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WWE RAW 2009

Guest Angle-Plex

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Guest Angle-Plex

OOC Note: I started this EWR game in October 2006. I am now on Dec 15, 2009. I will post a recap of what has happened since I started, and then start brand new shows.

I took over booking in October 2006 with one goal: break RAW out of it's slump and bring it back to the top like it used to be. Backstage politics and old stars were the two major obstacles I faced. However, I achieved my goal. RAW has buried the competition within the last year, and has become the #1 company by far. ECW and TNA (3% and 6% Global respectively) are barely hanging on as Global promotions. Smack down (36% Global)is doing well, but is no threat to me. Savio Vega's IWA: Puerto Rico (90% National) was quickly rising to the top, but has recently been in a slump, due to their top draws Randy Orton and Kishi being injured. Now, I will continue to dominate the wrestling world.....


Recap of what has happened:

Late 2006: Turning lemons into lemonade

Vince wanted a big guy on his main show, RAW, so Batista was traded with John Cena and is the WWE Champion (Cena is World Champ on Smackdown. Not logical, I know, but this was Vince‘s decision). He dominates the entire main event scene. Edge, however, wanted his WWE Title back, and he defeated Batista at No Mercy 2006 after holding Batista’s tights. Batista was upset with the loss, and demanded a rematch at November’s Survivor Series! Edge had no choice but to accept. Batista won the Survivor Series match, however, did not come out WWE Champion. Edge was getting beat…badly, and ran away, electing to get counted out, but keeping his WWE Title.

Meanwhile, DX had been torturing Mr. McMahon. McMahon threw everything at them and felt he had nothing left….he brought in Hall and Nash, the Outsiders. This was a dream feud the fans were waiting for, and when The Outsiders first showed up and beat down DX, the fans were hot for it. That is, until the actual match at No Mercy. Nash and Hall were way to sluggish in the ring, having an embarrassing match. The ending was hot, though, as Hollywood Hogan leg dropped Triple H, reforming the New World Order and helping The Outsiders win the match.

DX continued to be beat down week after week, until X-Pac made a surprise save to even the odds. McMahon was furious. He marched down to the ring the following week to publicly fire DX….until Mick Foley returned! He criticized Vince for screwing up his company in somewhat of a “shoot” interview. This lead to Hogan, Nash, Hall and Vince vs. Foley, Pac, HHH and HBK at Survivor Series. It came down to Foley and Hogan, with Foley coming out the victor. The big story, though, was Triple H tearing his bicep in the match, putting him out of action.

Meanwhile, Ric Flair was in trouble. He had been trying to beat the World’s Greatest Tag Team for months. Every week he had a different partner, and he just couldn’t beat them. He felt he had to, after Shelton and Haas had been so disrespectful to him. The time came, however, when Flair found a winner: Kane! Flair and Kane dominated the WGTT and won the WWE Tag Team titles at Survivor Series! The partnership was short lived, however, as two weeks later on RAW, Shelton pinned Flair in a tag team match to regain the titles. Kane blamed Flair for the loss and choke slammed him through the announce table.

The next week, Flair was interviewed from the hospital, claiming he’d return next week to get even with Kane. Flair returned and fought Kane with everything he had…and won the match. However, Kane beat Flair down even worse after their match. Flair looked hurt. The next RAW, Kane was in a match with Jeff Hardy, when Flair ran out and attacked! Kane was knocked out of the ring, and Flair challenged him to a match at Armageddon.

Batista, still claiming he was still #1 contender, and was granted a match for the WWE Title the following week. However, because of a backstage confrontation with Edge later in the night, HBK made his presence known in the WWE Title match. He went for a Super kick on Edge, who ducked, and Batista got the Sweet Chin Music instead. Edge speared Michaels and pinned Batista to retain the title.

Armageddon was made a three way dance for the WWE Title…HBK vs. Edge vs. Batista. Batista dominated the match, but got rolled up by HBK, who won the WWE Title at the last PPV in 2006. In other action, Hollywood Hogan defeated Mick Foley after Guest Ref Vince McMahon helped beat Foley down. Hogan and Vince posed to end the show. Also, Kane beat Ric Flair in a bloody, hardcore street fight. Kane choke slammed Flair on cement to win the match.

My Notes: I loved the Batista/Edge feud. They had a surprising chemistry together and had good matches. Batista was also a mega-baby face at this point, so I had no problem with him on top. Adding HBK was a panic move, as we didn’t know how long Hunter would be out of action. The set Wrestle mania 23 main event at this point was Shawn vs. Batista for the title. Boy, how things changed.

The Kane/Flair feud was a good one, I thought. I was always a Flair mark and being able to write for him was awesome. Kane looked like a monster at this point, and Flair looked like the toughest SOB in the company. This feud had to continue into the next year.

I was against the New World Order vs. DX storyline from the beginning, but I had to turn lemons into lemonade. Adding Vince and Foley helped make the storyline a little more interesting, but all these guys were still way too old, and after the initial interest, I felt it was time to move on. It was Vince’s call, however, and…..

Anyways, this year was just getting started. I made some improvement to the shows, but nothing drastic. In fact, I couldn’t convince Vince to phase out the old guard until late 2007. Early 07 were the dark days of my writing career…I shudder to think about them.

Up Next....2007: the old guard stays on top, a few returns, WrestleMania 23 flops, and Batista loses popularity but the future is promising….

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Guest Angle-Plex


WRESTLEMANIA 23 (Important Matches)

Main Event: Stone Cold Steve Austin def Hollywood Hulk Hogan

This feud started when Hogan and Vince kept beating down Mick Foley, week after week. At No Way Out, Austin returned and stunnered McMahon as Hogan left the ring. Hogan challenged Austin the next night on RAW and Austin accepted. The two didn’t touch until the bell rang. Crowd was wild, and this match was even all through. Austin won after dodging a leg drop and stunnering Hogan.

WWE Title: Batista © def Brock Lesnar

My original plan for WrestleMania was Batista over HBK in a title match. Plans changed when Vince told me that he and Brock Lesnar had reached an agreement, and that Brock was going to win the Rumble. He wanted Brock vs. Batista as the title match at WrestleMania. Batista beat HBK clean for the title at Royal Rumble, while Brock surprised everyone by entering #29 and threw out Edge to win. The match was a big man power match. It was sloppy, but Batista retained his title after kicking out of an F-5 and Batista Bombing Brock.

No Holds Barred: Mick Foley def Vince McMahon

This feud continued after 2006. Vince and Foley challenged each other to a match at Royal Rumble. McMahon got beat down, until Hogan ran out and threw dust in Foley’s eyes, allowing Vince to get a low blow and a pin. Foley wouldn’t back down, and kept going after McMahon on RAW. Vince made a Foley vs. World’s Greatest Tag Team match at No Way Out. Foley lost that match, as the odds were too much. On RAW, Foley abducted Shane McMahon and bought him to the ring. He told Vince that he better accept a WrestleMania match with him or Shane would get it. Vince had no choice and accepted. The match was a garbage brawl with tacs, chairs, and tables. Foley won the match after giving Vince socko.

WWE Tag Team Titles: Edge and Christian def Degeneration X ©

Edge and HBK feuded after the Rumble, both claiming they should challenge Batista for the belt at No Way out. HBK announced that Hunter would return at No Way Out. Edge beat HBK by cheating, which brought out Triple H, who had the ref restart the match. HBK super kicked Edge and pinned him. Edge was upset. On RAW, DX beat WGTT for the WWE Tag Titles. Edge came out and said he would even the odds next week, and take out DX for good. Christian returned and the tag feud was on. Edge and Christian beat DX after Christian hit HHH with a chair behind the ref’s back, and they became the new tag team champions.

My Notes: Flair/Kane finished off their feud at this event, which marked Flair’s last match as a regular roster member. Orton vs. Booker T was a filler match. The rest of the show went ok, I thought. The aftermath was brutal though. Brock had difficulties backstage, and he left the company after Backlash. Austin and Hogan didn’t return to WWE TV until Summer Slam, so the main event was pointless. Orton feuded with Batista in the summer, and Batista’s popularity fell far. McMahon and Foley both left WWE TV. DX and Edge and Christian continued their feud over the summer, ending with Hunter turning on HBK and having yet another cliq feud.

Next…one year later, Wrestlemania 24, where a popular star win the WWE Title for the first time!

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It could be very interesting, but as far as the 'realism' goes...There's no way ANY of those matches will happen at WrestleMania. I'll look back at this one though, it could be different.

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Guest Angle-Plex


WrestleMania 24

WWE Heavyweight Title: Edge © vs. CM Punk

Batista was flopping as champion, so he was turned heel and aligned with Vince McMahon. The Undertaker was brought over from SmackDown to feud with him. Undertaker won the title at No Mercy, ending the feud. However, he was just a transitional champion for Edge, who won the title the next month at Survivor Series. Edge kept the title until Wrestlemania.

CM Punk was brought over from the ECW brand right after Wrestlemania 23 because Vince thought his flagship show needed new faces. Punk was booked strong, not losing in single competition all year, until Danielson beat him at Royal Rumble 2008. He feuded with Benoit over the IC Title most of the year, where Benoit kept getting more and more frustrated because Punk kept beating him until he finally snapped and turned heel. Punk lost the IC Title to Brian Danielson at the 2008 Royal Rumble, but went on to win the Rumble itself later in the night.

Edge injured Punk’s leg at No Way Out, during a tag team match. Punk still wanted to face the champ at WM, however. Punk dominated the beginning of the match. Edge knew Punk had his number, so he “accidently” ran into the ref, and then took a chair to Punk’s injured leg. Punk appeared out after a brutal beating, but he was just playing possum, as he surprised Edge with the Anaconda Vice. Edge had no choice but to tap.

Winner: Punk finishes the long build-up and wins his first WWE Title!

One Last Time: Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H

Hunter had “retired” due to his many injuries. Shawn was still a top player. At Royal Rumble 2008, HBK challenged Edge for the WWE Title. HBK was getting beat down during the match. Triple H surprised everyone by running down to the ring to cheer Michaels on. HBK made a comeback, and was about to super kick Edge when Hunter pulled out a sledgehammer and hit Michaels in the back, causing a DQ. Hunter continued his assault and left Michaels to be carried out by paramedics. The next night, he explained his actions, saying that he wanted one last match, and that he wanted it to be at Wrestlemania. Michaels came back from injury the following week and accepted.

The match was even, although Triple H’s injuries made it a little sloppy. Michaels won cleanly with a Sweet Chin Music. The two shook hands after and hugged in the ring. Triple H retires!

Winner: Shawn Michaels, finishing that match and his friend’s career as a wrestler

Streak vs. Wrestling Machine: The Undertaker vs. Chris Benoit

No epic buildup for this match. Benoit turned heel during his feud with Punk. Undertaker came over from Smackdown to feud with Batista. At No Way Out, Benoit came to the ring and challenged Undertaker to a match at Wrestlemania, saying he was a wrestling machine, and that if anyone in the company could beat him at Wrestlemania, it was Benoit. Undertaker accepted. The match was back and forth, with Benoit applying the crossface three times, but Undertaker powered out and won the match after a tombstone piledriver.

Winner: The Undertaker, maintaining his winning streak

WWE Intercontinental Title: Harry “Bulldog” Smith vs. Brian Danielson ©

These two were called up from OVW immediately after Wrestlemania 23. Danielson was given a “Pro USA” gimmick while Smith was given the “Foreign Star” gimmick. Together, they teamed to make the “Allied Powers”. They dominated the tag scene for all of 2007, winning the title and feuding with Edge/Chrisitan, World’s Greatest Tag Team, and other teams. They lost the title’s to the World’s Greatest Tag Team at Armageddon, and the team officially split when Danielson won the IC Title at the Royal Rumble 2008. Smith challenged Danielson to an IC Title match at WrestleMania 24. Danielson accepted.

Smith teased heel turns all though the build to the match. During the match itself, Smith teased hitting Danielson with the belt while the ref was knocked unconscious, but decided against it. Smith eventually rolled through a small package and beat Danielson cleanly. They shook hands after as Danielson gave Smith the IC belt.

Winner: Harry Smith, winning his first WWE singles title

My Notes: Much better event the WrestleMania 23. Punk/Edge was a great match, and Punk is the new face of the company. HBK/HHH match was ok, but the heat was off the charts, and it was a fitting end to Hunter’s career. Undertaker/Benoit was a classic match, and despite their ages, both of these guys still have it. I was going to turn Smith heel, but thought it would be to obvious, although that would happen later in the year. Surprisingly, Batista was left off the card, which he was upset about. Hogan, Austin and Rock were also not present.

Next…what happened between WM 24 and 2008’s Breakdown PPV? What happened at Breakdown? Rosters will be posted and new shows!

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Guest Angle-Plex

PPV Setup:

Jan: Royal Rumble

Feb: No Way Out

March: WrestleMania 24

Apr: Backlash

May: Judgement Day

June: Bad Blood

July: Great American Bash

Aug: SummerSlam

Sep: Battle in Great Britian

Oct: Breakdown

Nov: Survivor Series

Dec: Over The Edge

This game picks up the night after Over The Edge. What is happening in storylines will be posted in the rosters following.


Mick Foley: Foley announced his retirement immediately after Wrestlemania 23, after his feud with Vince McMahon. He has continued to be successful righting books.

Hulk Hogan: Hogan retired in September of 2008. He fought Ric Flair at Battle in Great Britian in his final match, winning it after a leg drop.

Vince McMahon: Retired in September of 2008. Vince had turned face and had fallen back into a neutral broadcaster position before retiring. He announced his son, Shane McMahon, as new WWE President.


WWE Champion: CM Punk (Heel, 94 over, Arrogant): Punk won the title at WrestleMania 24, and had a long reign as champion until facing Harry Smith at “Battle in Great Britain”. Harry beat Punk for the title cleanly there, and Punk fell back into a tag team role with partner Bob Sapp until Over The Edge. At Over the Edge, Punk turned heel, as he won the WWE Title with help from heel authority figure and special ref Shane McMahon.

Edge (Face, 87 over, Rebel): Turned face shortly after WrestleMania, but after Summerslam claimed that he “grew tired of all the crap” (in referencing to heels cheating all the time, ect) and announced he was leaving WWE. He came back at Survivor Series, where he beat champ Harry Smith to win the WWE Title. After, new President Shane McMahon told Edge he wanted a “new” WWE where superstars are respectable, not “Rated R” like Edge is, and that as champion and representative of the company, Edge would have to change his image. Edge responded with a spear. Shane vowed to get the title off Edge so he could “change his company for the better”, announcing the straight-edge CM Punk as #1 contender, and himself as special ref. Shane and Punk screwed Edge out of the WWE Title last night at Over The Edge.


Bob Sapp (Face, 94 over, Monster): Brought in by Vince as a fun loving baby face, but monster killer, Bob Sapp is seen be the future of the company due to his charisma. He mostly destroyed lower carders while he “learned how to work”, and also had a long time partnership with CM Punk. What will he think of Punk’s heel turn and Shane’s vision of a new WWE?

WWE Tag Team Champion: Harry Smith (heel, 88 over, anti-American): Had a great run as IC Champ, but lost to Chris Benoit in early May. Smith turned heel, saying the American fans didn’t appreciate him. This got him monster heat, and he challenged champ CM Punk to a match at “Battle in Great Britain”. There, Smith was the face and Punk was the heel, as the crowds were in reverse. Smith won his first WWE Title in his home country. Smith lost the title to Edge at Survivor Series, but won the WWE Tag Titles with his partner of four months, Giant Ivan, last night at Over The Edge.

Chris King (Heel, 93 over, Egomaniac): From OVW, Chris King is a young hot shot in WWE. He has loads of charisma and a great worker. So far has enjoyed a reign as IC Champ, but I feel he has been underutilized.

WWE Intercontinental Champion: Brian Danielson (Face, 92 over, Old School Face): Best worker in the company. However, Vince doesn’t want him pushed as he doesn’t have much charisma. He challenged Punk in a face/face match at SummerSlam but lost. He won the IC Title for the second time in October and is current IC Champion.

Christian (Heel, 86 over, Cocky): Has been stuck recently. Has turned heel/face/heel in last 10 months. Fought in a four way for the IC Title at Over The Edge, where he took a sick bump and hurt himself for the next eight months.

WWE Tag Team Champion: Giant Ivan (Heel, 87 over, Machine): From OVW, 7’2’ monster Giant Ivan is a monster Russian that doesn’t speak. He can’t wrestle worth a lick though, as his highest stat is a 52 brawl. He got insanely over due to his size, charisma and superstar look, though. Managed by Olga, Ivan has dominated RAW so far, never losing by pinfall or submission. Teams with Harry Smith and is part of the tag team champions.

Next: Midcard, Lower Card, Tag Teams and Non-Wrestlers!

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Just a point, but it's a little tasteless to bring Over the Edge back, methinks. Otherwise, you would appear to have the makings of a good diary, although a little more detail about Wrestlemania 24 would be nice, and there seems to be glaring gaps in the backstory here and there. Hopefully you'll be able to rectify that in these roster posts though.

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Guest Angle-Plex

OOC: Yeah, Over the Edge was brought back because of the Edge character and the name connection. It is tastless, I admit, but this IS WWE we're talking about. ^_^ Also, when it says I have "nothing for the guy" or "no direction", feel free to offer suggestions for these characters...they may be used!


Batista (heel, 73 over, bodyguard): Because he was left off the WM 24 card, Batista left WWE. However, he returned as Christopher Daniel’s bodyguard in early October. He protects Daniels at all costs.

Brian Dunlap (face, 80 over, underdog): An OVW call up, Dunlap is 5’7’ 180lbs of pure toughness. He takes a beating every match but gives it his all. Is mentored by Chris Benoit and is a two time Television Champion.

Chris Benoit (face, 84 over, no gimmick needed): Benoit has been teaming with Brian Dunlap, mentoring him, against the Christopher Daniel’s cult in recent months. Now that Daniel’s just beat Dunlap to regain the TV Title last night, where will Benoit go from here?

WWE Television Champion: Chris Daniels (Heel, 87 over, cult leader): Leader of “The Cult”. A dark figure that plays mind games to get people to do what he wants. His intentions are not known at this time.

Cowboy Lewis (Face, 85 over, cowboy): Big Texan that loves to fight. A great brawler, but lacks in charisma and has not done anything notable yet with the company.

Jeff Hardy (Face, 77 over, highlight reel): Jeff is always the go-to guy when someone needs a decent match. Jeff, though, has had a string of drug problems and injuries. He lacks direction but is still popular with fans. Will that be enough to get him a push?

Jushin Lyger (heel, 87 over, evil): Used to be a face, but Christopher Daniel’s played mind games and convinced him to join the cult. Now dawning an all black costume, Lyger helps Daniel’s in his plan.

Kane (heel, 75 over, monster): Took many months off from the squared circle. Currently sitting at home as creative has nothing for him. Has proposed to come back with the mask on for one more run.

Masahiro Indohara (heel, 87 over, machine): A deadly Japanese fighter. One of the best technical workers in the company, but he can’t speak English and lacks in charisma. Still, he has been booked extremely strong and looks almost unbeatable.

Tommy Roberts (face, 72 over, hero): Family man. A real hero. Always comes to the ring with his wife Tanya. Has great charisma and may be the best worker in the company. Was injured until he returned this month. No real feud right now, but could be a future WWE champion.


Booker T (face,70 over, old school face): Once a main player, Booker is old and has had multiple injuries. Still is charismatic. Can he rise up the ranks for one more run at the title?

Carlito (face, 74 over, cool): Has been stuck. His ring work is average, and his charisma is nothing special. Vince doesn’t like his look so he has not been pushed. Can Carlito get over the hump and become a main player on RAW?

Mr. Sheffield (heel, 65 over, rich snob): A snobby, rich Englishman. Has yet to debut.

Sabu (face, 53 over, extremist): Has had many injuries and some bad booking has done damage to his overness. Still, he refuses to quit the business and is determined to rise back up the ranks.

Syxx (heel, 80 over, degenerate): Was let go after his DX run a two years ago. Was recently brought back, but there are no plans for him currently.

The Truth (heel, 70 over, bad ass): We have no direction for him, but want to push him because he is a major merchandise seller and is charismatic. Leader of the Featured Attraction stable.

LT Smash (face, 65 over, armed forces): Has yet to debut. Is a face that was a former marine.

Next…tag teams, stables and non-wrestlers!

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Guest Angle-Plex


Daniel’s Minion’s: Minion #1 (heel,67 over, Gothic )and Minion #2 (heel, 66 over, Gothic): Part of Daniel’s cult. Not much is known about them. They wrestle in black masks and black tights.

Hyrda: Masa (face, 76 over, power and paint) and Baas (face, 76 over, power and paint): A dominate face tag team. Vince has them pegged as the “new” Legion of Doom….which they are glaring rip-offs of.

La Resistance: Rob Conway (heel, 66 over, old school heel) and Rene Dupree (heel, 66 over, anti-USA): Creative had nothing for either of them…so the recently reformed La Resistance.

Prima Donas: Brian Aries (heel, 68, Prima Dona) and SB Fletcher (heel, 68 over, Prima Dona): Two OVW call ups. They talk about how good looking they are all the time and want the tag team titles.

The Tribe: Honovi (face, 71 over, Native American) and Takhi (face, 70 over, Native American): Two Native American wrestlers. Solid workers.

Thugz 4 Life: Big EZ (heel, 71 over, rapper) and Lil’ Beck (heel, 72 over, rapper): Two rap stars/gansta stereotypes. Vince based them off of rap stars Method Man (EZ) and Redman (Beck).

World’s Greatest Tag Team: Charlie Hass (heel, 82 over, old school heel) and Shelton Benjamin (heel, 86 over, cocky): Creative had nothing for these guys, and they are just SO good as a tag team that they were put back together.


Anna King (Face, 72 over, cheerleader): Sister of Chris King. Has recently started an on screen romance with Brian Danielson.

Olga (heel, 75 over, sports agent): Manager and wife of Giant Ivan.

Stephanie McMahon (heel, 82 over, Bitch): Was brought back to manage Triple H shortly last year. Has not been on screen recently.

Tanya Roberts (face, 70 over, cheerleader): Wife of Tommy Roberts. She always accompanies him to the ring to cheer him on. A “perfect” couple.


Featured Attraction:

Leader: Ron Killings

Members: Big EZ and Lil’ Beck.

Three “thugs” who claim that “the man” is holding them down because of the color of their skin. Will they move up the ranks?

The Cult:

Leader: Christopher Daniels

Members: Batista, Jushin Lyger, Minion #1, Minion #2

The Cult’s intentions are unknown. They protect Daniel’s and his TV Title, and have feuded with Benoit and Dunlap recently.


Kevin Nash (tweener, 85 over, Grizzled Veteran): Was RAW’s color commenter after Jerry Lawler was released. Had a drug problem and was replaced. Has come back but I have nothing for him.

Ric Flair (face, 95 over, Unique): The dirtiest player in the game took over as RAW’s color commentary after Nash went to rehab.

Shane McMahon (heel, 93 over, authority figure): Took over Vince’s on screen role as president in September. Has stated he wants a “new” WWE where kids can look up to and respect the wrestlers. Recently helped Punk with the championship from Edge, someone he deems “unfit” for the new WWE.

Shawn Michaels (face, 91 over, cocky): Retired from active completion after WrestleMania 24. Makes an occasional appearance, but largely unused.

Steve Austin (face, 95 over, badass): After fighting Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania 23, he came back to put over Edge at Summerslam last year. Has not been heard from since.

The Rock (Face, 97 over, unique): Makes occasional appearance, but has not wrestled since WM 20.

The Undertaker (face, 83 over, demon): Has been a non-wrestler since his WM 24 match with Benoit. Has not been seen since WM 24.

Triple H (heel, 87 over, degenerate): Retired from in-ring completion due to injuries at WM 24. However, he has been talking to Vince about making a “big” comeback recently. Hopefully this doesn’t happen, as his stats are low and he is old, but he IS Vince’s son in law…..


RAW: Monday nights on USA network.

Announcer: Jim Ross

Color Commentator: Ric Flair

Next…the RAW after Over the Edge preview!

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Guest Angle-Plex


Did Shane and Punk go "Over the Edge"?

Last night at Over The Edge, CM Punk shocked the world as he aligned with WWE President Shane McMahon to win the WWE Championship. Why did CM Punk accept Shane's help? Is this part of Shane's plan for a "New" WWE, and how will the "Rated R Superstar" Edge react to the events that have taken place?

Christopher Daniel's regained the WWE Television title last night with a victory over Brian Dunlap. Daniel's has promised to be in attendence for tonight's Tommy Roberts/Batista match, with the stipulation that if Tommy wins, he gets a shot at Daniel's title! Does the "Fallen Angel" have something up his sleeve to ensure that Roberts won't get the win over fellow Cult member Batista?

WWE.com has learned that a veteran will return tonight with a huge announcement! What will the announcement be, and who is returning to the squared circle tonight!

Bob Sapp, Chris King and Brian Danielson are also be in the house!

Confirmed Matches:

Tommy Roberts w/wife Tanya vs Batista w/Christopher Daniels: If Tommy wins, he gets a shot at Daniel's Television title!

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I don't know if u can do this or not, cause havent played in so long, but feud nash michaels and hunter with the featured attraction, have the kliq(hbk hhh and nash) job from them at like a summerslam. have kliq say it isnt because of skin, and give the young guys a push. idk, first hought i had, haha. i will have more.

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last on e of the night, what bout gettin titles on world greatest tag team, and then put then in feud with dunlap and benroit, should be techincal masterpieces, and great matches, i would guess. hope u dont mine me flooding ya with suggestions haha.

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yea man, I'm sorry I don't feel like typing perfectly for you. I thought of things that could or could not work. He can tweak any idea I made or not use them at all. I had been up bout 22 hours when I typed that so that maybe was a factor too. Now, enough about my typing, yets talk about this guys diary.

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