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Chris Benoit © vs. Scott Steiner

World Heavyweight Championship

This all started on the first RAW following Wrestlemania XX, as Chris Benoit was interrupted by Steiner as he made his victory speech. Steiner told Benoit that he would show the world how much of a fluke his title win was, and that night had a match against the Rabid Wolverine. Steiner lost, but eventually had the last laugh against Benoit taking him out and then posing with the WWE title! Things boiled over 2 weeks ago on RAW when Chris Benoit, who had been given the night off by Bischoff jumped the guard-rail and attacked Steiner, with the help of HBK Shawn Michaels. Now at Backlash the two meet again with the World Title on the line – can Steiner prove that Benoit’s win was a fluke?

Randy Orton © vs. The Hurricane

IC Title Match; Steel Cage Match

On the RAW after Wrestlemania, the Hurricane was given a shot at Randy Orton’s Intercontinental Title. He nearly took it, but Ric Flair saved Orton and his IC Title. For the next two weeks, Flair, Orton and Batista assaulted Hurricane, even putting him through a table. But then, Hurricane ‘died’ and we saw the return on Sugar Shane Helms, and Jeff Hardy! Jeff had a match with Orton, and looked to be suffering the same fate as Helms at the hands of Evolution, but Shane made the save sending a statement to Randy Orton. When Helms and Hardy defeated Randy Orton and Ric Flair, Orton demanded a Steel Cage Match against Shane. He accepted, but only if Randy put his title on the line! Reluctantly, Orton agreed to the match! Now Shane Helms has a huge opportunity to take the IC Title off of Orton, but you have to believe that Randy Orton has an ace up his sleeve.

Chris Jericho vs. Triple H

It all started on Christian’s ‘Peep-Show’ as he interviewed The Game following ‘Mania, but Chris Jericho interrupted the show attacking Christian! However, he got more than he bargained for as Triple H then attacked Y2J, nailing him with a Pedigree! The two went back and forth with each other, until 2 weeks ago when Jericho challenged Hunter to this match. The following week, Triple H, after attacking Jericho, accepted the challenge.

Matt Hardy’s Challenge to Steve Austin

One on One. No Goldberg, just Austin and Matt. That’s how Matt told Stone Cold it would be if he faced Matt at Backlash. This followed weeks of Matt Hardy embarrassing Stone Cold, because Matt feels that Steve has ‘held him down’ here on RAW. Of course, no one expected Goldberg to return – but he did and he took Stone Cold out on his way back. We’re still yet to hear from Austin, but The Texas Rattlesnake doesn’t usually say no to a fight...

RVD and Booker T © vs. La Resistance

World Tag Team Championships

A match made somewhat out of the blue by Eric Bischoff this past week on RAW, after La Resistance had defeated The Dudley Boys in tag team action. This impressed Bischoff, so he granted the Frenchman a tag team match against Booker T and Rob Van Dam. This will be the first time that RVD and Booker have competed together in a while – will they still be on the same page?


I thought this diary had died because I didn't save it from the old EWB, but I just found the preview on my College account. It gives a pretty good idea of what's going on (RAW wise) heading into Backlash. Enjoy.

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Guest rinkle

hmm, i don't have any problems with Steiner in the main event because the undercard seems pretty strong. Maybe you can announce 1 or 2 more matches on heat to make the event seems more realistic

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Interesting feuds, but Steiner for the World Heavyweight Championship? Why?

When used right, Steiner can draw. Plus, I used to mark for the guy. Also, if anyone can carry Steiner to a good match its Benoit.

Maybe you can announce 1 or 2 more matches on heat to make the event seems more realistic

Heat was cancelled, but I'll explain everything fully after Backlash, which should be up in a couple of days.

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WWE Backlash

Live from the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida

“Send the Pain Below” by Chevelle rips through the American Airlines Arena, as a huge Pyro display goes off signalling the start of Backlash!

Jim Ross: “Hello everybody and welcome to Backlash! We’re here live in Miami Florida for what promises to be a HUGE Pay-Per View! Beside me tonight is my broadcasting partner Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler!”

The King: “I’m so excited JR, tonight we get to see Scott Steiner take the World Title from around Benoit’s waist!”

Jim Ross: “Well I don’t know about that King, but anyway folks to kick off the PPV the Tag Team Titles are on the line, as La Resistance challenge the defending champions, Booker T and Rob Van Dam!”

La Resistance vs. Booker T & Rob Van Dam ©

World Tag Team Titles

The challengers from France enter first, with Rob Conway and Fifi. Booker and RVD then begin their entrance, but La Resistance meet them halfway up the ramp. The two teams begin brawling all the way down to the ramp, where Dupree slides RVD into the ring, whilst Grenier throws Van Dam head-first into the Steel Steps! He then slides into the ring himself and joins in with Rene, who is digging into Booker with right hands. The referee eventually manages to gain some control, and sends Grenier to the outside. RVD slowly climbs onto his apron, as Dupree whips Booker into the corner. He tags in Grenier, and both grab one of Booker’s arms. They whip him into the ropes and go for a double-clothesline, but Booker ducks and takes both men down with a Double-clothesline of his own! Sylvan slides out of the ring whilst Booker pulls Dupree up, and hits a Backbreaker for a two-count.

Booker tags in RVD, who drags Dupree to his feet and whips him into the ropes, taking him down with a Spinning Heel Kick on the rebound! Dupree gets to his feet but is immediately backed into a corner by Van Dam, who mounts the turnbuckle and begins a 10 punch. Grenier goes to get into the ring but the referee stops him, allowing Rob Conway to get on the apron and knock RVD off with a forearm to the back! RVD goes back down onto the mat, and his head is nearly taken off by a Clothesline from Dupree! Rene tags in Grenier, who quickly covers RVD; 1... 2... Kick Out! Grenier pulls Rob up, but he explodes with a right-hand to Grenier before taking his legs out with a leg-sweep! RVD bounces off the ropes, and nails a Rolling Thunder! Both men slowly make their way to their respective corners, each tagging in their partners at the same time! Booker takes Dupree down with a Flying Elbow! Dupree quickly gets to his feet and Booker hits a chop, followed by another and then another. Then, Grenier attacks from behind, bundling Booker to the outside! The referee pulls Grenier out of the way, when Rob Conway slides the French Flag to Dupree! Booker gets back into the ring, when Dupree brings the flag-stick crashing down on his skull! Booker collapses in a heap and Grenier gets RVD out of the ring as Dupree covers; 1... 2... 3!

Winners and NEW Tag Team Champions: La Resistance

After the match, Dupree and Grenier join up with Conway, along with Fifi on the ramp with their newly won tag team titles raised in the air! RVD gets into the ring and tends to Booker, as La Resistance celebrate!

Overall Rating: 72

JR: “I don’t believe it King! Those damn French... they cheated!”

Jerry Lawler: “If the referee doesn’t see it, then it isn’t cheating JR!”

JR: “Don’t be naïve King, they didn’t deserve that win.”

Before JR and The King can continue arguing, the Tron flickers on and we see ‘The Game’ Triple H backstage with Terri!

Terri: “Triple H, you are just minutes away from your match against Chris Jericho. What are your thoughts?”

Triple H: “Chris Jericho... for weeks you have tried to prove yourself as someone that can play the game. You have attacked me from behind, whilst I have fought you like a real man. So tonight Jericho, you will pay.”

Triple H smiles sadistically before raising his hands... which are clutching a sledgehammer. Hunter stares into the screen for a few more seconds, before walking off – Sledgehammer in tow.

Triple H vs. Chris Jericho

With Hunter in the ring, Jericho’s music hits and Y2J comes sprinting down the ramp, slides into the ring and explodes on Triple H with a flurry of rights hands, stunning The Game! Triple H fights back and the two begin exchanging right hands, going toe-to-toe; punch-for-punch. Jericho eventually gains the upper-hand and punches HHH into the ropes, before sending him to the outside with a Clothesline! He follows to the outside and grabs Hunter, but takes an elbow to the rib from Hunter, who slams Jericho’s head down onto the apron! He then hits him a couple of times in the jaw, before whipping him into the barricade. He grabs Jericho and lifts him up like he was going for a Vertical Suplex, but then drops his stomach down onto the barricade! Jericho falls back down onto the mat, as Triple H slides in and out of the ring, breaking the count. He pulls Jericho up and then slams his head down on the Steel Steps, before rolling him back into the ring. He covers; 1... 2... Kick Out.

HHH picks Jericho up and throws him into the corner with an Irish Whip and charges him, but Jericho raises his boot into The Game’s face! Hunter stumbles back, and Jericho hops onto the second rope, before taking Hunter down with a Dropkick! The move takes a lot out of Jericho, as both lay on the floor whilst the referee begins the 10 count. The two begin to stir on 6, and are both up just before 10. Jericho nails Hunter with a right-hand, but Trips retaliates with one of his own. They brawl back and forth, but Jericho gains the upper-hand and grabs Hunter’s legs, going for the Walls of Jericho! Hunter struggles and can’t get him over, so catapults him into the corner – and squashes the referee in the process! Jericho gets to his feet, and Hunter takes advantage with a huge Low Blow! He then slides to the outside and reaches under the ring... emerging with a Sledgehammer. The crowd erupts in a chorus of boos, as a callous smile appears on the face of Hunter. He gets back into the ring and charges at Y2J, who ducks! He takes HHH’s knee out from behind with a shoulder-block, causing him to drop the Sledgehammer. Jericho looks at it, and then slowly bends down and grabs it, as Triple H slowly gets to his feet. He turns – straight into a massive shot to the skull from Jericho! HHH falls to the mat and Jericho covers, as the referee slowly manages to make the count; 1.......... 2............ 3!

Winner: Chris Jericho

Y2J slides to the outside, as the fans reach out to try and touch him. He makes his way to the back raising his arms in celebration, as the referee checks on Triple H.

Overall Rating: 88

Stone Cold vs. Matt Hardy

“OOOH YEAAAAAAAH!” blasts out over the Personal Address system, and Matt Hardy Version 1.0 makes his way down the ramp, looking extremely confident. He grabs a mic, and begins to address Steve Austin.

Matt Hardy: “Steve, what’s it gonna be Steve? Are you going to accept my challenge like a real man, or are you going to hide in the back like the cowardly S.O.B that you really are?”

Matt looks up towards the ramp, but nothing happens.

Matt Hardy: “I didn’t think so Steve.”

Matt drops the mic and begins to climb through the ropes, when suddenly, the Glass Shatters! The sold-out crowd erupts as the Texas Rattlesnake appears on the ramp, as Matt looks shocked. Steve walks down the ramp and slides into the ring, as Matt backs into the ropes, pleading with Austin. Suddenly he charges, but Stone Cold is ready and ducks Matt’s attack, before unleashing a flurry of right hands! The crowd are going nuts as Austin forces Matt into the corner before stomping a Mudhole in him! Hardy slides to the outside to try and escape, but Steve follows and grabs him by the head, throwing him into the barricade. He gives Matt the two-fingered salute before ramming his boot into his throat, keeping it there to choke Matt out. As the referee nears the end of his 10-count, Austin pulls Matt up and slides him into the ring, following closely. He covers – with his elbow in Matt’s face but only gets a 2-count. He pulls Matt up but then knocks him straight back down with a punch, before bouncing off the ropes and dropping his knee into Matt’s throat. He covers again, but still only gets a two. He drags Matt up again, this time in the centre of the ring before giving him the finger and going for a Stunner, but Matt manages to push him away! Stone Cold turns, straight into a soccer-kick to the groin! The referee rings for the DQ as Austin keels over, but Matt pulls him up and hits a Twist of Fate!

Winner via Disqualification: Steve Austin

Matt gets into Austin’s face and trash talks him, as the Rattlesnake lies on the canvas, motionless. Matt then slides out of the ring, throwing up the V1 symbol, smiling at the booing fans.

Overall Rating: 85

Randy Orton © vs. ‘Sugar’ Shane Helms

Intercontinental Title Match; Cage Match

The Cage structure is lowered from the ceiling, before both participants make their entrance. Once they’re both inside the cage, the ref on the outside locks the cage door, and then places the Intercontinental Title by the timekeepers desk. In the ring, Orton and Helms are nose to nose talking trash to one another, before Orton slaps Helms! Shane holds his cheek and then looks at Orton, before slapping Orton back. The IC Champ pushes Orton down and begins to stomp on him, before Helms can get back on his feet. Orton backs off as the two begin to circle each other, before locking up in the middle of the ring. Orton goes behind with a Waistlock but Helms reverses, and before Orton has a chance to react Shane hits an explosive backdrop! Orton grabs the back of his neck as he gets to his feet, only to be taken down with an Insiquri from Helms! He covers Orton, who kicks out just before 2. Shane pulls Orton to his feet and goes to whip him into the ropes, but Randy reverses and tosses Helms HEAD FIRST into the Steel Cage! Helms bounces back but doesn’t go down, allowing Randy to slam his head into the mesh three more times, before Helms crumbles to the mat. Blood begins to gush from a small graze above his eye, and the sight of Helms’ blood seems to please Orton, who picks him up and goes for a Vertical Suplex, but instead drops Orton between the Cage and the ropes! He lands head first, causing a “Holy Shit!” chant to rise up from the crowd. Orton covers Helms; 1... 2... Kick Out.

‘Sugar’ tries to get up, but Orton kicks him back down with his foot. Orton continues to mock Helms before pulling him up, but gets caught with a shot to the stomach! Shane continues the attack, whipping Orton in the ropes and taking him down with a flying elbow to the face! Orton gets back to his feet, still a little stunned as Helms dropkicks him in the knee, before nailing him with a Shining Wizard! Helms begin to climb the cage, but as he reaches the top he is met by none other than Teddy Hart! The fans boo and jeer as Hart nails Helms with a multitude of punches, before pushing him back down into the ring! Helms gets to his feet as Teddy stands on top of the cage, back facing towards the ring, before launching himself towards Helms, taking him out with a Moonsault! The second “Holy Shit!” chant of the match breaks out, as Hart manages to get to his feet and pull Orton on top of Helms, and the referee reluctantly makes the three count!

Winner and still IC Champion: Randy Orton

The cage door is opened and Teddy Hart crawls to the outside, dragging Orton with him. As Orton comes round he takes his IC Title Belt, and – with the aid of Teddy Hart, makes his way back up the ramp. The two raise each others hands before disappearing backstage as the cage is lifted, whilst a bloody Shane Helms is tended to by WWE Officials.

Overall Rating: 89

We cut to the backstage area outside a lockeroom door. The camera pans upwards, and reveals a ‘Chris Benoit’ plaque on the door! The fans begin to cheer when the door swings open, and the World Champion walks out! Benoit walks down the halls clicking his neck and stretching his arms, before walking up a staircase. The camera stops still, and the screen fades to black!

Overall Rating: 76

Chris Benoit © vs. Scott Steiner

World Heavyweight Title Match

The two circle around the ring as the bell rings, and the two lock up in a grapple. Steiner out-muscles Benoit, and pushes him towards the corner. As Chris gets up Steiner smiles, flexing and kissing the largest arms in the WWE. Benoit moves towards Steiner and the two lock up again, before Benoit goes behind Steiner with a wristlock. Scott tries to counter with an elbow to Benoit’s head, but the champ ducks it and Steiner turns, straight into a Snap Suplex! Benoit quickly covers, but barely gets a 1-count. Chris picks Steiner up and whips him into the ropes, but gets knocked down by a shoulder-block from Big Poppa Pump. Benoit gets to his feet and swings for Steiner, but its blocked and Freakzilla scored with a kick to the gut. He clubs Benoit around the back of the neck before taking Benoit down with a Snapmare. He goes for the Steiner Recliner but Benoit manages to block Steiner, and gets to his feet. He heads for the ropes and hits a Clothesline on Steiner, but only puts the challenger on his knee. He bounces off the ropes again, but Steiner gets to his feet and catches Benoit with a Belly-to-Belly! He covers; 1... 2... Kick Out.

Scott yells at the referee and then covers again, but still only gets a two. Steiner pulls Benoit up and whips him into the corner, before charging him. Benoit manages to move out of the way sending Steiner into the corner, and then kicking away at his stomach! He whips Steiner into the opposite corner and nails him with a Clothesline, before dragging him back into the centre of the ring. He goes for a Vertical Suplex, but Steiner counters with an elbow to the head and then knocks Benoit with a Clothesline of his own. Steiner kisses his arm before dropping the trademark elbow on Benoit before covering; 1... 2... Kick Out! Steiner can’t believe his luck as Benoit kicks out, so he pulls him to his feet. Steiner shouts something in Benoit’s ear, before setting him up for the Complete Shot... but Benoit reverses into the Crossface! Steiner begins screaming in pain as Benoit yells “TAP!” at the top of his voice! Steiner tries grabbing through the ropes, but they’re too far away! Steiner’s hand slowly rises into the air... and he taps!

Winner and still World Heavyweight Champion: Chris Benoit

The fans erupt as Benoit’s music rips through the arena, as he retains his World Heavyweight Title! Benoit gets to his feet and takes his title, raising it in the air to the delight of the fans. Backlash goes off the air, Benoit holds his title above Scott Steiner, who is still writhing in agony on the mat!

Overall Rating: 85

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WWE: In Review

Monday 19th April, 2004


Seeing as we’re just coming off of Backlash (a RAW pay-per view) it seems logical to start with RAW. Well, where to start? How about Backlash itself, an event which got a 1.78 buyrate – an extremely respectable follow up to Wrestlemania. The match of the night was undoubtedly the Steel Cage Match, between Randy Orton and ‘Sugar’ Shane Helms. The match lasted a little longer than 30 minutes, and Randy Orton picked up the win after Teddy Hart’s interference. So, it was Hart all along who would make “The WWE’s Hart Beat Again”. Clever, but it pissed a few fans off who were expecting Bret. Still, it gives another edge to a feud that has already seen Jeff Hardy return to the WWE, helping Shane Helms.

Worst Match of the Night is easy – the opening Tag Match between La Resistance and the current champions, RVD and Booker T. It wasn’t a bad match by any means; it just didn’t come anywhere close to the others on the card. La Resistance were crowned new Tag Team Champions, after the referees distraction allowed Rob Conway to hand Rene Dupree the French Flag, who then used it to take out Booker T and subsequently get the 3-count. It’s just a shame that this will probably mean we see Booker and Rob descend back into crowd, with nothing to really set them apart from anyone else.

Chris Jericho somewhat surprisingly defeated Triple H, after using the Sledgehammer that Hunter introduced to the match against him. This was all after the referee had been taken out by Triple H squashing him in the corner, from a Chris Jericho catapult. Y2J’s victory probably means we’ll see him get destroyed by Triple H tomorrow on RAW, as The Game will undoubtedly want his heat back.

Stone Cold vs. Matt Hardy went as expected. It wasn’t a technical masterpiece, but the crowd ate it up and asked for more. Stone Cold may have picked up the victory on paper, but it was Matt who came out looking the best. He got himself DQ’d with a Low Blow, but the Twist of Fate was a Twist of Genius. Expect the feud to carry on tonight on RAW, and expect Austin to be on the hunt for revenge.

And last but certainly not least, the Main Event. Scott Steiner somehow lasted 15 minutes with Chris Benoit, and managed to look good throughout. Benoit retained the title cleanly making Steiner tap-out, but don’t expect this to be the last we hear of the matter. Steiner wants the World Heavyweight Title, and Benoit still has it.

Heat was cancelled not too long ago, as the WWE and Spike TV came to a mutual agreement to end the contract 10 weeks early.


Now onto Smackdown! In the weeks following Wrestlemania, Smackdown! has improved no end. Not only do we have some decent feuds developing, we’re slowly starting to see new superstars pushed. An example of this would be the feud between Paul London and Ultimo Dragon. It all started when Ultimo found London watching a tape of the Cruiserweight Battle Royal from Wrestlemania, and laughing at the bits where Ultimo slipped. The two traded insults, but then seemed to ‘patch it up’ as they prepared for their tag match later in the night. In the match, Ultimo turned his back on London, and from then on it’s been back and forth. Ultimo even cost London a chance to win Tag Team Gold (along with Billy Kidman) as he interfered in their match, but was powerless to stop them winning the titles the following week, after being attacked by London earlier on in the night.

Rey Mysterio is also the Cruiserweight Champion, after defeating Chavo Jr. in a gripping Ladder Match just last week on Smackdown! The match was scheduled to happen a few weeks ago, but a ‘mystery’ assailant forced Mysterio out of the match. Almost everyone believes it was Chavo Jr. and Snr. who were responsible, but the duo denies the claims. Expect Chavo to be after a rematch for his Cruiserweight Title this week on Smackdown! – And expect Rey to be willing to give it to him.

We are also amidst a feud between the U.S Champion John Cena, and one half of the World’s Greatest Tag Team Shelton Benjamin. Shelton had a match with Cena for the U.S title, but blew his big chance by getting disqualified. However, the match left a lasting impression on Cena, who was busted open and viciously assaulted by Benjamin after the match had finished. Cena recently attacked Shelton, costing him a match against Scotty 2 Hotty – and a possible tag team title shot before the straps were won by Kidman and London.

Next we have the ongoing feud between Eddie Guerrero and Kurt Angle. Kurt is still extremely annoyed at Eddie’s methods for beating him at Wrestlemania; as he slipped his boot off whilst Angle had the Ankle Lock applied.

Paul Heyman has introduced Joe E. Legend to the WWE, after he impressed on Velocity’s new open-door policy. This means any superstar can compete on the show, and they might just get a Smackdown! contract. Another superstar to have benefited from this policy is Jonny Storm, who is now on a roll having beaten the likes of A-Train and Bradshaw on Smackdown! Legend seems to be Heyman’s current ‘enforcer’ of sorts. He has already destroyed Eddie Guerrero, and doesn’t seem like stopping there.

Everyone in the WWE felt the return of The Undertaker at Wrestlemania, and his presence has continued to be felt. He recently turned on Eddie Guerrero as he took on Kurt Angle, but now the playing tables are even as another return has sent shockwaves through Smackdown – the return of Raven. This tortured soul has attempted to destroy The Undertaker, and has nearly done so on multiple occasions. This is one feud that will be brutal and bloody till the very end.

Finally, Paul Heyman recently re-introduced the Hardcore Title to the WWE, and awarded it to Rhyno. However, this past week on Smackdown! Rhyno lost the Hardcore Title to Shannon Moore, as Rhyno continues to waste the opportunities handed to him by Paul Heyman.

Current Champions

World Heavyweight: Chris Benoit

WWE Intercontinental: Randy Orton

World Tag Team: La Resistance

WWE Women’s: Victoria

WWE Heavyweight: Eddie Guerrero

U.S Title: John Cena

Hardcore Title: Shannon Moore

Cruiserweight: Rey Mysterio

WWE Tag Team: Paul London & Billy Kidman

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Guest rinkle

I really enjoyed the PPV. The main-event was probably the most fun match to read and I liked how Jericho won the match.

The thing I didn't like about the PPV was that it didn't seem to have any sense of closure to it. It seems that all of your current feuds will be continued.

Overall, great start! The recaps have summed up what you have do so far nicely

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WWE RAW Preview

Just 24 hours after Backlash, RAW comes to you live on Spike TV! Last night we saw Chris Benoit retain his World Heavyweight Title, after a gruelling match with ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner! Benoit has proved to everyone that his victory at Wrestlemania was no fluke, but has been given no rest bite by Bischoff, as he is forced to take on Booker T, with the World Title on the line!

Also at Backlash, Teddy Hart entered the WWE, helping Randy Orton overcome ‘Sugar’ Shane Helms in their Steel Cage Match, firstly by stopping Helms exiting the Cage and then taking him out with a huge 15ft Moonsault! Tonight live on RAW, Hart makes his debut in the WWE as he faces Rob Van Dam in singles action!

Fresh of their victory at Backlash, La Resistance are in high spirits heading into tonight’s show. Sylvan Grenier faces Bubba Ray Dudley, whilst Rene Dupree takes on D-Von! Despite being singles matches, these two contests will have a huge impact on the current state of the Tag Team Titles. If both Bubba and D-Von can pick up the win in their respective matches, then they will surely be in line for a title shot.

Also, Matt Hardy will be on RAW following his match against Steve Austin at Backlash, as well as Eric Bischoff, Chris Jericho and Triple H!

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Guest It's 999

Shannon Moore as the fluky underdog hardcore champ? I mark for this diary hard already. Nice show to start things off as well.

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Monday 19th April, 2004

(1) 2 New Arrivals

We head straight backstage as RAW begins, into the RAW GM Eric Bischoff’s office! Bischoff is leaning over his desk shuffling some papers, and as he gets back up the camera pans out and reveals... William Regal! William has a smug smile no his face as Bischoff hands him the wedge of papers and a pen.

Eric Bischoff: “Here you go William, just sign here and you’re a RAW superstar!”

Regal nods and signs to papers, before handing them back to Eric.

William Regal: “Mr. Bischoff, I’d just like to thank you for this wonderful opportunity. I’ve been here for 5 minutes and I can already see that RAW is by far the superior brand. Now, you mentioned something about a clause for me being here?”

Eric Bischoff: “That’s right William. I have a new... superstar here on RAW now, and I need someone to teach him the ropes, show him how things work around here. Do you, get where I’m going with this?”

William Regal: “Most certainly Mr. Bischoff, you need someone of my experience to show the lad around. So, when do I get to meet him?”

Eric leans over to the intercom.

Eric Bischoff: “Sophie, could you send the new kid in please? Thanks.”

Eric looks back at William Regal looking a little nervous. There is a knock at the door...

Eric Bischoff: “Aaah! Eugene, my boy!”

A man walks into view, wearing wrestling gear that isn’t on properly, and a head of hair that looks like it hasn’t been cut – or washed in weeks.

William Regal: “Hello, Mr. Eugene. I’m William.”

Eugene: “Hi Willy”

Regal greets the new superstar with a beaming smile, but the smile promptly disappears as he turns to Eric.

Eric Bischoff: “Ah, before you say anything Regal...”

Eric holds up the contract.

Eric Bischoff: “If you refuse to manage Eugene here, then I can fire you on the spot!”

William sneers at Bischoff before turning back to Eugene, and leading him out of the office. We cut back to Eric, who is grinning at Regal and Eugene as they leave the room. ~ 80

(2) Victoria © vs. Gail Kim ~ IC Title

Two of the women’s divisions’ competitors kick RAW off, as Victoria defends her title against Gail Kim. Gail uses multiple holds to try and make the Champ submit, but Victoria manages to escape the holds each time. Near the end of the match, Gail went for a Hurricaneruna on Victoria, but she countered into a Powerbomb! Victoria then climbed to the top rope, and nailed Gail with a Moonsault for the victory! After the match, Victoria celebrated her win with the fans at ringside, as Gail threw a tantrum in the ring. ~ 65

(3) Evolution Evolves

The music of Evolution hits, and the group – minus Triple H make their way out to ringside. Flair and Batista stand behind Orton, as the IC Champ gets on the microphone.

Randy Orton: “Last night at Backlash, I went one on one with ‘Sugar’ Shane Helms, and came out on top. I went 30 minutes inside the brutal steel cage structure, and still came out of it without a mark on me. Some people have said, that it was because of a certain interference. Well let me tell you something. I had Helms beat – right where I wanted him. But, just to prove that Shane has no chance of ever beating me, we searched high and low for someone that could do just that. We found a fifth member for the Evolution of this industry. He will make the HART beat in the WWE once more. Ladies and Gentlemen, the newest member of Evolution... TEDDY HART!”

Evolution’s music hits once more, and the nephew of the great Bret Hart walks down the ramp! Teddy climbs the steel steps and enters the ring, shaking hands with Orton, Flair and Batista.

Randy Orton: “This is just another diamond in the WWE’s crown... Evolution has just Evolved!”

For the third time, “Evolution is a Mystery!” blasts over the P.A System, as all four men make their way backstage! ~ 81

(4) Rene Dupree vs. D-Von Dudley

Dupree’s partner Sylvan Grenier will be in action later tonight, but for now Dupree has to concentrate on D-Von Dudley. The match starts off slowly, but picks up pace as we move along. Dupree nearly scores and early victory with a roll-up, after flipping through a Backdrop – catching D-Von off-guard. Towards the end of the match, Dupree goes for a Death Valley Driver, but D-Von manages to escape the move, and rolls Rene up; 1... 2... 3! D-Von celebrates his win as Rene puts his hand on his head, shocked at his loss to D-Von Dudley! ~ 72

(5) The Rattlesnake; Version 3:16

“OOOH YEAH!!” rips through the RAW arena, and the fans greet Matt Hardy with boos and jeers! Matt responds with the ‘V1’ symbol as he slides into the ring, mic in hand.

Matt Hardy: “I bet none of you expected to see Stone Cold beaten last night at Backlash, did you? Sure, he may have won the match on paper, but he didn’t look like a winner to me. I told you all that Steve Austin was the cause of Matt Hardy’s problems – holding me down because he is JEALOUS of MY talents! But now, the sky is the limit for Matt Hardy, nothing can stop --”

The Glass Shatters, cutting Matt off! The sold-out crowd erupts as the Texas Rattlesnake storms the ring, unloading a barrel of right hands on Matt Hardy! Austin forces Matt into the corner and then stomps a Mudhole in him, before turning and ripping his shirt right off! He turns back to Matt and gives him the finger, before delivering a Stunner! The crowd erupt once more as Matt bounces up and then down to the canvas, as Austin trash-talks him! Austin grabs the mic that Matt had...


Austin drops the mic and then gives Matt another middle finger, before sliding out of the ring. He disappears backstage, without even looking back! ~ 87

(6) Sylvan Grenier vs. Bubba Ray Dudley

The second half of the tag team champions is now in action, as he takes on Bubba Dudley! Grenier blind-sides Bubba before the match has even begun, gaining an early advantage. Bubba mounts a comeback midway through the match, gaining a near-fall with Bubba Bomb out of nowhere! As the end of the match approaches, Bubba accidentally takes the referee out momentarily with a Clothesline, allowing Rene Dupree to hand his tag team partner the French Flag! Grenier swings at Bubba who ducks, and snatches the flag from Grenier! He smacks it across Grenier’s head and then Dupree’s as he tries to get in the ring, before covering Grenier! The referee turns back just in time to make the 3-count, giving Bubba the win! ~ 67

(7) Booker Loses his Shot

We cut backstage where a swarm of referees are swarmed around what seems – and sounds to be a fight. We can hear someone yelling “The Title is Mine!” As the referee’s pull one of the superstars away, we see Booker T laying motionless on the concrete floor, his head surrounded by a pool of blood. We then pan to our left, where we see 12 or so referees and a few trainers struggling the restrain an enraged Scott Steiner, who is holding a blood-covered Baseball Bat ~ 77

(8) Bischoff Tries to Defuse the Situation

Eric Bischoff runs over and looks down at Booker T, before looking towards Steiner. He motions for the referees to let go of Scott, and as they do he moves towards Booker, but Bischoff steps in front of him.

Eric Bischoff: “Scott, calm down. I understand how you feel completely, so how about I give you a chance to vent some of that anger? How about tonight, I make a match between Scott Steiner... and Maven!”

Eric waits for Steiner to answer, but gets a grunt instead – although it probably means yes. Eric tells the referees and trainers to “clean this mess up – and get the blood whilst you’re at it”. ~ 87

(9) Teddy Hart vs. Rob Van Dam

Teddy Hart’s WWE debut was nothing short of sensational, as himself and Rob Van Dam put on a spectacular match for the crowd. Hart is accompanied by Orton and Flair, whilst Batista joins them later on in the match. The contest went back and forth, with Hart narrowly dodging a 5* Frog Splash, whilst RVD was as equally fortunate as he dodged a Hart Attack. In order to help their new team-mate, Ric Flair gets onto the apron distracting the referee, whilst Randy Orton slides into the ring. RVD turns but is too late, as Orton nails the RKO! Randy quickly goes back to the outside, as Hart climbs to the top rope, before going for another Hart Attack, which this time connects! The referee makes the cover, giving Teddy Hart a debut win! After the match, all 4 [present] members of Evolution celebrate, with Hart at the centre. ~ 79

(10) Where’s Booker T?

We cut backstage, where Eugene is leading William Regal by the hand looking concerned, whilst Regal looks relatively unconcerned. The two end up at the spot where Booker was earlier attacked, but Booker has gone – which leaves Eugene confused. He pivots on his feet, looking for Booker whilst Regal tries to explain what happened. Eventually the two walk off, and, finally, Regal shows a little compassion for Eugene, who still looks concerned. ~ 82

(11) Scott Steiner vs. Maven

Steiner enters the ring in a pair of bloodied jeans and a baggy t-shirt, as well as the Baseball Bat he used on Booker T earlier. He places it in the corner and as the bell rings, immediately attack Maven. The referee tries to pull him off but Booker continues the assault, eventually letting Maven get to his feet. For the next 5 minutes or so Maven gets very little offence in, as Steiner takes his frustrations out on the winner of Tough Enough. Things seemed to look a little better for Maven suddenly, as Steiner turned his back on him momentarily to trash-talk the crowd. Steiner turns straight into a Dropkick from Maven who then covers, but Steiner powers out on 2. He gets to his feet and knocks Maven down with a Clothesline, before grabbing his Baseball Bat. Maven gets to his feet and charges Steiner, who drills the Bat straight into the forehead of Maven. He stops dead in his tracks as the Bat connects with a sickening ‘thud’ before falling backwards to the mat. Steiner chases the ref from the ring and then chokes Maven out with the bat, before more referees swarm the ring. However, Steiner keeps them at bay swinging at anyone who gets too close. As RAW fades off the air, Steiner tams the bat down into Maven’s ribs a couple of times, before raising it in the air. ~ 74

Buyrate: 6.04 // Attendance: 10026 // Overall Rating: 77

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WWE RAW; News & Notes

Tuesday, April 20th 2004

Despite being advertised to appear on WWE.com, both Chris Jericho and Triple H were absent from RAW.  The reason being that Triple H began experiencing severe headaches early Monday morning following the Backlash PPV, thought to be a result of a bump to the head that he only began to feel the next day.  The decision was made to leave out Y2J as well, so the feud can be continued next week on RAW when both superstars are present.

‘Eugene’ aka Nick Dinsmore along with William Regal, is expected to begin working a program with another OVW call-up Seven in the coming weeks.  The current plan is to have Eugene pushed as a ‘Savant’ – someone who may not be the smartest of guys outside the ring, but someone who picks up wrestling extremely quickly.  On a related note, William Regal has been cleared to wrestle by WWE doctors and should return to in-ring action shortly, in a match most likely to be related to the Eugene storyline.

Vince McMahon is expected to return to WWE programming sometime over the next few weeks.  McMahon, who has only been seen once since Wrestlemania is expected to become Paul Heyman’s ‘minder’ of sorts, vetoing any decisions Heyman might make that he doesn’t agree with and what-not.  Many feel this is just a way for McMahon to get himself back in television, and not as a ‘major’ storyline which this could be.

Both Stephanie McMahon and Shane McMahon were backstage at RAW last night, and, like Vince, are both expected to return to WWE programming in roughly 3 months or so.  Details are a little sketchy right now, but both are expected to return as part of a ‘major shake-up’ within the WWE.

Stone Cold Steve Austin could be returning to the full-time roster, as he feels that his neck is in “the best shape it has been in a long time.”  Austin made his in-ring return at Backlash in a match that lasted little over 8 minutes.  Whilst not much, Austin feels it is a plateau on his way back to the ring.

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Great PPV and RAW. (Y)

Nice job bringing in Teddy instead of Bret-- which would be unrealistic IMO. Also, don't like the idea of Eugene being repeated-- but you mentioned Seven working with him also, so... (Y)

Keep it up man, good work.

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Great PPV and RAW. (Y)

Nice job bringing in Teddy instead of Bret-- which would be unrealistic IMO. Also, don't like the idea of Eugene being repeated-- but you mentioned Seven working with him also, so... (Y)

Keep it up man, good work.

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WWE Smackdown! Preview


Last week on Smackdown, Eddie Guerrero was GM for a week thanks to Vince McMahon. However, the night didn’t go as planned for Eddie as he, along with Raven was assaulted by The Undertaker, and Paul Heyman’s ‘go to guy’ Joe E. Legend. This week, Eddie and Raven will team up to take on The Deadman and Legend, as the two go in search of revenge.

Shannon Moore got luck against Rhyno last week, as he won the Hardcore Title from Paul Heyman’s hand-picked Champion. This week, Moore makes his first title defence against Nunzio. A victory for Moore would send his confidence even higher, but a win for Nunzio would earn him his first belt in the WWE.

Lance Storm recently traded from RAW to Smackdown, and has teamed up with his old valet Dawn Marie. Now, fresh of a victory against William Regal (who just this week replaced Storm on RAW), Lance goes one on one with ‘The Man Beast’ Rhyno. Rhyno has been on a bit of a losing streak recently, and will be looking to end it with a victory over Storm.

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WWE Smackdown!

Thursday 22nd April, 2004

(1) Jonny Storm vs. Billy Gunn

The young superstar from England has been on a mini winning streak as of late, and looks to keep it up against Billy Gunn. However, he doesn’t start off too well, and only narrowly counters out of the Fameasser at the last second, flipping Gunn over 360 degrees in the air. As the match progresses, Storm begin to impress more and more, nearly picking up the victory with a Hurricaneruna into a pin. However, the win did eventually come as Storm nails Gunn with The Rewind for the 3-count!

(2) Latino Heat Arrives in Style

We cut into the parking lot, just as a blood-red low rider pulls into view! The hydraulics go off, before the WWE Heavyweight Champion Eddie Guerrero steps out! Eddie slings his title over his shoulder and walks into the arena, strutting confidently.

(3) ‘All That And’ Moore

Josh Matthews is standing by with the WWE Hardcore Champion, Shannon Moore!

Josh Matthews: “Shannon, up next is your first defence of the Hardcore Title, against someone who is at home in Extreme matches, Nunzio. How are you going to approach the match?”

Shannon Moore: “Whoa, hold up their Matthews. I don’t need to think about how I’m going to approach this match – we already know that I’m the best Hardcore Champ of all time. And why wouldn’t I be? I’m Shannon ‘All That And’ Moore!”

Shannon the slaps Josh on the shoulder before walking off, leaving Matthews looking bewildered.

(4) Shannon Moore © vs. Nunzio ~ Hardcore Title

Having just claimed that he was ‘the best Hardcore Champ of all time’ Shannon has a lot to prove in this match. The bell rings, and Shannon uses every weapon he can find on Nunzio, but to little effect. When Nunzio gets his hand on a Steel Chair, it looks like we’re going to see a new champion crowned, but Moore manages to kick out of numerous chair shots followed by pin attempts. Towards the end of the match, Nunzio goes searching for the Sicillian Slice, but Moore manages to counter and then rolls Nunzio up from behind for the 3-count! After the match, Moore grabs his title and hightails it up the ramp, having defended his title successfully – although somewhat unconvincingly.

(5) Returning Soon... ?

The arena is immersed in darkness, as a Child’s voice mutters 3 simple words over the Tron. “He... Returns... Soon.” The lights are then back on as quickly as they went off, leaving the fans murmuring amongst themselves.

(6) Paul London vs. Ultimo Dragon

The two’s hatred for each other has been shown over recent weeks, and it looks like tonight will be no exception. The two start off quickly, using a variety of quick yet effective move to try and get the upper-hand on their respective opponent. Ultimo gets the first near-fall following a Springboard Moonsault, earning a 2-count. Nearing the end of the match, London knocked Ultimo down to the mat with a Dropsault and then went up top. However, before he could do anything Dragon slid to the outside, and left up the ramp! The referee eventually counted him out, and then awarded the win to Paul London.

(7) Two Title Shots for the WGTT

We go backstage into the World Greatest Tag Teams Lockeroom, as Charlie Haas walks up towards Shelton.

Charlie Haas: “Hey man, I’ve just been speaking to Paul Heyman, and he’s given me a Hardcore Title shot next week on Smackdown! But not only that, I’ve managed to get you a #1 contenders match for the U.S Title, against The Big Show!”

Shelton Benjamin: “The Big Show? Are you crazy!? How the hell am I supposed to beat Show?”

Charlie Haas: “Whoa, aren’t you going to thank me for getting you this opportunity? Listen, I’ve got a plan...”

The two walk out of the room before we can here Haas’ plan, but Benjamin still doesn’t look impressed.

(8) Lance Storm vs. Rhyno

Storm enters the ring with his valet Dawn Marie, before attacking Rhyno from behind! This gives Storm control of the match, and he uses it to his full advantage, nearly getting a 3-count following a Fisherman’s Suplex. However, towards the end of the match Rhyno fights back and puts Storm into the corner, setting him up for a Gore! However, Dawn Marie blocks Rhyno off and as he pushes her out of the way, Storm rolls him up into a Small Package for the 1... 2... 3!

(9) “You’ve Let me Down”

As Lance Storm makes his way backstage Rhyno gets to his feet, and is joined in the ring by Paul Heyman – who is fuming at the outcome of the match.

Paul Heyman: “Rhyno, what the hell is wrong with you? You have blown every single chance I have given you! The chance to become Heavyweight Champion... wasted. The Hardcore Title... wasted. Hell, I even give you a match against Lance Storm, and you lose! You have let me down time and time again Rhyno, so tell me what you’re gonna do about it!”

Rhyno walks over towards Heyman, but before he can do anything Legend slides into the ring behind Rhyno, and clubs him round the back of the head! He pulls Rhyno to his feet and connects with a kick to the gut, before nailing him with a massive Powerbomb! Heyman yells “This is just the beginning Rhyno!”

(10) Not Done Yet...

As Rhyno is carted out of the ring by officials, Heyman takes a seat next to Michael Cole and Tazz, slipping a headset on! Legend remains in the ring, as Heyman makes numerous derogatory comments towards Raven, Guerrero and Rhyno.

(11) Eddie Guerrero & Raven vs. The Undertaker & Legend

In the words of JR, ‘This match will be a Slobberknocker’. Eddie and Legend start things out, beating on each other in nothing but a brawl. Eddie takes control with a rake of the eyes before tagging in Raven, who continued the assault on Legend. Towards the end of the match, Legend eventually tagged in The Undertaker who used his power against both Eddie and Raven, before nailing Eddie with a Chokeslam. He then went for a Chokeslam on Raven, but he countered and nailed an Evenflow DDT! ‘Taker slid to the outside as Legend got back into the ring, attacking Raven. But before he could do any real damage, Eddie got back up and knocked Legend down with a Clothesline! He then climbed up top and hit a Frog Splash for the victory, as Raven made sure no-one could break up the count. After the match, Raven made his way backstage as Eddie remained in the ring, celebrating.

It was a mistake though, as The Undertaker slid into the ring and grabbed Eddie around the throat, looking for another Chokeslam. However, Raven came running down the ramp and attacked Undertaker, knocking him back to the outside! Smackdown! ended with a handshake between Eddie and Raven, before the two stared at Heyman as he left ringside.

Television Rating: 5.37 // Attendance: 10038 // Overall Rating: 72

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Nice SmackDown there, Agent.

I like the new gimmick for Shannon Moore, classic. Also, the London-Ultimo feud is doing well-- even though it wouldn't be as televised as it is in your diary, IRL.

Keep up the good writing. (Y)

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WWE News & Notes

WWE Velocity

With Josh Matthews & Rue DeBona

Bradshaw def. Orlando Jordan via Pinfall.

Scotty 2 Hotty def. Akio via Pinfall

Charlie Haas def. Jonny Storm via Submission

Paul London def. Jamie Noble via Pinfall

One half of the Tag Team Champion Rene Dupree has suffered an injury whilst training at his home last night. The injury to his left eye is expected to keep him out for approximately 2 months. The WWE is expected to switch the titles over to Sylvan Grenier and Rob Conway on the upcoming RAW, until Dupree returns.

Smackdown’s! upcoming Pay-Per-View Judgement Day will be on the 16th May, and is expected to be headlined by Eddie Guerrero vs. Kurt Angle. Other matches that are expected to be on the card are: Raven vs. The Undertaker, Shelton Benjamin vs. John Cena, and Paul London vs. Ultimo Dragon.

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