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Game Suggestions?


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I own a PC, for which I have very few games. I used to be really into them years back but now the only game I've played in the last year is Total Club Manager '04.

I'm looking for you guys to suggest some (preferably new, or soon to be released) PC games I might like based on my tastes...

Things I've liked in the past.

-Roller Coaster Tycoon

-Transport Tycoon

-Age Of Empires



Things I haven't liked in the past.


-Championship Manager

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You might be getting San Andreas for the PS2, but i'm definately thinking of getting it for the PC, when it comes out.

I'm not too good with games, especially since i only own CM03/04, which for some strange reason, you dislike, Rollercoaster Tycoon, which you own, i think and Sim City 2000, which Stephen Hawkins couldn't even complete.

Oh, and the Sims, but no one seems to like them.

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Question: Which Civilization did you play? If it was the first, I agree, because the AI seemed to cheat, and advance, a lot faster than the player could.

My recommendations:

The Sims

Freedom Force, if you're into single-player super-hero RPGs (you control 4 heroes at a time in most of the missions)

Mall Tycoon (Haven't actually played it, but I've heard its pretty good - I believe there's also a Mall Tycoon II out)

I mostly play games on my PS2 now, so that's about all I can recommend at the moment.

If you decide to try The Sims or Freedom Force, let me know. I can tell you where to find TONS of downloads for either game. :)

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Freedom Force 2 will get released pritty soon so playing the first game actualy might be a good idea at the moment, the X-Men console game seems to use FFs engin as well.

Infakt i just came back from Plaing FF after instaling it again a few houres ago.

edit: SP2 kills the game btw. they are working on a patch to fix that but if you already have SP2 you cannot run the game AFAIK

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