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The Evil Within


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I just picked this up today and was hoping to discuss it with whoever else is interested in/is playing it. Couldn't find a thread, so figured i'd make one.

Anyway, i've only played it for about 15 minutes total thanks to schoolwork, but I enjoyed what I played. Seems VERY similar to Residen Evil 4, right down to the gory executions and chainsaw guys. Definitely a different experience than Alien Isolation was.

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The local shop where I buy most of my games had a mix up on the delivery so I'll be picking up my copy later on today. I've read mixed things but I grew up on the first few RE games so this is something I'm really looking forward to.

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Granted I've only had a chance to play the first hour or so but my only major bugbear so far is that the game doesn't seem to tell you anything. I know it's probably on purpose but even down to things like setting bodies on fire after I've killed them, I have no idea why I have to do it, just that apparently I have to.

But yeah, it's fun. Maybe not £40 worth of fun so far, but like I said, I've barely had a chance to play it.

Oh also the loading times, Jesus christ, there's a lot of loading times.

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I've not had an issue with loading times yet - and it's odd because I heard reviewers go on about that issues as well.

And yeah, stuff like burning bodies is better to figure out on yourself. Tips might pop up on the loading screen, but I'm enjoying learning every mechanic myself for the most part. It makes discovering a new way to dispatch enemies feel significant and awesome. Just don't get TOO anal about burning bodies, but you'll learn tricks here and there. After I figured out that shooting a running enemy in the leg and instantly being able to burn him was essentially the new RE4 suplex it really helped out.

But here's a tip - don't bother much with upgrading your melee. It's basically useless. Instead focus on running stamina and a singular weapon - I got the pistol up to at least 20% critical and worked on its accuracy and ammo capacity. Also note that upgrading your health fully restores it so don't do the upgrade unless you find yourself having to.. boom, free health bar.

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So I didn't realize this until way late in the game, but burning bodies is only to conserve ammo. Burning dead bodies is useless. So what i've learned to do is when there are a group of guys ganging up on me, i'll just run around and get them together, aim at their feet with a boomstick and light them all on fire with one match. Very helpful in the later stages of the game. I'm digging it well enough, but it isn't the best game. It's pretty much just RE4 with a new skin and story. Not that anything is wrong with that.

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