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Star Wars: The Old Republic


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I still play occasionally. I'm up to chapter four in Knights of the Eternal Throne, need to get back to that at some point.

If you're asking on here though you should check these out. That's myself, GoGo, SRN and TKz running through Athiss, but from four years ago so a lot has changed since then. I watched it again recently and it's weird looking at all the bits that are in the current UI that aren't there >_>

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15 minutes ago, HarshMillennium said:

My new laptop is coming on Tuesday and I was planning on coming back to it (or trying WoW). 


Neat, I renew on Tuesday; roll a toon on Star Forge, I don't care what side, we can do shit together :shifty: 

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I still log on occasionally. I actually created a new character on Star Forge to join in with my brother's guild at some point, so if you need a fourth to make a guild I could probably help out. Don't know how often I'll be on at the same time to do any group content though >_>

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I don't think we ever decided. I'm good with either faction, it makes no real difference to me. 

Figuring out who wants to do what is probably more critical-ish in terms of characters. I've done all 8 stories, as the following:

Guardian, Juggernaut (I do not like Sentinel/Marauder), Shadow, Sorcerer, Scoundrel, Sniper, Commando, Powertech. Granted most of these are analogues to one another, point is I really don't have much of a preference. I'm doing KOTFE for the first time with a Juggernaut, so whatever people want to be, it doesn't matter.

Or we can say fuck it and make a guild and decide this shit later. Or TWO guilds :shifty: 


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