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Has anyone played this? Great online MMA game, been playing for years and would highly recommend anyone thats a fan of MMA to try it, the forums are alot of help for new players getting started so worth signing up there to :)

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That's a name i've not heard in a long time. I'm honestly a bit shocked that the game is still running because last time I saw it it was under new management that seemed to just pull cash out of it and not add stuff.

Personally i used to play MMATycoon more, slightly more in depth albeit a much slower burn.

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MMArmy, the single for the failed experiment of making Hanson the official band of the US Armed Forces.

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On 16/03/2018 at 10:49, Jasonmufc said:

That's a name i've not heard in a long time. I'm honestly a bit shocked that the game is still running because last time I saw it it was under new management that seemed to just pull cash out of it and not add stuff.

Personally i used to play MMATycoon more, slightly more in depth albeit a much slower burn.

couldnt be further from the truth mate, new owner has been adding stuff consistently since he took over, and isnt in it for the money at all.


Some additions include new weight classes, womens mma, an auction house, new fight styles and stats, a ton of shop items, auto spars and auto challenges, special recruits plus so much more.

Heres an example of an email sent out about the game: (sorry for the long message)



The game was taken over in early 2014 and has had a new lease of life input into it.

Updates have been frequent over the last few years and the game is ever evolving. This email will feature some of these additions, the game is constantly moving forward, so why not check out the game again? You wont be disappointed.


Probably one of the most popular additions to the game are Special Recruits, also known as SRs. These are fighters that specialise in certain areas of MMA, for example they could be Olympians, Black Belts or simply prospects or blue chippers, here is a link to the reference page for the different kinds of Special Recruits:


Running a camp on MMArmy.com has never been easier, with the ability to spar your fighters with just one click, using the 'spar all' function. Spars have also been increased to a maximum of 10, up from the previous total of 5.


Sending out fights has been made alot easier too, if you're too busy to hunt out opponents but would still like to be active, then the 'challenge all' button is for you.

The UFC have added weight classes in the last decade, including the Featherweight, Bantamweight and Flyweight divisions, and MMArmy has followed suit by adding these to the game. Also on the way will be the addition of Female fighters.

There are a number of new fight styles and stats, those are listed below:

New Styles

Way of Hand & Foot
Wall & Stall
Run & Gun
Top Game Tapout
Catch & Shoot
Arrogant Assault
Clock & Lock
Clean Sweep
Ring King
Pick Your Poison
Ankle Breaker
Neo Footwork
Luta Livre
Sway & Slay

New Stats

Catch Wrestling


Auction House is a new addition,it gives coaches another option opposed to the traditional recruit button.This feature loads 8 random fighters that can be purchased with camp cash.Since this is a new feature, right now it is first come... first serve. Eventually you will have to bid against other coaches to purchase a fighter.
Once the women's divisions are added,you will have 10 fighters to choose from that will include 8 men and 2 women.

Up to 90 countries can be represented by fighters, with the numbers ever expanding, from the popular MMA countries like USA and Brazil to lesser known countries like Taiwan and Palestine.

Company rankings have been added, these allow you to see who is currently dominating the MMArmy world, which also doubles up as a helpful tool to judge which style is doing well at the time.

Another recent addition is the World Recruit Value(WRV) http://www.mmarmy.com/wrv.php - This new feature to the game is dictating your potential starting stats for new recruits based on his country of origin.
The World Recruit Value changes every Sunday. These values can rise or fall one spot every week. It's completely random as to which stats will change for every nation.

New Sparring is live for new fighters recruited.

This is the beginning of the personality trait system so for the sparring partnership each fighter falls into a particular category 1-5 and if fighters share the same trait for sparring they will have the largest chance of increase (which is larger than previous).

You will see text letting you know that you have found two compatible partners.

Ranking to fight results was added for those that need to decide contenders easier,you can view past results to see where the fighters were ranked at the time of the fight.

Number of Spars added to fighter profile

Nicknames before name is now live.

Fighter Rankings have been updated to include filters for Popularity and Aura.

Search link updated to include Coach name and bring back Active or Retired option.

There are often competitive tournaments, which are veteran and newer player friendly, with special recruits often being the prize. Prediction leagues for both the UFC and Bellator are also present on the forums. They're a very simple way to win SRs - well, as simple as predicting a fight is, with them being awarded on a monthly basis.

As well as all these game additions, there have been hundreds of cosmetic customisation options added into the shop. From tattoos, to clothing to actual fighter customisation, very rarely does one fighter look like another. The prices for clothes have been vastly reduced to allow for the customisation of fighters.

In closing, it would be great to see you dropping by and checking out what the game has to offer, we are very confident you won't be disappointed.

If you do return, but don't remember your login, be sure to message ChiefBD and he will issue you a message with your details.
Hopefully we will see you in the cage soon! 

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