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Yeah, so it's sortof a reality TV show, and they're all supposed to be evil, but I've always been a Castaway mark.

Anyone else watching this time? The sun will take a bit of getting used to ¬_¬ THIS ISN'T SHIPWRECKED, IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE PISSING DOWN WITH RAIN!

And the Tory woman is already pissing me off. I'd always thought political views were supposed to be like sexuality. If the first thing you say to someone is "I'm openly gay, darling!", they're going to think you're a cunt. If the first thing you say to someone is "I'm a trendy Tory!", why did you bother even being born? I mean seriously? Fuck off and die. Your distinctly average looks aren't going to make me like you; we have Lucinda for ' token pretty blonde chick'.

Gemma, aka The Black Jade Goody, is really going to get on my tits by the end of it, too.

Thank God for Alister and Jonathan. And Sgt. Major guy who thinks he's John Locke. In fact, most of the guys so far have been pretty decent. Oh, yeah, except Hassan, who seems to think he's a real life Randy Orton, and Joe, who hasn't done anything too bad in the actual show yet, but from his video he seems like he could be a bit of a prick.

Oh, yeah, and Wendie should really, really, WEAR SOME FUCKING CLOTHES. Eww.

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Needs more Small Blue.

But yeah, I haven't watched it...but I nearly shat myself when I saw the Metro on Friday and it said "NO NEWS FOR 12 WEEKS!!!!!"...and then I realised it was an advert. :(

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