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*SPOILERS*WWE: the Start Of A New Era


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Meeting at WWE HQ

Following the HUGE summer PPV Summerslam, Vince is said to be pretty pleased with how the show turned out. Although one disappointment was the Smackdown main event where the crowd blanked the JBL-Undertaker match unlike the RAW main event which got the biggest cheers of the night.

That isnt why the meeting took place, there is a meeting here for the vacant place as WWE Head Booker for BOTH RAW and Smackdown. The current head booker stepped down as head booker due to the low buy rates and the low ratings for the shows. Vince doesnt have a clue who is going to take the vacant position but today he as got a few interviews with unknown people.

I was first up, anyway i walked in a sat down:

Vince: Well then Mr. Smith, why do you want to take the Head Booker's job

Me: I have some big plans for both shows and they are very interesting. I feel i have the potential to get RAW and Smackdown to where they was in the attitude era.

Vince: Well what plans do you have then for some of the superstars

Me: Well Orton is the youngest ever champion, i hope to get a feud going with him and Eugene for the World title where orton is favourite to retain depending on how the feud is building up. Also since Triple H isn't the champion and Randy Orton is, Triple H will get jealous and end up leaving Evolution and turning Face

Vince: That sounds pretty damn good there Lee, but what about the Smackdown brand

Me:I actually like JBL as champion and i will keep him as champion and put him in a program with John Cena for the title but i would try it out first by putting them in matches at House shows and seeing what the reactions are like so i may change that. I have big plans for Nova aswell from OVW, if we take him out of OVW and put him on the smackdown brand, give him a good gimmick as a face and he could do relatively well. Talking about OVW we havealready aired promo's for John Heidenreich, he would make his debut with heyman and get a steady push towards the US title after a program with The Undertaker as they are both big guys

Vince: Well, so far you have told me alot of good things and you are favourite to get the job, what about the writers and road agents how would you communicate with them

Me: Well i would speak to them before the shows, also i would meet the writers after the shows and they can tell me what they have put for certain workers

Vince: Right then that is the end of that interview, i have got your number and i will phione you around 5pm, have a nice day

Me: Yeah you too

Later That Day

The phone rings at my house

Vince: hello is that Lee

Me: Yes it is

Vince: I am going to congratulate you as you are my new head booker if you choose to accept it

Me: of course i do, thanks very much Mr. McMahon

Vince: Yes, come back to the HQ tommorow and i can sort you out the paperwork and the roster sheets and then you can get started

Me: Right then see you tomorrow

Vince: Bye


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The Next Day

I walked in to the HQ and Vince was at the reception waiting for me, he welcomed me and took me upstairs to his office. A secretary *Pretty hot* came in and gave him some papers and left

Vince: Now Lee, here is some information you will need to know. Here is a list of both rosters and i know you may want to swap a few stars round so when you decide it, phone me up and tell me so i know what is happening

Me: I will, i dont plan to swap many, in fact i may not even alter the rosters they are pretty balanced although RAW does have the better youngsters such as Randy Orton, Edge and Shelton Benjamin. Is this all i need

Vince: No, well one more thing is that im giving you a few weeks off. You will officially start on September the 1st, i want to book the next few shows and see what happens

Me: Ok then, is that all

Vince: Yes, see you on September 1st

RAW Roster

Al Snow (Over 71, Heel)

A-Train (72, H)

Batista (74, H)

Chris Benoit (98, F)

Chris Jericho(97, F)

Christian (82, H)

Chuck Polumbo (66, H)

Edge (88, F)

Eric Bischoff (88, H)

Eugene Dinsmore (84, F)

Gail Kim (45, H)

Garrison Cade (65, H)

Ivory (65, F)

Jazz (65, H)

Jerry Lawler (76, F)

Jonny Nitro (60, H)

Kane (90, H)

Lita (83, F)

Mark Henry (80, H)

Matt HArdy (83, F)

Maven (71, F)

Molly Holly (75, H)

Nidia (62, F)

Randy Orton (84, H)

Rhyno (80, T)

Ric Flair (91, H)

Rob Conway (64, H)

Rodney Mack (54, H)

Rosey (65, F)

Shawn Michaels (94, F)

Shelton benjamin (74, F)

Stacy Keibler (85, F)

Steven Richards (72, T)

Sylvain Grenier (64, H)

Tajiri (72, T)

Test (75, H)

The Hurricane (77, F)

Triple H (94, H)

Trish Stratus (87, H)

Tyson Tomko (15, H)

Val Venis (70, F)

Victoria (68, F)

William Regal (78, F)

RAW Champions

World Heavyweight: Randy Orton

Intercontinental: Edge

World Tag Team: La Resistance

Womens: Trish Stratus

Smackdown Roster

Akio (45, H)

Big Show (88, H)

Billy Gunn (76, F)

Billy Kidman (64, F)

Booker T (88, H)

Bubba Ray Dudley (78, H)

Charlie Haas (72, F)

Chavo Guerrero (80, H)

Danny Basham (65, H)

Dawn Marie (70, H)

Doug Basham (65, H)

D-Von Dudley (76, H)

Eddie Guerrero (99, F)

Funaki (58, F)

Hardcore Holly (78, F)

Hiroki Suzuki (40, H)

Jamie Noble (62, H)

John Bradshaw Layfield (86, H)

John Cena (83, F)

Johnny Stamboli (62, H)

Kenzo Suzuki (71, H)

Kurt Angle (100, H)

Luther reigns (51, H)

Mark Jindrak (68, H)

Miss Jackie (75, F)

Nunzio (61, H)

Orlando Jordan (67, H)

Paul Heyman (82, H)

Paul London (67, F)

Rene Dupree (65, H)

Rey Mysterio (85, F)

Rico (70, F)

Rob Van Dam (90, F)

Scotty 2 Hotty (67, F)

Shannon Moore (58, F)

Spike Dudley (65, H)

Tazz (72, F)

The Undertaker (94, T)

Theodore Long (63, F)

Torrie Wilson (75, F)

Smackdown champions

WWE Heavyweight: John BRadshaw Layfield

US title: John Cena

WWE tag Team: Kidman & London

Cruserweight: Spike dudley

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1st September 2003

This is my first day on the job and i alreadyhave my show planned. I phoned Vince last week and we exchanged ideas about te show and this first Smackdown looks set to be good

Smackdown Preview

As announced last week by Theodore Long John cena will defend his title in a triple threat triangle match this week. John Cena puts his title on the oune against the French Phenom Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki. This match looks set to be great.

One half of the tag team champions paul London will be in singles action against Danny Basham, both Billy Kidman and Doug Basham are banned from ringside so we will have to see how there partners get on in singles matches.

Also JBL's chief of staff Orlando Jordan will go one on one with the Deadman, The Undertaker. JBL will be at ringside in Orlando's corner, it will be interesting to see if he plays a part in this match

All that and so much more will happen on this weeks Smackdown, so tune in Thursday night on UPN.

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Smackdown show

Event: WWE Smackdown

Date: Thursday, 2nd September 2003

Smackdown opener:

Smackdown started off with a video of last weeks Smackdown wher Theodore Long announced the triple threat match for the US title taking place tonight. Michael Cole and Tazz were at ringside kicking off the commentary for the night when Paul London's theme music hits and London comes up to the ring ready for the first match of the night

Singles match

Paul London vs. Danny Basham

The Start:

A tie up in the middle of the ring where Danny got the better and whipped London into the ropes and followed up with a hard, stiff clothesline. London tried coming back with some right hands but basham hit a huge back elbow and London fell to the floor in the corner of the ring

Mid-Match Notes:

London went to the top rope but Danny came back with right hands. Out of no-where London hit a beautiful tornado DDT. Paul London dives back to the top rope and goes for a leg drop but misses and lands ass first in the mat. Both men are laid out as the referee starts his 10 count, the ref gets to 8 and both danny and London get to there feet, they start exchanging right hands which London somehow gets the better and Paul London hits a drop-sault.

The Finish:

Danny Basham goes for a spear but London reverses into a waistlock, spinning bulldog in the orner and Danny is down and out on the canvas, London then hits the London calling 1.2.3

Winner - Paul London

Backstage Interview

Booker T was backstage on the mic, he said that he only just lost his match at Summerslam because of the Undertaker. He blames The Undertaker for him losing saying The Undertakerdistracts his attention real easy and he wasnt thinking about the match with Cena. Booker says he WILL get revenge with the Undertaker if it's that last thing he ever does

Singles Match

The Undertaker vs. Orlando Jordan

The Start:

Not the longest of matches, Orlando starts off with his boxing abbilities hitting rights and lefts on The deadman but Undertaker just grabs Orlando and whips him itno the corner and follows up with a clothesline

Mid-match notes

The Undertakers locks in the hammerlock on Orlando and slowly climbs to the top rope and hits old-school. JBL tries distracting the ref but Taker hits a back elbow to JBL. Undertaker then signals for the end but Jordan hits a low blow while the ref isnt looking

The Finish

Orlando whips Taker into the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Taker ducks, ORlando turns around and Taker grabs his throat and nails the chokeslam for the win

Winner - The Undertaker


JBL looks on as The Undertaker hits the tombstone on Orlando Jordan, all the lights then fade as The Undertaker goes down and taunts the crowd


Backstage in Theodore Long's office, he is smiling away acting about with a pen on his desk when Kurt comes walking in. He says that he should be the GM of smackdown and he is the best GM ever. Theodore laughs it off and says that next week Kurt Angle will face Eddie Guerrero one on one you better believe that playa. Kurt looked furious with Long.

Singles Match

Shannon Moore vs. Chavo Guerrero

The Start:

Shannon walks straight into a big boot to the face by Chavo Guerrero and Chavo doesnt waste any time on Moore sitting on him laying into him with some right hands.

Mid-Match notes

After a good start Chavo started weakening in this match and Shannon came out with right hands and hit a DDT as both men were then laid out on the mat. Shannon then came too hitting a few clotheslines on Chavo stuning him, Moore hits the Moorgasm for the win

Winner - Shannon Moore

John Cena comes walking out to the ring, he calles out JBl saying he wants to become a double champion on Smackdown and JBL is wearing his Heavyweight title. For siome strange reason JBL didnt show and Cena came backstage looking for him

Singles Match

JBL vs. Rob Van Dam

The Start:

The biggest match so far with JBl starting off well with some big knees to the gut of RVD. JBL just started hitting some clubbing blows to the back of RVD.

Mid-Match Notes

RVD goes for a spin kick but hits the ref by accident, both men keep fighting in the ring when John Cena comes walking down the aisle. Neither men know Cena is here. Cena climbs into the ring and nails JBl on the back with a chair

The Finish:

RVD moves JBL into position and hits the 5 star frog splash for the win while Cena celebrates on the stage

Winner - Rob Van Dam

Triple Threat Match for the US title

John Cena vs. rene Dupree vs. Kenzo Suzuki

The Start:

Kenzo Suzuki and Rene Dupree work together and start double teaming Cena, hitting the dopuble suplex. Dupree turns around and Kenzo hits a quick right kick to the head and both Dupree and Cena are down

Mid-Match Notes

Kenzo starts getting angr and hits a piledriver on Dupree and goes for the pin but Cena interferes. Cena starts getting pumped up and hits a double 5 knuckle shuffle on both Dupree and Suzuki. suzuki gets thrown out of the ring

The Finish:

JBL comes running down to the ring, Cena hits the FU on DUpree in the middle of the ring, the ref is out cold though from earlier. JBL hits the clothesline from hell on Cena as the ref starts coming too suzuki climbs ovre and pins Cena for the win

Winner and new US champion - Kenzo Suzuki

Off aire

Cena chases JBl backlstage, while Kenzo remains in the ring celebrating to the crowd who continue to boo Kenzo

Overall rating: 71%

*Feedback would be nice plz*

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user posted image

Kenzo Suzuki to hold the title for a while

Kenzo Suzuki impressed quite a few people backstage with his match on Smackdown. Vince loved the match and we both think he as a VERY bright future in the WWE. He is currently the US champion and if he carries on how he is doing at the moment it wont be long till he wins the WWE Heavyweight title. he isn't yet scheduled for a program with anyone so just expect him to defend the title against different opponents in the up-coming weeks.

user posted image

Rene Dupree for a face turn and maybe a push

Rene Dupree is very young at the moemnt and has a great head on him. He is very talented and it seems Vince and Lee have BIG plans for him. There first plan is to turn him face and get the crowd on his side. Then he will go from there but expect him to win a title in the up-coming months, possibilly a win over Kenzo Suzuki for the US title

user posted image

News on Orlando Jordan

Orlando Jordan is another one who is impressing backstage, he really got in to his match last week with The Undertaker plus his heel turn a few weeks ago as worked wonders for his overness.

user posted image

Update on Shawn Michaels' return

Shawn Michaels hasn't been seen since Kane brutally attacked him a few months ago. He is expected to return in the next few weeks and work a feud with Kane. Shawn Michaels is happy about how randy orton is doing on RAW and as asked Vince in a private meeting if he can work with Orton after his feud with Kane. He could really do alot to orton's career like Mick Foley did

*Feedback is always welcome*

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Event: WWE Velocity

Date: Saturday, 4th September


The fireworks goes off and a video comes on the big screen of the parking lot, a big limo pulls into the car park and out steps Luther Reigns. He slowly starts looking round before heading into the arena

Singles Match

Funaki vs. Jamie Noble

The start:

They tie up in the middle of the ring with Funaki getting the better, he whips Noble into the ropes and misses with the clothesline and Noble hits a clothesline of his own.

Mid-Match notes:

Funaki slowly starts to get to his feet and Noble comes running with a knee to the head. Noble starts taunting the crowd, Funaki starts to get up and again Noble comes running and hits him with the running DDT and goes for the pin but Funaki kicks out

The Finish

Funaki goes to the top rope and hits a cross body and pins Noble and grabs the tights for the win

Winner - Funaki

Another video then went on to the big screen, this time of Orlando Jordan. It showed you last weeks match against Undertaker where at the start he made a battle of the match but in the end got beat.

Singles match

Luther Reigns vs. Billy Gunn

The Start:

As expected Luther hit Billy with some right hands and followed up with a nasty clothesline. Luther ragged Billy to his feet and started talking trash in his face before hitting a clubbing blow to the back and a knee to the chest

Mid-Match Notes

Billy starts coming back with some right hands and hits a BIG clothesline. Billy sizes Luther up for the suplex but doesnt have the strength to lift him and Luther hits the suplex on Billy. Smal package by Billy Gunn but Luther kicks out.

The Finish

Sleeper by Billy Gunn but Luther counters it into the jaw breaker, Luther somehow hits a bulldog off the ropes sizes Billy up and hits the Shu-Icide for the win

Winner - Luther Reigns


Miss Jackie walks in to Charlie Haas' dressing room while he is warming up for his match next. Miss Jackie comes over and tells him this is a big match for Charlie and he needs to win. She will be in his corner up next. HE smiles and says great

Singles Match

Booker T vs. Charlie Haas

The Start

Charlie whips Booker into the corner and hits the big splash, he starts just non stop kicks to the chest of Booker and Booker falls to the floor but Charlie just keeps on with the stomps. Charlie gets Booker to the midle of the ring and hits a northern lights suplex but Booker kicks out

Mid-Match Notes

Booker locks in the heck lock but Haas powers out of it and walks straight into a Booker spin kick. Haas looks hurt, Booker does the spinerooni in the middle of the ring which the crowd boo louder than ever. Haas comes out of no-where with a school boy but Booker kicks out

The Finish:

Haas whips Booker to the ropes and goes for the hip toss and Booker reverses giving a hip toss to Haas. Haas is in trouble here and can barely stand the scissors kick by Booker for the pinfall

Winner - Booker T

Overall show: 69%

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user posted image

Smackdown rating as a high

Many people found Smackdown pretty entertaining for once. The rating is pretty high to what it as done in the last few months. The rating was around 5.85, meanwhile Velocity drew in a great 4.05 which is higher than any other show apart from RAW and obviously Smackdown

user posted image

The future of Mark Jindrak

Mark Jindrak isn't getting used much at the moment but that is going to change very soon. At the moment John Cena dn JBL are doing a few matches together, xpect it to end at a PPV where John CEna might get the win. Then due to CEna wanting matches with Jindrak, Jindrak will get a push to the Heavyweight title slot and he may win depending on how he draws

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Sunday Night Heat dropped

vince Mcmahon as announced that Sunday Night Heat as parted ways with Spike TV as it wasn't doing as well as expected and the ratings were really low. HEat is dropped as from now so the next WWE show is RAW on monday night.

Saturday night Velocity still stands, and that show is going to be alternate shows every week, next week's Velocity is going to be the RAW brand as last week was Smackdown.

RAW Preview

Rumour has it that Vince McMahon is going to make a special appearance on RAW this week. We dont know why he is there but if he is there it might not be going down well for Eric Bischoff who isn't the best friends with Vince.

Also a Summerslam re-match as Kane takes on Matt Hardy in a match where Lita is banned from ringside to make the match fair for both Kane and Matt Hardy.

Chris Jericho's highlight reel returns tonight as his special guest is none other than World Heavyweight champion Randy Orton. It will be interesting to see how these two get along as hey have had a bit of a past with each other, tune in to RAw to find out much more

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RAW opens up with all the fireworks going off and the crowd goes wild holding up banners especially for Eugene. Then a camera zooms up to the commentary box on the stage

JR: Ladies and gentlemen, what a night we have ahead of ourselves tonight, including Edge defending the Intercontinental title against Batista

King: Not only that but we are kicking off RAW with the Highlight reel this is great

Segment 1

Chris Jericho’s highlight Reel

Chris Jericho is already in the middle of the ring with a mic in his hands getting the crowd wound up.

Jericho: Hey all and welcome to Raw is Jericho, now I have a great Highlight reel tonight as im introducing you to someone who as made history when winning the World Heavyweight title at Summerslam by defeating Chris Benoit. So then can you all please welcome Randy Orton

Evolution’s theme hits and all the pyros start flashing around as Chris Jericho leans on the ropes. Randy Orton comes out onto the stage with his title on his shoulder. Wearing a nice suit with glasses Randy slowly makes his way to the ring taking note of the crowd booing him. He gets to the bottom of the ramp and then makes his way into the ring and Jericho passes him a mic

Orton: That’s right Chris I made history at Summerslam by becoming the youngest ever World Heavyweight champion. I guaranteed I was going to win and I know all you suckers out there didn’t believe me but I did what I said and this proves it

He holds up his world title

Jericho: Ok Randy stop you made history, big whoop I have made history aswell if you didn’t know. I beat Steve Austin and The Rock in the same night, you only beat Benoit once. I have beat Benoit before so it isn’t something only you can do

Orton: Is it me or do I detect abit of jealousy because I am the Legend Killer Chris I beat Mick Foley or cactus Jack whatever the hell you want to call him. I can beat anyone, anywhere and any place. And Chris this is my interview time so can you please leave the ring and let me address my fans

Jericho hits Randy in the head with the mic and then throws him over the top rope to the floor, Randy gets up and goes berserk ranting and raving outside the ring, Jericho wants him in the ring but Randy smiles and starts walking backwards up the ramp, he stops on the stage.

‘Im Back’ hits and Eric Bischoff comes walking out to a chorus of boos

Bischoff: Well Chris since you want to get your hands on randy Orton so much let me put you in a match tonight. Yeah so tonight it will be Chris ‘Ego maniac’ Jericho going one on one with The Game, Triple H.

The crowd goes wild as Jericho throws his mic down and smiles

Bischoff: Hold on that isn’t all, because Chris Jericho’s good buddy Eugene and his mentor William Regal WONT is here tonight although they are not in action because they are preparing for next week because next week in that very ring, it will be my nephew Eugene and his so called friend William Regal taking on Evolution members Triple H and the nature boy Ric Flair

‘Im Back’ hits, Orton and Bischoff shake hands and raise there arms before leaving the stage

--Angle Summary—

Overall Rating: 93%

Road Agents Notes: Randy Orton and Chris Jericho really made this sgemtn work, Orton gained overness

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You seem to be missing some show there...

Anywho, I'm rather confused as to why Orton's running around as a heel champ. Winning the title would instantly make him a face as can be seen on RAW this week. That withstanding, Orton/Y2J should be decent (if the poster means anything).

One thing: No way in hell would Spike TV drop Heat before they'd drop Velocity. Velocity's ratings are absolutely horrible.

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Right, for some reason it cut half of it off.

Anyway it's fixed now, also i kept Orton heel, dont ask me why. Just go along with it :D

*Feedback on the RAW show plz*

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Unforgiven poster released

user posted image

As you see, the WWE looks set to have RAndy Orton defend his title against Chris Jericho for the World Heavyweight title, although they are saying the match will have some sort of stipulation towards it

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Segment 1

The Basham Brothers vs. Scotty 2 Hotty and ???

-The Match-

Scotty 2 Hotty’s partner turned out to be his long lost friend Grandmaster Sexay. Scotty and Doug Basham lock up in the middle of the ring, Scotty forcing Doug into the corner but the ref then splits them up and Doug hits a hard right hand and knocks Scotty to the floor and follows up with a elbow to the sternum. Doug throws Scotty to there corner and Danny tags himself in.

-The Finish-

Scotty just manages to tag in Grandmaster and he storms in with clotheslines to both Bashams. He whips Doug into the corner, he then also whips Danny into the same corner and them hit each other. Grandmaster follows up with a splash to both Bashams and a super kick knocks Doug out of the ring, Scotty 2 Hoty comes out and hits the bulldog on Danny, Scotty looks happy and does the worm on Danny while Grandmaster puts his goggles on the top rope and nails the leg drop for the pinfall

Winner – Too Cool

Overall Match: 70%

Crowd Reaction: 65%

Match Quality: 86%

Road Agent Notes: Too Cool worked very well and the crowd loved every minute

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