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The ACW Journal

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Press Release

Peter Karmanos Jr. Opens Wrestling Organization

-July 28, 2004.

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA. Today - the CEO, Owner, and Govenor of the NHL's Carolina Hurricanes - Peter Karmanos Jr. announced he was extending his empire into professional wrestling. He is also the founder of Compuware. Compuware is currently one of the largest independent software vendors in the world. In fiscal year 2003, Compuware generated revenue of nearly $1.4 billion and employed more than 9,000 people. He is taking a bit of his large profit and hoping to become successful in yet another area.

With his partners Thomas Thewes and Jim Rutherford, Karmanos acquired the NHL franchise of the Hartfod Whalers on June 28, 1994 - the afternoon of the 1994 NHL Entry Draft. Then he decided to move the franchise to Raleigh in 1997. Now he hopes to bring something else to the Carolinas - Atlantic Coast Wrestling.

This has been in the works for several months now and Karmanos plans to kick things off for the ACW on August 21st with the first show being called ACW: Genesis. The ACW will have shows once a month while they work on becoming bigger and more popular. Karmanos hopes that one days ACW can expand nationally, but until then it will stay locally in North Carolina and possibly venture into South Carolina and Virginia.

North Carolina has been known to produce many great wrestler's, most noteable have been the legendary Ric Flair. Other natives of North Carolina include WWE/WWF's The Hardy Boyz, "The Hurricane" Shane Helms, Shannon Moore, and former NWA Champion Ron Killings. Karmanos plans to showcase some of the new, young talent from North Carolina - but it won't be exclusive to natives of Carolina. He will try to secure many of the wrestlers who are popular in the South.

In another interesting note, Peter Karmanos Jr. has put former Hurricanes Team Services Manager, J.W. Powers, in control of this project. J.W. has a business degree from UNC-G and has been with the Hurricanes organization since it moved to North Carolina in 1997.

We will keep you updated as we get more news regarding Atlantic Coast Wrestling.

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ACW Journal - Prologue

-July 28, 2004

My name is J.W. Powers and for the for the past seven years I have been working as the Team Services Manager for the Carolina Hurricanes. With my degree in Business Administration from the University of North Carolina - Greensboro, I was able to get a job with them directly out of college right when they were moving from Hartford to North Carolina. It has been a really great experience, especially when we went to the Stanley Cup Finals in 2002. You have no idea how rewarding it is too see something you work so hard for suceed like that team did. Unfortunately, it all went downhill from there.

The past two years have not been the best years for the franchise. Plus, I was beginning to doubt my career choice. I wasn't really enjoying my job anymore - I wanted to move on to better things. I had made it to the point where I was no longer advancing since the people ahead of me weren't going anywhere anytime soon. I felt that my degree wasn't really doing anything sitting in this particular job, and I wanted to move on. I discussed this with the President and General Manager, Jim Rutherford, and he asked me what it was I REALLY wanted to do with my life.

What did I really want to do with my life? It was a very good question that I had thought about on several occassions. Hockey was great, but it wasn't my biggest passion. Believe it or not, wrestling was my biggest passion. I had been a fan since I was 12 years old and had always dreamed to one day be in the wrestling business. Unfortunately I wasn't nearly athletic enough and I didn't really have the charisma for it. But I had wondered if there was a place for me backstage in a wrestling company.

I told this to Jim and he didn't laugh at my dream, instead he offered his assistance to help me out. Over the past seven years I had formed a good relationship with my boss so that we were actually good friends now. He listed a few local wrestling federations in the South that he could try to get me jobs with...but I wasn't interested in them. What I really wanted was somewhere were I could be the man in charge. I wanted to decide on wrestlers, book the events, deal with the staff, hirings, firings, etc. Jim could understand where I was coming from since basically that's what a GM's responsibilities were on a hockey team. He then suggested someone who could help me with my dream.

And that man was the CEO of the Carolina Hurricanes, Peter Karmanos Jr. Unlike Jim, I had not become very close to him as he usually was in Detriot and very rarely came down to see his team. But the man was loaded when it came to money thanks to being the founder of Compuware. Luckily, Jim was very good friends with Karmanos and he talked to him and got him to agree to a meeting between us. Good thing I had Jim to put in a good word for me, or else Karmanos probably would have shot the idea down automatically.

The meeting itself went very well, I think. I discussed that while wrestling wasn't nearly as popular as it once was - it was still one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the world. I had done a lot of research on the industry and found out that the industry was actually approaching a boom period. I made sure that he understood that this would be the best time to start up a new promotion as things are going to get better. Karmanos, being a very smart man, understood that while it would be a risk - it could lead to big profits if everything worked out. He told me he would meet with his advisors and get back to me within a week.

It is safe to say that that week was Hell for me. I don't remember a time when I had been more nervous than that week. Jim was trying to convince me that Karmanos had been very impressed with my presentation and was giving me nothing but praise, but I was still worried. But, then I got the call. Karmanos told me that he would fund the project and monitor my progress very closely. The company would be called Atlantic Coast Wrestling. And as part of the deal I was to keep this journal, The ACW Journal, so all the work that goes into the creation and running of his company would be chronicled.

I couldn't believe it when I heard it. My dream job was going to be coming true thanks to generous benefactor of Peter Karmanos! I had won his support, and now I couldn't let him down. This was the break of my life and I wasn't about to fail. I would be starting off small and staying in North Carolina for now and working my way bigger, HOPEFULLY. I also would try to stick to wrestles who for the most part stay in the South to do their indy shows. I had to stay smart so I wouldn't ruin my chance of a lifetime.

And that was the beginning of Atlantic Coast Wrestling.

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ACW Journal Entry #1

-August 5, 2004

Atlantic Coast Wrestling

Money: $1,000,000

PI: 50%

I searched the South for the best and most affordable talent I could find. The results were decent enough, I had seen some of the talent before from other local indies and some even from the major promotions in the past. I came up with a core roster of 15 that will be mainly focused on...other talent will be brought in monthly to...well to put it nicely...to job to the core roster when needed. Here's the talent report on my core 15:




"The Enforcer" CW Anderson

"The Enforcer" competed for nearly two years in Extreme Championship Wrestling and was clearly in the process of becoming one of its top stars when the promotion went under in early 2001. Anderson has since returned to North Carolina where he enjoyed considerable success as a mainstay in OMEGA during the mid-90's and quickly turned heads. The same aggression he'd always possessed had been tempered by the hardcore attitude ECW breeds and made him more dangerous than ever. With one of the most dangerous left hands anywhere in the world, his trademark spinebuster, and other offensive weapons, C.W. began mowing competition down right and left and now looks to make an impact in the new ACW. He currently also works for Zero 1 and WORLD1.

The Kingpin

The identity of the Kingpin, for now, is a mystery to everyone but the staff of ACW. All that is known about him is that he has a lot power within the ACW - most likely from being wealthy. He apparantly has huge plans for not only ACW, but its stars as well. What does this mystery man have up his sleeves?

Otto Schwanz

Otto Schwanz began his career in OMEGA, the revolutionary North Carolina based promotion that served as a launching pad for many of today's top wrestlers. In late 1999, Schwanz journeyed to Extreme Championship Wrestling under his alias Bo Dupp, alongside his cousins Jack Dupp (aka Mike Maverick) and Puck Dupp (aka Cham Pain). Jack and Bo were eventually signed to World Wrestling Federation contracts and the two spent considerable time in the WWF's developmental territories, namely Memphis and Ohio Valley Wrestling, before being released in the spring of 2001. From there, Schwanz returned to his independent roots, angrier than ever and eager to take out his frustrations on any who encountered him. He's not all there upstairs and is known for carrying a chain with him to ringside.

Brad Attitude

The 6'4", 225 pound Brad hails from Greensboro NC and has been wrestling for two years. He has a cocky attitude, but the fans (especially the girls) love him. He always comes to the ring with hotel room keys to give out to some lucky female fans at ringside. This young cruiserweight has a bright future and will be taking ACW by storm.

Mike Maverick

A former big name in OMEGA in the 90s when he teamed with Shane Helms, and feuded with the Hardy Boyz there before becoming Jack Dupp of the Dupps. He had a developmental deal with Otto (as Bo Dupp) and made a few appearances on Velocity/Heat and dark matches while in OVW before being released. Now he will be coming to ACW as a hired gun for someone, but it is unknown who paid Maverick. Will we find out soon?

Madd Maxx

This veteran of the ring wars worked extensively for the NWA, WCW, and WWF in the 1990's.Has competed all over the United States, Japan, Korea, Pacific Islands, Germany, and the Middle East. While he does not lack technical skills, Maxx often carries a steel chair with him to the ring just in case, which has earned him the nickname "The Chairman" in many of the promotions he wrestles in. Loves to have a good time and is known to interact with the fans at great length, making him one of the most popular stars in the South. Despite his easy-going demeanor, many opponents found out the hard way that he means business once the bell sounds.

"Bad" Brad Hunter

A young wrestler from Sanford, NC who has wrestled in numerous indys around the country and has even been in some dark matches for the WWE. When he's not wrestling he is running his own promotion/training fed called House of Pain alongside CW Anderson. He's very energetic and is a big fan favorite in the Carolinas. Teams with fellow House Of Painer Shawn Alexander.

Caprice "Ice" Coleman

Trained by WWF superstars Matt and Jeff Hardy, Caprice Coleman began his career as "Ice" in OMEGA and has been making a name for himself ever since. Since then, Caprice has been quickly making waves not only in the Carolinas, but all over the southeast and beyond. His innovative aerial tactics have earned him a reputation as one of the top cruiserweights around. In ACW, Coleman's "Ice" nickname will take an all new meaning as he thugs out, including wearing plenty of "bling" or "ice" to the ring. He also works for RoH and NWA-W.

"Your New Addiction" Krazy K

To see Krazy K wrestle is like watching the winning score of the biggest game of the season. K has a unique style that is in a world all of its own. Krazy K has recently competed at Ring Of Honor against Jeff Hardy and Joey Mathews. He holds victories over both A.J. Stlyes and Jeff Hardy. K has trained with Cham-Pain, A.J. Styles, Jeff Hamrick & The Hardyz. Look for K to lead the charge of the next generation of pro-wrestling.

Shawn Alexander

A young wrestler from Henderson, NC who uses the Scab Crusher as his finisher. He teams with his best friend Brad Hunter as the House of Pain, making them one of the top tag teams in ACW.

"Slick" Ric Converse

"Slick" Ric Converse is among the fastest-rising young talents on the independent scene today. Ric possesses the in-ring attributes to back up the majority of his bragging. He can fly with the best of them, wrestle on the ground, hold is own in any brawl, and may very well be as good as he says he is. Trained by veteran Ken Spence, Converse is always accompanied by the equally controversial Special K .

"Special K" Krissy Vaine

Krissy Vaine is both a model and a wrestler from Greensboro, NC. She has been in the business for just over one year. The very sexy Special K accompanies "Slick" Ric Converse to the ring and has not reservations about interjecting herself into the bout to insure his victory. For now she will just be a manager for Converse since as of right now she is the only ACW Diva.


Rollo was formerly known as Scott Youngblood until he had a run in with Otto. He now is Otto's "bitch" as he accompanies Otto to the ring and does whatever Otto tells him out of fear of being beaten up once again. To add more humiliation to Rollo, Otto leads Rollo down to the ring with his chain around his neck like a dog. Rollo reluctantly helps Otto in his matches whenever forced. Maybe one day Rollo will grow a pair and stand up to Otto. Until then he will continue to be led to the ring by the chain.

Joey "Spank" Sylvia

The 5'8", 200 pound Spank is a native of Jacksonville, North Carolina and is also a product of the House of Pain. He likes to think of himself as a "gangster" despite his noticeable whiteness, including having the phrase "G'd Up" on the back of his tights. However, the ladies love him because of his good looks which gets him good reactions from the local crowds. Has a very bright future in the ACW.

Dexter Poindexter

ACW's residential nerd. If there was ever a cliche to be used to describe Dexter Poindexter it would be "Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover!" "The Intellectual Giant" has quickly made a name for himself in the Carolinas. Dexter's intellegence keeps him on step ahead of the game, and those steps are going to add up soon...

*Credit CWF/FWA-Carolinas for some of the information

Tag Teams

House of Pain - Brad Hunter & Shawn Alexander

The O.R. Connection - Otto & Rollo

Maverick and ???

Hostile Youth - Ric Converse & Caprice Coleman

I think this could be a decent enough roster to pull in some local fans...most are no better than averagely skilled, but most are entertaining as well, which is the most important part of wrestling. As long as the fans are entertained, they will come back for more.

I also looked for the best staff available in my price range, and here's the crew I pulled together:


Announcer - Jack Douglas

Senior Referee - Frank Casey

Referee - Mike Hunter

Production - Levi Shpielberg

Head Medic - Dee Woods

Head Writer - Sal Banderas

Head Road Agent - Steve Nickerson

So now I have my staff and wrestlers secured. Now it was time to start preparing for the first ACW card which was coming up on the 21st. I was going to have to rush things together to get out promotion for the event, sponsorships, and more.

Time to get to work!

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I like the way the promotion is going so far. There are some big names on the indy scene but not all of the usual suspects like so many people do. Keeping it based in one area and using local wrestlers makes it much more realistic. The only thing I don't like about the roster is Krazy K. Granted I've only seen his RoH match but he was god awful in it.

The backstory was well written but a little far fetched but most of them are.

I can't wait to see a show.

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ACW Journal Entry #2

-August 15, 2004

The countdown to our first event is a mere 6 days away, but luckily things are starting to come together. First and foremost, I was able to secure four sponsors for ACW. Each sponsor will be paying us $100,000 a show for advertising them. Our main sponsorship is going to be with the fast-food chain Hardee's for 10 months. The other sponsorships include EGM for 9 months, IGN.com for 12 months, and Pizza Pizza for 8 months.

So with our sponsorship secured, I was ready to start promoting our first show: ACW: Genesis. Yeah, I realize Genesis is a pretty unoriginal name for a first show, but hey it is effective! For now I have decided to spend $150,000 on advertising.

I managed to get the Raleigh Convention and Civic Center to host our first show. With the radio advertising and flyers (an example of the flyer used is on the next page) put up throughout the city, hopefully that will be enough to garner some kind of decent turnout for Genesis.

As for the show itself, we will be determining the first ACW Heavyweight Champion through a one night tournament for the title. It will include eight of the 15 core wrestlers fighting it out for the chance to walk away as the champion. It will be a good opportunity to introduce the fans to our main stars and establish some kind of fanbase.

Anyway, I also had the pleasure of meeting my new personal assistant today. She was sent down by Peter Karmanos to help me out in this endevour. She showed up at my office today and introduced herself as Sophie. I thought, Sophie? Seems like a pretty unoriginal name for a personal assistant. I repeated her name as I introduced myself, but then she corrected me...it was Sophia! My mistake!

But whatever her name was, she sat down and we discussed where I wanted to take ACW. She was very knowledgeable of wrestling, which really surprised me. Its not that I don't think women can be smart when it comes to wrestling, its just that she didn't seem like the kind of girl to be into wrestling. But she updated me on the state of wrestling now that it is entering a boom period. Many promotions have decided to take this opportunity to shake things up in their management by firing and hiring new management. Gary Yup took over Pro Wrestling Guerrilla and decided to release all sorts of people. CZW has also seen a change in power as Ed Hellier took things over. Meanwhile, Tony Smalls took control of WORLD1, which effects one of our wrestlers, CW Anderson. However, it looks like CW Anderson was spared in the cuts. Many other feds have gone on firing sprees as well...but I was happy with the current roster and had no intentions of picking up anyone new.

Things aren't looking to good for NWATNA, because they have fallen from Global size to National. Not good news for the Jarretts during this boom period of wrestling. I could only hope that ACW didn't start falling before we got started. Early estimates were showing a possible net loss for the first month depending on what kind of gate we make at the first show and who we use. But I know that most businesses start in the red.

Next up we looked at the competition for ACW. Of the other small federations based in America, we were at the low end of the totem pole. The closest competition was Jim Herd's CHIKARA with a PI of 55%. Sophia informed me that they're top stars were Emilio Charles Jr., Cien Caras, Bunkhouse Buck, Ludger Proulx, and Gary Hart. Next in line was World League Wrestling owned by the legend Harley Race at 82% PI. They're talent includes Takao Omori, Haku, Ace Steel, Matt Murphy, and Daisuke Ikeda. Finally, there's Revolution Pro owned by Ron Riviera at 90%. Damien 666, Angel, Halloween, Super Dragon, and Chris Bosh were they're top five stars.

Sophia and I discussed ACW for a good few hours, including how I would book things for the first few months. I already knew who would walk out of Genesis with the Heavyweight Title and was brainstorming ideas for feuds and matches for the coming months. I also had plans to introduce the Tag Titles next month...

We discussed the possibility of special appearances from more famous wrestlers. Big names are out of the question right now with our budget, but I'm going to wait and see how the money situation is after August to see if I want to bring in local and indy stars Joey Matthews and Christian York for a special appearance to try and draw a larger crowd. We'll see...we'll see.

But for now, things are running smoothly as I gear up for Genesis. Wish me luck!


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Atlantic Coast Wrestling Presents....


Come see the ACW's debut show at the Raleigh Convention and Civic Center on Saturday August 21st at 7:30 PM! Come meet the ACW superstars for the first time! Watch us crown our first Heavyweight Champion!

That's right, the ACW Title will be on the line as eight of ACW's top wrestlers go all out in a ONE NIGHT TOURNAMENT to see who has what it takes to survive three grueling matches in one night and be the last man standing with the gold.


First round matches include:

user posted image VS. user posted image

"Bad Brad Hunter" vs. Caprice "Ice" Coleman

user posted image VS. user posted image

"The Enforcer" CW Anderson vs. Brad Attitude

user posted image VS. user posted image

Madd Maxx vs. "Slick" Ric Converse w/"Special K" Krissy Vaine

user posted image VS. user posted image

Joey "Spank" Sylvia vs. Otto w/Rollo

PLUS - Semi-Finals and Finals of ACW Heavyweight Title Tournament

Tickets are only $10 and can be purchased at any Hardee's in Raleigh OR can be purchased at the gate. Doors open at 6:45.

Card subject to change

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ACW Journal Entry #3 - The First Show

-August 21, 2004

Well, everything has gone about as smoothly as I could have hoped for to this point. There has been A LOT of shifting in the independent world, including Jim Crocket taking over things over at 3PW which was a real shocker to me. Plus, TNA has been letting a lot of talent go since they're fall from Global. This could be good news for us as a few of they're released workers could be in our price range. And since they were just in Memphis/Orlando for TNA...they are very close to our region. Hmm...could be interesting.

Anyway, tonight was Atlantic Coast Wrestling's debut show. Things started off great with all the wrestlers showing up on time...even CW Anderson who was just getting back last night from doing shows in Japan. It was good to see them dedicated to making our first show a success. And I'd say things went very well for our first show. The attendance was 153 people for a total of $3060. Not too bad for a first show, guess the advertising paid off. Hopefully word of mouth will spread about ACW and next month our show will get even more people!

Here's how things went down....

ACW - Genesis

The 153 new ACW fans found they're way into the Raleigh Convention and Civic Center and waited patiently for the show to start. The set up was very modest as we could only afford the bare minimal when it comes to the set. Basically it was just a ring in the middle of the civic center with about rows of chairs around it behind a simple gaurd rail. The safety rail made an aisle leading to a curtain that was the entranceway for the night.

7:30 finally rolled around and the voice of Jack Douglas, the voice of ACW, came across the PA system as he walked out from behind the curtain and made his way down to the ring. The fans cheered him because his appearance meant the official start of the show.

Jack Douglas: Raleigh, North Carolina....are you ready for some ACW Action?

The fans cheered as if on cue.

Jack Douglas: I can't hear you! I said are you ready for some ACW ACTION?!

The fans cheered again...but no louder than last time. Oh well, good try Jack.

Jack Douglas: I'd like to welcome you all and thank you all for coming out to the debut of Atlantic Coast Wrestling! It is going to be a history making night. And that's because TONIGHT we will be crowning the FIRST ever ACW Heavyweight Champion? It could be one of EIGHT men - Brad Hunter, Madd Maxx, CW Anderson, Brad Attitude, Caprice Coleman, Ric Converse, Otto Schwanz, or Joey Sylvia! Let's make this the first of many GREAT shows for ACW! Now let the action begin!

Jack climbed out of the ring as some generic rock music began to play over the speaker system in the civic center. Jack walked over to an area near the curtain where the music and sound system was controlled and that's where he would spend the rest of the night - announcing the competitors as they came out.

ACW Heavyweight Title Tournament Quarter-Finals

"Bad" Brad Hunter vs. Caprice "Ice" Coleman

I wanted to send out the energetic Brad Hunter out first to try and pump up the crowd early, unfortunately the crowd didn't really get into it like I hoped. In hindsight, perhaps I should have made this match second of the night instead of first, but oh well - you live and you learn. Hunter came out first and was sure to slap the hands of the fans and interact with them as much as possible to show that he would be the face, which is important when most of the crowd don't know who you are. Coleman came out to some generic rap music to help get over the fact that he's suppose to be a thug/gangsta. The dew rang and the "bling bling" he was sporting helped as well. And in good heel fashion, he acted like he was going to slap the fans hands at first, but then pulled his arm away at the last second. Well, atleast they established who is face and who is heel.

Coleman did his best to carry Hunter to a decent match, and he didn't fail too badly. They went back and forth early with the fans really not caring all that much. Coleman did his best to work the crowd during the match by yelling at them while he either had Hunter down or was applying a resthold. At one point, Coleman locked on a chinlock and when a fan yelled "You Suck!" at Coleman, he replied with a "No SUCKA, you SUCK!" No one ever claimed Coleman was the best at comebacks...but atleast he got over the gangsta gimmick.

Coleman sent Hunter into the ropes and caught him with a sidekick to the midsection. Hunter was doubled over and Coleman hit him with a swinging DDT. He went for the pin but only got a two count. He lifted Hunter back up and went for a back body drop, but Hunter flipped over and tried to land on his feet...but messed up and actually dropped to his knees. He recovered quickly and drove a pair of elbows into Coleman's back and then hit him with a back suplex. Hunter went for the pin. One, Two, kickout. Coleman rolled back to his feet and was caught with a dropkick from Hunter to the chest. Coleman fought his way back up again and Hunter hit him with a couple of right hands and then decked him with a clothesline. Coleman was down and Hunter climbed out onto the apron...Coleman slowly got up and turned around into the springboard body press from Hunter. One, Two, Three.

Winner - Brad Hunter

Overall: 41

Crowd: 19

Match: 63

The fans finally came a bit more alive for Brad's win as he left the ring and celebrated with them a bit before heading down the aisle to the back. Coleman took his time getting up and looked very pissed about his loss. He climbed out of the ring where referee Mike Hunter handed him his jewelry. Coleman snatched it from him and got into an arguement with a fan at ringside before finally walking to the back.

ACW Heavyweight Title Tournament Quarter-finals

Brad Attitude vs. "The Enforcer" CW Anderson

Ah ha! There was something about this match that the fans really liked...perhaps it was the fact that some of them recognized CW Anderson. Perhaps it was the sex appeal of Brad Attitude. Perhaps it was the fact that this was probably the best wrestling match of the night. Whatever it was, it brought the crowd alive after a slow start. Brad came out first and the females in the crowd immediately loved him. He came out with two "hotel room keys" and walked around ringside slapping the hands of the fans not once but twice. The first time around he scouted out the girls...the second time around he decided on the girls and handed out his room keys. I wonder if any of those girls are going to be stupid enough to look for where Brad is staying tonight? Anyway, Anderson came out next and after the introduction Brad got, he was automatically going to be booed just for going up against him. However, the look Anderson gave as he walked out was priceless and showed why he is such a star on the independent scene. I gotta be careful...some higher fed might want to snatch him up from me. He did his usual "CW" finger signs as he walked down the aisle, giving dirty looks to the poor fans who held their hands out hoping that maybe, JUST MAYBE, he would grace them with his touch. No such luck.

The combination of CW's stiff offense and Attitude's selling skills made this a very good match. It was mostly Anderson beating the Hell out of Attitude, with Attitude sneaking in the occassional flurry of offense. Anderson's stiff offense left red marks on Attitude's back and chest which included stiff kicks, stomps, and especially his knife-edge chops in the corner. Attitude got a break as he flipped over a backdrop attempt from Anderson and rolled him up with a sunset flip. It was only a 1 and a half count, but it caught Anderson by surprise. Attitude followed up by hitting an enziguri to Anderson to drop him down to the mat. Anderson began to get up, but Attitude gave him a kick to the midsection and then took him back down with a swinging neckbreaker. The fans cheered Attitude's comeback on and he played to the crowd as he climbed out onto the apron and made his way over to the turnbuckle.

Attitude climbed to the top turnbuckle, but CW recovered and fell across the top rope and caused Attitude to lose his balance. Attitude stradled the top turnbuckle and allowed Anderson to climb up with him. Anderson hooked Attitude and lifted him up high into the air and came off the top turnbuckle with a stalling superplex that left both men down. Senior Referee Frank Casey began to count both men down. At the six count, Anderson made his way over to make the cover. One, Two, kickout by Attitude got a good reaction from the fans. Anderson continued his punishment to Attitude again, but Attitude saw another chance when he was able to duck Anderson's superkick attempt and then hit him with a superkick of his own. Attitude went for the pin! One, Two, kickout by Anderson.

Attitude climbed out onto the apron as Anderson began to get back to his feet. Attitude springboarded into the ring and hit an inverted bulldog to Anderson. He went for another quick pin to Anderson - One, Two, kickout again and was met by boos. Anderson got up to his feet and Attitude bounced off the ropes and went for a clothesline, but Anderson ducked and then NAILED Attitude with his stiff right hand. Attitude went straight to the mat hard. Anderson took advantage and began stomping away at Attitude. He then dropped down and made a pin. One, Two, Thre...Attitude just barely got his shoulder up. CW grabbed a handful of Attitude's hair and started to pull him up. The fans were clapping trying to get Attitude back into the game. Attitude must have heard them because he started to fire back and drive his forearm into Anderson's midsection. He finally fought his way up and was now hitting rapid rights and lefts to Anderson. Anderson was left stumbling. Attitude bounced off the ropes and hit him with a clothesline, but it only staggered Anderson again. Attitude then ran off the opposite ropes and went for it again, but Anderson recovered and out of nowhere caught Attitude off the ropes and drove him down hard to the mat with the Spinebuster! Anderson made the cover - One, Two, Three.

Winner - CW Anderson

Overall: 60

Crowd: 45

Match: 75

CW left to boos from the crowd, but he ignored them because he was satisfied to be advancing to the next round. Attitude gave it his all, but The Enforcer was just too much for him. Attitude slowly got back up to his feet after the match and was met to a sign of respect from the crowd as they gave him cheers for his effort. He left the ring holding his back in pain.

ACW Heavyweight Title Tournament Quarter-finals

"Slick" Ric Converse w/"Special K" Krissy Vaine vs. Madd Maxx

Ric Converse acted like the punk he is right from the get go. He and Krissy came out and completely ignored the fans, who at first cheered them because of the prescense of a hot female. However, once they realized she thought of herself more highly than them, they quickly turned on the duo. And with them getting the heel heat, Madd Maxx received automatic cheers from the crowd when he came out. Madd Maxx showed that he was the Chairman of ACW as he came to the ring armed with a steel chair, which he raised up in the air once he got to the ring to get another good reaction from the crowd. Converse had two advantages in this match against Maxx. One being speed and the other being Krissy Vaine. However, Maxx's power proved to be enough to match those two advantages and allow him to control Converse for the majority of the match.

However, Special K did give Converse a chance as she grabbed Maxx's leg as he ran to the ropes and distracted him long enough to give Converse a second wind. Referee Mike Hunter warned Krissy as Maxx turned his attention back to Converse, but was caught by a dropkick to the knee from Converse. Ric then hit the ropes and send Maxx to the mat with a bulldog. Maxx rolled over onto his back in the center of the ring, allowing Converse to hit a standing moonsault. One, Two, Maxx powered out of the pin attempt. Converse tried to keep Maxx off his feet and use his speed to his advantage. He hit a kick to the side of Maxx's head as he tried to get up and then grabbed Maxx by the head and springboarded onto the ropes hitting a tornado DDT to Maxx. He went for the pin and put his feet up on the ropes as he did. One, Two, Thre....Maxx got his shoulder up. Converse slapped the mat in frustration then began to argue with Mike Hunter about it being a slow count.

Meanwhile, Maxx started to get up, but Converse jumped on him from behind and locked on a sleeperhold. But Converse's ref arguing had given time for Maxx to recover and he escaped the sleeper with a jawbreaker. With Converse left reeling from the jawbreaker, Maxx climbed up to the second turnbuckle and came crashing down with a double axe-handle to Converse. Maxx said it was over as he lifted Converse up and drove him to into the mat with a piledriver. He made the pin - One, Two, Three.

Winner - Madd Max

Overall: 44

Crowd: 22

Match: 67

Maxx got a decent enough reaction from the crowd after his win. He grabbed his chair and celebrated with the fans before heading up the aisle. Special K helped her man up as the crowd jeered him on. He was visibly upset at his loss as she tried was nodding her head agreeing with his bitching and moaning about his loss. As they left the ring to the jeers of the crowd it was time for the last match in the first round.

ACW Heavyweight Title Tournament Quarter-finals

Joey "Spank" Sylvia vs. Otto w/Rollo

Joey Sylvia came out with a lot of energy and the fans immediately liked him because of his energy and he was another case of the women liking him for his looks. He was wearing his purple tights with the words "G'd Up" on the back. After slapping the fans of as many fans as possible, he hopped into the ring. Yes, he hopped. These young kids really do have a lot of energy. But anyway, next out came the screwy Otto, pulling the smaller Rollo to the ring by his neck with his chain. Rollo was dressed in blue jean shorts with a flannel shirt tucked into them which was a look Otto used to sport as a Dupp. Once the fans saw the way Otto was treating the smaller and defenseless Rollo, they immediately met him with boos. Otto yelled at a couple fans before he climbed into the ring to meet his opponent - leaving Rollo at ringside with the chain.

Rollo spent the match getting the fans to cheer against Otto whenever Otto's back was turned. However, no matter how much the fans wanted to see the young Spank win, this one was all Otto. But one bright side for Joey Sylvia was the fact that he sold Otto's offense very well and made Otto look like a real threat in the ring. Otto pulled out the stops as he dominated the smaller and less experienced Spank. He held Spank down and was choking him against the middle ropes as Mike Hunter made the five count and had him break it. Rollo was over at where Spank was lying across the middle rope and he looked up to Otto in the ring who was facing Rollo with the ref's back being to them. Otto was winking frantically at Rollo...and Rollo very reluctantly hit Spank with a right hand. Spank fell to the mat as Otto walked over. Otto lifted him up and hit him with an Inverted Powerbomb that he calls the Brain Scrambler. One, Two, Three.

Winner - Otto

Overall: 45

Crowd: 25

Match: 66

Otto grabbed Spank and threw him out of the ring to the floor where he slowly got up and started to make his way back up the aisle. Meanwhile, in the ring Otto called for Rollo to enter the ring. Rollo cautiously climbed into the ring looking very afraid of Otto. Otto just smiled and extended his arms as if to offer a hug to Rollo. Rollo looked around the crowd and they all tried to get him to not do it...but Rollo slowly moved in and Otto wrapped his arms around Rollo and gave him a hug. Otto then let go of the hug and Rollo showed a peak of a smile...but then Otto nailed him with a right hand sending Rollo to the mat. Otto walked over to the corner and grabbed his chain and then climbed out of the ring to boos from the audience. He grabbed Rollo and pulled him out of the ring as well. He wrapped the chain back around Rollo's neck and led him to the back.

And with that it was time for a...


As intermission winded down, Jack Douglas took the opportunity to announce that next month ACW would indeed return to the Raleigh Convention and Civic Center for their second show. He also announced to the crowd that a car with the license plate "KRZKAY" had left their lights on. Hmmm, I wonder who that could be. Poor Krazy K...first he doesn't get put on the card...now this. Oh well, there's always next month. Intermission came to an end and it was time to start the action back up again with the Semi-Finals of the ACW Heavyweight Title Tournament.

ACW Heavyweight Title Tournament Semi-Finals

"The Enforcer" CW Anderson vs. "Bad" Brad Hunter

CW Anderson came out first and was met with more heel heat carried over from his first round match, although it was a tad bit less than he got the first time out. On the other side of the spectrum, Brad Hunter came out second and got a lot more cheers than he did his first time. Probably had something to do with him now facing the established heel of CW Anderson and this was the second time seeing Hunter. Unfortunately these two did not click in this match and it resulted in a lot of restholds and awkward moments that brought the quality down a considerable bit.

After a clean victory over Brad Attitude, Anderson found himself with his hands full against Brad Hunter. They went toe to toe at first exchanging blows at the opening bell. Hunter gained the advantage early and was all over Anderson. He sent him to the ropes and hit a high knee to Anderson's midsection that sent Anderson down to the mat. Hunter then came down across Anderson's chest with a kneedrop. He dropped another knee across Anderson and then went for the pin, but only got a two count from Frank Casey. Hunter continued the offense on Anderson until Anderson caught him with a facerake and then a hard right hand to deck Hunter. Anderson went for a quick pin. One, Two, kickout. Hunter fought his way to his feet, but a stiff chop from Anderson, followed by a kick to the midsection, led to a vertical suplex from Anderson and another pinfall. One, Two, Th...kickout by Hunter.

The fans were getting behind Hunter now while Anderson locked on a camel clutch to Hunter. With the fans behind him, Hunter fought his way free and found his second wind. He got to his feet and blocked a right hand from Anderson and hit him with a right of his own. He then fired rights and lefts to Anderson before Irish Whipping him into the turnbuckle. Hunter followed him into the corner with a head full of steam and clothesline him in the corner. Anderson stumbled out into a bodyslam from Hunter. Hunter then came off the ropes and hit a legdrop to Anderson. One, Two, Anderson's foot was on the ropes. Hunter grabbed onto CW's neck while he was lying on the mat still and applied a chinlock. CW was within reaching distance of the ropes and that got the hold broken up. Anderson used the ropes to pull himself up. Hunter came up behind Anderson, turned him around, and threw him into the ropes. Hunter bounced off the ropes as well. Anderson ducked Hunter's clothesline attempt...and as Hunter came back off the ropes the second time, he was met with a stiff superkick from Anderson. Anderson made the pin. One, Two, Three.

Winner - CW Anderson

Overall: 52

Crowd: 43

Match: 62

So CW Anderson would be the first man to advance to the finals to determine the first ACW Heavyweight Champion. Seems like I made a good choice by having him go this far because he has been easily the most hated man here tonight.

ACW Heavyweight Title Tournament Semi-FInals

Otto w/Rollo vs. Madd Maxx

Otto once again came out pulling Rollo along with the chain and got a relatively louder negative response from the crowd after they saw what he did to Rollo earlier tonight. Maxx also got a louder response than he did the first time tonight as he walked out and held his chair up right as he walked through the curtains. This was an all out brawl and besides Attitude/Anderson was the best match so far. Rollo rallied the crowd behind Maxx during several parts of the match, but whenever Otto would look over to Rollo, he would quickly stop and cheer on Otto. The crowd kept trying to tell Rollo to take Otto out, but he seemed too terrified to do anything.

Anyway, the match was back and forth with each man taking it to his opponent with everything they had as they tried to advance to the finals. Otto eventually would start to appear to have the advantage as he worked over Maxx in the corner with jabs to the midsection. He then pulled Maxx from the corner and tossed him through the middle ropes to where Rollo was nearby. Otto grabbed referee Mike Hunter and pulled him aside, distracting him. Rollo sneaked over to Maxx and started to help him up, but Otto shot Rollo a dirty look which quickly changed Rollo's intentions. He gave Maxx a chop to the chest, but Maxx just absorbed the attack and his eyes grew wide as he stared at Rollo. Rollo's eyes grew equally as big and he quickly ran like a scared puppy to the other side of the ring...but not before tripping over his own feet and hitting the floor. This brought some laughs from the crowd.

Maxx climbed back up onto the apron, but Otto came over and met him with a back elbow to stagger Maxx on the apron, Otto then grabbed Maxx by the head and dropped him throat first across the top rope. Maxx fell onto the apron and rolled into the ring where Otto drove his knee down into Maxx's throat, choking him. Mike Hunter gave the warning count...One, Two, Three, Four...Otto released the choke on Maxx. He then went for the pin. One, Two, kickout. Otto continud on the offense until he sent Maxx into the ropes and went for a clothesline, but Maxx ducked and hooked him from behind - dropping Otto with a neckbreaker that left both men down. One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six...Maxx rolled over and covered Otto. One, Two, kickout by Otto.

Both men were slow to get back to their feet and were up at about the same time. Otto went for a right hand, but Maxx blocked it and fired off a few rights of his own before Irish Whipping Otto into the corner. Maxx came over and began to drive his knee into Otto's ribs repeatedly until Mike Hunter broke it up. Otto stumbled out of the corner into a kick to the midsection from Maxx. Maxx hooked Otto for what looked like was going to be a vertical suplex, but when he tried to lift Otto up - he blocked it. Otto then tried to reverse it and hit a suplex of his own, but this time Maxx blocked it. Max drove his knee into Otto's midsection and then turned it into a swinging neckbreaker variation. Maxx went for the pin. One, Two, Thre....Otto just barely got his shoulder up in time.

They were once again slow getting up, and Otto got a cheapshot in on Maxx as they were both fighting to get to their feet in the form of a low blow. Mike Hunter got in Otto's face and the crowd let Otto have it as well with boos. Otto shoved the referee and then yelled to Rollo and pointed at Maxx's chair. Rollo was very reluctant as he picked Maxx's chair up and climbed onto the apron. He looked at the chair and to the crowd as Otto demanded that he give him the chair. Otto walked over and grabbed the chair, but Rollo did not let go. There was a brief tug-of-war with Otto yelling at Rollo. Rollo finally gave in and let go...but since they were both tugging at the chair, Otto was sent stumbling back right into a roll-up from Maxx! One, Two, Three!

Winner - Madd Maxx

Overall: 52

Crowd: 31

Match: 71

-Otto lost overness-

And thus the main event was set...it would be the hated Enforcer versus Madd Maxx, who was slowly starting to get more over with the crowd. They would be going head to head for the ACW gold!

But first we needed to have something to give Maxx especially a chance to rest before going out and having another match. This next segment was just what we needed.

The music from Leave it to Beaver started to play through the sound system of the civic center. The crowd seemed confused, and as well they should be...what kind of wrestler in their right mind would have THAT as their theme music. So who's theme music was it? Well it was none other than the smartest and youngest wrestler on the ACW roster - Dexter Poindexter!

Dexter came out dressed in suspenders, high water pants with his shirt tucked in, a bowtie, a pocket protector, and of course thick glasses. As soon as he walked out from the curtains he started waving to the crowd in his own geeky way...think ECW Spike Dudley. Because of his fun-loving attitude, the crowd immediately took a liking to the young fella and started waving back to him. He was all smiles as he walked down the aisle...too bad his smile wouldn't last too long...

Because it was Ric Converse and Caprice Coleman who came from behind the curtain and blindsided Dexter. Krissy Vaine emerged from the curtain behind them after they had taken down Dexter. Caprice picked Dexter up and threw him head first into the ring pole, knocking his glasses off and to the floor. The crowd was now giving Coleman and Converse decent heel heat. They lifted him back up and rolled him into the ring.

They each climbed into the ring as well and began stomping a mudhole into the young geek as Krissy climbed into the ring with a microphone in hand. She began yelling and seemingly directing traffic as Coleman and Converse continued their attack. Converse lifted Dexter up and shoved him over to Coleman who hit him with the Thermal Shock, which is a 3/4 Facelock Drop. Converse then pilled Dexter back up once again to dish out more punishment...this time in the form of a Short Powerbomb.

Krissy Vaine: Dexter Poindexter! Wrong place...wrong time!

Coleman and Converse lifted the now limp body of poor Dexter and threw him out of the ring to the floor. They both smirked as they saw the damage they did.

Krissy Vaine: What you witnessed tonight was a travesty! After the first round tonight, these two men realized they had something in common...they were both ROBBED from being in the semi-finals. It shouldn't be CW Anderson and Madd Maxx in the finals, NO, it should be "Slick" Ric Converse and Caprice "Ice" Coleman. They were both cheated from their wins and now they are going to make sure all of ACW pays for what has been stolen from them. And they will not REST until they get what was rightfully theirs to begin with! They are HOSTILE YOUTH!

Krissy stood between Coleman and Converse and raised both of their hands into the air and were met with boos from the crowd. They got their point across and got themselves more over in the process. Nothing like beating a helpless nerd to get yourself heel heat. It's like the first thing you learn in Heel 101.


Once Hostile Youth, as they now wanted to be called, had made their way from the ring...and Dexter had been helped back to the back with the help from referee Mike Hunter...it was time for our main event to begin.

ACW Heavyweight Title Match

Madd Maxx vs. "The Enforcer" CW Anderson

This was it - the moment everyone had been waiting for. The result of this match would crown the first ever ACW Heavyweight Champion. With this being the culmination of all the night's matches...the crowd was as a result the loudest they had been all night towards both men. The matched started with a staredown as both men circled the ring. You could tell Maxx was still a bit tired from his all out brawl with Otto. CW, on the other hand, had plenty more rest than Maxx had, thus giving him the automatic advantage.

From their staredown they finally moved in and had a lock up to officially start the match off. They had a brief struggle as both men tried to get the advantage out of the lock up. The struggled ended with Anderson bringing his knee up into Maxx's midsection. Maxx was doubled over and Anderson took him to the mat with a snapmare. Maxx was left in a seated position on the mat. Before he could get back up, Anderson nailed him right in the back with a very stiff kick. Maxx quickly got back up but was holding his back in pain. Anderson gave him a stiff chop across the chest before whipping him into the ropes. As Maxx came back off the ropes he was met with a kick to the midsection followed by a knee to the face that sent him to the mat.

Anderson began using his technical skills to work on Maxx's arm. He grabbed his arm and began to wrench it back, applying as much pressure as he could to Maxx's shoulder and arm. Maxx's face showed the pain he was going through, but he fought his way back to his feet and hooked onto the top rope. CW broke it at the last second of Frank Casey's five count. Maxx walked over to the corner to try and catch his breath as Casey warned CW. Anderson then came over to the corner to continue his attack, but Maxx met him with a boot to the midsection. Maxx then grabbed CW and threw him into the corner and began slamming his head into the turnbuckle as the fans counted along.

One - Two - Three - Four - Five - Six - Seven - Eight - Nine - Ten!

Nothing like getting the crowd involved to keep them alive. CW stumbled out of the corner and Maxx bounced off the ropes - taking Anderson down with a clothesline. Maxx dropped an elbow down onto Anderson and went for the first pin of the match. One, Two, kickout. Anderson got up to his feet but was met with rights and lefts from Maxx. Maxx then went for another right hand, but Anderson grabbed his arm and took him down with an armdrag and then applied an armbar submission. Casey immediately began checking on Maxx for a submission. The fans were coming alive with claps to try and help Maxx escape the hold. Maxx began to come alive as well thanks to the crowd and fought his way up with Anderson still holding his arm. He twisted his way free from the hold and then pulled Anderson into a short-arm clothesline.

The fans were solidly behind Maxx as he waited for Anderson to pull himself up so he could knock him back down with another clothesline. Maxx pulled Anderson back up this time and whipped him into the ropes. Anderson came off the ropes into a powerslam from Maxx. One, Two, kickout. Maxx stomped on Anderson a few times before pulling him back up and then grabbing him for a DDT. However, Anderson hit a pair of elbows to Maxx's ribs to break that hold. Maxx took a wild swing at Anderson, but Anderson ducked and hit a back suplex to Maxx. Anderson rolled over and made the pin. One, Two, kickout.

Both men fought to their feet and exchanged blows before Anderson got the upperhand and sent Maxx into the corner. Anderson unloaded knife edge chops onto Maxx's chest, causing it to turn a nasty shade of red. But with the crowd behind him, Maxx absorbed the chops and reversed positions with Anderson in the corner and gave him some chops of his own! Maxx hit a pair of shoulderthrusts to Anderson's midsection in the corner and then backed up to hit a running shoulderthrust. However, Anderson moved and threw Maxx into the ringpost shoulder first! Maxx stumbled out of the corner holding his shoulder in pain and walked right into CW's superkick! Maxx hit the mat and Anderson went for the pin. One, Two, Thre....Maxx got his foot on the ropes. Anderson threatened Frank Casey and this time hooked the leg as he made the pin. One, Two, Thre...Maxx got his shoulder up just in time!

Anderson picked Maxx up and decided to try for his spinebuster. He threw Maxx into the ropes, but Maxx hooked his arms around the top rope to stop himself from running back to Anderson who was ready to hit the spinebuster. Once Anderson was caught off gaurd, Maxx ran in with a clothesline to Anderson that took him to the mat. Anderson stumbled up but was caught by a kick to the midsection from Maxx. Anderson was doubled over and Maxx sent him to the mat with a DDT! Maxx had to roll Anderson over onto his back before going for the pin which took a while. But he did make the pin...One, Two, Thre.....Anderson barely got his shoulder up. The fans thought it was over and so did Maxx...but Frank Casey said that the match must continue.

Maxx climbed up to the second turnbuckle as Anderson began to get up. He came off looking for the axehandle smash, but Anderson pulled Frank Casey infront of him, causing Maxx to knock the ref out! Maxx tried to check on the ref, but Anderson turned Maxx around and decked him with his stiff right hand. He then waited for Maxx to pull himself up. Anderson went for a clothesline to Maxx, but Maxx ducked. Maxx then caught Anderson with a kick to the midsection...and set him up...and nailed him with the Piledriver! Maxx went for the pin and had Anderson's shoulders on the mat for an easy three count, if only Frank Casey had been awake to make it.

After several more seconds, Maxx got up and walked over to Casey and began trying to revive him. Meanwhile, Anderson rolled out of the ring to the floor. Anderson grabbed Maxx's chair and climbed back into the ring with it. Casey was starting to show signs of life as Maxx was shaking him. So Maxx let him go so he could turn his attention back to Anderson. Unfortunately, turning his attention back to Anderson meant a chairshot to the head! CW slid the chair out of the ring as Maxx hit the mat. He made the pin as Casey crawled all the way over...One.....Two......Thre...shoulder up by Maxx! CW couldn't believe it! He immediately started arguing with the still dazed Casey, as Maxx crawled over behind him...and grabbed his tights rolling him up. Casey got back down to make the count. One, Two, Thre....kickout!

Both men were up to their feet and Maxx gave Anderson another kick to the midsection. He once again set The Enforcer up for his piledriver. He had him lifted up, but Anderson fought it off and then backdropped Maxx out of it. Maxx got back to his feet as CW was recovering and ran right at him...but also ran right into a Spinebuster! CW immediately went for the pin. One, Two, Three!

Winner and ACW Champion - CW Anderson

Overall: 59

Crowd: 47

Match: 71

-The ACW Heavyweight Title gained image-

Madd Maxx rolled out of the ring as Frank Casey raised CW Anderson's hand in victory. The crowd met the new champion with boos as he was handed the title belt. He had Casey strap the belt around his waist, which the head referee did with some spite for the whole shoving thing earlier. Anderson stood in the middle of the ring with his championship belt and lifted both arms in the air to do his CW hand signs. Meanwhile, Madd Maxx stood at the curtains with chair in hand and stared down Anderson. Anderson turned to see Maxx, who pointed the chair right at Anderson before walking behind the curtains.

Once CW had left the ring and the boos, the first show in ACW history had ended. It was one for the record books...well some kinda record book anyway.

Overall - 51%


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That was a good show to start off with but it will be nice for the next show when there will be more variety to the matches.

You did a good job of establishing everybody's characters early on in the card and displaying their fighting styles. I liked the mix of straight reporting and your opinions on the match and how you booked the show.

I don't know about giving CW the title though. He may be the most over guy but that leaves him pretty open to being stolen. I guess you'll find out how it turns out though.

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ACW Journal Entry #4

-August 23

Genesis was a huge night for me because I finally got to see my dream in action. And I must say I was very pleased with the outcome. I stayed around in the lobby after the show along with CW Anderson, Brad Attitude, Madd Maxx, Otto, and Brad Hunter. They were busy signing autographs for the fans and I was talking to some of the fans trying to get some feedback from them. It seemed like they thought the show was pretty good, but the wrestling quality could be better. True, but right now I was happy with my roster.

CW Anderson was obviously the star of the night and gets the Wrestler of the Night Award from me, but the most surprising wrestler of the night had to be Brad Attitude. He only had one match, inwhich he lost to Anderson, but he really proved he could go. He wrestled the match of the night with Anderson and had the fans behind him which I didn't expect to happen at all. The kid is talented and looks like he's already starting to get a good following. In the lobby he was the one who had the most people gathering around him to get autographes...mostly being young females.

Once the lobby cleared out, I shook the hands of all the wrestlers and thanked them for a great show. I met up with Krazy K, who didn't have the best of nights since he wasn't even on the card. I told him that to make it up to him we were going to out and have some drinks...granted his only 20. But shhhh...

Today Sophia met up with me to discuss how the show went. We discussed the highs (Brad Attitude vs. CW Anderson) and the lows (Getting off to a slow start from the crowd.) For the next show I would have to seriously consider how I would start the show off so that the fans would be into the show from the get-go instead of taking a match or two to really get hot. This is indeed a learning process for me and I do plan to learn from my mistakes.

We then discussed how the fans reacted to our superstars. We both agreed that of the faces, Madd Maxx and Brad Attitude got the loudest reaction from our crowd. CW Anderson easily was the biggest heel there tonight, which was good to see since I had decided to put the belt on him. Otto would be the next most over heel from last night...these factors were going into the booking of our next show which I have decided to book for September 18th. I originally wanted to keep the spacing of the two shows short (3 weeks) as to keep the wrestlers and show fresh on the fans minds, but then I saw that that would put the show on September 11th, which I decided would be a bad idea. As for the show name, Sophia and I agreed on ACW Strikes Back.

Back to CW Anderson, I realize it is a huge risk putting the title on him. He is a pretty big name in the independent scene and at any moment a bigger organization could come along and offer him a bigger contract, snatching him right from my grips. But I have a feeling that Anderson is a good enough guy to stick around for as long as he has that title. And if not, I always have my backup plans.

Speaking of my plans, I won't give out any details just yet...but in the entry before Genesis I mentioned that NWA:TNA was cutting wrestlers in order to cut costs and I said that since Memphis is so close to us, I might be able to work a deal with some of the cut talent. Well, I am currently close to signing a deal with a NWA:TNA tag team for a very short term deal.

Oh yeah, the wrestling world shake-up continues as Andrew McManus of all people has taken control of Jersey Championship Wrestling.

Well, that's all I got for now. My next entry will focus on ACW Strikes Back.


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ACW Journal Entry #5

-September 8, 2004

First thing's first for this entry...the first month report for ACW.

I didn't know it was possible to lose as much money as we did in the first month! I somehow managed to lose $264,940! Not good at all and I don't think Mr. Karmanos will be happy with that. The biggest mistake I made was spending $200,000 on merchandising and only getting $50,000 in revenue. That's a HUGE loss and is just unacceptable. In order to cut costs, I'm going to have to cut the merchandising down to spending a mere $40,000. I'm also going to cut my advertising expense down to $100,000.

Here's some more bad news, Brad Hunter has decided to increase his wages by 10%, luckily he is still one of the biggest bargains on the roster at $6,000 per appearance.

Here's the updated ACW stats.

Atlantic Coast Wrestling

Public Image: 51%

Money: $720,560

Let's hope I am able to cut my losses this month. Losing $264,940 is not good and at this rate I would be bankrupt in just months! But on to happier topics...

While we are on the topic of money and merchandising - after seeing how the crowd reacted to Brad Attitude at Genesis, I knew that he was going to be a big fan favorite in ACW...but I was still surprised when I saw the merchandising breakdown. Attitude garnered 64% of total sales for the month! The next closest? CW Anderson and Madd Maxx with 3% each. Wow. I had to change my original booking plans for ACW Strikes Back just to make sure Attitude got on the card! I would hate to see the fans rise up and riot against ACW for their lack of Attitude.

In other wrestling world news, in a shocking turn of events...Vince McMahon has announced that this will be his last month in the business because he will indeed be retiring at the end of September. I never thought I'd see the day, but now it is right around the corner!

And even though it looked like TNA was starting to go into a downward spiral, they get a sudden change in luck. Fox Sports Net has decided to upgrade Impact! to a primetime slot. I bet the Jarretts like that. I hope to get ACW a TV show one day, but for now I think I'll avoid the embarrassment of the rejection.

I've added some new talent to our roster this month, yeah in a time where I should be cutting costs so something like last month won't happen again I am signing new talent. But still...Krissy Vaine's reign as THE Diva of ACW will only last for one show as I have signed a new female to play the role of secretary for the currently anonymous Kingpin. Her name is Jenny Taylor and will be debuting at ACW Strikes Back.

Speaking of new talent, I have managed to secure that NWA:TNA tag team for a short-term verbal contract. They will also be making their debut this month at ACW Strikes Back.

Oh yeah, and after having several talks with Krazy K I found out on the side he does a website called Got Gimmicks which makes websites, logos, etc. for wrestlers and wrestling organizations and he has agreed to make the ACW Website! Reaching larger audiences now!

Let's make this a better financial month for ACW. ACW Strikes Back is within distance...lets go!


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Nice. I like this. It's nice to see local guys like Spank and Otto Schwanz (I hate his other personas) in this diary, but Otto *needs* to use his "Schwinging Schwanz" high-angle spinebuster! B)

I also appreciate the dramatic hook you've baited with the identity of "The Kingpin." It's a thin line between unrealistic and anticlimactic, so here's hoping you hit the mark in fine fashion. Nice choice in adding Jenny Taylor to the mix. Nothing says "indy" like "Catfight! Catfiiiiight!"

I don't have a problem with CW Anderson as champion, but you might want to put someone with Charisma alongside him as his isn't exactly legendary. Then again, if the challengers do all the talking and chasing, he can be a silent, brooding champion sitting at the top of the mountain waiting for someone to step up so he can knock them back down. Maybe it plays into the whole "Kingpin" storyline...

More please,


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Atlantic Coast Wrestling Presents....




user posted image VS. user posted image


user posted image

Madd Maxx vs. Otto w/Rollo vs. Brad Hunter

At Genesis, Madd Maxx looked to have CW Anderson beaten and was going to become the first ever Atlantic Coast Wrestling Heavyweight Champion. However, thanks to CW, referee Frank Casey was out of position and this allowed CW Anderson to take advantage and use Maxx's own chair against him. Maxx feels like he was cheated out of the title and he should. But the two men who made it to the semi-finals of the tournament want another shot too. That's why ACW Strikes Back's main event will have these three going at it with the winner to be in line for a title shot!



CW Anderson vs. Shawn Alexander

There's no such thing as a month off for the ACW Heavyweight Champion. While there is no number one contender yet for his title, he still has to go out and meet the challenge of the young Shawn Alexander. Alexander will be looking for some kind of retribution as Anderson beat his tag team partner, Brad Hunter, in the semi-finals of the tournament. If Alexander can pull off the upset, he would be in line for the next title shot after the winner of the main event.

Dexter Poindexter vs. Caprice "Ice" Coleman w/Krissy Vaine

At Genesis, Dexter Poindexter was scheduled for a match but he was robbed of his opportunity to shine in the ACW debut by an angry young duo of Ric Converse and Caprice Coleman along with their lovely manager, Krissy Vaine. It was then that she sent out a warning to all of ACW that they would not rest until they got what was taken from them and that is the opportunity for the ACW Heavyweight Title. Together they are Hostile Youth. But before they can go after the big guns, they are going to have to deal with Dexter Poindexter. The young geek is looking for some payback on his attackers from last month and he will get his chance at ACW Strikes Back! Can he outsmart this angry trio?

Joey "Spank" Sylvia vs. Krazy K

Spank had a tough run in with the screwy Otto at Genesis and came out on the losing end in the first round of the title tournament. Meanwhile, this will be Krazy K's debut match in ACW. Both are going to be going out there hoping to not only impress the crowd, but to also impress the ACW Front Office.

Brad Attitude In Action!

Ric Converse In Action!


Live at the Raleigh Convention and Civic Center. Tickets are only $10 and can be purchased at any Hardee's in Raleigh OR can be purchases at the gate. Doors open at 6:45. Show starts at 7:30

Card subject to change

I'll try to throw in a Schwinging Schwanz just for you Ray ;)

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ACW Journal Entry #6 - The Second Show

-September 18, 2004

The first month was not the success I had hoped for. Sure the first show went great, but it was the stuff that happened after the first show that got to me. I've done a couple things to try and cutt my losses...the merchandising really hurt me. It is safe to say I immediately fired my financial guy for not warning me of that.

With tonight's show being in the same place as last month's, I wanted to see how many people came back for more. We actually had more people here tonight, well THREE more people than last month. Tonight we took in 158 people and made $3,160. Sounds good so far, but I'll have to wait and see the financial statement at the end of the month.

For ACW Strikes Back I wanted to put the emphasis on the number one contendership to CW Anderson's title. I want the Heavyweight Title to mean something and not just anyone can get a title shot. A titleshot would have to be earned and that's why I put the three men most deserving in the main event for the night. It was also time to start building some feuds and such. With that in mind...here's the show.

ACW Strikes Back

The Raleigh Convention and Civic Center was set up just as it was last month. Gotta keep it simple to keep to the budget. (Not that I've done a good job sticking to the budget so far or anything) A couple Brad Attitude T-shirts could be seen in the audience, which was about the only merchandising seen besides some ACW T-shirts. The fans settled in and waited for 7:30 to come along and the voice of Jack Douglas to signal the start of the night's show.

Jack Douglas: Raleigh, North Carolina.....ARE YOU READY FOR ACW WRESTLING?!

Much like last month, the fans gave a decent response to Jack's yelling.

Jack Douglas: Last month we saw CW Anderson beat the likes of Madd Maxx, Brad Hunter, and Brad Attitude to become the first ever Atlantic Coast Wrestling HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION! But now the question must be asked, WHO is in line for a title shot? Is it Madd Maxx, who came OH so close to winning the title last month? Or perhaps the two men who lost in the semi-finals but think they deserve a second chance? Well TONIGHT ALL THREE men will have the chance to prove they are the number one contenders because in tonight's MAIN EVENT - they will go at each other in a TRIPLE THREAT match for that opportunity! So get ready fans because ACW Action starts NOW!

Brad Attitude vs. MC Wizzle

MC Wizzle is one of the guys I picked up as filler talent, which of course is a nice way of putting the term "jobber." I never really liked that word. He's one of four filler talents I have on the roster now, the other three will also be appearing later in the show. He came out to some 80s rap and was wearing his hair like Vanilla Ice and had some absurd parachute pants on with ludicrously oversized necklaces on as well. The crowd didn't really react beyond some laughs at this over the top character. He yelled things like "Yo what up my peeps" and "Holler at me!" which sounds really strange coming from this goofy caucasian. But the next guy out certainly got a response and that was Brad Attitude. Sending him out in the first match was what I wanted to do last month and that's to get the crowd energetic right from the opening match. He did his bit going around the ring and interacting with the fans, handing out the room keys. He finally slid into the ring and posed for pictures on a pair of turnbuckles.

Unfortunately, in a match that was designed to make Attitude look good, it actually had quite the opposite effect. Due to the two not really having chemistry together, the match didn't flow very well and as a result not only was the match quality down, but once the match actually got started - the crowd got a lot quieter. The outcome of the match was obvious from the get-go, but that's the way these types of deals go. But Attitude tried to make it interesting, letting Weston get plenty of offense in. However, when it came down to it, Attitude was just too much for Wizzle. Attitude picked up the "W" after displaying his impressive Attitude Adjuster finisher for the first time. For the record, the Attitude Adjuster starts out looking like he's going for Shane Helms' former finisher the Vertebreaker, but instead drops him in a move more similar to Christian's Unprettier. It's a great move to say the least, and it was enough to do the job here tonight.

Winner - Brad Attitude

Overall: 45

Crowd: 28

Match: 63

The crowd came back alive after Brad hit the Attitude Adjuster and was proclaimed the winner. He posed on the turnbuckles for more photo opportunities for the fans before he climbed out of the ring, only to interact with them some more, giving hugs to a couple of lucky ladies at ringside.

Krazy K vs. Joey "Spank" Sylvia

Krazy K was making his ACW debut after not being on the show last month. The crowd gave him a decent response, but nothing noteable. A lot about Krazy K seems to resemble Jeff Hardy...the way he wrestles and even the way he comes down to the ring. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. But then again Jeff Hardy is a big fan favorite, so maybe Krazy K can establish himself one too. Joey Sylvia got a louder reaction since the fans remembered him from last month, although it wasn't too much louder than that of Krazy K.

The match started out with a handshake between the two men as it seemed this would be a match of respect with both men trying to prove themselves. They traded moves back and forth for the opening minutes, each trying to one up the other with their speed skills. The crowd was having a hard time getting into it, however. Things started to change, however, once Krazy K started to get the upperhand in the match. After K caught Spank with a tilt-a-whirl headscissor takedown, Spank slammed his fists down on the mat in frustration. Spank got up from the mat and stared at K who was stretching back and forth in the corner. Spank applauded K's move and then moved to the center of the ring and offered a handshake once again. K came over to accept, but when he did - Spank gave him a thumb to the eye and a boot to the midsection. The crowd reaction for Spank started to turn to boos after that.

The match continued with Spank going further and further into heel darkness. Everything from cheapshots to pulling the tights to putting his feet on the ropes were used to get over the fact that he was no longer the fun loving face he was at the start of the match. However, K fought his way back into the match with his equally as quick offense. Eventually Spank would catch a kick attempt from K, but K would fire an enziguri right to the side of Spank's head. As Krazy K lifted Spank but up off the mat, Spank seemed to wave towars the back for some reason...

Krazy K pulled Sylvia's head back and had him set up for the Overdose, but Sylvia blocked it and then took Krazy K to the mat with a swinging neckbreaker. Both men were down as someone emerged from behind the curtains. The man was the hired gun, Mike Maverick! Referee Mike Hunter checked on Spank as he was trying to get to his feet...Spank wisely pulled Hunter aside so that his back was to Krazy K and began to complain about something. Maverick slid under the ropes into the ring. Krazy K pulled himself up off the mat but was met with a boot to the midsection and sent right back down by Maverick's Reverse DDT! Maverick slid back out of the ring as Spank immediately went for the pin. That's all she wrote for Krazy K.

Winner - Joey "Spank" Sylvia

Overall: 45

Crowd: 20

Match: 70

Joey Sylvia debuted new gimmick (Cowardly Heel).

Mike Maverick climbed back into the ring and Joey Sylvia leaped into his arms out of excitement. Maverick lifted Sylvia up as he celebrated, but Maverick kept a cold and unchanged look on his face as he did so. The crowd gave both men a negative reaction as Krazy K rolled out of the ring to the floor. Spank's celebration continued until Maverick finally set him down and they both returned to the back.

Flash vs. Ric Converse w/Krissy Vaine

Flash would be one of my other filler talents. He came out to dead silence from the crowd and speakers since he had no theme music. He dressed in a completely red outfit with lightning bolts on it trying to look a lot like the real superhero Flash, just no mask. He originally was going to wear the mask but he said he couldn't breath with it on. Very pitiful really. Converse came out with Special K and got some heel heat, but not a whole lot. This one was kept relatively short which is good considering the fans could care less about the match, even though it was a pretty good match for what it was. Converse basically controlled the entire match with Flash getting in limited offense. Converse wrapped this one up with a facebuster called The Ric-ter Scale for the victory.

Winner - Ric Converse

Overall: 44

Crowd: 19

Match: 71

Converse celebrated with Krissy in the ring and the crowd decided to give him a little bit of heat. He would leave with Krissy as Flash struggled to get up. Sometimes when a face loses, the crowd will give him some applause anyway to make him feel better...not this time. The crowd actually mocked Flash as he left the ring for losing. Tough crowd.

A Natural Choice

"Truth or Dare" by N.E.R.D started to play over the PA system as the lovely Jenny Taylor walked out. She held a clipboard in her hand and was dressed similarly to Stacy Keibler during her Miss Hancock days in WCW. But she was not alone as she came down to the ring. With her were none other than former NWA Tag Team Champions, Andy Douglas and Chase Stevens - The Naturals! And they each had a gold title belt around their waste. The crowd gave this trio a mixed reaction as they entered the ring together. A stagehand handed a microphone to Jenny.

Jenny Taylor: Good evening. I am here representing a very, very important man to Atlantic Coast Wrestling. You may or may not be aware of just who runs things around here. That would, of course, be the ACW Front Office. But there is on man in particular who has more sway on that board because of his...well let's just say this man possesses wealth like many of you can only dream of. From now on, you will hear about and know this man as only The Kingpin. And I am Jenny Taylor, secretary to that very man. And standing with me is the best tag team money can buy. Which is why The Kingpin had them brought to ACW. You see, there is an issue of the ACW Tag Team Titles and how they are going to be decided.

Jenny turned towards The Naturals and they both gave off a set of cocky smirks.

Jenny Taylor: This is Andy Douglas and Chase Stevens, better known as The Naturals. They are the youngest, most charismatic, and most talented tag team that The Kingpin could find. And whoever can defeat them is deserving of those very tag team titles that they currently wear around their waists. So the Kingpin challenge begins this week and continues until one deserving ACW tag team can successfully defeat The Naturals! The challenge begins tonight, and is open to any two ACW wrestlers who feel they are up to the challenge. Who back there wants to be the first to step up to the plate? Who wants to be the first to try and impress The Kingpin?


Who answered the challenge? Well it would be my other two filler-talents who have yet to appear of course. They don't get the luxury of having them music, and both come out in generic white tights. They don't have any noticable gimmick...which was not a good sign. All we got from Jack Douglas was that they are the tag team of Jimmy East and Adam West, East & West.

The Kingpin Challenge

The Naturals vs. East & West

Adam West? Yes, that's the name he really goes by down here in the South. He's even got a tattoo of a bat on his shoulder. Talk about taking being a fan a little too far. The fans let Jenny Taylor and The Naturals have it during their promo, booing them after seeing the way Andy and Chase acted while holding the belts. Their naturally cocky attitude made the fans despise them the minute they saw them. And, of course, some new them from TNA. They are indeed talented as they took these two bland and very generic filler-talents and made them look decent.

The match was better than it had any right to be considering the opponents, but Chase and Andy actually allowed Adam and Jimmy plenty of offense, including a hot tag. Well...a lukewarm tag. Adam West, the more talented of the two plain wrestlers, found himself in the corner being worked over by Douglas. Stevens tagged himself in. Douglas whipped West into the ropes and Stevens hit him off the ropes with a leg lariat. One, Two, kickout by West. Douglas distracted referee Mike Hunter as Stevens began to blatantly choke West. Douglas finally left the ring as Stevens went for another pinfall. One, Two, East made the save. East left the ring as Stevens just got back up and pulled West up with him and took him back to the mat with a snap suplex. Stevens applied a double armbar to West, who then immediately began trying to fight his way out of it. He escaped, but Stevens immediately tagged Douglas in and they hit a double dropkick to West. They began to set West up for the Natural Disaster, but East ran in and made the save. Stevens gave him a boot to the midsection for his trouble and tossed him out of the ring. Stevens followed him out to ringside.

Douglas continued where Stevens left off on West and took him to the mat with a backbreaker. He went for the pin again. One, Two, kickout. The crowd knew East & West had no real chance, so the longer the match went...the more restless they got. Even though the match was decent enough, when the outcome is obvious its hard to get them into it. Douglas started to pick West up, but West nailed him with a jawbreaker that left both men down. It was the long crawl over to the corners where both men made the tag to their fresh tag partner. East was in and was a house of fire, or atleast a barn of fumes. He met Stevens with a dropkick that sent him down. Stevens received a dropkick as well, which sent him out of the ring. Douglas was back up and East sent him to the mat with a clothesline. He then picked Douglas back up and gave him a kick to the midsectoin. He set him up for a DDT, but Douglas countered with a Northern Lights Suplex. One, Two, Thre...kickout. Stevens rolled back into the ring as West was up and ran at him, but Stevens backdropped him over the top to the floor. East started to get back to his feet, but Stevens and Douglas set him up....Natural Disaster! One, Two, Three.

Winner - The Naturals

Overall: 47

Crowd: 23

Match: 72

Jenny Taylor climbed back into the ring and raised the hands of both Andy Douglas and Chase Stevens. She handed them each one of the tag titles as Jimmy East and Adam West left the ring dejected.


So far the tag match was the best part of the show so far, believe it or not. But there was still a big main event to come. Jack Douglas announced that ACW would return to the Raleigh Convention and Civic Center in December. I had decided to take the show elsewhere next month...but not too far. Had to keep it within reasonable distance, just incase we had obtained some fans willing to make the drive. People took bathroom breaks and got snacks from the concession stand and before they knew it...Jack Douglas was announcing Intermission was over!

Caprice "Ice" Coleman w/Krissy Vaine vs. Dexter Poindexter

Dexter Poindexter wanted some sort of retribution for what happened to him last month. He was made a fool of at ACW's debut show! Of course, Dexter Poindexter made a fool of himself just by showing up. His highwater pants, suspenders, thick glasses, etc. did that for him. Last week the fans took a liking to him when they first saw him and at first they did this week too. And Caprice Coleman got about the same reaction he did last week. But you see, Dexter Poindexter isn't very talented in the ring. Luckily by some miracle, Caprice Coleman earned his paycheck this month by making it a good match.

The one good thing Dexter has going for him is that he can indeed sell, but beyond that he's not much to watch. Coleman did all the work in this one. Coleman gave him an angry thugged out beating like only he can. All while yelling at the crowd at whatever chance he could get. The fans weren't really interested in watching Coleman beat the Hell out of Dexter for most of the match, and as a result they were pretty quiet even when Coleman yelled obsenities at them. Dexter started to show some sort of offense as Coleman took too long to climb to the top turnbuckle. When he came off looking for a legdrop, Dexter rolled out of the way. Coleman stumbled to his feet holding the back of his leg and cursing under his breath. Dexter took advantage and took Coleman down with a pretty weak dropkick. Coleman sold it anyway and dropped to the mat. Dexter went for the pin. One, Two, kickout.

Just when Dexter started to get the upperhand, Krissy jumped onto the apron and called Dexter over. Dexter, being the nerd that he is, is not very comfortable around beautiful girls. He nervously walked over to Krissy as she seductively waved him over. Once he was over to her, she grabbed his head and shoved her tongue right into his mouth. She pulled back and the wide-eyed Dexter started to hyper-ventilate. Unfortunately, he also turned right around into the Thermal Shock from Coleman. One, Two, Three.

Winner - Caprice Coleman

Overall: 47

Crowd: 19

Match: 75

Ric Converse made his way down to the ring as Coleman wasn't done with Dexter just yet. He continud to stomp on him even as Mike Hunter continued to call for the bell. Converse entered and immediately scared Hunter off. Converse then joined in on the beating to Dexter. Krissy entered the ring to direct traffic once again and she signalled for something. Converse and Coleman nodded and lifted Dexter to his feet. Coleman climbed up out to the apron as Coleman picked Dexter up and hit him with a backbreaker, holding him across his knee as Coleman springboard into the ring with a kneedrop across Dexter's throat while Coleman held him. They call that the Moment of Hostility. Krissy celebrated with Hostile Youth before they finally left the ring, leaving Dexter out cold in the ring. Dexter eventually would leave with help from referee Mike Hunter.

Non-Title Match

Shawn Alexander vs. "The Enforcer" CW Anderson

The young and energetic Shawn Alexander came out to his and Brad Hunter's House of Pain generic rock music while slapping the hands of every fan that offers. He slid into the ring and showed lots of excitement as he climbed up to the turnbuckle and throw his hands up to the crowd. Next out come ACW Heavyweight Champion, CW Anderson to loud boos from the crowd. He had the belt strapped confidently around his waist as he walked down the aisle with a cold and determined look on his face. He stared down a couple fans at ringside that were taunting him. After a slow entrance, he climbed into the ring and never took his eyes off of Alexander, who was busy stretching in the corner.

The bell rang and Alexander immediately came from the circle and hopped up and down as he circled Anderson. He finally moved in and they locked up. Neither man could get the advantage from the lock up and CW Anderson simply shoved him back into the corner. Alexander came running out hoping to lock up again, but CW Anderson met him with a knee to the midsection then brought a clubbing forearm down across the back of Alexander's neck. That was Anderson's experience factor kicking in. Alexander was sent down to the mat, but immediately started to pull himself up, but Anderson sent him reeling with an European uppercut. Anderson continued on the offense for the opening minutes of the match. Anderson hit some repeated rights and lefts to Alexander's midsection and then hit him with a drop toe hold that sent him down throat first across the middle ropes. Anderson began choking Alexander relentlessly across the middle rope. Frank Casey made the count and pulled Anderson off of Alexander.

CW backed off and Alexander pulled himself up using the ropes. CW went right back at him hitting another pair of forearm's to Alexander's back and then threw him into the ropes. Alexander ducked CW's clothesline attempt and then staggered him wiht a dropkick. Alexander got up and nailed Anderson with several right hands, but CW finally blocked one and then chopped Alexander hard across the chest. Alexander clutched his chest in pain and Anderson decked him with a hard right hand. Anderson stomped across Alexander's chest several times before he pulled him up. He then hooked Alexander and went for a back suplex, but Alexander flipped over and landed on his feet. He grabbed Anderson and surprised him with a roll-up. One, kickout. Well, I guess it wasn't too much of a surprise.

Both men were back up at the sametime and Alexander caught Anderson with a boot to the midsection. He then lifted Anderson up and dropped him to the mat with a front suplex. He immediately went for the pin on the champ. One, Two, kickout. Alexander was up quick and continued his offense on Anderson with the fans firmly in his corner. Alexander came off the middle turnbuckle with a kneedrop to Anderson and went for the pin again. One, Two, another two count. Alexander grabbed Anderson and started to pull him up, but Anderson reached up and gouged Alexander's eyes. Alexander held his eyes in pain and Anderson snapmared him to the mat and then gave him a stiff kick to the back. Alexander slowly got up and Anderson Irish Whipped him into the ropes and caught him off the ropes with the Spinebuster! One, Two, Three.

Winner - CW Anderson

Overall: 52

Crowd: 38

Match: 67

Anderson gave his "CW" finger symbols to the crowd, who responded by giving him a few finger symbols of their own. Casey went to hand Anderson his belt, but Anderson snatched it from him and he held it up to the crowd, only to receive more boos. Anderson left the ring, completely ignoring the boos from the crowd. Alexander received a decent reaction as he got back to his feet holding his back in pain.

Now that we had seen the champion in action, it was time to see just who would be the next in line for his belt. The main event was up next...

Main Event - #1 Contendership Match

"Bad" Brad Hunter vs. Madd Maxx vs. Otto w/Rollo

Each of these men felt like they should get a shot at CW Anderson next. And the ACW Front Office (oh yeah, that's really me, isn't it) also felt that each man in his own right should have the opportunity to fight for the title. That's why this match was made. Madd Maxx and Brad Hunter each got good pops from the crowd with Maxx's being the loudest. Otto also got some good heel heat, but Rollo continued to have the crowd behind him.

This was your basic triple threat match formula. One man gets taken out, other two fight, third man returns to take out one of the others, two remaining fight, rense, lather, repeat. Hunter and Maxx started out by teaming up against Otto, which was working well early. They whipped him into the ropes and lifted him up in the air and down to the canvas with a double backdrop. Otto held his back as he got back to his feet but was caught with a double boot to the midsection. Otto was doubled over and then hit with a double vertical suplex from Hunter and Maxx. Things started to breakdown in the teamwork when Hunter went for the pin. One, Two, Maxx broke it up. This, predictably, turned into a shoving match between Hunter and Maxx. Of course, this was not a good idea for Hunter considering Maxx has a size and power advantage over him. Maxx got the upperhand in the exchange and eventually tossed Hunter out of the ring to the floor.

This had given Otto time to get up and he caught Maxx by surprise with a back suplex. With Maxx laying on his back on the canvas, Otto got down on the mat next to him and began to repeatedly drive his head into Maxx's chest with headbutts. Otto got back up with a twist yet goofy smile on his face as he looked down to Rollo at ringside, who quickly changed from having the crowd root against Otto to trying to get them to cheer him on. Otto picked Maxx up only to bodyslam him back to the mat and then drop an elbowdrop down across his chest. He went for the pin. One, Two, kickout. Otto stomped on Maxx before starting to lift him up. Maxx fired back with a jab to Otto's midsection. He then sent Otto into the ropes and hit him with a sidewalk slam as he came off the ropes. Maxx went for the pin this time. One, Two, Brad Hunter pulled Maxx out of the ring by his feet to break up the count.

The crowd actually booed Hunter a bit for that. Hunter gave Maxx a kick to the midsection and then sent him crashing into the gaurd rail. Hunter then climbed onto the apron as Otto started to get back to his feet. Hunter springboarded into the ring with a clothesline to Otto. Hunter went for the pin. One, Two, kickout. About this time is when CW Anderson walked back from behind the curtain and started watching the match from the top of the aisle.

Hunter pulled Otto up and Irish Whipped him into the corner. Hunter followed him in and clotheslined him in the corner. Otto started to stumble out, but Hunter turned him around and shoved him back into the corner. He grabbed Otto by the head and slammed his head into the turnbuckle a few times while the crowd counted. "One, Two, Three, Four..." As Hunter went for the fifth, Otto suddenly blocked it by grabbing onto the top ropes and then staring at Hunter and smiling. Otto then started slamming HIS OWN head into the turnbuckle. Hunter backed away as Otto turned back and stared at Hunter with a twisted smile. Hunter then ran full speed at Otto, but Otto moved and Hunter crashed into the corner himself. Otto began stomping a mudhole into Hunter in the corner.

Meanwhile, Maxx was back up at ringside and slowly climbed back into the ring as Otto continued to work over Hunter in the corner. Maxx came up behind Otto and drove his elbow into Otto's back. He then hooked Otto and hit an inverted suplex to him. He walked over and climbed onto Otto and began unloading rights and lefts to Otto's head. Hunter came running from the corner and nailed Maxx in the face with a boot. Maxx climbed back to his feet as Hunter hit him with repeated right hands and then a dropkick. Maxx fell to one knee as Hunter was back up and ran to the ropes again. Hunter came off the ropes but ran right into a Gorilla Press from Maxx. Maxx dropped Hunter face first to the mat. Maxx then dropped down and went for the pin. One, Two, Otto broke it up. Otto drove his knee into Maxx's midsection and then sent him into the ropes. Otto caught Maxx off the ropes with a spear! He went for the pin. One, Two, Thre...shoulder up.

Otto lifted Maxx up and sent him back down with a belly-to-belly suplex. He then went for another pin. One, Two, Th...this time it was Hunter breaking up the count. An angry Otto got up and took a swing at Hunter, but Hunter ducked and then gave Otto a stiff kick to the leg. Otto held his leg in pain and Hunter took him to the mat with a swinging neckbreaker. He made the cover. One, Two, kickout. Hunter then climbed out onto the apron as Otto began to stumble up to his feet. Hunter springboarded into the ring going for his Springboard Cross Body, but Otto caught him and hit him with a Fallaway Slam. Otto dropped down to one knee as the match had gotten to him. Maxx was back to his feet and met Otto with a kick to the midsection and set him up for The Piledriver. However, Otto countered and pulled Maxx's legs out from under him and then gave him a stomp that was borderline low blow. Frank Casey warned Otto as Hunter was getting up. Hunter ran for Otto again, but Otto caught him, lifted him up, and hit him with the Schwinging Schwanz! Otto made the pin. One, Two, Thre....Maxx broke it up at the very last second!

Otto got up and ducked a right hand from Maxx. He then gave Maxx a boot to the midsection and sent him into the ropes. He attempted a backdrop, but Maxx saw it coming and drove his knee into Otto's face...then had him set up in perfect position for his Piledriver! Otto rolled over onto his back on the mat. Hunter was still out cold, so Maxx made the pin unopposed. One, Two, Three!

Winner - Madd Maxx

Overall: 52

Crowd: 37

Match: 67

Madd Maxx got up slowly to his feet and Frank Casey raised his hand in victory. Madd Maxx climbed the turnbuckles to raise his arms and celebrate as the fans cheered him. He then pointed to CW Anderson and made the "title belt" motion around his waist. CW Anderson slowly began walking down to the ring as Maxx kept his eyes glued on him. He then climbed down off the turnbuckle and motioned Anderson to bring it. Meanwhile, Otto had instructed Rollo to hand him his chain. Otto wrapped the chain around his arm and nailed Maxx from behind with the chain!

CW Anderson then climbed into the ring and began double teaming Madd Maxx with Otto. Rollo looked on from ringside with concern. He saw Maxx's chair and picked it up. Meanwhile, Brad Hunter was back up and attacked Otto from behind and tried to help Maxx. He was getting the upperhand on Otto until CW Anderson blindsided Hunter and then Otto decked Hunter with the chain as well.

Rollo innocently whislted as he slid the chair into the ring right next to Maxx. Maxx grabbed it and began to pull himself up as Anderson and Otto walked back over to him. Maxx caught them both by surprise as he first drove the chair into Otto's midsection and then to Anderson's. He nailed Otto with a chairshot to the head that sent him to the mat. Anderson was doubled over from the first chairshot, so Maxx brought the chair down across Anderson's back!

The crowd was loving seeing Maxx take it to everyone within sight with the chair. Maxx screamed for Anderson to get back up. Anderson slowly pulled himself back up, only to have Maxx smack him right across the head with the chair! CW Anderson dropped to the mat, out cold. Maxx climbed the turnbuckle again and held his chair up in the air to a big pop from the crowd.

Maxx finally left, followed by a groggy Brad Hunter. Rollo helped Otto out of the ring and CW Anderson eventually got up and left on his own as the fans egged him on. Jack Douglas thanked the fans for coming and reminded them when ACW would next be here.

That's a wrap people.

Overall - 48%

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ACW Journal Entry #7 - Aftershock

-September 19, 2004

Ok, so the second show wasn't as good as the first. I realize this and will have to try and improve things next month. Luckily we had a larger attendance and took in more money, which is a definite plus. Granted it was only 3 people more, but still.

The show did manage to show me a few things. For one, Caprice Coleman very well could be one of the most talented wrestlers on the ACW roster. He took Dexter Poindexter, who is quite frankly well below average in skill, and made it the best match of the night. Him, Brad Attitude, and CW Anderson are the best workers I got, or atleast that I've seen so far. The crowd just hasn't quite got into Coleman as much as they have Attitude and Anderson, but I'm sure that in due time, Coleman will be very over. He was the worker of the night in my opinion, for making that match good. I made sure to tell him that after the show as well.

The Naturals are being very gracious to work a few ACW dates to help establish a tag team division in ACW. I hope the fans don't get too attatched to this very talented duo, because they won't be around too long, can't afford it. But they will be around just long enough to do what they have to do. These are two world class guys who I hope to work with again someday if ACW makes it.

ACW Strikes Back saw the debut of three ACW core talent. One being Krazy K who wrestled his first match in ACW and lost it because of one of the other debuts, Mike Maverick. Maverick's debut went off pretty well and established his relationship with Joey Sylvia. The other debut was Jenny Taylor, playing the part of The Kingpin's secretary. Besides them, I got to use my filler-talents for the first time. I tried to give them each some kind of gimmick (well except East & West, who's lack of gimmick IS their gimmick) so they could atleast try to get over with the crowd before getting squashed by core talent.

So now the main event for the next show has been set with Madd Maxx winning the triple threat match. It will be a rematch from Genesis as CW Anderson defends against Maxx. The fans are slowly getting more and more behind Maxx, which is what I wanted. He has managed to become the most over face on the ACW roster. And before too long he may even get close to rivaling CW Anderson for the most over worker on the entire roster.

Speaking of the next show, given the main event...I have decided on the title Beware the Chair for the show. I'm sure Maxx will like that.

Now I have the end of the month to look forward to and seeing the financial statement. I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't worried after what happened last month. Hopefully Sophia will bring good news...highly doubtful.

Oh well, that's all I got for now. I'm tired from a lack of sleep the past two nights. Oh, and just as a reminder to myself - don't go out drinking with Joey Sylvia after the shows again...sure he may be small but damn can that kid hold his liquor! Ohhh my head...


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ACW Journal Entry #8 - End of September Report

-October 4, 2004

I would have reported this earlier, but I've been too busy drinking my misery away with Joey...

And yes that means what you think it means. We lost a lot of money again this month. Thankfully it wasn't as much as last month, but it was still a large chunk of change. This month's deficit was $123,840. Could be worse I guess...atleast its not over $200K like it was last month. I mean, atleast we're still getting more popular.

Oh wait, it does get worse.

We lost public image this month. Sophia says we're down to 49%! That's down from last month's 51%! I guess the fact that the show was below average and worse than our first one hurt us. So yeah, that was the main reason I had to forget my own reminder from my last update and hit the bar with Joey. He sure knows how to help you forget your troubles with some scotch and a couple of strippers.

But that's another story, maybe for later. We'll see.

Unfortunately, after I long night of barhopping - this morning I got a call from my good friend and GM of the Carolina Hurricanes, Jim Rutherford. You may remember him as the guy who helped me get this job to begin with. Anyway, we share the same boss, Mr. Karmanos. Well, here's basically how the conversation went down.

After the struggle of rolling over in my bed and finding the phone that had fallen to the floor, I answered. "....He...llo?"


"Huh? Wha...Jim? Is that you Jim? Heeellloooo???"

"Yeah it's me. What the Hell have you been doing? You sound wasted."

"Wha? Noooo, I'm good. What's up?"

"I just got off the phone with Karmanos."


"Peter Karmanos Jr. You know, the guy who gave you the money to fund ACW and said he'd be watching you closely?"

"Ohhh yeah! HIM!"

"Well, he has stuck to his word and has been monitoring everything about ACW. And let's just say he's not too pleased with your progress so far. He said that if things didn't start to improve around there soon, he would pull the plug on the project."

"He can't do that!"

"Of course he can, he IS the owner after all."

There was a long pause in the conversation, or atleast if anything was said...I don't remember it. Which very well could have been the case. But next thing I know I am singing Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville to Jim. Not something I'm proud of.

"Ok first step...you need to sober up. Second step, come meet with me and I'll help you out. I'm pretty skilled when it comes to budgets. We'll figure something out."

"Thanks but no thanks. I took on this thing and I am going to fix it myself. It is my burden to carry."

"Very well, but the offer remains open. Now get some rest...and try to lay off the alcohol for a while, atleast until you have a reason to celebrate."

So yeah, I have a lot to worry about. I figure that until Karmanos contacts me himself, I don't have to worry too much. But I do know that he is watching me very closely and I do know he is unhappy with my work. Well, time to start turning things around then.

And it will have to start this month, when on October 18th ACW runs its third show, Beware the Chair. It will be in a different location this month as we shift over to the Wake Memorial Auditorium. It's smaller than the Raleigh Convention and Civic Center, but its also cheaper. Also in an attempt to cut costs, I've already cut the advertising budget from 10% down to 5%.

I hope October can be ACW's month! You know...like September and August were suppose to be...

Atlantic Coast Wrestling

Money: $596,720

PI: 49%

Merchandising: 2%

Advertising: 5%


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Atlantic Coast Wrestling Presents....




user posted image VS. user posted image

"The Enforcer" CW Anderson © vs. Madd Maxx

Madd Maxx still feels like he was screwed out of originally winning the ACW Heavyweight Title at Genesis when he lost to Anderson in the finals of the one night tournament. Now he has won the opportunity to get the gold once again. But Anderson is a cold and calculating champion and will no doubt be ready for whatever Madd Maxx brings to the table. Maxx, ACW's Chairman, will undoubtly be armed with his chair when he comes to the ring, and would love to drive the chair right into Anderson's head like he did at ACW Strikes Back. Who will leave the night as champion???


Brad Attitude vs. Mike Maverick w/Joey Sylvia

Last week, Mike Maverick made his ACW debut as he helped Joey "Spank" Sylvia pick up a big win over Krazy K. Sylvia has hired Maverick to do his dirty work and ensure Joey Sylvia always picks up the win over his opponents. So far Maverick has done a good job in living up to his word. But this time Maverick gets to show exactly what he is made of in singles action in his in-ring debut. And his opponent is not going to be easy. Brad Attitude is not only a crowd favorite in ACW, but he also has that never-say-die attitude that he is hoping will take him to the top in ACW. But the question will be...is Joey Sylvia going to return the favor to Maverick?

Dexter Poindexter vs. "Slick" Ric Converse w/Krissy Vaine

Poor Dexter just can't catch a break here in ACW. At the first event, Genesis, Hostile Youth took him out before he could even get to the ring. Then at ACW Strikes Back, it looked like he could score a major victory over Hostile Youth's Caprice Coleman, but just when he was getting the upperhand - "Special K" Krissy Vaine made sure it didn't happen like that. She seduced the young nerd and gave him a big fat kiss. It's safe to say Dexter isn't use to that kind of attention, and it more than caught him off-gaurd. More then enough to allow Coleman to hit his Thermal Shock finisher on the "distracted" Poindexter. Hostile Youth then did a number on Dexter after the match. Can Dexter get it right this time? Krissy Vaine will be at ringside again...will she get involved again?

The Naturals vs. Any ACW Duo

The Kingpin Challenge continues until one team can defeat The Naturals. That team will then become ACW's first ever Tag Team Champions. Which ACW tag team will step up to the plate this time? At ACW Strikes Back the unknowns of Jimmy East and Adam West answered the challenge and then had their butts handed to them by the much more skilled Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas. Was this just a set-up by The Kingpin and Jenny Taylor to make sure the Naturals won? 

Brad Hunter In Action!

Otto In Action!


Live at the Wake Memorial Auditorium. Tickets are only $10 and can be purchased at any Hardee's in Raleigh OR can be purchases at the gate. Doors open at 6:45. Show starts at 7:30

Card subject to change

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ACW Journal Entry #9

-October 16, 2004

This would be our first time at a location besides the Raleigh Convention and Civic Center. Luckily we hadn't gone too far away as we were still in the same county, just on the other side of the county at the Wake Memorial Auditorium. It is indeed smaller and whether or not that had an effect on our turn out, I can't be sure. But the turn out was indeed smaller than the previous two shows. Perhaps being a mixture of new location and since our last show wasn't quite as good as our first.

I did notice that some people from the first two shows had made the trek over to the new location. I guess even a promotion as small as we are gets to have a couple big fans. I also noticed a sign that said Fear the Chair....hmm, nice try kid, its BEWARE the chair. Oh well, maybe he just wanted to be different.

It was becoming more and more important to put on a good show to not only make new fans, but to also keep the ones we already had! Low quality shows was not what we needed at this point in ACW. Could Beware The Chair put us in the right direction. Well...you be the judge.

Beware The Chair

"Boom" by POD is the unofficial theme song of ACW, by the way. And it played, signaling the official start of the show. Of course it's unoficially because we aren't paying any royalties...since we're so small we can get away with it for now. As long as no one goes running their mouth bitching and complaining about it. Uhh yeah...anyway, Jack Douglas' voice also cued the start of the night.

Jack Douglas: Are you ready for our first show in the Wake Memorial Auditorium?!?

With the crowd being smaller, the reaction was smaller as well.

Jack Douglas: Ahem...I said are you ready?!

Give it up Jack, it's not going to get any louder than that I'm afraid.

Jack Douglas: I hope you are ready because TONIGHT our Heavyweight Champion, "The Enforcer" CW Anderson defends his title against the number one contender, the self-proclaimed Chairman of ACW - MADD MAXX! It's going to be a HOT fall night so let's get this show started!

That was the end of Jack Douglas' introduction as "Truth or Dare" by N.E.R.D. replaced his voice over the very poor quality sound system. This signaled the entrance of the Kingpin's secretary, Jenny Taylor as she led The Naturals down to the ring. They managed to get decent heel heat from the fans as they made their way down to the ring. The Kingpin Challenge would be starting the show off...but who would be answering the challenge this month? None other than MC Wizzle and Flash!

The Kingpin Challenge

The Naturals w/Jenny Taylor vs. MC Wizzle and Flash

MC Wizzle and Flash got a comedic pop from the crowd as they came to the ring. Once in the ring, Wizzle tried to break dance, but failed miserably. Atleast the crowd seemed to enjoy his act. Andy Douglas and Chase Stevens didn't however, and when he tried to moonwalk, he was taken out from behind by both men. I learned my lesson last month about giving filler-talent too much offense in a match like this since the crowd wasn't really interested since they knew the outcome. So this time I made sure it was basically all Naturals. Given that it was a one-sided match, it was still a very good match as Wizzle sold the offense and really made The Naturals seem like the dominate team I want them to be. After being beaten down and double teamed the entire match, Wizzle mad the HOT tag to Flash. Flash came in and hit clothesline and dropkick to each member of The Naturals. But when he got up from his second dropkick, he was already exhausted and out of breath. He doubled over gasping for air and was immediately hit with a flying swinging neckbreaker by Chase Stevens. For someone who wants to be known for his speed, Flash sure has no stamina! With MC Wizzle still out of it from his beating the entire match, Flash fell victim to The Natural Disaster, leading to an easy win for The Naturals.

Winners - The Naturals

Overall: 54

Crowd: 31

Match: 75

After the match, Taylor climbed into the ring and raised the winners' hands in the air. She was then handed a microphone by a stagehand.

Jenny Taylor: I guess you can all see now why The Kingpin chose The Naturals to be the team to beat if any team in ACW wants to ever become Tag Team Champs. These two men are just too NATURALLY gifted to be beaten! And I'm starting to think that there isn't ANY team worthy of even facing The Naturals, much less be able to defeat them!

Jenny Taylor was cut off by the generic rock music of none other than the House of Pain, Brad Hunter and Shawn Alexander They walked out to mild cheers from the fans in attendance. They climbed into the ring and was met by Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas in a brief staredown before Jenny got them seperated. Brad Hunter asked for the microphone from Jenny.

Brad Hunter: You know, its pretty easy to win in these Kingpin Challenges when you're facing that kind of talent. No disrespect to those guys, but come on...they're not up to par with most of ACW...no excuse me, they're not up to par with The House of Pain! Everyone knows that The House of Pain is the BEST Tag Team ACW has to offer! And you give us the chance and we WILL beat you and we WILL be the Tag Team Champions of ACW! That's why WE want to be the next to answer the open challenge! And why wait? I don't think those guys even broke a sweat out here, so come on lets do it TONIGHT! OH YEAH BABY!

The Naturals suddenly started trying to back out of it, but Jenny Taylor looked to be considering it. However, there was another team in the ACW Locker Room that seemed to disagree with Hunter's claim. It was none other than the O.R. Connection of Otto and Rollo! They stood at the top of the aisle and Otto had a microphone of his own. Rollo was, of course, being restrained by the chain around his neck that was being held by Otto's other hand.

Otto: Hoooooold on there cupcake! There's no doubt in my mind, Rollo's mind, your minds, their minds, his mind, her mind, or even THAT'S mind that the O.R. CONNECTION are the best team in ACW and they deserve to fight House of Pain for the Tag Titles!

Rollo whispered something to Otto, and Otto immediately corrected himself...

Otto: But of course we ALSO deserve to fight The Naitchurals for the titles!

Rollo began to whisper to Otto again, but stopped himself since he was afraid of what Otto's reaction to Rollo correcting him AGAIN.

Otto: Soooo come on if you guys want to party, let's dance! Because it takes three to tango and we're going to waltz outta here with those tag titles! Go on, tell them Rollo!

Otto brought the microphone towards Rollo, but Rollo backed away shaking his head back and forth frantically.

Otto: Rollo's a little camera shy. Just whisper it in my ear then, Rollo.

Otto pulled Rollo in by the chain and then leaned over so Rollo could whisper in his ear. Once Rollo was done, Otto stood back up straight.

Otto: Rollo says...the camel spits at midnight. I dunno what that means, but it CAN'T be good for you guys! So come on, let's do this!

Otto finally was done ranting about something no one really understood. He started walking down the aisle and pulled the reluctant Rollo along behind him. It looked like we were about to have a three team brawl when Jenny Taylor decided to put a stop to everything.

Jenny Taylor: Now wait just a minute! This isn't going to happen! I don't think so! The Kingpin has authorized one challenge per show, and The Naturals have already fulfilled their contractual duties for the night. But here's what we WILL do instead. We're going to have a Best of 3 Series between the House of Pain and the O.R. Connection. But not your normal best of 3 series. TONIGHT, we'll have two singles matches between the two teams, and if need be there will be a tag match at later. Which ever team scores two victories over the other team gets the shot at The Naturals!

The fans booed since they were hoping to possibly see a triple threat match for the ACW Tag Titles. The contenders didn't seem to happy with Taylor's decision either, but they had no choice. The Naturals and Jenny Taylor left as HoP and O.R. Connection had a brief staredown. Well Rollo kind of stood there trying to losen the chain around his neck while Otto stared at Hunter and Alexander with his eye twitching. What a strange pair...


Jenny Taylor gained overness

Both teams returned to the back, they would be back soon however. But next up we had another match in an on-going series between a nerd and a two rebelous youths on a mission.

Dexter Poindexter vs. "Slick" Ric Converse w/"Special K" Krissy Vaine

The crowd just wasn't getting into the Dexter character like I wanted them too. I had hoped he'd play the ultimate underdog, but I guess the crowd just wasn't buying his deal. It could also be the fact that the fans realize he isn't the most skilled wrestler either, and that's an understatement. However, Ric Converse and Krissy Vaine got a decent heel reaction anyway. Krissy blew Dexter a kiss as she circled the ring with Converse. Which, after last week's kissing incident, got Dexter all flustered.

Last week Caprice Coleman showed his skill by making a good match out of the nerd, unfortunately Ric Converse isn't quite as gifted as Coleman. No diss to Converse since he is still talented, just not talented enough to carry Dexter to a decent match. Much like last week, it was mostly Poindexter getting controlled by his opponent. However, Dexter showed his smarts after Converse whipped him into the ropes and he went for a backdrop. Poindexter flipped over Converse and hit a sunset flip pin. One, Two, Converse escaped. They both rolled to their feet and Poindexter hit a dropkick to Converse that sent him back to the mat. Dexter hit a few more of his speed based offense to Converse before Converse snuck in a low blow to stop Dexter's momentum.

Converse snapped on Dexter and was stomping relentlessly at the young geek. Referee Mike Hunter had to pull Converse off of Dexter because he was dishing out so much punishment. Looks like Converse was a bit embarrassed that Dexter got any offense at all in and it caused him to go off. Converse then began choking the life out of Dexter with his boot until Mike Hunter once again broke it up. Dexter rolled out of the ring to try and catch his breath. However, with the ref busy warning Converse, it allowed Krissy Vaine to come up behind Dexter and give him a low blow of her own! She rolled Dexter back into the ring where Converse tried to take advantage of the situation. One, Two, Thre...Dexter just barely got his shoulder up.

Converse was livid because he felt he should have put the nerd away by now. After all, look at him! Dexter was back up to his feet, but Converse hit a rana to him and then went for the pin again. One, Two, kickout. Converse showed more frustration as he got up and began pulling Dexter with him. He gave Dexter a kick to the midsection and set him up for a short powerbomb, but as he went for the move Dexter escaped and slid down Converse's back and hit a roll up! One, Two, Three! The underdog scored the "upset" and the crowd could care less!!! Wow.

Winner - Dexter Poindexter

Overall: 41

Crowd: 20

Match: 63

Dexter immediately rolled out of the ring to escape any payback from Converse. Krissy Vaine and Converse were both livid in the ring after the match as they couldn't believe the little geek had pulled out the victory over him. They left the ring and continued to show their anger as they walked up the aisle.

Brad Hunter w/Shawn Alexander vs. Rollo w/Otto

Hunter didn't look nearly as energetic as he usually does coming out to the ring for some reason. He didn't interact with the fans as much as he usually does either, but Shawn Alexander made sure to pick up the load and was just as energetic as Hunter usually is. Otto brought Rollo down to the ring by the chain and entered the ring with him. He took the chain off Rollo then began to give him a massage to prepare him for the match. However, he shoved Rollo away as the bell rang right into a clothesline from Hunter.

This match was pretty bad due to Rollo having near to no talent in the ring at all. All he excells in is taking a beating, which is what Hunter did to him in this match. The fans weren't too interested either, since it was mainly Brad Hunter taking it to Rollo the entire match, and since Hunter wasn't his usual energetic self, the crowd wasn't behind him like they usually would be. Hunter had Rollo laid out and was climbing to the top turnbuckle, when Otto jumped onto the apron and shoved Hunter off the top with referee Frank Casey's back turned. An upset Shawn Alexander immediately jumped onto the apron and was yelling at Frank Casey for missing the obvious cheating. Casey went over and listened to Alexander's arguement while trying to get him down off the apron.

Meanwhile, Otto grabbed his chain and entered the ring as Hunter and Rollo were both getting back up to their feet. Otto sent Hunter back to the mat by striking him across the head with the chain. Rollo seemed releaved, but Otto looked over at Rollo...and then decked him with a chainshot as well! Otto grabbed Rollo and draped his body across Hunter before leaving the ring. He then went over and grabbed Alexander and pulled him down off the apron. They brawled as Casey turned around and saw Rollo ontop of Hunter. One, Two, Three!

Winner - Rollo

Overall: 40

Crowd: 25

Match: 56

Rollo gained overness

Otto sent Alexander head first into the ring post, knocking him down to the floor. Otto then climbed into the ring as Casey was lifting Rollo's unconscious hand up in victory. Otto shoved Casey aside and lifted Rollo up onto his shoulder and left the ring with him. Alexander crawled into the ring as Hunter was beginning to stir. He helped his partner up and they returned to the back, helping each other up the aisle.


Straight to the Top

The intermission ends as Joey Sylvia walks out with his hired gun, Mike Maverick. Maverick entered the ring first and held the ropes open for Sylvia so he could enter. The fans weren't really sure how to respond to them yet, so they got a mixed reaction. A stagehand handed Sylvia a microphone from ringside.

Joey Sylvia: I can tell you are all in awe of me. Of me and the man that stands beside me, none other than Mike Maverick. I brought him in to ACW as an insurance policy. I am going to the top here in ACW and to make sure I get there, he was hired. Sometimes someone who looks as good as I do has to have someone like Mike to take care of the dirty work as to not scar my beautiful face. And if anyone wants proof of what he is capable of, just as Krazy K who went down to the Spankster.

Sylvia laughed as Maverick just stood there with a never changing emotionless face. The crowd finally started to show some life as they began to boo the duo.

Joey Sylvia: And tonight I want everyone to witness Maverick's abilities first hand. So Brad Attitude, I know you're back there...so why don't you come on down and get a piece of my insurance policy!

Sylvia dropped the microphone and climbed out of the ring. Maverick stared towards the curtains as Brad Attitude made his appearance to a fair response from the crowd.


Sylvia & Maverick gained overness

Mike Maverick w/Joey Sylvia vs. Brad Attitude

This was a fun little match putting speed against power. The fans were solidly behind Brad as usual, and Mike Maverick got some decent heel heat as well. Brad started out fast and used his speed to catch Maverick off his gaurd and took control early. Unfortunately, it wouldn't last long because once Attitude came off the ropes and went for a cross body, Maverick caught him and hit him with a fallaway slam. From there, Maverick's strength took over and he worked over Attitude. He backed Attitude up in the corner and began driving his knee into Attitude's midsection repeatedly. Mike Hunter finally pulled Maverick off of Attitude. As Hunter was warning Maverick, Sylvia jumped onto the apron and began choking Attitude from behind. Attitude fought Sylvia off with a back elbow that knocked him down off the apron.

Attitude climbed out of the ring and went after Sylvia, who immediately took off like the cowardly heel that he is in the other direction. Attitude gave chase around the ring once before Sylvia slid into the ring. Attitude followed him back into the ring, but Sylvia had hiden behind Maverick, who caught Attitude with a big boot as he ran back into the ring. Sylvia rolled back out of the ring as Maverick went for the pin. One, Two, kickout. Maverick continued on the offensive as the crowd was trying to get Attitude back into the match. After hitting Attitude with a powerslam and only getting a two, Maverick locked on a chinlock to Attitude. The fans began clapping for Attitude to break the hold. Attitude began feeding off the crowd and fought his way back into a position to break the hold with a pair of back elbows. He then dropped Maverick to the mat with a dropkick.

It wasn't long before Maverick was back up, but Attitude came off the ropes and took him back down with a spinheel kick that caught him right in the face. Maverick got back to his feet and was met with a kick to the midsection from Attitude. Attitude hooked Maverick by the head, springboarded off the ropes, and dropped him to the mat with a Tornado DDT. Attitude went for the pin. One, Two, Th....kickout by Maverick. Attitude hit a legdrop to Maverick before he could get up and then climbed up to the top turnbuckle. Maverick got back up as Attitude came off the top with a corckscrew press onto Maverick! One, Two, Thre...Maverick just barely got his shoulder up. Attitude played to the fans as he lifted Maverick up by his hair. Unfortunately for him, that gave Maverick an opening and he drove his elbow into Attitude's ribs. Maverick gave Attitude a pair of right hands and then whipped him into the ropes.

Attitude ducked a clothesline attempt from Maverick and bounced off the opposite ropes. He came back in and was caught by Maverick with a sidewalk slam, bu Attitude reversed it into a head scissor take down. Both men were back to their feet at the sametime, but Attitude took advantage first and hit another dropkick to Maverick. This one left Maverick reeling as Attitude stepped out onto the apron. He springboarded back into the ring, but before he could connect with whatever he was going for, Maverick met him with a fist to the midsection. Attitude was doubled over as Maverick grabbed him by the back of the head and pulled him back...and dropped him with the Reverse DDT. Maverick made the pin...One, Two, Three.

Winner - Mike Maverick

Overall: 53

Crowd: 34

Match: 73

Joey Sylvia climbed into the ring after the match and gave Maverick instructions. Maverick lifted Attitude up and held him in a full nelson as Joey Sylvia took some cheap slaps across Attitude's face. Before the heel beatdown could go any further, Krazy K came sprinting down the aisle with chair in hand. He went after Sylvia, but Maverick yelled a warning out to Sylvia that gave him just enough time to duck the chair shot and quickly exit the ring.

Maverick dropped Attitude and went after Krazy K. K drove the chair into Maverick's midsection. Maverick was doubled over and K brought the chair down across his back this time. Maverick didn't go down, instead he snapped his holding his back in pain. Krazy K reared back and went for another chairshot, but Maverick ducked this one and gave K a kick to the midsection that caused K to drop the chair. Maverick grabbed Krazy K and hooked him for a Reverse DDT, but Attitude was back up and attacked Maverick from behind.

Krazy K and Brad Atittude fought off Maverick and finally got him out of the ring with a double dropkick. Joey Sylvia and Mike Maverick left the ringsidea area together as Krazy K and Brad Attitude climbed the turnbuckles to celebrate before leaving themselves.

Shawn Alexander w/Brad Hunter vs. Otto w/Rollo

This was match 2 of the best of three series between these two teams. The O.R. Connection were already up one pinfall after Rollo's big upset and very tainted victory over Brad Hunter. Shawn Alexander came out all fired up and ready to fight as Brad Hunter was still dejected about his loss earlier, and was occassionally rubbing his head from the chain shot. Otto brought a still very groggy Rollo to ringside via chain. Rollo was so exhausted he could barely work the crowd like he usually does during a match. Every once and a while he as he went back and forth trying to get the crowd AGAINST Otto, he would fall to one knee and shake the cobwebs away.

The match itself was nothing to brag about, as Shawn Alexander also doesn't possess a whole lot of natural talent. But atleast it was better than the first match in this series from earlier tonight. It was also relatively back and forth, but with Otto getting the advantage at many points in the match. One change in advantage came when Otto went for a vertical suplex, but Alexander managed to escape it by sliding down Otto's back and then rolling him up. One, Two, kickout by Otto. Both men were to their feet at the same time and Alexander met Otto with a weak kick to the midsection. He then took bounced off the ropes and went for a swinging neckbreaker, but didn't really connect with it that well, but Otto sold it anyway. Alexander went for the pin. One, Two, kickout.

Alexander grabbed Otto's arm, twisted it around once, and hit a short-arm clothesline that Otto no-sold. Otto just stared at Alexander and shook his head as if to say "I don't think so." Otto then pulled Alexander in and hit him with a high knee to the midsection that sent Alexander to the mat. Otto came off the ropes and hit a kneedrop. Otto continued to pound on Alexander for a couple minutes before he went to Irish Whip him into the turnbuckle. Alexander reversed it, sending Otto in instead. Alexander then followed him in and hit a clothesline. Alexander climbed up onto the middle turnbuckle and began to repeatedly nail Otto with right hands to the head as the crowd counted alone.

One - Two - Three - Four - Five - Six - Seven - Eight - Nine - Ten!

Alexander jumped down and pumped his arms up and down in excitement as he thought he really had done some damage to Otto. However, Otto smiled in the corner and yelled "GIMME MORE!" Alexander was confused, and Otto was upset that Alexander quit so early. Thus, Otto rushed out of the corner and nailed Alexander with a spear. Otto went for the pin. One, Two, Thre...Alexander just barely got his shoulder up. Otto stomped on Alexander as he tried to get back to his feet. He then backed off and let Alexander use his own energy to pull himself up. Alexander stumbled over to Otto and swung a right hand. Otto ducked and then lifted him up for a back suplex. However, Alexander flipped over and landed on his feet. Otto turned around right into Alexander, who struggled to lift Otto up onto his shoulders for a fireman's carry. From the fireman's carry, he swung Otto down and hit him with a sitdown reverse piledriver. Alexander slowly got up and stumbled over to the corner where he climbed to the top turnbuckle, much to the approval of the fans. He came off with his frogplash onto Otto! One, Two, Three! This could be considered an upset as well!

Winner - Shawn Alexander

Overall: 47

Crowd: 31

Match: 64

Shawn Alexander gained overness while Otto lost overness

Shawn Alexander immediately left the ring and celebrated with Brad Hunter at ringside. They headed back up the aisle victorious as Jack Douglas announced that next month at our next event, which would be taking place at the same place...the Wake Memorial Auditorium, House of Pain and The O.R. Connection would meet to finish the series. Otto took his frustrations out on Rollo after the match, hitting him with a spear and then carrying him back out of the ring, much like he did earlier.

Main Event

ACW Heavyweight Title Match

"The Enforcer" CW Anderson © vs. Madd Maxx

This is what we had all been waiting for, CW Anderson in his first title defense against the number one contender, Madd Maxx w/his chair. The crowd was as loud as they had been all night, which really isn't saying much...but that's a different subject matter. The fans loved seeing Maxx raise the chair up in the air on the turnbuckle though. CW Anderson looked as determined as ever as his face was cold and calculated. Maxx and CW Anderson stood in the center of the ring as Maxx mouthed off at CW Anderson. The bell rang and Maxx took the first swing, hitting Anderson with a hard right hand. They exchanged punches until Maxx ended up getting up the upperhand in the exchange. Maxx sent Anderson with the mat with a hard uppercut. Maxx climbed onto Anderson and began to furiously unleash rights and lefts to Anderson before referee Frank Casey broke it up.

Maxx continued to control the opening minutes, until Anderson ducked Maxx's clothesline attempt and took him to the mat with a back suplex. Anderson began working over Maxx's back in hopes to set him up for an eventual spinebuster. Anderson would eventually whip Maxx into the turnbuckle hard back first, sending Maxx stumbling out holding his back. Anderson bounced off the ropes and then drove a forearm into Maxx's back. Maxx dropped down to both knees and Anderson then gave him a very stiff kick right to his back. Maxx tried to fight off Anderson as he pulled him to his feet, but Anderson sent him into the ropes and hit Maxx with a sidewalk slam. He hooked a leg. One, Two, kickout.

Maxx rolled over onto his chest to try and push himself to his feet, but Anderson came down with an elbowdrop across his back to stop him. Maxx rolled back over and started to get up again...but Anderson gave him another stiff kick to the back. Anderson continued to target the back. He then attempted to powerbomb Maxx, but with the crowd behind him, Maxx powered out with a backdrop to Anderson. Anderson rolled to his feet and was taken back down by a clothesline from Maxx. The crowd was loving Maxx's comeback as he lifted Anderson up and sent him to the mat with a bodyslam. Maxx climbed up to the second turnbuckle and come down across Anderson's throat with a fistdrop. Maxx went for the pin. One, Two, kickout.

Anderson pulled himself up, but Maxx gave him a kick to the midsection and then hit him with a neckbreaker a la Rick Rude. Maxx made another pin attempt. One, Two, Thre...Anderson got his shoulder up just in time. Maxx got up and made his way up to the top turnbuckle as Anderson was slowly getting to his feet. Maxx came off the top turnbuckle with a flying clothesline to Anderson! The impact left both men down. Maxx was getting to his feet first, but Anderson wasn't too far behind. They both were up and Anderson nailed Maxx hard in the chest with a knife edge chop. Maxx fired back with an equally stiff chop to Anderson. They exchanged chops until Anderson hit a knee lift to Maxx and then took him down with a side belly-to-belly suplex. Anderson went for the pin again. One, Two, kickout.

Anderson was beginning to get impatient with the near falls and theatened Frank Casey before going back to work on Maxx. He sent Maxx into the ropes and wanted to go for the Spinebuster, but Maxx hooked onto the ropes to stop himself from going. He then ran and hit a running forearm shot to Anderson. Maxx hit Anderson with an elbowdrop and went for the pin. One, Two, kickout. Maxx lifted Anderson up and set him up for the Piledriver, but this time Anderson countered with a backdrop. Anderson doubled over to catch his breath as Maxx began to roll to his feet. One Maxx was up, Anderson caught him with the superkick! Anderson went for the pin. One, Two, Thre.....shoulder up! Anderson was livid as he got up and shoved Frank Casey.

Anderson climbed out of the ring and grabbed Maxx's own steel chair and climbed back into the ring with it. Maxx was starting to get back to his feet as Anderson stalked over him with the chair. Anderson reared back with the chair, but Frank Casey grabbed at it from behind. Anderson gave the chair a hard tug anyway and sent Casey flying to the mat. Anderson turned his attention back to Maxx and swung the chair. Maxx ducked and then kicked Anderson in the midsection. Maxx snatched the chair away from Anderson and lifted it up in the air as the crowd cheered in approval. Maxx nailed Anderson right in the head with the chair, sending him to the mat. Unfortunately, Casey was just getting up and saw the chairshot and had no choice but to disqualify Maxx!

Winner and STILL Heavyweight Champion - CW Anderson via DQ

Overall: 60

Crowd: 49

Match: 71

ACW Heavyweight Title gained image

The crowd was very upset over Frank Casey's call and so was Maxx. Maxx protested about Anderson being the one to bring it in and he was just protecting himself, but Casey refused to overturn his decision. Maxx looked down at the chair that was still in his hand and then slowly brought his eyes up to meet Frank Casey's. The crowd seemed to know what Maxx was thinking and they cheered him on, encouraging him to do it. Maxx brought the chair up and cracked it across Frank Casey's skull! The crowd loved it!

CW Anderson was starting to get up, but Maxx met him by driving the chair into his midsection. He then dropped the chair and grabbed Anderson. Maxx lifted Anderson up and nailed him with The Piledriver! Maxx left the ring and grabbed Anderson's Heavyweight Title from ringside and climbed back into the ring with it. He posed on the turnbuckle, holding the title up in the air as the crowd cheered him on. He jumped down off the turnbuckle and threw the belt on Anderson before leaving with his chair.

Anderson eventually stumbled to his feet as well, and left the ring with his belt as the fans gave him loud boos. He mouthed off to a couple fans at ringside while doing it. He eventually disappeared backstage and Jack Douglas thanked everyone for coming and told them to show up next month for the next ACW show.


Overall - 48%


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ACW Journal Entry #10 - Aftershock

-October 18, 2004

Another lackluster show, despite the main event being good and also good showings from The Naturals, Brad Attitude, Joey Sylvia, and Mike Maverick. It wasn't exactly the kind of show I wanted to have to debut in a new arena. The crowd was smaller than it has been at previous events with only 136 people showing up for a take of $2,720. With the show being at the same place next month, I am going to have to work extra hard to try and make the show better and hopefully increase the gate.

I'd have to say the star of the show last night was Madd Maxx for putting on a good showing in his title match against CW Anderson. The crowd was solidly behind him and he responded very well. Their issues are far from over with each other. Otto also had a good showing with his first time on the microphone showing off his very odd personality and continuing his strange relationship with Rollo. Although with his personality, Otto may end up turning himself face since the fans liked his promo and I actually heard him get some cheers.

Speaking of Otto and Rollo, I was approached after the show by the man who lost to Rollo, Brad Hunter. I had noticed during the show that he wasn't electric and as energized as he usually was during the show.

"Brad, what's up? Why the long face?"

"Mr. Powers, there's something I really need to talk to you about."

"What is it?"

"How in the Hell could you JOB me to ROLLO?! ROLLO of all people! I have more talent in my pinky than he does in his entire body!"

"Sometimes winning isn't about talent Brad, it's about continuing a storyline."

"Yeah but losing to him IS NOT going to help my track record. Why couldn't I beat Rollo and Otto beat Shawn? I think having Otto lose hurt his credibility too."

"I haven't heard any complaining from Otto. Besides, Shawn is your best friend, I figured you'd be happy he's getting the chance to shine."

"But I need my time too! Let's face it Powers, I'm a MEGASTAR in the making!"

"Megastar? Did you just make that up?"

"...It doesn't matter! I'm going to the top and will be bigger then ACW one day. And I don't want to look back on my career and see losses to people like Rollo!"

"Uhh, yeah I'll remember that. But listen 'Megastar,' if you want to become big - you might wanna work on that finisher of yours?"

"Huh? What do you mean? What's wrong with my finisher?"

"It's a fuckin' cross body!"

"SPRINGBOARD cross body!"

"This ain't the 80s Brad, and a cross body - no matter what variation, isn't going to get you over with the crowd. And until you work on that, you're going to have a difficult time becoming ANY kind of star."

"....Ok, I'll remember that...IF you remember what I said. I'll catch ya later Mr. Powers."

With that, Brad walked off and I continued on my usual meeting with the wrestlers and thanking them for the night. That was my first "arguement" with a wrestler, and it looks like Hunter has a bit of an attitude and ego on him. I'll have to make sure to keep that in check so it doesn't run wild on ACW.

After Beware the Chair comes the next show No Guts, No Glory. And after this entry...comes the end of month report....



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Otto: Rollo says...the camel spits at midnight. I dunno what that means, but it CAN'T be good for you guys! So come on, let's do this!

:lol: I'm REALLY liking the dysfunctional duo of Otto and Rollo and look forward to their series with House of Pain.

I'm also liking Madd Maxx on the chase. New feds are probably best served with a dominant heel champ to help build up the face en route to the title.

Here's hoping your financials turn around so you can keep this rolling,


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ACW Journal Entry #11 - End of Month Report

-November 3, 2004

Today I was sitting in my "office" with my legs propped up on my desk, tossing darts at my makeshift dartboard (paperplate), when the door opened and I was greeted by the sight of Sophia. In her hands she was carrying a folder, which I knew could only mean one thing...it was the end of month reports.

"So what's the damage this month?"

"Weeellll...Mr. Powers, I've got some good news and I have some bad news...and then I have some really bad news."

"Uhm...let's start with the first bad news."

"Alright...we lost money again this month."

"Wonderful! And the good news?"

"It was only $29,280 this month. I real improvement, if I do say so myself."

$29,280 indeed was an improvement to the hundred thousands we had been losing. So while it was a loss, atleast it wasn't a huge loss. We're making progress, I guess. Progress...perhaps I shouldn't jump ahead of myself.

"Ok, so what's the real bad news?"

"Our public image has dropped quite a bit this month."

"Dammit, not again! What has it fallen too?"



That last line went on for about five minutes of me cursing. My momma always told me not to swear infront of a lady, but my momma never experienced things like this. So my PI is dropping, but atleast my money isn't decreasing as fast as it was.

"What's the deal with our image? The first month it actually went up, but its dropped drastically since."

"Well our last two shows didn't exactly set the world on fire, and you lowered our advertising down to only 5%. Its going to have to be higher to make any progress."

Great, so we didn't lose as much money this month because I didn't spend a lot on advertising - yet because I didn't spend as much on advertising, our PI is dropping! I'm in a lose-lose situation here! Oh well, I'll take money for now and hope things don't get too bad.

There was also news from the wrestling world as several companies have closed since last month. UPW, Chaotic Wrestling, NWA-E, ECCW, and ECWA all saw their doors close this month. For a boom period, there sure are a lot of organizations running out of money. Let's hope ACW doesn't end up on in the same federation graveyard as those unlucky ones...

Atlantic Coast Wrestling

Money: $567,440

PI: 45%

Merchandising: 2%

Advertising: 5%



To my few readers - Ok so tomorrow I'm moving to college so I dunno how long it will take me before I can sit down and get back into the swing of things, so if there is a bit of a gap in updates, that's why! Wish me luck!

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