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  1. Critical Role is single-handedly the reason I started playing D&D, let alone also DMing a campaign. Such a good stream.
  2. You could do the same with things like Bless, and make it different brews. Ooh, you could make his Spiritual Weapon, like, a big barrel or something!
  3. Please tell me you're going to flavour Cure Wounds as him feeding people his special ale he's brewed.
  4. I mean, lava makes light. You could fill the place with rivers of lava.
  5. I see it as flexing different muscles, and get different benefits from both. I run one campaign and play in another, and while I do definitely enjoy building the world and having it react to my players in the one where I'm the DM, I also enjoy not having to worry about preparing dozens of possible NPCs that may have to react to what's going on, and just focusing on how one character will respond.
  6. I think a good comparison to this, which makes the concern a bit clearer, is to when Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire came out. There wasn't a big sprawling post-game, the National Dex wasn't a thing yet, and moving from the Game Boy to the GBA meant that it was impossible to transfer Pokemon from the older games, so you had a fairly clear separation there, and it was essentially a clean slate. That said, the data for the old Pokemon was still in Ruby and Sapphire, so when Leaf Green and Fire Red came out, there wasn't any incompatibility for trades and such. From what I understand, Sword and Shield
  7. I still log on occasionally. I actually created a new character on Star Forge to join in with my brother's guild at some point, so if you need a fourth to make a guild I could probably help out. Don't know how often I'll be on at the same time to do any group content though >_>
  8. Though I haven't had the chance to play a Fighter yet, they look fun, and they have one of the best abilities in 5e in Action Surge, so there's that. Also all of the archetypes look good, particularly some of the shenanigans Battlemasters can get up to with their maneuvers.
  9. So, uh...I got myself a Japanese Carracosta through the GTS and thought I'd try that shiny breeding trick by breeding it with my female Dragonite by getting six eggs as a test. On the one hand, no shinies, but on the other, all six of them are female. Does anyone want a female Dratini? If not I'm probably just gonna Wonder Trade them, maybe someone's just starting their game and will get lucky with a level 1 Dratini they can use in their team >_>
  10. Fair point. I suppose you could probably just watch the first TDW stinger on Youtube to see Sif and Volstagg giving the Collector the Aether, and Volstagg's line about keeping two Infinity Stones so close together (which is the first time they're called as such in the MCU), and be done with it.
  11. Skipping Thor: The Dark World also skips the introduction to the Reality Stone. If you miss that one, anything involving The Collector or the Aether in Infinity War or Avengers 4 is going to be confusing. Plus TDW was where the first exposition regarding the Infinity Stones was laid out, so there's that too.
  12. From what I've read, it will be "…from a corner of the galaxy that Star Wars lore has never before explored." A lot of people are clamouring for it to be set in the Old Republic, and I for one would be so keen for that, but I'm honestly just thrilled about the idea of more Star Wars films to explore more of the galaxy than just the Skywalker family fucking everything up.
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