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  1. Nope, you pick a side and it's just playing with your exhibition team. At the end, the winning card goes to everyone, depending on rank.
  2. Wouldn't any series be repetitive at its core?
  3. Isn't there an Insert for free Online functions?
  4. I'd join, but my NAT hates GTA4 Apparently I need a compatible router
  5. Downloading I've never played any of the previous games, any pointers?
  6. No selling a shotgun to the head?!? Thats worse than Hogan! All jokes aside; that pisses me off too. Also surviving a rocket blast, not cool :/
  7. Done in first try. Minivan hit and run ftw
  8. Journey for pure EPIC, WKTT (Just or Unjust ) and PLR Integrity 2.0 A bit of a dissapointment I say. Needs more Chatterbox moments.
  9. add my to the 360 crowd GT: JCD Blade
  10. Add me to the guys who got it witout preorder. And a 360 to play it!
  11. The Lion King Seconded But once again; Helicopter Jousting
  12. What about Helicopter jousting?
  13. How about Tong Meeting? Criminal side: 1 "leader" must pick up some back up from around the city to meet another "Leader" so about 2 Leaders and 4-6 Bodyguards. Only the leaders can use the more advanced guns and the guards and only us pistols and any guns found off the ACF They also have a head start predetermined by the host/both parties (eg; 2-10 mins) Anti-Crims (ACF): 4-6 Anti-crims must eliminate both the leaders. These can only use SMGs at the start but can use any weapons found of the criminals. KILLING Leader 2 is an instant Criminal win untill two members or leader one is dead or if Leader 2 forces combat with the ACF (Read: if Leader 2 runs into the street and his group fires/attacks the ACF, he/she is fair game) If the meeting takes place, the ACF have a time limit to eliminate the Leaders (eg; 2-15 mins) They also can have back up in the form of stand bys to take the place of dead ACF (upto the amount of criminals at the start, optional rule) The Meeting place should be decided beforehand. and only known by the criminals. Killing the first leader reveals the location. In the likey event of 1 Leader dieing before he reaches the meeting point, the remaining Leader has to flee to a safehouse or eliminate the ACF Elimination: Death or Arrest Only. In Simple terms; Crims main objective is to initiate the meeting, the ACF's is to kill both the leaders. Opinions?
  14. Tai Kwon Leap