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Steam has been hacked they haven't shut down the servers as of yet


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Steam has been hacked, people are randomly being logged in as other people. The general sentiment is that the safest thing to do is log out and shut down Steam ASAP, log into Paypal and get rid of Steam as a pre-approved thing to be safe. 

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The current talk is that it's a caching issue (and might just be a Valve stuff up, rather than hacking) and basically any screen you look at someone else has the potential to see. So if that's all it is, provided you don't go to any section that shows your details (update/change credit card/paypal/buy something and put in details etc) you should be safe, maybe.

I'm staying logged off until there is clarification as to the risks or it's resolved entirely (preferably the latter).

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Kotaku is saying Valve shut the store down for the time being

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