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Mockingbird Lane ***Spoilers Possible***


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The pilot episode for NBC's Mockingbird Lane aired on Friday night. I haven't seen any reviews up or any discussion, so I thought I would bring it up.

What did everyone think?

Personally, if it was a completely original show, I would be extremely excited for it. Because it's the remake for The Munsters, and the characters and tone have been changed so dramatically, I'm having a hard time with it. Eddie Izzard was great as always, and I'm interested to see what happens in the show. That being said, I see myself watching and enjoying the show (should it get picked up)... but The Munsters, this is not.

This fails where a lot of remakes fail, in that it's not just a re-imagining of a classic story. It's a complete overhaul. If the original didn't work, then by all means, start from scratch. But there's a reason that The Munsters is so beloved, and none of that is brought over to Mockingbird Lane. Aside from the premise of a family of monsters with one normal in the house, and the names of the characters, there's nothing to tie this to the original series.

So what did everyone else think?

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I didnt see it but I heard they already scrapped it for budget and creative reasons and just showed this one because they already had it done and its around Halloween

The last I heard was that they put it aside because of the budget, but that airing it as a Halloween special was so that they could gauge what the ratings and fan interest was going to be. From the lack of talk about it, I don't think too many people tuned in. On the one hand, that sucks... but on the other, at least the legacy of The Munsters won't be muddied by a modern version that ignores what made the original so popular.

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Well it got a 1.5 rating..Grimm afterwards got a 1.9, so it has potential.

I liked it. Portia de Rosi was sexy as heck as Lilly..the girl who play Marilyn had this strange like psych/sociapath vibe to her..Izzard, as mentioned, made the show to me. Jerry O'Connell was Jerry O'Connell

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