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Just payed off college for the semester

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Alright just got off the phone with UNC Pembroke and I have payed off college for the semester and I still have plenty of money left to spare. Now I can afford to blow some money, but I just don't know what to get. This is some of the stuff I have been thinking of, thoughts would be appreicated:

Playstation 2 + SmackDown HCTP

Various Wrestling DVD's & VHS's (ECWA, ROH, IWA-MS, APW)

Upgrade To A Bigger Website Plan (More Room On My Server For Titlehistories.com)

I already got myself a DVD Player so thats not an issue anymore. I might need to get a TV but that might be easy as my dad has a buddy who is willing to sell one cheap. Other suggestions would be helpful. I am into NASCAR & Wrestling. Thoughts?

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