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My original intention was to do another WWE Raw diary but when the time came to actually set up the game and begin work on a show, I did everything I could to put it off. It's obvious Raw doesn't work for me anymore because it would be way too easy. I'd rather work with Smackdown's horrible roster than with Raw's solid one. Something about the game being too easy turns me off to writing shows and just doing the diary in general. But when I'm forced to make new stars and put people over as I'll have to do with Smackdown, I want to get to work on it as fast as possible.

So that's as much of a backstory as you're gonna get. Paul Heyman didn't take over the booking team and neither did Jim Cornette. Vince didn't suddenly realize that the writers are idiots and hired Bill Watts to make things better. And we sure as hell don't have fallen angels battling Satan. We do have Jamie Noble, though. That's about as good as it gets, right? This diary starts on Friday, July 23rd so that I can get caught up with everything that's going on with Smackdown.

The first show should be up either a day or two after I read the Smackdown spoilers or right after Smackdown airs. I'm still torn between doing a show based on spoilers or if I should just wait until I can actually watch the show. The first event in this diary will be the July 29th edition of Smackdown so keep a lookout. Until then, I'll probably do a full rundown of the roster, staff, and whatever else I feel like doing.

* * * * * *

SmackDown! Champions as of 07/19/04

WWE Title: John Bradshaw Layfield :(

United States: Vacant

Tag Team: Billy Kidman & Paul London

Cruiserweight: Rey Mysterio

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Smackdown Singles Divison


Big Show

Bill DeMott

Billy Gunn

Billy Kidman

Booker T

Bubba Ray Dudley

Charlie Haas

Chavo Guerrero

Danny Basham

Dawn Marie

Doug Basham

D-Von Dudley

Eddie Guerrero


Hardcore Holly


Jamie Noble

John Bradshaw Layfield*

John Cena

John Heidenreich

Johnny Stamboli

Kenzo Suzuki

Kurt Angle

Luther Reigns

Mark Jindrak

Miss Jackie



Orlando Jordan

Paul Heyman

Paul London

Rene Dupree

Rey Mysterio*


Rob Van Dam



Scotty 2 Hotty

Shannon Moore

Spike Dudley

The Undertaker

Tommy Dreamer

Torrie Wilson

Ultimo Dragon

Smackdown Tag Division

Akio & Sakoda

Billy Gunn & Hardcore Holly

Billy Kidman & Paul London*

Rico & Charlie Haas

Basham Brothers

The Dudleyz

*Denotes Champion

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Credit to Virch and Dukes for this rant:

- The SmarKDown! Rant for July 22 / 04, taped July 20.

- Wait a minute... Bradshaw a champion? Kurt Angle on the sidelines? Ultimo Dragon nowhere to be found? What parallel universe is this?

- From Filthydelphia, PA.

- Your hosts are Michael Cole and Tazz.

- Opening sports entertainment bit: Kurt Angle (now being called "Mr. Angle") gets wheeled to the ring by Luther Reigns. Apparently, when you're an Olympian, you can accomplish many feats that no one would think possible, such as climb a cage with a torn-up knee and broken neck. IT'S A MIRACLE, sez he. But he did it for the morality of the show. He did it so that punks like John Cena and Eddie Guerrero would be PUNISHED, and fine upstanding citizens like Layfield could be the cornerstone of the competition. In fact, Eddie should be out on the street, so tonight, he's going to beg for his job. Much like Tony Chimel is about to do. Chimel (called a Philly native) enters and begins begging. Kurt makes him drop to his knees and keep begging, which is unintentionally funny because Chimel's voice shows almost no emotion, ever. Angle declares it not good enough and says "YOU'RE FIRED!". Overblown segment that came out of nowhere.

- Wait a minute... they're doing a movie of the Thunderbirds as live-action? Doesn't that entirely miss the point?

- Chavo Guerrero v. Jamie Noble v. Spike Dudley. Josh Matthews is the ring announcer. Winner gets a shot at Rey Misterio at some point in the future. Chavo and Noble complain to Spike about his brothers and begin the beating. I'd be remiss not to note that Noble has on hella-cool "01" tights in the old General Lee paint scheme. Anyway, miscommunication leads to a reverse atomic drop on Chavo by Spike. Spike falls victim to Noble, but Chavo cuts it off. Spike with a lariat on Noble for 2. Noble applies the single-leg crab, but Chavo breaks and chops away in the corner before tossing Noble. Spike rolls Chavo up for 2 as Tazz hints that Spike may have had tights. Come to think of it, that's what I saw too. Spike whips Chavo, who goes with the flow and hits a tope suicida on Noble. Spike gets the pescado on both men. Back in, and the three meet in the corner and do a contrived set of moves and reversals, leading to Spike getting the foot stomp on Noble for two. Noble powerslams Spike for two. Chavo with a side salto on Noble for two. Gory Special is blocked, Dudley Dogg to Noble is blocked, Tiger Driver to Spike is interrupted by Chavo, who eats a Dudley Dogg for the pin at 5:39 as we find out Rey/Spike will be next week. I must be getting soft, but I love me some cruiserweight action. **1/4

- SmackDown, Live at Budokan~! I really feel like I should have a joke here.

- The Divas complain to Kurt Angle that they have nothing to do tonight, and that they're overworked. Wha? They want to be on TV, and they claim they have things to offer the public. Yeah, two apiece. Kurt agrees and says it'll be a fatal four-way... lingerie match. The Divas are deflated by that.

- Bubba Ray Dudley v. Billy Kidman. D-Von Dudley and Paul London also come out to second their tag partners. Bubba rips up signs in his favor so that he doesn't get cheered in ECW country. Bubba fakes a clean break and nails a shoulderblock but misses the elbow. Kidman with an armdrag and rana, but he walks into a MAIN EVENT SPINEBUSTER as Bubba's arm acts up again. Slam and headbutt by Bubba, and he applies some head vice while yakking with London. Bubba slaps the taste out of Kidman's mouth, but Kidman fires back with a dropkick for two. A backdrop attempt leads to a Kidman-zuigiri, but D-Von shoves Kidman off the top and into the Bubba Bomb at 3:47. *1/4

- We recap Cena's 3-on-1 handicap match from the previous week.

- Funaki interviews Kurt Angle. "Are you done butchering the English language?" Angle calls Booker T in and says he'll be the new US champ... next week, after the Board of Directors approves it. Booker is allowed to hold the title, though. Funaki protests, so Angle fires him in a sequence so predictable I wrote it down in my notes a full minute before it happened. I don't like where this is going.

- The Dudley Clan catches up on old times. Next week, it's Kidman/London v. Dudleyz for the tag belts as Spike faces Rey. Spike wants his brothers to leave him alone during the match with Rey, and they promise to do so as long as Spike stays out of D-Von's match... with Rey. Spike has the "damned if I do, damned if I don't" look on his face.

- WWE Heavyweight Champion John Bradshaw Layfield...

- ...damn, that doesn't look right. Anyway...

- ...comes to the ring in a stretch limo, shaking hands along the way. Of course, he immediately washes said hands in the ring. JBL is a great American, much like Ben Franklin, after winning what experts are calling the greatest wrestling cage maHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH... sorry, I tried. He keeps up the false sincerity bit, talking about the Layfield Fan Club. He says Philly needs a champion unlike the Eagles, an upstanding citizen unlike the Sixers, and... well, he doesn't watch hockey cuz it's Canadian. DAMN STRAIGHT, BEEYOTCH! So now, it's a Rocky Balboa Challenge, non-title, but a SummerSlam rematch on the line...

- John Bradshaw Layfield v. some guy. Powerbomb, clothesline, goodnight at 1:42. DUD So JBL is now out of opponents for SummerSlam, apparently. Crowd wants Eddie, but Undertaker comes out instead. Crowd seems satisfied with that decision. Layfield looks like he's about to crap himself. They do the house show bit with Layfield trying to get out of a fight, claiming he was going to face Shannon Moore instead. Taker catches a charging JBL with a chokeslam, and the match is apparently on for SummerSlam. Okay, I'll admit, that was kinda cute, but the match is going to be an aesthetic disaster.

- Your theme song: "Summertime Blues" by Rush.

- John Heidenreich promo, as he inherits the Brock Lesnar gimmick, complete with Heyman as manager. Good luck.

- Lingerie Match: Torrie Wilson v. Dawn Marie v. Miss Jackie v. Sable. Just a thought: Miss Jackie is the most trained wrestler of the bunch. They disrobe, but Kurt Angle appears to interrupt the match at 0:12. Best Divas Match Ever. He took the comments to heart, but states that the Divas are useless on a wrestling show. I love shoot comments that aren't meant to be shoot comments. Bottom line, they're all fired. Oddly, Angle shows up without Luther Reigns, which you'd think would leave him open to attack.

- D-Von Dudley v. Rey Misterio. This is non-title. Duh. Rey tosses his shirt at Bubba Ray Dudley on the outside. Rey kicks away, but D-Von goes a clubberin' as the crowd chants that New York Sucks. Shouldertackle and titl-a-whirl backbreaker by D-Von. Rey goes into the buckle as Tazz warns Cole that any more complaining about Angle might get Cole fired. Rey with the Bret Hart bump, and a back suplex. Rey gets away and Drops the Dime but tweaks his leg. Tajiri-esque kick and ASAI DDT~! by Rey gets two. TEAM JAPAN LIVES! Oh, sorry, I promised I wouldn't shill. D-Von turns Rey out with a lariat for two. Rey with a rana and drop toehold, but Bubba breaks up the 6-1-9, drawing out... Kidman and London. Kidman returns the favor from before to D-Von, and Rey finishes with the 6-1-9 and springboard splash at 4:30. What goes around comes around, although I wonder if Spike had the guys run out on his behalf. Wouldn't that be a neat twist. 3/4*

- John Cena v. Luther Reigns. Cena sounds like a Baptist preacher at the start of his promo, then raps about a homosexual relationship between Luther and Angle. Well, he's from Massachusetts. Reigns jumps Cena and hits a big boot before ramming him into the STEEL post. Back in, it gets two. They slug it out, but Cena is cut off with a clothesline and butterfly suplex for two before we HIT THE CHINLOCK. Reigns with a Faarooq-like spinebuster and mocks Cena, but misses the kneedrop. Cena with a tackle and side slam for two. Blind charge by Reigns misses, and Cena gets a spinning back suplex and Five Knuckle Shuffle for two. Ref is bumped on a corner charge, and Cena gets a DDT as Booker T wanders out. Cena yells at him like an idiot, and Reigns gets a back suplex. Booker wants a shot at Cena with the belt, and Reigns holds him (trumping Cena on the stupidity meter), so of course Reigns gets it and Cena rolls him up for the pin at 4:49. Cena is so on autopilot out there. *

- Main event embarrassment: Angle's out again as I note that I wrote down my prediction for this segment 30 minutes ago during one of the Olympic ads for SummerSlam. (Check the Chavo Classic one... CHEAT TO WIN BABY!) Anyway, he dislikes the Cena result, but he'll feel better when Eddie begs and/or is fired. One has to wonder why he didn't just fire Cena or Reigns for that last match. Anyway, no Eddie, so Angle starts acting more and more like Mr. McMahon until the REAL Mr. McMahon comes out. They have similar philosophies, including the ready use of firing. But you don't cross the boss. See, Vince was about to get a Humanitarian Award for hiring a handicapped man like Angle, but now he won't. Geez, doesn't Eugene count? Zach Gowen? The writing team? Anyway, Vince asks for Angle to resign, but Angle refuses and begs for his job. Vince, of course, uncorks a first-class, high-quality YOU'RE FIRED!!!! and starts swinging Angle's crutch at him, proving that Angle is really at 100%. So Angle's a wrestler again, and he'll face Eddie at SummerSlam. Eddie appears and gives Vince a ride in the Lo Rider, though Vince seems COMPLETELY uncomfortable with the hydraulics. End of show.

The Bottom Line:

Well, not exactly the show to make me want to see this on a regular basis again, although a step up from what they were doing even as recently as the Great American Bash. A few questions remain from this, such as if Angle's firings stick and what happens to the GM slot and US title, but that's what episodic TV is all about: keep them guessing.

Of note, SmackDown! beat RAW this week in the TV numbers, which means only one thing: McMahons = ratings. Look for Steph to be back next week.

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The show opens with what occured last week, focusing on Angle firing various Smackdown workers, only for Vince McMahon to return and fire him as the General Manager! We're shown Undertaker destroying JBL and challenging him to a match at SummerSlam before we go through the opening montage and then it's off to a shot of a soldout area where nearly 7,000 fans scream at the top of their lungs. The camera pans around the arena and stop on the entrance, where the pyro explodes as Michael Cole and Tazz welcome us to the show.

We are just a week removed from what could've been the biggest Smackdown in history! I am Michael Cole, joined alongside by Tazz and Tazz, last week was huge. Kurt Angle went on a rampage, firing everyone in his sight only to be fired himself by Vince McMahon! Angle is now back on the active roster and it's going to be a huge night, with several high-profile matches already lined up.

Oh yeah, Cole. I was lovin' Angle getting rid of all this dead weight but then Mr. McMahon ended his fun! Luckily, he gave Angle a chance to apologize and now Kurt's back on the active roster and set to face Eddie Guerrero at SummerSlam. Haha, that's gonna be great. Cole, like you said, we've got two big matches tonight and alot more that ain't even been announce yet. Tell 'em about it, Cole.

Indeed, Tazz. Spike Dudley will take on Rey Mysterio with the Cruiserweight title on the line after winning the triple threat match last week but that isn't all. His brothers, D-Von and Bubba Ray, get a shot at the Tag Titles as they take on Paul London and Billy Kidman! Those are certainly two huge matches, but that's not all. We've also just been informed that in the main event, Rob Van Dam will take on Luther Reigns!

Haha, those are some huge matches. Personally, I can't wait to see the Dudleyz take on those two chumps for the tag titles but that main event sounds just as good. I'm sure Angle would be happy about it too, if he was in the arena but he hasn't even arrived yet! Ha. Uh oh, do you hear that?!

Indeed I do and business is about to pick up, big time.

The crowd explodes for the opening sounds of "No Chance in Hell" as the Titan-TRON lights up to show the WWE CEO's face. McMahon steps out onto the rampway in a gray suit and a smirk spead across his visage. Strutting down to the ring in casual McMahon-form, Vince enters the ring quickly and takes the microphone from Tony Chimmel, who is surely glad to have his job back. Quieting the fans with a single hand, McMahon begins.

Yanno, ever since I fired Kurt Angle as General Manager last week, I've been asked who will become the new GM of Smackdown. I've had people calling my office, knocking on my door, and even sending my letters just to find out who the new GM is. Even Kurt Angle wants to know who his replacement is. And I'm sure everybody in the back, as well as you fans want to know, hmm?” Cheers. “Well, it's not going to happen this week. Yes, I'm sorry. As much as I'd love to let you all know, I want to let the suspense build up until next week. Besides, the new General Manager isn't even here this week and that wouldn't be no fun to announce the new GM without him being here! It'd be like John Kerry announcing his runningmate without him being there. Oh wait…” Some of the crowd laughs. “So I'm sorry that you won't know until next week, but you can simply tune in and find out. Now, let's get this show underw…

But McMahon is cut off by the opening beats of John Cena's entrance music, bringing the fans to their feet. McMahon pauses and looks up the rampway, his eyebrows pushed up in surprise. Cena struts out onto the rampway in blue jean shorts and a basketball jersey, mic in hand. Cena pauses to taunt the fans with a smirk before looking down the rampway at Vince and beginning.

Yo yo yo. Sorry to interrupt you, Vinnie Mac. But I want my US Title back. Ha. But fo' real, Vince. You know that chump Kurt Angle took my title away fo' no reason and now it's time that I get it back. Is that alright, Vince?” The crowd cheers and Vince starts in, but is cut off. “Vince, we all had to put up with Kurt Angle's crap. So lemme lay it down with a John Cena rap! You see, Angle made sure we all stayed down. Except for Booker T and that Rene Dupree clown. I beat them all and even made Kurt beg. Then I went off and broke his damn leg! But now that you're here, it's time to make things right. Gimme the US title, cause you know Cena is tight.

The crowd cheers again, but this time Vince cuts in. “You know, John. I admire your determination and I like your raps, but you're not the only one deserving of the US title. We've also got Booker T and Rene Dupree - the two men you mentioned before and also, Rob Van Dam. So here's what I'm gonna do. I'll give you all a fair shot at the title. Starting next week, they'll be a mini-tournament for the title with the two winners advancing to face each other at SummerSlam for the title. Alright?” Cena smirks and nods. “So you're probably wondering who you're facing?” Cena nods, again. “John Cena, next week, you're gonna face Rene Dupree! And Booker T, you'll face Rob Van Dam.”

The crowd goes nuts, as Cena grins and speaks again. “I like the sound of that, Vince. Rene Dupree, I hope you're ready. This is it, this is your big dance. But next week? I'm gonna knock yo' ass straight back to France! Word life!” Cena brings his arms up into the air as the crowd cheers and then backs up through the curtains as we head to a commercial.

Segment Rating - 83%


We return from the break to find several lowercard superstars spread around a lockerroom, watching Smackdown on a monitor. Among them are Shannon Moore, Orlando Jordan, and Tommy Dreamer. They all look upset and rightfully so, as they aren't booked for this week's Smackdown despite showing up anyway. However, they're suddenly brought to attention by the door swinging open and as the camera spins around, Paul Heyman steps into sight with a smirk. “Hello, boys. How are you doing?” Murmurs of dissatisfaction echo around the locker room as Heyman shakes his head.

You know. Back when I was the GM, I would've made sure all of you were on my show every week. But unfortuneatly, things have changed and you're all without matches tonight. I can't change that, but I can make sure it's not like this next week. How about that?” All three men perk up and listen to Heyman, who continues to grin. “Yes. You see, I have a man debuting next week and his name is Heidenreich. John Heidenreich. But like you, he is matchless. So here's what I want to do. I want to make sure all of you benefit. You three and my new client, Heidenreich. Ah, don't you just love the sound of that? HEIDENREICH. Oh yes, I know I do. Anyway. Here's what I want to do. You three men against my client. You heard right. All three of you, against Heidenreich. Next week on Smackdown. Do you all agree?

The three men look at each other before Dreamer looks back at Heyman. “Alright, Paul. You got a deal.” Heyman just smiles and backs out of the lockerroom, shutting the door.

Segment Rating - 84%

Two huge announcements, Tazz! Not only will a new General Manager be announced next week, but a tournament for the US title will begin next week as well. Next week's show is certainly going to be huge and I can't wait. Tazz, what do you think of all this?

Haha, Cole. I can't wait to see who the new GM is but I don't really mind, as long as he keeps signing my checks. As for the tourny for the US title, my money's on Booker T. I respect Cena and all, but I just don't think he can do it. But my man Booker T is all about gold and I know he's got da' determination to get the belt.

And what about a three-on-one handicap match next week? As we just saw, Paul Heyman offered Tommy Dreamer, Orlando Jordan, and Shannon Moore an opportunity to be on next week's Smackdown against John Heidenreich, his new client. What do you think about that?

Well, I had a chance to watch Heidenreich a few days ago down at the OVW Training Camp as he was preparing to return to the WWE and let me tell you. If you thought he was huge last time we saw him in the WWE, he's huge now. Not only that, but this guy is a monster! He faced Johnny Jeter, a Velocity regular, over the weekend and just took it to him. I've known Paul Heyman for a while and let me tell you, he's made a good choice for a new client. This guy is a beast!

Well, beast or not, he's set to debut next week but let's go ahead and get into our first match, a Cruiserweight title match no less!

WWE Cruiserweight Title - Rey Mysterio vs. Spike Dudley

Mysterio pops out of the rampway and enters the ring quickly, followed by Spike Dudley who casually makes his entrance. Cole and Tazz play up to the recent altercations between Spike and his two brothers, and their agreement made last week about not interfering in each other's matches. The match is underway quick with a lockup between Mysterio and Spike, only for Spike to bring Mysterio down into a headlock. Mysterio shoves Spike into the ropes and hits a shoulder-block upon his return only to rush into the ropes. Spike is up quick and ducks a crossbody from Rey, who lands on his feet and catches Spike with a nice dropkick to the chest. Mysterio quickly pulls Spike up and throws him over into the corner for a series of chops, but Spike manages to block the last one and knees Mysterio into the gut. Laying Rey neck first against the middle ropes, Spike leaps up and drives his knee into the back of Rey's head with a gullotine-type maneuver. An early pin attempt gets two, but Mysterio is easily out. Pulling him up, Spike sends Rey into the ropes with an irish whip only for Mysterio to counter with a Hurricanrana that sends him to the outside! On the outside, Spike slowly recovers but as he stands, is quickly taken down by a huge suicide dive from Mysterio. The referee begins his count as Mysterio and Spike exchange blows on the outside. They finally return to the ring, where Mysterio hits a nice backslide into a rollup for two. Spike quickly stands and hits Mysterio with a boot to the gut, followed by a DDT. The match begins to wind down and Mysterio takes the lead, destroying Spike with several flashy moves. Finally, Mysterio hits Spike with a bulldog and he bounces up, landing across the middle ropes. Mysterio calls for the 6-1-9 but as he's doing so, the Dudley Boyz head down to the ring! D-Von quickly hops up onto the apron and grabs the referee's attention as well as Rey's. Meanwhile, Bubba Ray enters the ring behind Rey and hits a huge Bubba Cutter, leaving him layed out. The two men duck down around the ring, hid by the apron as Spike slowly stands and looks around. He's obviously dreary and has no idea what happened. Pulling Mysterio up, Spike hits an easy Dudley Dogg and then makes the cover for the three count at 8:19. We have a new Cruiserweight champion and Spike has no idea what has happened! That is, until the Dudleyz begin to head up the rampway and the replay is shown. Shaking his head, Spike leans over the ropes and points at the Dudleyz, obviously angry. Finally, he turns his attention to Rey and checks on him, apologizing profusely.

Winner: New Champion, Spike Dudley

Rating: 64, 68, 76, **½


And we've got a new champion, thanks to the Dudley's interference! I thought they had a deal, but obviously D-Von and Bubba decided to go ahead and help their brother and because of that we have a new Cruiserweight champion.

Ah, who cares? Spike needs to be happy that he's got the title, whether he had any help or not. It's no biggie. A little cheating never hurt anybody. Haha!

Hey, wait a minute! We've got some sort of altercation going on in the back, I'm being told. What? We do? Okay. I'm now being told that we've got cameras back there. Let's go!

We're taken to the backstage area, where the Dudleyz are being confronated by an angry Spike Dudley, who swings his Cruiserweight title wildly. D-Von and Bubba simply smirk, as Spike berates them. “We had a deal! You promised not to interfere in my match, if I didn't interfere in yours. And you broke that deal! What the hell is up with that? You know, I might just interfere in your match tonight.” Spike smirks, but Bubba quickly grabs him by his shoulders.

You pull a stunt like that and it'll be the last thing you do, understand? Be happy, Spike. You've finally got some gold. The Cruiserweight title. You beat Rey Mysterio. You beat him! Be glad. You've got a chance to be somebody on Smackdown. Start being thankful.” Bubba lets him go and Spike shakes his head. “Thankful? For what? A title I didn't even win myself? As far as I'm concerned, this title ain't mine.” Spike drops the title, but D-Von picks it up and places it across Spike's shoulder, basically shoving it there.

This is your's now. It's your title, Spike. Make sure you remember that.” D-Von forces the title into Spike's shoulder, causing him to grimace. Bubba and D-Von smirk before disappearing off camera as it pans in to show a concerned look on Spike's face.

Segment Rating - 64%

But instead of returning to the ring, we go to a shot of the parking lot where a long, black limo rolls up. As the limo comes to a stop, the front door opens and a driver steps out. He quickly heads to the backdoor and opens it, allowing the massive figure of one Luther Reigns to step out. Reigns looks around and speaks into his shirt, which has a small black microphone on it. “All clear here. Mr. Angle, come on.” With that, Kurt Angle steps out dressed in a suit and on crutches, still playing up to his 'injury.' Angle smirks and pats Reigns on the shoulder, telling him he's doing a good job. But suddenly, Mark Lyold appears, only to be shoved away by Reigns.

Whoa, it's ok Luther. He just wants an autograph. Or something. What can I do for you?” Angle grins.

Thanks, Kurt. Well, as you know, you've got several superstars who want your blood on their hands after you were fired as General Manager. How do you respond to that?

WHAT!? They want my blood? Why? Look, all I did was watch out for everybody on Smackdown. I made sure John Cena was protected and I did the same for everybody else, too. Why do they want my blood? I did nothing wrong. Frankly, it's upsetting. And who said I was fired as GM? I'm still the GM of Smackdown!

Uhm, you were fired last week. Remember?” Lyold asks, but is cut off by Luther Reigns. “That's enough, pal.” He shoves Lyold away and threatens to attack him.

Whoa, okay. I'm leaving. Oh, Mr. Reigns? You have a match tonight against Rob Van Dam. Bye!

Lyold disappears as Kurt and Reigns exchange words about what they just heard.

Segment Rating - 100%

What's up with Kurt? He seems to think he's still the General Manager of Smackdown. Hmm, Tazz. What do you think of this?

Hey, maybe he is. Vince said a new GM is gonna be announced next week because he wasn't here tonight and that was earlier, when Kurt wasn't here. Could that mean that Kurt is the new GM? Haha, that'd be a good choice by Vinnie Mac.

Oh come on, Tazz. In any case, we're ready for our next match between Kenzo Suzuki and Rico! Take it away, Tony.

Kenzo Suzuki w/ Hiroko vs. Rico

Suzuki makes his entrance accompanied by Hiroko, who is dressed as a Japanese maiden. Suzuki wears a body armour suit similar to that of shoguns, and carries a sword as well. Entering the ring, the lights dim to pink and Rico quickly makes his entrance in odd-form as always. Rico climbs into the ring, bending low through the middle ropes to the fan's digust. Smiling, Rico does a few prematch stretches and as the bell rings, ties up with Suzuki. Rico swings around behind Suzuki and gets him in a German Suplex hold, only to begin dry-humping him, bringing the fans to tears. Suzuki breaks the hold quickly and rushes away, wiping his butt and giving Rico a very mean look. Rico just smiles and tries to shake Suzuki's hand, only to fall to a stiff clothesline. Rico slowly stands and places his hands on his hips, shaking his head at Suzuki. As Rico rises, Suzuki goes for another clothesline but Rico ducks and clips Suzuki's leg out from under him. Rico quickly leaps on top of Suzuki from behind and begins moving back and forth in a very suggestive position, before being kicked off by Suzuki who stands in anger and digust. Rico tries for another tieup, but Suzuki simply hits a boot to the gut and floors him with a DDT. With Rico layed out, Suzuki gets him into a chokehold and begins working the neck over. Rico cries out in pain, before finally getting to the ropes. By this time, the damage has been done and Suzuki zooms in on the finish. However, Rico manages to counter a German Suplex into a Chickenwing and nearly chokes Suzuki out, until he gets the ropes. Rolling away, he motions for Hiroko who hands him his small sword. As Rico moves in, Suzuki drills him in the gut with it which luckily, is in its holster. Falling back, Rico is obviously out of it and Suzuki moves in for the kill, hitting the Face Claw Slam to earn the victory at 5:51.

Winner: Kenzo Suzuki

Rating: 63/57/83, *½

And Suzuki steals one, thanks to the use of his Japanese sword. Luckily for Rico, the sword was in its holster. Rico's very lucky for that.

Rico's lucky he didn't get killed, after all that crap he pulled. This ain't no Queer Eye for the Straight Guy stuff, you know. Rico needs to get serious and stop looking for a boyfriend.

Haha. Well, Tazz, it's time now for the Tag Team title match and we're gonna find out if Spike Dudley wants some revenge on his brothers!

WWE Tag Team Titles - Billy Kidman & Paul London vs. The Dudley Boyz

Kidman and London are the first team out, entering to cheers as they pat the titles around their waists. The Dudleyz enter next, to many boo's, but they simply smirk. Entering the ring, they're met by blows from Kidman and London and the match is underway with a huge four-man brawl. Referee Jack Doan finally seperates the two teams, and it's Kidman and D-Von who start the match off officially. The two men tieup and D-Von easily wins out, driving a knee into Kidman's gut and causing him to double over. D-Von then drives an elbow into the back of his head, dropping him to the canvas. Several kicks follow, before London hits the ring and a huge brawl blows out again! London takes Bubba to the outside as Kidman returns to his feet, flooring D-Von with a dropkick. The two wrestle on the inside as the referee seperates Bubba Ray and Paul London, finally returning to the ring. Kidman takes it to D-Von with highflying moves but gets caught on the Crossbody, being slammed right into D-Von's knee. D-Von then tags out to Bubba Ray, who takes it to Kidman. He whips him into the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but Kidman is able to duck and instead hits a Bulldog! Both men are down here and we get the classic crawl-to-the-corner-for-the-tag spot. Kidman reaches first and in comes London, who hits D-Von with a dropkick and sends Bubba Ray to the outside with a clothesline. London and Kidman doubleteam on D-Von at this point, hitting a huge double dropkick to send him to the canvas. Kidman heads to the top and goes for a Shooting Star, but Bubba Ray pushes him off right into the referee! The Dudleyz now use cheating tactics to overcome their opponents, but Spike Dudley busts out of the curtains and races down to the ring, steel chair in toe! As the two teams brawl, Spike enters the squared circle unnoticed. He winds up behind D-Von and yells for him to turn and swings! But D-Von ducks and Spike drills Billy Kidman. Spike manages to drill the chair into D-Von anyway and then turns his attention to Bubba Ray. He swings, but hits London instead! The crowd is shocked at Spike's actions and he quickly exits the ring as D-Von stands like nothing happened. Immediately, the crowd beings to boo as the Dudleyz hit the 3D on London just as the referee regains his conciousness. D-Von then makes the cover at 11:53 and we've got new Champions! Afterwards, all three men celebrate their title victories and we learn that it was a setup all along.

Winners: New Champions, The Dudleyz

Rating: 73/78/87, **¼


Tazz, we've got new tag Champions and it was a setup all along! Spike Dudley played the role of being the nice Dudley, not wanting the Cruiserweight title because of the Dudleyz interference but then turned around and helped his brothers win the tag titles! What a huge swerve.

That was great, haha! Nobody but me ever saw it coming. I used to team with Spike and let me tell you, he's a tough cookie. He's taken a lot of crap from bigger guys in the WWE but now that he's finally come home to his brothers, I think things are gonna change. Haha!

At this point, we're taken to the backstage area where Luther Reigns is standing at the door of Kurt Angle's lockerroom, alongside several other massive figures. Booker T appears into the scene and exchanges words with Reigns, asking if he can talk with Angle. Booker is then allowed into Kurt's office, followed by the camera man.

Hey man, what's up with this? I was supposed to get the US title tonight and now it ain't happening. It just ain't fair, yo. The Man is holding me down, damnit. Booker T gets screwed again, yanno?

I know and I'm sorry, Booker. Had Vince not suspended my powers temporarily, the title would be yours tonight but that can't happen and I'm very sorry. However, I'll make sure that you have a good chance of winning the tournament if you know what I mean. Haha. Is that alright?

Fo sho, Kurt. 'Ey, who let that camera guy in here!? What the hell?! IT'S CENA!!

The camera suddenly falls, but lands so that we can see what's going on barely. We see a pair of Nike sneakers rushing forth and leaping at Angle and Booker, taking them both down as the bodyguards headed by Luther Reigns rush into the office. Sounds of fighting are heard and then the bang of steel colliding with skull. Cena drives through the bodyguards, as well as Angle and Booker with a chair in hand and escapes the locker room, rushing off down the hall!

Segment Rating - 85%

Hahaha! Did you see that, Cole? Cena just tricked everybody with that move and got some revenge on Angle and Booker.

Indeed he did and what a smart move by Cena. No one would expect a camera guy to be a threat to Angle, thus allowing him into the lockerroom. Very smart move by John Cena, who has seemingly got a small amount of revenge on both Booker T and Kurt Angle. But one has to wonder, will he be able to overcome Rene Dupree next week?

I dunno, but… uh oh, do you hear that?!

Indeed! The Champion is here.

The crowd rise to their feet in a unison of boo's as the long, white limo lead by bullhorns pulls out onto the rampway. The limo comes to a stop, but no one steps out. Instead, the rooftop window opens and a hand appears, waving to the fans. JBL's voice is then heard, echoing over the boo's from the crowd.

Thank you. Thank you, for that warm reception. Yes, I know how much you love JBL. No, no. Thank you! Alright, let's move on. Now, last week, The Undertaker had the gual to come out after my tough match with a great opponent and attack me. Of course, I was nowhere near 100% following my brutal match and couldn't defend myself. But Undertaker, I'm at 100% now and I'd just love to see you try it now. Come on. Do it.” Nothing. “Yeah, that's right. You see? He's scared, because he knows he cannot beat me when I'm at full capacity. He can't beat me now and he can't beat me at SummerSlam. But let's give him one more chance. Come on, Taker. Bring it on, you chump.” Nothing, again.

You see? He's scared. He won't show himself. He won't come out and f-…” The lights suddenly cut off, sending the fans to their feet as a misty fog began to roll out around the limo and the ominous church bell began to toll, opening The Undertaker's death symphony. Bradshaw stuttered a word or two on the microphone, as the Phenom's massive figure appeared in the fog and began to approach the limo. JBL screamed for help, saying that his doors were locked and for the driver to get out of their. However, the limo did not move as the Phenom reached the limo and attempted to open the door, while JBL pleaded. Finally, he raised a fist and busted the door's window, before reaching in and opening the door! Undertaker then reached in and yanked out JBL, or so he thought.

Instead, he found Funaki who shook his head! Things went downhill from here, as JBL appeared out of nowhere behind the Undertaker and floored him with a title shot to the head! Raising his arms into the air, JBL pulled the Phenom up and threw him into the side of the limo, leaving a noticeable dent in it. JBL began to stomp away at Undertaker's fallen form, dragging him to the front of the limo by his hair as he continued to pummle him. Driving several elbows into the Phenom's head, JBL pulled him up and leaned him against the limo before drilling him across the face with the title. Tucking 'Taker between his legs, JBL raised an arm into the air and smiled, placing his 10-gallon hat upon his head before hitting a huge Powerbomb right onto the limo's hood! With 'Taker now layed out, Bradshaw climbed up onto the limo and stood above the Phenom with a foot on his chest, the title raised into the air as the fan's booed loudly.

Segment Rating - 85%

What a cheap tactic by JBL! He just destroyed the Undertaker by tricking him into thinking he was in the limo.

Bwhah, that was great. Did you see the look on Funaki's face when the Undertaker pulled him out of the limo? He was about to die of fear! A sneaky, but extremely smart move by JBL who just proved to everybody, especially Undertaker, that he's not a knock-around guy.

Well, the title will be on the line on August 15th, but now it's time for the main event. Take it away, Tony.

Main Event: Rob Van Dam vs. Luther Reigns w/ Kurt Angle

RVD was the first man out, followed by a bangedup Luther Reigns and Kurt Angle, along with several bodyguards. Angle birated them all the whole way down to the ring, due to what occured earlier with John Cena. Reigns finally yelled back, telling Angle to shut up as he neared the ring. Entering, Reigns immediately went after RVD and the match was underway. Reigns used his power and size to gain the advantage early on, focusing on RVD's neck and back area. RVD was no pushover though and fought his way back into the match with a series of crowd-pleasing maneuvers including a Rolling Thunder. At 5:19, RVD hit a Roaring Elbow from the middle rope and called for the end but as he neared the top rope, Angle tried to push him off. RVD countered and instead of hitting Reigns, leaped from the top rope onto Angle and all of his bodyguards! RVD began to fight with the bodyguards and Angle, even winning until he turned into a chair shot from Reigns to end the match in disqualification! Reigns rolled RVD back into the ring and began to stomp away at him alongside Angle until Eddie Guerrero raced down to the ring with a steel chair in hand! Angle quickly ducked out of the ring but it wasn't as easy for Luther Reigns, who took a hard chair shot to the face before rolling out with help from Angle. Tossing the chair aside, Guerrero checked on RVD before dancing around the ring as Smackdown came to a close.

Winner: By DQ, Rob Van Dam

Rating: 60/63/72, *¼

What a chair shot from Eddie Guerrero! Reigns is out and Angle is on the run! Guerrero just proved a huge point here and everybody's down and out but Guerrero. Angle is on the run, Tazz. Guerrero wants a piece of Angle and at Summerslam, he's gonna get it! Good night fans.


SD! RATING: 6.10

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07/31 Velocity Results

We're shown clips of Vince McMahon telling us that a new GM will appear next week and John Cena appearing to tell Vince about his concerns with the US title. Vince tells Cena that a mini tournament for the title will begin on next week's Smackdown, which appeases him to the point that he busts out a rhyme about Rene Dupree.

Orlando Jordan defeated Scotty 2 Hotty with a Full Nelson Slam at 5:12 and a handful of tights. Afterwards, Jordan got on the mic and berated the fans to cement his heel turn. **½

Clips of the Dudley Boyz helping Spike win the Cruiserweight title, only for Spike to approach them backstage and yell at them. We then see the Dudleyz against Billy Kidman and Paul London, in which Spike helped the Dudleyz win the match in a total swerve.

A video is shown, hyping the return of the Basham Brothers in two weeks, to Smackdown. Sable is in the video in full S&M get-up, so I guess she's replacing Shaniqua.

Shannon Moore defeated Johnny Stamboli following botched interference from Nunzio at 6:48. Moore ducked a chair shot from Nunzio which caused him to hit Stamboli and then nailed a dropkick from the top ropes for the win. **¼

Booker T and Kurt Angle being attacked by John Cena from Smackdown is shown, from beginning to end. Matthews and DeMott discuss Cena's wit, pretending to be the camera man to get into the heavily guarded locker room.

Ivory defeated Miss Jackie with the Poison Ivory at 2:31. No point to this match and the fan's were obviously bored the whole way through. *¼

JBL attacking Undertaker on Smackdown is shown.

The match between Rob Van Dam and Luther Reigns is reviewed, focusing around Eddie Guerrero making the save.

Charlie Haas pinned Bob Holly at 10:13 following a Side Kick to end the show. Afterwards, Holly attacked Haas and posed as Velocity went off the air. ***

I'd say this was a decent Velocity, but nothing above-average.

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August 5, 2004


We're in the great state of Texas tonight as Smackdown airs only on UPN at 8/7 CT from Houston! Last week we saw several huge events unfold and this week's Smackdown is sure to be just as exciting, with the fallout. JBL destroyed The Undertaker last week thanks to some trickery, but they'll be no tricks tonight when JBL faces Bob Holly in non-title action!

But the biggest event concerning Smackdown is the announcement of a new General Manager! Mr. McMahon, as well as several other WWE higher-ups will be on hand to announce the new GM and welcome him into office. Who will the new GM be and what will the SmackDown! Superstars have to say about it? There's only one to find out so tune in tonight, as a new GM is announced.

The tournament for the US title, which was announced by Mr. McMahon last week, begins tonight in the main event! John Cena -- who was the previous Champion before being stripped of the title by former GM Kurt Angle -- will face Rene Dupree, with the winner moving on to SummerSlam to face whoever wins next week's match between Booker T and Rob Vam Dam!

The Dudleyz all came out on top last week, thanks to a total swerve. Spike Dudley defeated Rey Mysterio to win the Cruiserweight title and then helped his brothers to win the Tag Team titles! Spike will defend his Cruiserweight title tonight though, taking on Ultimo Dragon. We'll also see the redebut of John Heidenreich, who takes on three other men in a handicap match!

Be sure to pull up your favorite chair and grab a couple of beers, because this week's Smackdown is certainly going to be one to remember! Tune in at 8/7 central, only on UPN and be prepared to Smack your TV!

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Decent show. A few things to gripe about: Why and How is Dreamer on SmackDown?

Why give the Tag Team Titles back to the Dudleyz, just weeks after they lost them, without any real build to the match? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of a London/Kidman push?

and I didn't like how you have JBL destroy The Undertaker, who he's not only supposed to be afraid of, but also who he shouldn't be able to manhandle like that, you know, with Taker's "darkside" powers and whatnot.

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Why and How is Dreamer on SmackDown?

He's in the scenario. And if he's supposed to be on Raw, the reason is because the fans don't care. <_<

Why give the Tag Team Titles back to the Dudleyz, just weeks after they lost them, without any real build to the match? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of a London/Kidman push?

To setup the fued and also to turn Spike. Now that the Dudleyz have the titles, London and Kidman want them back and that starts a fued while also putting Spike over as a legitimate heel.

and I didn't like how you have JBL destroy The Undertaker, who he's not only supposed to be afraid of, but also who he shouldn't be able to manhandle like that, you know, with Taker's "darkside" powers and whatnot.

But that's just it. JBL is supposed to be a challenger. It wouldn't look good if Undertaker just destroyed him the whole way through. Rest assured, Mean Mark will get the favor from JBL for selling but I'm not just going to have JBL look totally weak. He sucks, but he's my Champion. For now.

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really idiotic question but Ive been wanting to play a smackdown game myself for a while as I see a chance to elevate guys whod never make it with the bigger raw roster. But I dont want to have to book RAW as well so Im wondering how you play this? Do you book RAW then book AND write smackdown? or is there someway to let the game know "im only doing smackdown?"

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really idiotic question but Ive been wanting to play a smackdown game myself for a while as I see a chance to elevate guys whod never make it with the bigger raw roster. But I dont want to have to book RAW as well so Im wondering how you play this? Do you book RAW then book AND write smackdown? or is there someway to let the game know "im only doing smackdown?"

No, I downloaded a scenario with Smackdown and Raw as seperate promotions. They generally release new ones every month and you can probably find an up to date one in the Scenario forum.

By the way, Smackdown should be up in about three days.

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The show begins with no credits or opening montage -- just Vince McMahon and several well dressed business men standing in the ring. The crowd is on their feet as the camera pans back to reveal the canvas covered in red carpet and all of the SmackDown! superstars spread around the ring. McMahon eyes the crowd with a smirk and it's obvious that this is big. Cole and Tazz aren't speaking and all you can hear is the crowd. McMahon brings the microphone to his lips and pauses momentarily, allowing the crowd to quite before he begins. Finally, Cole manages to welcome us as McMahon begins.

“Thank you. Thank you, very much.” More cheers and McMahon simply smiles. “You know, the rumors of who the new GM of Smackdown is have been flying around everywhere. The locker rooms, the internet, and even the WWE offices. Nobody knows but me, these men you see behind me, and the man that shall become the General Manager tonight. As you see, I have the contract right here and once this is signed, it will be official.” McMahon picks up the papers and holds them into the air, with the WWE logo very much noticeable. “Before I announce the new General Manager, I'd just like to inform you of why I decided to make this man GM. You see, over the past year, this man has shown leadership qualities. He has lead a very successful stable on Raw, before being traded to Smackdown and handles authority very well. He was even General Manager on Raw for one day. He knows how to take care of the workers here on Smackdown and he's very business like. I'm proud to have him on board and I'm proud to have him as GM.”

Vince pauses and the crowd explodes as Cole and Tazz tease to the viewer's at him. It's obvious now who it is, if you've watched the WWE within the past year. Still, McMahon waits just a while longer to announce it; milking the fans for all they're worth.

“This man knows how to handle power. This man knows how to handle the pressures of being General Manager. And this man. This man can lead Smackdown into a new era. This man… this man is Theodore R. Long!” The crowd goes nuts and the camera pans around the arena to show several "Belie Dat, playa" signs as we hear the opening sounds of Long's music. Long steps out onto the rampway in a very fancy suit, smirking to the crowd as he heads down to the ring. Entering quickly, Long does a quick dance for the fans before turning to shake hands with Vince. Long also acknowledges the business men behind Vince and plays to the crowd some more, before retreaving the microphone from Vince.

“Thank you, very much. It's been awhile since any of you saw me and the last time you did, I was a very bitter man. I constantly told you of the struggles to keep the black man down. But you know what? The black man -- that being me -- has been given a chance to shine. Theodore Long has been given a responsibility of upholding the values of Smackdown and let me tell you playa. I will do that. You see, there's a new phrase on Smackdown now. Long is Strong, playa. And let me tell you. I am indeed, strong. So here's a quick warning to all the guys in the back. I ain't no pushover and you ain't gonna push me around. I'm not Kurt Angle and I ain't gonna play favorites. You all get an equal opportunity. From this point on, things are gettin' shook up. You're gonna see people on Smackdown you ain't ever seen before. These guys are gonna have to FIGHT for their spots on my show.”

The crowd cheers and Long nods as the camera pans around ringside, showing the expressions on the wrestler's faces. The camera cuts back to Long. “Cuz I know that all of you are sick and tired of seeing the same people every week. I'm like Martin Luther King, playa. I HAVE A DREAM! I have a dream that one day, everyone on Smackdown will be equal. So Vince, let's sign these papers.”

McMahon nods and they both turn to the table, where Vince hands Long a pen. But just as Long is about to sign the papers, the beats of Kurt Angle's music hits and the fans go from cheering to booing. Angle slowly heads out onto the rampway with Luther Reigns and a whole horde of bodyguards at his side. Angle is still on crutches, playing up to his 'injury.' Pausing at the top of the rampway, Angle brings a mic to his lips and speaks.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Cut the damn music and let me talk! Vince, you're making a big mistake. This isn't the man you want as General Manager of Smackdown. For godsakes, he doesn't even know proper english. Ain't isn't a word, Mr. Long. Sorry, 'playa.' Vince, please don't do this. It's a huge mistake. I was a good GM. You guys agree right?” Angle points at the wrestlers around the ring and we see several smirks. Back to Angle. “Okay, forget you guys then. Vince, I'm the man for this job. I shouldn't be a wrestler. I'm injured! I was lucky to regain my ability to walk. And I need to be Genera-…”

But Long cuts in. “Hold it right there. Kurt, gimme a second alright?” Long puts the mic down momentarily and begins to sign the papers, causing Kurt to attempt a dash for the ring. Reigns holds him back though and it's obvious he would've never made it by the looks of the wrestlers surrounding the ring. Long finishes signing the papers and turns back to Angle. “Alright, now then. Kurt, I understand your hostility. No one likes to lose a job but playa, you just weren't good enough. You didn't thug and bug like Teddy Long. So now that I'm the official GM of Smackdown, here's what I'm gonna do. You already got a match with Eddie Guerrero at SummerSlam. So here's the thing. If you can beat a mystery opponent next week on Smackdown, I'll let you pick the stipulation of your match with Eddie. Whateva you want, playa. Hell in a Cell, Street Fight… it don't matter. Alright? We cool?”

Angle looks at Reign and grins. “Yeah, Teddy. We are cool. Oh yeah. We are defiantly cool.” Angle smirks once more and backs up the rampway, heading into the back as we go to a commercial break to get the ring ready for action.

Segment Rating - 80%


We return with Kurt Angle and Booker T in Angle's office, discussing the US title. Angle has Luther Reigns at the door and still seems to have held on to his office, despite being fired as the General Manager. Booker and Angle talk about the whole US title situation being unfair and plot about next week's match with Rob Van Dam and tonight's match between John Cena and Rene Dupree. Suddenly though, there's a comotion at the door and it suddenly opens to reveal Theodore Long with Mark Henry at his side! Angle begins to yell at Long to leave, but Long simply smirks and holds off Henry.

“You leave, playa. You ain't the GM no more. I am. And this is my office, sucka. So take all your belongings and run off. Ya feelin' me playa?” Long smirks and Angle begins to say something, before looking at Mark Henry who growls. He gulps and points towards the door to Booker.

“Okay, okay. That's fine. I didn't like this office anyway. You can have it. Just let me get my stuff, okay?” Angle barely finishes his sentence when Long cuts in. “Don't worry, playa. We'll ship it to ya. Get out of here.” Angle again tries to mantain his ground, but looking at Henry seems to scare him alittle too much. “Okay. Bye, Mr. Long.” Angle rushes out with Booker, Reigns, and his bodyguard in toe as Long looks at Henry.

“Go ahead, playa.” With that, Henry rips the Undisputed Title from the wall and tosses it out the door along with all of Kurt's other belongings, including his gold medals! We hear Kurt screaming outside and the camera pans out to reveal Kurt picking up his items, on the verge of crying.

Segment Rating - 87%

Fans, if you're just now tuning in, you missed what could of been the biggest announcement in Smackdown history! Teddy Long was announced as the new General Manager and has already made an impact, booking Angle against a mystery opponent on next week's show with a stipulation that if Angle wins, he gets to pick the type of match he'll have with Eddie Guerrero at SummerSlam. What a shocking twist of events, Tazz.

Oh yeah, Cole. Like I told you last week, it had to be Teddy Long. There was no one else it could be.

WHAT?! You said it was Kurt Angle, Tazz.

I did no such thing. Uhh, let's get to the ring for some mat action. No need for us to argue.

Yeah, that's a way to tell it Tazz. But even with all these announcements, let's get things underway. Here we go!

WWE Cruiserweight Title - Spike Dudley vs. Ultimo Dragon

The match is underway when Dudley levels Dragon from behind with the Cruiserweight title before the match begins, evading disqualification. As the bell rings, Dudley pins Dragon but he gets out just before three! Pulling Ultimo up, Dudley whips him into the ropes and tries for a Dropkick but Dragon holds on to the ropes and Dudley gets nothing but air. Ultimo drills Dudley with a stiff kick to the jaw as he stands and then goes for the pin, but it only gets two. The two fight across the ring, exchanging fists until Spike drills Dragon in the chest with a knee. Spike then hits Dragon across the top of the head with a boot, knocking him down. Spike tries for another pin but Dragon rolls him over into a schoolboy for the close two! Dudley quickly rolls out for a breather, but Ultimo doesn't let that happen and instead hits a nice Springboard to the outside. Back in the ring, Dragon tries for a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker, but Spike gets out of it and hits a DDT instead. Dudley goes for an aerial assault maneuver with a Crossbody, but takes two boots to the gut instead as Ultimo gets a dropkick out of nowhere! The match begins to wind down and Dragon seems to have it in the bag, calling for the end. However, D-Von and Bubba Ray hit the ring and distract Dragon long enough for Spike to get the rollup and a handfull of the tights for the win at 5:10! Afterwards, the Dudleyz begin to beat away at Ultimo until Rey Mysterio, Billy Kidman, and Paul London hit the ring and cleans house!

Winner: Still Champion, Spike Dudley

Rating: 62, 57, 67, **

But before the Dudleyz can even leave ringside, Theodore Long's music hits and the new GM appears on the rampway with a microphone in hand. He halts the Dudleyz and quites the fans, speaking to them. “Hold it just a minute, playa's. Spike, I saw what happened last week and you ain't very much of a deserving Champion.” Spike just smirks, and holds the title up. “Neither are you, D-Von and Bubba. So here's what I'm gonna do.”

Long points at Kidman and London. “You two. You get a shot at the Tag Titles at Summerslam. And you.” He points at Rey Mysterio. “You get a shot at the Cruiserweight title. They'll be no interference in either match and if there is, I'll make sure you're suspended with no pay, playa's. Got it? I hope so.” Long turns and heads for the back as the Dudleyz and Spike have a tantrum, not liking this announcement at all.

Segment Rating - 71%


Heidenreich w/ Paul Heyman vs. Tommy Dreamer, Orlando Jordan, Shannon Moore

Heidenreich enters to an ominous drumbeat; no facial expressions whatsoever as he flexes his muscles, listening to Heyman's gameplan. Dreamer, Jordan, and Moore easily begin to beat on Heidenreich, but are suddenly thrown a seperate way by Heidenreich, who looks at Heyman and screams, his veins bulging. Dreamer comes at Heidenreich and gets destroyed with a clothesline. The same fate comes to Jordan and Moore who are both hit with a stiff clothesline at the same time. Heidenreich pulls Orlando Jordan up and hits a Gorilla Press Slam easily, before booting Moore in the gut and nailing a Stalling Suplex. Dreamer rushes at Heidenreich and gets bodyslammed in the process. As Jordan stands, he stumbles right into a Chokeslam from Heidenreich to end the match at 3:21. Afterwards, Heyman raises Heidenreich's arm into the air as the crowd boos and officials help the three men to the back.

Winner: Heidenreich

Rating: 61, 53, 69, *½

Dear god, Heidenreich just destroyed those three men in under 4 minutes. What a monster!

Like I said, Cole. I saw him down in OVW a few weeks ago and he destroyed their finest wrestler. It's awful that Tommy, Shannon, and Orlando had to be fed to this monster but let me tell you. This is just the beginning of Heidenreich.

We go backstage to find Theodore Long in his new office, with a picture of him already hung on the wall. Long is discussing something with Mark Henry when Booker T enters the room and stands face to face with the much bigger Mark Henry. He gulps and shakes his head. “Hey man, I ain't got no beef. I just need to talk with Long. That alright?” Henry looks at Long, who nods and he then steps out of the way. Booker immediately begins on Long.

“Yo, man. We go back, right? We got traded together from Raw and I saw you all the time preaching about how the man was holding us down. Well you know what Teddy? You're the man now and things have gotta' change. See, I'm all for this equal opportunity thing. It gives me an opportunity to win the US title, you dig? Kurt and I have already discussed things and we both see fit that it would be the best for the company and the US title if you made sure that Booker T won the title. You see what I'm saying?” Long nods. “Alright, good. So can you do this for me?”

Long looks at Booker, then to Henry and smiles. “Well, Booker. You see, maybe you don't understand equal opportunity. Equal opportunity is what I'm giving to everybody -- white, black, chinese, indian… whatever. Everybody's equal in my eyes. So no, Booker. I won't make sure you win the title. But I will do you one better. I'll give you a match on Velocity.”

Booker laughs. “Velocity?! Haha, that's funny sucka. Velocity is for them nobodies. I ain't wrestling on Velocity.” But long cuts him off.

“Well, you can wrestle on Velocity or be taken out of the US title tournament.” Long smiles and Booker shakes his head. “Okay, okay. I'll fight on Velocity. So who's my opponent? Shannon Moore? Orlando Jordan? Cuz I don't think they'll make it to Velocity after what just happened. Haha.”

Long stands up and comes around to put his hand on Booker's shoulder. “No, my brother. Your opponent is… the Big Show.” The look on Booker's face is priceless.

“Whatchu talkin' 'bout, Teddy!?” The crowd goes nuts as Long smiles and pats Booker's shoulder once more. “Good luck, my brother. Love, peace, and hairgrease. Now get the hell out of my office!”

Booker slowly stands and stumbles out of Teddy's office, before getting the door slammed right in his face.

Segment Rating - 87%

Back in the ring, John Bradshaw Layfield's large white limo is already pulling down to the ring. As it stops, the driver steps out and opens the door for JBL, who is finally in the limo for once it seems. He waves to the fans and holds the Undisputed title into the air which still has some of the Undertaker's blood on it. Making his way down to the ring, JBL enters quickly and takes a microphone, bringing it to his lips and speaking above the crowd's boos.

“Well thank you so much. I'm glad to be home, back in Texas. Though it would be better if we weren't in this dump they call Houston.” Cheap heat and it looks amazingly. “Shut up. If you don't like me, go watch the Astro's play. Or maybe the Texans. Haha.” More heat. “Anyway, let me get to my point. It seems that Bob Holly wants a piece of JBL and I'll gladly give it to him. I guess he didn't see what I did to the Undertaker last week. I manhandled him. I destroyed him. And as you can see, I left him in a bloody mess.”

He raises the title into the air, pointing at the Undertaker's blood spread across it. “So Bob Holly, if you want a match with JBL, you got it. Come on out!”

Segment Rating - 72%


John Bradshaw Layfield vs. Bob Holly

We return to find the match already underway, with JBL stomping away at Holly in the corner. We see a quick shot of JBL hitting a lowblow on Holly during the break and it's back to the current action. Holly tries to make a comeback, but JBL knees him in the gut and stops that. JBL then whips Holly into the ropes and tries for a Big Boot, but he ducks and Holly hits a dropkick off the rebound! Holly quickly stands and yells out to the crowd, hitting another dropkick as JBL stands. Holly goes for the pin but it's only enough for two. As Holly is pulling Layfield up, he takes a cheap shot to the gut that causes him to double over. Bradshaw then bounces off the ropes and returns with a stiff Clothesline from Hell! Standing, he smirks and toys with Holly some more before ending the match at 7:15 with a Powerbomb.

Winner: John Bradshaw Layfield

Rating: 76, 75, 78, **¼

JBL retreaves his Undisputed title and raises it into the air but as he's celebrating, the lights go off and we get a shot of JBL standing in the ring in shock. The Undertaker's symphony of death echos over the P/A system and as JBL watches on, a large 'Taker symbol descends from the sky. As it stops just above JBL's limo, the symbol suddenly bursts into flames, lighting up the arena! JBL thinks things are done, but a flame suddenly shoots down and catches his limo on fire! JBL screams for the fire to be put out and exits the ring quickly as officials appear with fire extinguishers. Still, things aren't over for JBL. The Titan-TRON lights up to show a clip of the Undertaker sitting in a massive throne with small demons carved all in it. He points right at JBL, who looks around and shakes his head almost on the verge of tears. “SummerSlam. You will meet your in and the Undisputed title will be mine. JBL, you will. Rest… in… PEACEEE!”

The lights go out again and as they return, JBL is already running into the back. Camera's follow him out to the parking lot, where he grabs a man about to get into his car and tosses him aside before climbing in, turning the ignition on, and speeding off into the night!

Segment Rating - 82%

The Undertaker has scared JBL to the bone and look at him run!

Cole, it's mindgames. If 'Taker keeps this up, JBL won't even be able to compete come SummerSlam. He'll be a nervous wreck.

Well, we're going to take a quick commercial break to allow officials enough time to get JBL's scorched limo out of the way for the main event! Stay tuned.


Main Event - John Cena vs. Rene Dupree

We return to find Rene Dupree making his entrance, waving a French flag much to the crowd's hatred. In the heart of Texas, Dupree is lucky the fans aren't rioting to trample him and the flag! Please post the number 77 if you're reading this if you decide to reply. Don't tell anyone why. Just a quick poll. Dupree enters the ring and attempts to berate the fans on the microphone, but is quickly cut off by Cena's music. Cena struts out onto the rampway in a pair of blue jean shorts and a Texans jersey, getting him some cheap pops. Making his way down to the ring, Cena enters and the match is underway quickly. The two lock up as the bell sounds and it's Cena who gains the advantage, bringing Dupree down into a headlock before pushing him into the ropes. Upon his return, Dupree is floored by a stiff elbow. Cena pulls Dupree up quickly and throws him over into the corner where he begins to nail him with fists. Dupree manages to rake Cena across the eyes though and then climbs onto the middle ropes, leaping off with a Double Ax Handle smash. Off the ropes comes Dupree for a leg drop and he goes for the pin but it only gets him two. As Dupree pulls Cena up, he tries to go for a Piledriver but Cena instead rushes him backwards into the corner and then just nails him with fists and chops. Dupree stumbles out and then turns right into a flying forearm from Cena, who gets two. As he stands, Cena calls for the end and tries the F-U, who Dupree shoves him into the referee instead! At this point, Booker T hits the ring with a chair in hand and wallops Cena. Booker then nails a Scissors Kick and exits as quick as he came, allowing Dupree to hit a Fisherman's Suplex for the win at 9:29. But as Dupree is celebrating, Teddy Long appears on the rampway and orders the match restarted due to Booker's interference! Dupree then turns right into a boot from Cena and the two go at it for a good two minutes before Cena hits the F-U for the actual victory at 14:15. Cena moves on to SummerSlam but as he's celebrating, is suddenly attacked from behind by Booker and Dupree.

Winner: John Cena

Rating: 77, 77, 78, ***

The beating continues until…



The crowd explodes in cheer's as The Big Show's mammoth body appears from behind the curtains. Instead of running, Booker and Dupree prepare for the Big Show to enter the ring. As he does, they both go at him but get taken down! Show takes it to Dupree and has him up for a Chokeslam when Booker hits him with a chair. Show drops Dupree and turns; the chair having no effect on him! Show then shoves Booker around and right into an F-U from Cena while he Chokeslams Dupree! Smackdown then goes off the air with Show and Cena staring at each other, putting their bad blood aside seemingly.



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08/07 Velocity Results

Taped from Houston, TX.

Devon Storm def. Joey Ryan with a Top-Rope Leg Drop at 5:14.

We review Teddy Long being announced as the new GM of SmackDown!

Backstage, Booker T is shown preparing for his match with Big Show and mumbling about how unfair it is.

Nunzio def. Johnny Jeter with the Sicillian Slice at 7:29

Clips of JBL beating Bob Holly is shown, as well as The Undertaker's cross burning.

Josh Matthews informs us that Eddie Guerrero was not on SmackDown! due to a illness in the family.

Charlie Haas def. Mark Jindrak with a Brainbuster at 4:02.

We see the Raw Rebound, featuring Eugene being destroyed by Evolution only for Chris Benoit to make the save.

Big Show def. Booker T via DQ when Luther Reigns interfered. Afterwards, John Cena made the save but was walloped by a chair shot from Kurt Angle!

Booker T v. Big Show. This match was made 'last week' by the new GM, Teddy Long because everyone is equal. The real reason is to boost Velocity ratings and from what I hear, it worked. Show seems to have dropped a few pounds and is alot more mobile now that he's had his knees scoped. Big brawl to start, with Show easily dominating until Booker hits a lowblow to slow things down. Booker goes for an early Scissors Kick, but Show counters with a Chokeslam! Or so he thinks as Booker gets a boot to the gut and wham, bam, thank you mam, it's the Scissors Kick for two. Booker can't believe it and neither can Josh Matthews, who almost wets himself. Booker goes old school and tries for a Book End, Rock Bottom, or whatever but he can't get Show up. Show winds up drilling Booker with an elbow and then throws him clear across the ring. It's chokeslam time, but here comes Luther Reigns and we get the Sportz Entertainment finish at 11:12. Reigns and Booker beat down on Show, but Cena appears to make the save! It seems to be working, until former GM Angle appears and levels Cena with a chair. Velocity ends with Angle, Booker, and Reigns posing atop the fallen bodies of Cena and Show. I'll give this **½ for being surprisingly decent, although the ending takes off from it.

Velocity received a 3.04 rating, due to the hype around this week's show.

Edited by AR
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August 12, 2004


We're coming to you from the home of the 2004 NBA Champions in Detroit, Michigan! It's just one week removed from the shocking announcement of a new General Manager, Theodore Long. And this is sure to be an exciting SmackDown! with several huge matches already lined up. We already know that Paul Heyman's monster, Heidenreich, will be in action as he takes on Tommy Dreamer. Last week, Heidenreich destroyed three men including Dreamer and now, he wants revenge on Heidenreich!

We've also got a huge six-man tag match lined up, as Bubba Ray, D-Von, and Spike of the Dudley Boyz take on Paul London, Billy Kidman, and Rey Mysterio! At SummerSlam, the Dudley Boyz will take on Kidman and London for the tag titles while Spike faces Mysterio with the Cruiserweight belt on the line. Well, you won't have to wait until then to see these men face each other as we have a special preview match tonight on SmackDown!

Kurt Angle dug himself into a whole he couldn't get out of last week, as Theodore Long booked him in a match on this week's show. Angle still doesn't know who his opponent is, but we here at WWE.com have learned from General Manager Long himself that Angle's opponent will be none other than Big Show, who was attacked on Velocity alongside John Cena on Velocity.

And in the main event, Booker T faces Rob Van Dam in the US Title tournament! The winner of this match will move on to SummerSlam to face John Cena with the title on the line but nobody is sure who's going to get the victory here. RVD has already said that he's hungry for gold, but so is Booker T who feels that he should be the Champion right now!

Tune in to SmackDown! this Thursday night and be prepared to Smack your TV! only on UPN at 8/7 CT.

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user posted image


After the opening montage, we see a video of Theodore R. Long being announced as the new General Manager from last week at the beginning of the show and then all of Long's announcements -- from making two SummerSlam matches to restarting the Cena/Dupree match! Finally, we open to find Teddy Long standing inside the ring in Detroit, Michigan as he takes in the cheers from 10,000 something fans. Behind him is Mark Henry, who looks at Long and smirks. Long nods and brings the microphone to his lips, speaking.

“Lemme holla' at cha, playa'.” Massive cheers. “Last week I talked about equal opportunity and how important it is here on Smackdown. And let me tell you. It is important. It's my number one priority. And because of that, I've decided to give sixteen men a shot to earn a WWE contract. You see, starting the Velocity after SummerSlam, the SmackDown! Invitational will begin. And in that invitational, you will see men you've never seen before. Playa's who have never been given a chance at the big times. The little guy's who have been held down be da' man. You feelin' me?” The crowd cheers and Long continues.

“So if any of you little guys is watchin' me right now, here's what you need to do. Come on down to the WWE Headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut and sign yourself up. Then you'll be able to get in contact with me and lemme tell ya, the money will start rolling in. So get in your car, get a ride from a friend, or take a bus -- whatever you got to do to get up he…”

But Long is suddenly cut off by the opening sounds of Kurt Angle's music, who struts out onto the rampway alongside Luther Reigns. Angle is already in his ring attire and pauses at the top of the rampway, shooting his arms into the air as pyro explodes behind him. Angle leads Reigns to the ring and quickly climbs in, retreaving a microphone from an attendant and bringing it to his lips, speaking as his music dies down.

“Hold it, Teddy.” Long quickly corrects him. “Oops. Hold it, Mr. Long. That better? Now, let me get this straight okay? You want to gather up 16 nobodies… and give them a shot at a SmackDown! contract?” Long nods and Angle starts to laugh. “You hear that, Luther? He's gonna give a bunch of nobodies a shot. What kind of joke is that?”

Long is about to speak, but Henry leans over and speaks into the microphone for him. “You got Luther Reigns a contract, didn't you?” Reigns' eyes go wide and Angle shakes his head as the crowd cheers. Henry smirks and Long pats him on the shoulder before speaking. “Yeah, playa. If you can get this big guy here a contract, I figure I can go ahead and give somebody deserving a contract as well. You dig? So frankly, Kurt…”

But Kurt cuts him off. “So frankly nothing. You don't disrespect Luther Reigns like that. Mr. Reigns is a humanoid machine. He is trained in three forms of Ju-Jitsu and holds a Championship in Mui Thai kickboxing. So do you still think he's a nobody?” Angle smirks and crosses his arms, waiting on the answer. Henry and Long look at each other and then nod thir heads. “Yep, he's still a nobody punk.” Angle's eyes go wide and he holds Reigns back before continuing. “You both be quiet! Mr. Reigns is the future of Smackdown; don't disrespect him like that.”

Long cuts in, shaking his hand at Angle. “Kurt, you've got a match tonight playa. So go on and get out of here with Mr. Reigns and get ready. I'm sure Mr. Reigns can show you some new moves, if you catch my drift playa.” The crowd laughs as Angle shakes his head, getting angry. “So Kurt, incase you've forgot, but I run things around here now. So get out of my ring, playa!” Angle breaths in hard and bites his lip before heading for the ropes.

“Oh, and Teddy…” Suddenly, Luther Reigns rushes forth and drills Mark Henry from behind with a stiff clothesline before turning to Theodore Long and eyeing him up and down! Angle leaps in between them though and pushes Reigns back, only to spin around and drill Long with a fist! Reigns then pulls Henry up and lays him out with a powerful Chokeslam as Angle poses over Long's fallen form. The crowd boo's loudly and Angle smirks as we go to a commercial break.

(49) - SmackDown! Invitational Brackets


In case you're just tuning in, you missed a huge turn of events! Kurt Angle and Luther Reigns brutally assaulted Mark Henry and Theodore Long after an altercation between the four men. During the break, Long was helped to the back by officials and I'm being told right now that he's alright, thankfully.

Yanno, I guess Kurt Angle has never heard the phrase 'Don't cross the boss' because that's exactly what he just did. Not only did he cross the boss, but he also layed him out with a right hand! And let me tell you Cole. Teddy Long ain't gonna take this and by the end of the night, Angle's life is probably gonna be a living hell.

Well, whatever the case may be, it's time for the first match of the night so here we go!

Heidenreich w/ Paul Heyman vs. Tommy Dreamer

Heidenreich attacks Dreamer as he enters the ring to get things started but falls victim to a sick DDT from the Hardcore Icon, who immediately stands and rips his shirt off. Then, as Heidenreich stands, Dreamer wraps the shirt around his neck and begins choking him with it! The referee manages to pull Dreamer away but as Heidenreich stands, he rushes forth and hits him with a Clothesline right over the top rope. On the outside, Dreamer takes it to Heidenreich and then brings the fight back into the ring where he goes for a pin that only gets two. As Heidenreich stands, Dreamer goes for another clothesline but Heidenreich catches him with a big crossbody slam and then hooks the leg for two. Heidenreich wastes no time in pulling Dreamer up, tossing him into the ropes like he's a rag doll. As he returns, Heidenreich goes for a Big Boot but Dreamer ducks and instead scoops him up for a Death Valley Driver! Dreamer covers and it looks to be all over, but Heyman pulls the referee out of the ring to stop the count! Heyman and the referee begin to argue, but Dreamer appears and levels Heyman. Heidenreich appears behind Dreamer and wraps his massive arms around his neck, trying to choke the life out of him. Dreamer manages to counter with a boot between Heidenreich's legs and then grabs a kendo stick from underneath the ring, drilling Heidenreich between the eyes as he turns! The referee quickly calls for the bell, but Dreamer rolls Heidenreich back in and hits the Crucifix Driver as the crowd cheers Dreamer on.

Winner: By DQ, Heidenreich

Rating: 64, 52, 77, **¾

Backstage, Kurt Angle is with Luther Reigns and Booker T. He's spread out on the floor doing sit-ups and has obviously been doing them for awhile due to his sweaty body. Booker and Reigns urge him on, telling Kurt he has only a few more to go. As Angle finishes, he quickly rolls over and begins doing push-ups. “Come on, Kurt. 5, 6, 7, 8. Come on, keep going Kurt! You gotta be ready for tonight.”

Angle does several more push-ups and then stands, wiping the sweat from his brow. “Thanks, Booker.” Reigns hands him a bottle of water and he takes a huge gulp from it. “Booker, just like you're going to beat Rob Van Dam tonight, I'm going to destroy Big Show. Teddy Long thinks he can just come in here and take over my show, but you know what? He's wrong and tonight, I'm gonna prove to him and Eddie Guerrero too that despite a serious injury that nearly ended my career, Kurt Angle is still the best damn wrestler Smackdown has to offer.”

Booker nods and pats Angle on his shoulder. “Fo sho, Kurt. You take care of 'dat Big Show sucka and I'll deal with that Rob Van Dam chump. Tonight is our night and we're gonna show all these punk's who is the best. And you know what, Kurt? Once I get done with RVD, I'm gonna win that United States title at Summerslam and finally get what I deserve. Oh yeah.” Booker and Kurt nod to each other and give each other grins.

“Speaking of getting what they deserve, Mark Henry got what he deserved tonight too! Haha; good job, Luther. You put that piece of trash in his place.” Reigns just nods and smirks, cracking his knuckles. But suddenly, their smiles turn to anger as they view the monitor.


We cut away to the parking lot to show what Angle and Booker are viewing -- the arrival of Eddie Guerrero! A beautiful red lowrider with white designs pulls up into the parking lot and as the door opens, out steps the former WWE Champion. Looking around, Eddie does alittle dance and signs a few autographs for some fans before entering the arena. We then cut back to Angle and Booker, who are both extremely angry that Guerrero is in the building tonight.


The Dudley Boyz vs. Billy Kidman, Paul London, & Rey Mysterio

The Dudleyz enter first to boo's, all carrying their titles with them. They enter quickly and pose at the corners with their belts, but are quickly cut off by the arrival of Kidman and London. The five men exchange fists and begin to brawl, but the three-on-two advantage quickly comes into play and Kidman and London are suddenly on the receiving end of a beating. But that changes quickly as Mysterio pops out off the stage and hits the ring with a big Splash onto all three Dudley's, taking them off their feet. Kidman and London join in on the fight and send their opponents to the outside as the match begins. Mysterio and D-Von Dudley are the first two in and quickly tieup, fighting for the advantage. D-Von uses his size to bring Mysterio down into a headlock and then whips him into the ropes. He goes for a clothesline on the return, but Mysterio ducks and hits a dragon whip instead. D-Von is up quick though and rushes Mysterio, tackling him into the Dudley's corner. All three men begin to drill Mysterio with fists, but Rey manages to kick D-Von away and then cracks skulls between Spike and Bubba! Leaping to the top rope, Mysterio jumps off and nails a Hurricanrana on D-Von, holding it for a pin. But Spike is there to break it up and then lays Rey out with a neckbreaker. D-Von slowly stands and tags in Bubba Ray, who immediately takes it to Rey with elbows. Bubba sends Mysterio into the ropes with an irish whip and nails a boot as he returns before laying him out with a DDT. As he stands, he points at Kidman and London and spits at them. Both men attempt to enter the ring, but the referee holds them back as all three Dudley's begin to attack Mysterio.


We return to find that Spike and D-Von have already exited the ring and Bubba goes for the cover. But just before three, Mysterio kicks out and the crowd goes nuts. Bubba shakes his head and pulls Mysterio up, whipping him into the ropes. Upon the return, Mysterio ducks a clothesline and floors Bubba with a dropkick! We get the mandatory crawl-to-the-corner spot and it's Mysterio who gets the tag first, bringing in Kidman. Here comes Spike as well, and he gets floored by Kidman. Dropkick on D-Von and a clothesline over the ropes to Bubba Ray. Spike stumbles right into a Powerbomb from Kidman and it's Shooting Star time! D-Von manages to grab hold of Kidman's leg though and shoves him off without the referee seeing, allowing Spike to get the pin. Kidman just gets out at two and now, all three men are in the ring brawling. London and D-Von fight to the outside while Mysterio and Bubba exchange fists on the inside. D-Von manages to whip London into the ropes and then reenters, whipping Kidman into the ropes and lifting him up as he returns. Bubba is right there to nail a 3D and as they throw Mysterio to the outside, Spike gets the cover for three at 14:15. Afterwards, the Dudleyz celebrate as London and Kidman check on a fallen Mysterio.

Winners: The Dudley Boyz

Rating: 71, 66, 77, **¾

And the Dudleyz steal one from Mysterio, Kidman, and London! Spike was obviously the legal man but that didn't stop D-Von and Bubba Ray from attacking Mysterio. Tazz, I can't wait for SummerSlam -- these two matches are going to be huge.

Oh yeah, Cole. Mysterio is a real rocketbusta' and wants his title back from Spike. So do Paul London and Billy Kidman. As JR puts it, these two matches are going to be slobberknockers. My money's on the Dudleyz to retain the tag titles, but I'm not sure if Spike can pull it off without his two brothers at his side.

Hey, wait a minute! Do you hear that, Tazz? Here comes the WWE Champion, JBL!

Cole is indeed right as John Bradshaw Layfield's massive white limo appears on the rampway. The driver steps out and opens the back door, allowing JBL to step out. However, this JBL has a very noticeable white neckbrace around his neck as he waves to the crowd and holds his title up. Slowly making his way down to the ring, JBL enters the ring and retreaves a microphone from the attendant. He waves to the fans and signals for his music to cut off before speaking.

“I guess you've all noticed this neckbrace I'm wearing, so I'll go ahead and explain it. You see, over the week, I was defending the WWE title at a charity event for less-than-fortunate children in the Texas area and I injured my neck. And I've injured my neck so bad that several WWE medical officials have told me that I cannot wrestle at SummerSlam. Even the guys in the back are telling me to postpone my match with the Undertaker until later, despite my willingness to compete anyway. But I've made my decision and unfortunately, I have decided that it is best if I do not compete at SummerSlam.” The crowd immediately begins to boo, but their boo's turn to cheers as Teddy Long appears on the entranceway with WWE medical trainer, Larry Heck. Long pauses at the top of the rampway and quiets the crowd, speaking.

“Hold it playa. I've got Larry Heck here and I guess you know that he's the head medical trainer on Smackdown. He's going to be the one who decides if you're fit to wrestle at SummerSlam or not. Go on, Larry.” The man begins down the rampway and enters, offering his hand to JBL who doesn't accept. Heck attempts to look at JBL's neck, but he won't let him. “Whoa, playa. Incase you forgot, I'm the GM here and I make the decisions. You let him check your neck or that WWE title is mine.” The crowd goes nuts as JBL kicks the ropes, before allowing Heck to view his neck. Heck begins to push JBL's neck one way and then the other, asking him if it hurts. JBL plays up his pain but once Heck is finished, seems okay. Heck then takes a microphone and speaks.

“Mr. Long, it is my judgement that after reviewing John Bradshaw Layfield's neck, he will be able to compete at SummerSlam!” The crowd cheers and JBL shakes his head, looking shocked. He quickly grabs Heck by his shirt and tells him to tell Long he can't wrestle, but is cut off by the toll of a church bell as the lights cut off. Long and Heck hightail it out of there as JBL looks around. The lights suddenly cut back on and JBL stumbles back, right into Undertaker! His eyes go wide and he slowly turns, right into a Chokeslam! The crowd goes nuts as Undertaker pulls JBL up and connects with a huge Piledriver, leaving him layed out as he holds the WWE Title into the air and rolls his eyes into the back of his head.


Damn, Undertaker just layed JBL out! Did you see that, Cole? If JBL's neck wasn't hurt a few minutes ago, it sure as hell is now!

Oh yeah, Tazz! JBL tried to weasle his way out of his match at SummerSlam, but Teddy Long would have none of it and I guess, Undertaker wouldn't either.

Well, we've got Mark Lyold standing by with Kurt Angle in the back so let's see what the Olympic Hero has to say. Take it away, Mark.

We cut to a Mark Lyold standing by with Angle, Booker, and Reigns in the Smackdown interview area. Angle is in his ring attire and has his gold medals around his neck, rolling his shoulders as he prepares for his match. “Thanks, Tazz. I am here with Kurt Angle, who will take on Eddie Guerrero at SummerSlam. But tonight, he will face the Big Show and if he can beat him, he will be able to choose the stipulation for his match at SummerSlam.”

Lyold attempts to continue, but Angle cuts him off. “What do you mean, 'if he can beat him?' Of course I'm going to beat him. I'm Kurt Angle, for god's sake. I am an Olympic Hero and make no mistake about it, I'm going to beat Big Show tonight, make my stipulation for SummerSlam, and beat Eddie Guerrero. Oh yeah.”

Lyold nods. “Well, what will your stipulation be if you win? Uh, when you win.”

Angle smirks. “Now you're catching on. But Lyold, my stipulation is none of your business. You'll just have to wait until I beat Big Show tonight and announce it. Now get out of my way! Booker, Luther… come on.”

Angle motions Booker and Luther to follow him and they all disappear off camera as we go to a commercial break.



Big Show vs. Kurt Angle w/ Booker T & Luther Reigns

Angle enters first, hopping from foot to foot at the top of the rampway as his pyro explodes. Angle makes his way into the ring quickly and tells the fans to shut up as they chant "You Suck" along to his music. Big Show makes his inring return to Smackdown next and gets a nice amount of cheers, as his massive figures makes it way down to the ring. Upon entering, Show is attacked by an eager Angle who immediately begins to target his two bad knees. Angle tries for an early Angle Slam, but Show instead lays him out with an elbow to the back of the head and then sends several boots to the back of his head. Angle rolls away quickly and manages to tackle Show in the knee, forcing him down onto the canvas. Angle has his way with him on the mat since Show is nowhere as near mobile as he is, but Show manages to stand with Angle on his back! Show then falls back into the corner, squashing Angle. Angle holds on though and as Show tries for the same move again, leaps over in front of Show and hits him with a boot to the gut before taking his right leg and lifting it up, placing it behind the middle ropes. Angle continues to target Show's leg, as he makes quick work of his right leg which is tangled up in the ropes. He begins to kick and stomp the knee as Show screams in pain. Climbing to the outside, Angle begins to pull at his leg but is suddenly thrown off by an enraged Show, who gets untangled and goes after Angle on the outside. Press 75 if you're reading this. The two men finally reeneter the ring where Show continues to dominate, just beating the life out of Angle despite a bad knee that he's now limping on. Show drills Angle with a right hand that knocks him to the outside and he quickly follows, throwing him into the steel steps. Angle is now busted open but counters Show's attacks with a lowblow before bringing him back into the ring. He goes for an Ankle Lock, but Show just kicks him away and slowly stands. Angle runs right into a Chokeslam from Show, but as he's about to make the pin, Booker T appears and hops up onto the apron, yelling at Big Show. Show stands and swings at him, but Booker manages to avoid the shot and hops off of the apron. Show yells at Booker to get out of here but as he's yelling at him, Angle is regaining his composure on the inside. Show turns to a standing Angle and tries for a clothesline, but Angle ducks and catches him from behind with an Angle Slam! Angle stands and let's out a whoo to the crowd, pulling the straps on his slinglet down before grabbing Show by his leg and locking on the Ankle lock. Show is obviously out of it and the referee quickly calls for the bell, awarding the match to Angle.

Winner: Kurt Angle

Rating: 78, 72, 85, ***¼

Angle quickly releases the hold and raises his arms into the air as Booker and Luther Reigns join him in celebration. However, Teddy Long quickly interrupts their celebration as he storms out onto the rampway, screaming for his music to be cut off. Long points at Angle and immediately begins yelling at him. “Hold it right there, playa. I did it last week and I'll do it again. Restart this match! No interference is allowed and I ain't havin' this thing go down like this.”

The bell rings but Angle just smirks and retreaves a microphone, speaking. “Hold on just a minute. Teddy, I took it upon myself to look at the WWE Rule Book and according to it's glossary, interference is where a participant not involved in a match makes PHYSICAL contact with one of the participants in the match. As you can see, Booker made no phsyical contact with Big Show -- only verbal. Thus, it was not actually interference and because of that, you cannot restart the match. If you don't believe me, just read the rule book. Matches can only be restarted when someone has interfered in a match. Sorry, Teddy.”

The crowd boo's, but Long frowns and nods to Angle. “Okay, playa. You might of slipped by me this time, but it ain't gonna happen again. Get ready for SummerSlam, you feel me?” Long begins to head backstage, but Kurt haults him.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. Teddy, did you forget about our agreement? If I won this match I would get to make a stipulation for my match at SummerSlam? I hope you didn't. Because I did win, afterall.” Long simply nods and tells Kurt to make his stipulation. “With pleasure, Teddy. You see, if and when I beat Eddie Guerrero, I want to become the General Manager again. So my stipulation for SummerSlam is this -- when I beat Eddie Guerrero, the job of General Manager is handed over to me. Are ya feelin' me, playa?”

The crowd boo's loudly as Cole and Tazz exchange words about Angle's stipulation. Long frowns once more. “You know what, Kurt? You're a smart man. But I have all the confidence in the world in Eddie Guerrero, so you've got it. If. And that's a very small if -- you beat Eddie at SummerSlam, you can become the General Manager again. Now get the hell out of my ring!”

Long heads to the back as Angle and Booker continue to celebrate, before we go to a commercial break.



RAW Rebound - Triple H being attacked by Eugene during his match with Rhyno. Randy Orton losing his shot at the World Title to Chris Jericho.

Main Event: Booker T w/ Kurt Angle vs. Rob Van Dam

RVD enters first to a massive amount of cheers, followed by Booker T who is accompanied by Kurt Angle and Luther Reigns. Booker takes his time getting to the ring but immediately attacks RVD from behind as he enters! The match gets underway quickly with Booker assaulting RVD, but Van Dam manages to counter a clothesline from Booker into an armbar drag and then a dropkick. As Booker stands, RVD tries for another armdrag, but Booker stops him with a knee to the gut and then floors him with a uppercut. RVD stands and stumbles into the ropes, turning right into a Clothesline from Booker. On the outside, Booker begins to beat RVD with everything in sight -- from throwing him into the steps to choking him with the camera cables. Finally, the two men return to the ring and Booker goes for the cover but it's only enough for two! Angry, Booker stands and pulls RVD up, throwing him into the corner where he begins nailing him with chops. But RVD fires back with a series of rights and ducks a fist from Booker, sending him into the corner. RVD then catches Booker with several fists, before doing a backflip and rushing forth to hit Booker with a Splash right into the corner! Booker stumbles out and gets floored by RVD, who kicks his leg out from under him. Bouncing off ther ropes, RVD nails a Rolling Thunder and goes for the cover but it only gets two. We go to commercials with RVD locking Booker into a chokehold.


Returning, RVD is now ascending to the top rope and we see a 'during the break' section on the screen with RVD laying Booker out with a side kick. RVD leaps off for a Five Star, but Booker moves! Amazingly though, RVD manages to land on his feet and then turns to nail Booker with a Hurricanrana, sending him through the ropes and to the outside. Standing, Van Dam poses for the fans and then ascends to the top rope, perching there as Booker slowly stands. Once he has stood, RVD leaps off for a Splash but Booker moves at the last second and RVD's flesh collides with steel in a sickening thud. Both men are now layed out on the floor, with only Booker stirring. The referee's count begins and it begins to reach 5, then 6, then 7. At 8, Booker slowly stands and leans on the apron. At 9, he notices the count and leaps back into the ring just as the referee gets to 10! There's a slight confusion at first as the referee calls for the bell and announces his decision to the ring announcer. “Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner… BOOKER T!!” The crowd explodes in boo's as Booker celebrates with Angle and Reigns, before the three men turn towards RVD and begin to beat away at him. However, the crowd's boo's turn to cheers as Eddie Guerrero busts out from the back and hits the ring in his street clothes, drilling all three men with rights and lefts. Angle manages to clip Guerrero's leg out from under him as he's fighting with Reigns and now, the three men start to beat down on Guerrero. But John Cena hits the ring with a chair in hand and floors Angle and Reigns, before hitting an FU on Booker! RVD and Eddie join in on the fight, but no one can gain an advantage. Suddenly, pyro explodes on the rampway and Big Show makes his way down to the ring, destroying everything in sight! Smackdown then goes off the air with Show standing tall, everyone in sight down and out.

Winner: Booker T

Rating: 82, 85, 78, ***

Dear god! RVD was just destroyed by that guard rail and Booker T has won the match, thanks to a count out. He's going on to SummerSlam without even beating RVD. What a cheap match we got.

WHAT!? Booker beat RVD fair and square. He went for a high-risk move and it failed. Booker made it back to the ring by the 10 count and because of that, he's going on to SummerSlam. US Title, here we come!

Whatever the case may be, we're out of time but fans, be sure to tune in next week because there are sure to be implications as a result of what occured tonight. Goodnight!


SD! RATING: 6.05

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08/14 Velocity Results

Taped from Detroit, MI.

We review the opening segment on SmackDown! involving Kurt Angle and Theodore Long.

Josh Matthews and Bill DeMott hype up the WWE Invitational, which begins on August 28th, 2004.

Chris Masters def. Lamont in 5:06 with the Future Wave.

We review Kurt Angle and his win over Big Show and the stipulation for SummerSlam.

Jamie Noble def. Scotty 2 Hotty in 8:17 with the Trailer Hitch.

Charlie Haas def. Bob Holly with a Brainbuster at 4:15. Afterwards, Holly assaulted Haas.

The main event of Smackdown is reviewed, leading up to Big Show destroying everybody.

Luther Reigns def. Orlando Jordan at 6:54 with the Chokeslam

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