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The Witness


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I think it really needs a demo (have no idea if there is one). It has the same problem for me that Undertale had. It's a genre of game I'm not super into - puzzle games often just make me frustrated then bored. If I cheat and look up the solution I lose the satisfaction (not just for that puzzle, but feel like I've ruined the whole game), if I don't look up the solution I normally just quit playing that session then don't have the motivation to go back. But because it's so widely acclaimed it makes you think there must be something there, but then you can't look for any details about what separates it from the rest lest it ruins the experience when/if you do decide to play it.

Then it becomes a gamble. If I spend $5 on a game and don't like it I don't care. $10 makes me pause first, no way I'm spending $40 on a genre I normally don't like.  

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The reviews are over the moon and they have me interested - I especially like that everyone has said so far that if you're frustrated, the open world nature of it means that you can move on, learn something new and come back to the puzzle with new eyes which really makes for a very, very rewarding play structure. I'll wait for a sale but I'm very interested.

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