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NBA 2K13

Tits McGee

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You can have short seasons, does not have to be 82 games. The only thing I am trying to figure out is how to have the current rosters and if I can import draft classes. Does anyone know about this?

edit: 82, 58, 29, 14 are the season length options

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Yeah NBA 2K has officially hit my 'every year purchase' list.

Although, considering my Memphis-based SG has 2 Finals MVP, 2 Rings, and an NBA MVP award to his name, its frustrating as hell to be offered basically 50 extra VC a year to re-sign with Memphis.

Pretty certain I'll be entering Free Agency at the end of my 3rd year, because this is just ridiculous.

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I wish the game would take my hand and lead me to that place. Sadly it lead me right into the career mode which dos not alow a difficulty setting below pro. So i got raped hard and wild.

I have not yet played a normal ass normal game fully, but on my short try it seems the computer is helping out a lot when it comes to defence there. But when i am on the field in career mode the opponent almost exclusively scores because i was not able to defend the guy my arrow points towards (i have absolutely no idea what i am doing, what timing i am looking for, he either breaks free or i foul.)

When i get the ball in offence, right below the basked... i rarly ever score... what i can do in training mode dos not seem to work here... it hops of the ring way to often (i think the most i scored was 4 points in a game). This surly can´t only be because in Training i don´t have my year one rookie right?

I fooled around in training, it seems all realy cool, all the stuff you can do with the right stick. There seem to be a ton of moves, fakes, combos to dribble... it´s just a bit much to have to use all of that from the get go. :D

Presentation is really cool. I think it might have the best comentary i heard in a sports game. The press confferences (and do i need to be in every one? I am the junior, not the captain :D ) and GM talks could look a bit less PS2, but it´s a cool feature. ...and i seem to bring the game to it´s edge with my badness, because there rarely is any tweet comming in that dos not tell me "geat game yo, keep it up)

I want to have fun with this!

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Trey's right - I have 2K12 for both PC and PS3, and I "learnt" the game on PC (I only had keyboard, no gamepad), things like how to set picks, when to shoot and how to time it, how to time steals, stuff like that. Then when I came over to PS3 version and could use the skill sticks and my L2 trigger the game really opens up. Definitely play the tutorial (if it's the same as the 2K12 version). I did the whole tutorial once before I started anything - and then when I went back and did a PG MyPlayer I repeated the dribble and passing tutorials, same as the Post moves tutorial when I started a PF MyPlayer. You'll find each time you do it, you wrote-learn a new move, so now I'm at the point where I have at least a couple of different ways to achieve what I want (beat a player, score from the post, create space for a shot etc)

Short version: Learn to love the tutorials. If they still exist.

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