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Guild Wars 2

Chris the Human

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Anybody else playing this?

I just picked it up two days ago and I'm enjoying it so far. Similar enough to WoW (which basically defines the MMORPG genre, for better or worse) so as to not have a huge learning curve - but different enough to stand on its own. I like the race/profession mix, the more experimental approach to crafting, and the way your skills change based on what weapon you choose to equip.

Pretty impressed by the way the world feels a little more alive, but the dynamic questing does get a bit repetitive when you've seen the same events trigger a few times in 24 hours.

I'm on Ehrmy Bay if anybody else is playing.

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Is there really no one else playing this? I absolutely love it. I'm a bit engrossed in Borderlands 2 today since I've finally gotten it, but Guild Wars 2 has been nothing but an absolute delight every time I play it. I'm still only low level, but it's so much fun even on your own. The wonderful thing about it is that outside of instanced bosses where you'd need a party, there's plenty of huge events going on that you and the people around you will be partaking in and the best part is that everyone actually works together and helps one another. I've never been revived so often in an MMO (that's not got monthly subs, btw) by randoms. :P The way the game is built really inspires team work between you and randoms and it's lovely. The world and the combat is so much more fun than your average MMO as well. I really encourage everyone to try it out.

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I adored Guild Wars 2. Played it a ton one summer, then when I moved back to University, I drifted away from it and never got back into the expansions (connection at Uni blocked gaming). Been looking forward to GW2 for quite some time, only to discover that my graphics card is about 25% as good as it needs to be. A week after it came out, I got a free copy of the game and some exclusive digital content through work. So now I need a graphics card.

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I'm gonna bump this old, old thread because I downloaded Guild Wars 2 several days ago. I've really been enjoying it - as the initial post in this thread confirms its got a good mix of race/profession, no subs and generally quite fun. I've only recently started so still getting to grips with the weapons = different skills thing. 

Anyone else playing? 

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