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Crimson Room


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For the past hour or so I've been playing two games called Crimson Room and Viridian Room, they are very simple versions of Broken Sword I suppose, but I couldn't stop playing until I completed them. I had some fun with them and I was wondering if anyone else has played them? Anyone who hasn't, here is the URL for both games...


Any opinions on the game? Hardest points to the game? Put spoilers if there are some ahead...


I thought the dancing man on Crimson Room was just some inane thing so I clicked off and got so frustrated because I didn't know what to do, eventually I watched it just for sheer time wasting value and figured the puzzle out, I felt so dumb after realising what I'd done for the past 10 minutes.

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Yeah, the box did my head in for ages the first time. I kept getting the rings the wrong way round. :blush:

But it is great when you figure out how to do it yourself. I had to sue a guide for Viridian though, I don't understand how someone could figure that stuff out by themselves.


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