UK? It just wont happen if you ask me, but you can keep thinking it will.

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Incidentally, I don't know about Europe or Japan, but in the U.S. FFXI came with the PS2 Hard Drive.

I want the Hard Drive, but don't give a damn about FF XI. (May buy it and put the copy of FF XI on eBay or something....)

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What is in the us dossent matter if they arrent building a network in europe, without a working network for the ps2 it won´t happen to fast from out of nowere, even if they start building it now it still would take some time, while a PC only needs the gameservers to conect to (don´t ask me why it is this way, ps2 nerds toled me so :unsure: )

oh i jut read that the basic game servers will be the same as for the japanes and US guys ?! Sucks to not get startet @ zero :(

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