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We might be at a point were this topic is needed.

I remember pledging for the first game I ever pledged on Star Command under a year ago. Lot´s of excitement for this iOS game to almost make it towards 200% of it´s huge 20.000$ goal. Well, things have changed. Tim Schafter came along and now there almost are to much (in the sense of me being stuck at low level pledges because of the amount) new games and classics popping up generating "large" sums to produce games that otherwise might have never had a chance.

I´ll start this out with only one of these games, obviusly there are a lot more but i let you bring some.



This game needs more funding! Why you ask? Because it´s more than just someone bringing back something that already has name value and a fan base.


I am a absolute sucker for hand drawn animation. Granted there is not a lot of gameplay to see right now, but the guys not only worked on great games but with the increased funding also brought in a ton of good people like Austin Wintory (who did the music for PSNs all time best selling game

) or the guys that worked on the L.A. Noire Sound Design and some cool extra animators.



Our first priority has always been to make a role-playing game that feels and looks fresh, and plays like the classic tactical strategy games of our childhood. It's not about defeating the villain and saving the day. It's not about grinding to get past the next fight. The Banner Saga throws you into the end of the world and asks "how do you deal with this"?

DRM-Free, and available on PC and Mac

Not another generic fantasy: Drawing heavily from Norse culture while creating its own identity and mythology, The Banner Saga takes a low-fantasy approach to viking themes. Giants: yes. Horned helmets: no.

Strategic combat: Recruit a large roster of unique characters throughout the story, each with different abilities that interact in combat in a deeply tactical way and personalities of their own. The Banner Saga harkens back to classic turn-based gameplay with a strong emphasis on tactics over brute force and endless grinding.

Travel across gorgeous landscapes: The choices you make as events arise have a huge affect on how the story plays out- who survives, who dies, and what's worth saving. Add people to your caravan as you travel, or lose them when tough decisions arise. You're not just fighting to save nameless strangers, you're fighting for your neighbors, your family and your way of life. We want you to care what happens to them.

An emphasis on story: Your choices in dialogue and throughout the game truly affect the story and the people around you. A mature story for adults means forming relationships and making tough decisions; not sex, violence and swearing.

Play online: Though the single-player campaign is our focus, The Banner Saga provides a deep multiplayer game; build a unique party of characters and battle friends and enemies in multiplayer combat. Upgrade your party over time and devise new strategies.

Risk in gameplay: A lot of modern games play it safe- you know you'll defeat the evil and save the day. In The Banner Saga you can't take anything for granted. We want it to feel like a good tv mini-series; the world doesn't revolve around you, it's about how you deal with change.

I am pledging this on poster level (50$ + 10$ shipping)


Which makes this my highest kickstarter pledge at the moment. I am very exited for Wastland 2 and Sadowrun Returns... but they don´t walk, they run. So i decided to put the little extra i still had after DFA (boxed copy ftw!) and FTL on this game while i only back the others on basic levels. Maybe you´ll join in!

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It funny how their first kickstarter (pre tim schäfer era) only got about the same amount they got with this second one in five days.

I stalk the guys pretty closely, they are in depp about 50k because of coding the game longer than planed. (the mobile version should be out withing the next month or two after over two years of dev.) So it´s fairly well deserved that they try to raise a little more. (they actualy asked the backers if it would be ok)

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New Broken Sword Game


There is a bunch of other great stuff around aswell but i am trying to cut back a bit on my kickstarter spending.

Planetary Annihilation (sequel to total annihilation i think)


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I've been meaning to post these for a while.

Star Trek - The Next Generation Pinball

It's funded but there's still a few days left if any of the goodies interest you. I've donated $50 (yeah, I know dry.gif) so I could get the pro version which gives me operator access and will allow me to change how things score and how many balls per game ^_^

Pro Pinball

It's a long way off and I feel guilty for putting so much into the Star Trek pinball game and not allowing me enough money to put into this project. Basically it's the backing to create a small company that will remaster four old pinball games and create a brand new pinball table for a bunch of consoles. I don't think it's going to reach the target but I really love the prototype images and for $2 you'll be able to get three of the old tables for PC (Big Race USA is free for those just looking at the kickstarter page and can be downloaded by clicking this)

Oh, for the record the Star Trek game is an add on for The Pinball Arcade, whilst Pro Pinball is a new game altogether. Figured I might as well clear that up.

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Obsidian Entertainment and our Larry Zbyszkoary game designers Chris Avellone, Tim Cain, and Josh Sawyer are excited to bring you a new role-playing game for the PC. Project Eternity (working title) pays homage to the great Infinity Engine games of years past: Baldur’s Gate, Icewind Dale, and Planescape: Torment.

Project Eternity aims to recapture the magic, imagination, depth, and nostalgia of classic RPGs that we enjoyed making - and playing. At Obsidian, we have the people responsible for many of those classic games and we want to bring those games back… and that’s why we’re here - we need your help to make it a reality!

Project Eternity will take the central hero, memorable companions and the epic exploration of Baldur’s Gate, add in the fun, intense combat and dungeon diving of Icewind Dale, and tie it all together with the emotional writing and mature thematic exploration of Planescape: Torment.

Combat uses a tactical real-time with pause system - positioning your party and coordinating attacks and abilities is one of the keys to success. The world map is dotted with unique locations and wilderness ripe for exploration and questing. You’ll create your own character and collect companions along the way – taking him or her not just through this story, but, with your continued support, through future adventures. You will engage in dialogues that are deep, and offer many choices to determine the fate of you and your party. …and you'll experience a story that explores mature themes and presents you with complex, difficult choices to shape how your story plays out.

We are excited at this chance to create something new, yet reminiscent of those great games and we want you to be a part of it as well.


List of games they worked on before.


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7 days to go on this one. Looks gorgeous. I can´t imagine it will be don in 9 month, but with all the extra money i am sure something good will happen.


Sealark is about a girl who really likes to fish! She is the last fisherman in the whole world! A world that is flooded, populated by only fish people, and of course, fish. And talking birds too, I guess. The point is that the fishing is really good! Until one day, our hero Dove finds a strange boat, and everything changes.

What we have here is an Adventure Game for Windows, Mac, and Linux!

It's about fishing a bunch of fish, meeting a bunch of folks, solving some tough puzzles, beating up some bosses, and a little dating if that's the kind of fisherman you are.

Some of the inspirations I draw from in how I'm making this game include Earthbound, Homestuck, Cave Story, and a little Harvest Moon.


And another Old School RPG by gamecreation Larry Zbyszkos. Looks like by 2014 we will have a bunch of new old School RPGs.


Larry Zbyszkoary, award-winning RPG designers and game industry veterans Brenda Brathwaite and Tom Hall are teaming up to create a richly rendered classic, old-school RPG reminiscent of the true masterworks in the genre (but with the graphics of today)! And of course, it will be DRM-free!

Brathwaite got her start on the classic Wizardry® series of role-playing games, having worked on every award-winning game in the series, before moving on to work on Dungeons & Dragons®, while Tom Hall's visionary design on Commander Keen™, Anachronox™ and DOOM™ set the standard for character development, world design and over-the-top immersion. We want to get back to our roots and create an old-school game worthy of 30 years of RPG fan devotion.


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So, this is a gun controller made from the same guy that did the Avenger controller. The only reason I'm linking it here is because we worked on the video... or what's left of the stuff that we filmed anyway. He basically grabbed our footage and butchered it.

To be honest, I don't know if I can recommend the controller to anyone. It's a pretty cool experience, but I think in the end it would be a burden. But if this thing meets its goal, we get compensation for it.

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