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Mass Hysteria


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Mass Hysteria is a roleplay game involving the zombie apocalypse. The inspiration for this game (besides the thousands upon thousands zombie movies and other media) was a game ran by Jesse Gunn in 2010 calledSanctuary.It was a fun game that a lot of people played but unfortunately once Jesse got burnt out the game died with him.So that is why my friend is going to continue his legacy and since he's never been burnt out or had writers block of any sort he can devote time to this.But basically, you make your character, whoever you want them to be but keep it within the realm of possibility. No ninjas or vampires or aliens. You RP as them and at the end of the week he posts results and continues your stories. The people with the best RP's continue on to see another episode while the bottom half of RP's get eliminated. Being eliminated doesn't mean you die. It means you get detained or whatever else you request if you were to be eliminated. You can die if that's what you want. Once season finale time comes along somebody will die for sure so keep that in mind. If you die, you can start over with a new character if you like. He's basically kept the same rules as Sanctuary. If you like The Walking Dead then you would like this. Though he'd prefer original characters he'd accept certain characters from The Walking Dead.... Only if they were in Rick's group though.

PM me if interested.

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Is this a legit game or is someone writing a story featuring the characters created?

It's a zombie rpg you basically write out each weekly episodic scenario and the staff writers will do a write up. At the end of the season someone gets killed off. The roleplay with the least amount of votes their character will either be detained in the writeups or anything you choose. We'll be getting in gfx's as well to make all write ups vary.

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