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Simply The Best


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Is anyone watching Simply The Best on ITV at the moment?

I had the "pleasure" of working on the program, which was possibly the worst experience of my entire life and now I don't even have a decent program at the end of it to show off. I feel dirty to have my name associated with it...

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Sucks. Phil Tufnell doesn't belong on a TV no matter what. I laughed at the wetslide thing, quite funny when that useless woman was on it. She fell before she was even on the thing and then fell in the water headfirst. :lol:

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I worked as a runner on the show. They told me I'd be doing paid technical work, but instead they had me shifting stuff and making tea and working from 9am to 11.30pm.

And if you want any remotely juicy gossip:

Kirsty Gallacher = Evil Diet Coke-guzzling diva midget

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