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  1. Loving Xbox 360 Gold Live :D

  2. Over the past few months: In no order 1)Tew 08 - (9/10) Awesome game, well worth the £20 odd quid for it. 2)The Bigs 2 (6/10) - The only Baseball game I can get in the UK. Is fun for a bit, but the arcade stuff can get a tad annoying. 3)Fifa 09 (9/10)- Just got gold for the Xbox so I have started replaying Fifa. Quality game. 4)Battlefield Bad Company (8/10)- Same as above, only started replaying for the fact of multiplayer. Awesome game though. 5)Condemned 2 (9/10)- Brilliant game, got it for just over a tenner, well worth the money. Loads better than the first, and that was good. 6)Lego Indiana Jones (5/10) - Not enjoyed as much as I thourght I would. Gets kinda repetative. 7)Fallout 3 - (10/10)Brillian game, one of my alltime favourites. Still got loads to explore, but completed it, so gonna get the Broken Steel add on, so I can carry on with my save game. 8)Gears Of War 2 (9/10)- Aweseom game, one of the best of the Xbox 9)Condemned 1 - (7/10)Brother lent me this, good game, made me jump in parts. 10)Street Fighter IV (7/10)- Good game, but im not very good at it, so finding it kinda hard. Stoped playing after a few weeks
  3. Maybe they will do what they did last year, and leave a whole load of Legends out so that they can release a whole new game aimed at Legends, I never bourght that game in the end. Would love to see Legends make a dedicated return in this years series though. I've seen the same Advert on the internet for the Stone Cold unlockable, so at least there is an indication that we might be getting a few?
  4. I missed out on last years so may give this a whirl once the Demo come's out. I think my Computer struggled on the 3d Pitch last time round, well on the demo anyways Just getting that Football Manager itch.
  5. Not sure about this year's game. I was relaly looking forward to SVR 09, went out and got it straight away, and after about three weeks of playing it I got bored It was a good game en all, but it didn't seem to have that extra edge to it that makes something stand out. Im hoping that this years will see the inclusion of backstage fighting and being able to fight in the crowd. And with backstage fighting I mean more than just the one area. Even the N64's No Mercy had multiple backstage environments.
  6. Wasn't it something to do with creting your own wrestler and making him a Ledgend? I seem to recall reading about that somewhere, but not sure if it was part of the relive, rewrite, redefine game modes. Edit - Seems like it's a movie theater. LOW Vid
  7. Downloaded the demo last night and had a quick play. Seems like a good game, one of those the more you play the more you like. Fought Andre three times and he kicked my ass Had a quick look at the game mode aswell, and I must say that seems pretty awesome. I liked the video recaping the events leading up to the match. And I also like the idea of having to match things that actually happend, i.e breaking the table(Furniture) and fighting up against the entrance way. The gameplay was good, found it weird coming from SVR from what iv'e played of it latley, to LOW. But i enjoyed it and I think i'll probably get more gameplay out of this than what I have SVR, the only reason i've hing onto it is so I can import the roster into LOW, which I think is a great feature of the game and pretty much more than doubles the complete roster. The roster seems like it's gonna be great, and if they use DLC they all the more fun The match types available are good, would have been nice if more were added, but then again with the nature of the game I supose there is only so many you can include before coming into modern day wrestling. But the OLD SCHOOL CAGE more than makes up for that
  8. :P Err nope, no killer here.
  9. Looking forward to this release. Just got an X-box 360 and played my brothers 2008 game, loved it. Not played a Smackdown game in years so looking forward to it. (Other than my brothers the other day ) Should be good, the story mode sounds fun, I know there's only seven playable story's but they sound decent espcially with them being charachter specific. Was hoping backstage would be included but looks like it is a match mode only option when you get to fight in the locker room. Any news if ledgends will be included ?
  10. Loving the demo so far, never picked up 2006 version so i'll most definatley buy this one when it's released. Like others have said the tutor feature is really cool. At the moment i've got Henry tutoring Walcott, first game I linked them together Walcott scored. Not started the actual season yet, about to play my last friendly match and then got a Champions league qualifiers match. The media is pretty cool, not had a look at the scouting features yet.
  11. Cortez

    Arsenal Thread

    Ermm me lol Nah I had my doubts aswell, but always gotta belive in your side. Even with the bad start we've had to the season were a good team, and are always more than capable of beating the big teams. Just need to do it a bit more often (Y)
  12. Cortez

    Arsenal Thread

    Feels so good knowing we beat Man United. Can't wait to see ma best mate, he's a Man U fan and was more or less 100% that we would lose to them! Rubbing it in will be nice for a little while lol. Im shocked that Adebayor scored. Wasn't too impresed with him last season, I thourght he was awful, but hope he can carry on proving me wrong.
  13. Just signed up, my team consist's of the following: Gk - Brad fridel DF - Toure DF - Woodgate DF - Young DF - Cole MF - Pennant MF - Carrick © MF - Parker MF - Lennon FW - Rooney FW - Viduka Sub: Gk - Shay Given DF - Ferdinand(west ham) MF - Gillespie FW - Solskjaer
  14. Gutted we lost, and I once again hate Lehman with a passion lol. In fairness we played well, but it just wasn't to be, we stared looking tired and Barcelona took advantage of it.
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