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Backyard Wrestling 2

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Meh..did a search but all I got was the backyard wrestling diary that someone started.

Saw the vid of it, and decided to make a thread because the game doesn't look that bad. Actually looks a hell of a lot better then the first one, and the fact there are more..actually wellknown characters (New Jack, Nick Mondo, etc.) it looks like it will be good, and Ill at least pick it up for a rental.


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The first one was OK, and it wasn't a waste of my money as I bought it used. I figure I'll buy this one used as well. It shouldn't be too bad as they now have MUTHA FUCKIN SANDMAN! There also looks like a lot of good characters minus Andrew WK. WTF.

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I'm thinking that my eyes threw up when I first saw BYW in action, it was horrible. I'm guessing that most of the sales came from "Juggalos" who only bought it because of the ICP, correct?

No, but seriously it was a hunk of junk, this one might be alright but it's nothing i'm going to rush to the store to buy, especially since better games are coming out in the not so distant future.

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