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Am Looking to Buy A Game

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You definately need to get ESPN NFL 2K5, great gameplay, presentation is great, and it's only $20. You can't beat that. Or get NCAA 2005 from EA. Haven't played it but it's got great reviews. If you want to wait, then get Madden 2005.

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Ok get ESPN NFL 2K5 it is $30 canadian and I must say it is the most realistic football game ever made. The running game is excellent passing is done perfectly so you can't drop back 20 yards then bomb it down the field and still catch it while being covered by 3 guys. Franchise is excellent unless you want to manage hot dogs and ribs then get madden.

ESPN is a huge steal for the quality of the game and you won't be dissapointed. Also people say there are glitches in the game but all games have glitches and to tell you the truth I havn't encountered one yet and I have had it since sometime in the week it came out.

And for my last note Sportscenter is awesome in this game.

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ESPN 2K5. Just basically take what others have said about it hear minus the commentator's being annoying. Better then fatass Madden.

I say it's about time for a yearly sports title to be cheap. I was getting sick of being the same thing for 30 bucks every single year.

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