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Presumably real evil people, as implied by "weird interest in learning".

My weird interests in learning generally revolve around military tactics, so I don't think would be quite up your alley. >_> I especially want "Fighter Pilot Tactics: The Techniques of Dalight Air Combat" by Mike Spick, but I haven't yet been bothered to order it in from the US. Why these kind of books are nigh impossible to find in this country, I don't know.

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People often scream out against Lee Harvey Oswald for shooting JFK.

I found the Don DeLillo novel "Libra" extremely interesting as it draws on a lot of events from Oswald's life and places them into a 'story' to read.

While the novel shows Oswald as a general nasty piece of work with a bad temper, it also shows how and why he ended up with a communist agenda and makes him into much of of an actual person than all the one sided media pieces on him ever did.

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