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So, the new game by Mojang has come out in to Beta now and you can get it for about £12.95/$20.95. It's a trading card/strategy game, I suppose is the best way to describe it. It's also ridiculously hard to play, even against easy AI. But it's quite well thought out which is something good at least.


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Bought it, gave it a go, won a few games. I like it. If you like Magic the Gathering you'll definitely like it, I think it's a bit better than Magic to be honest. I like the way you have to sacrifice cards for mana, pretty much eliminating the chances of getting screwed over by too many or too few land cards. Might mess about with it a bit more, see how I do.

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My problem seems to come more from the fact that the deck I chose relies entirely on buffs and I seem unable to get any cards on the field before the enemy has like, 7 of them. All of my character cards require like 4-5 Growth!

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