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  1. It also contains a comma splice.

  2. Your signature suggests that you support good grammar, but your signature also omits an apostrophe from a contraction and separates a preposition and its object with a colon. You strike me as wishy-washy about this whole grammar thing.

  3. Gwen Cooper got her happy ending, leave her annoying ass back in Wales! That said, I actually don't mind the change in location or the new characters, as long as they can justify the location change and find people who can play the roles well. Hopefully it'll be fun.
  4. RavenBlack

    Doctor Who

    American Torchwood? I don't think I want that. Most British shows simply don't translate well into American versions. I'm also wary of Fox being mentioned as in on this, even if RTD and Julie Gardner are too. Been burned too many times by Fox already. Plus it'll likely end up heavily sanitized. Of course, if it does get off the ground, I have a small request: NO GWEN COOPER, PLEASE. Not sure if this has been mentioned yet, but BBC America is advertising the new season with a premiere date of April 17th.
  5. Spoiler: Click here to viewLovely's gone, Lovely's gone, FINALLY Lovely's gone! ...ahem. Now that that's out of my system, I enjoyed this episode. Robert's fit was EPIC, IMO. Could've done without the C-listers, though. Oh, and I read that Joseph the ex-Marine was actually a plant hired to try to spike ratings. Executive meddling, Fox? Seriously? Also, what was the deal with the snakes on a cane thing that flashed during one of the commercial breaks? Is it a new season of House or something? Whatever it is, the clock on the site expires on September 21st (a Monday) at 8 PM.
  6. Happy birthday. :)

  7. What's wrong with Kris Allen sounding like a generic pop act? Surely that means he will actually get played regularly on the radio? And I honestly think that Adam Lambert's CD will be a let down. When you actually listen to the studio versions, they are a lot weaker than the live versions. He's just a charismatic performer, but when it comes to toning it down in the studio, he loses a large part of his appeal. And he only lost the show, since even America got sick of Simon Cowell's pushing of certain acts. Katy Perry having Adam Lambert written on her outfit was absolutely ridiculous. I knew I'd need the fireproof armor. The problem with Kris Allen sounding like a generic pop act is that there are already 40 billion generic pop acts out there (and Idol keeps contributing to that number). There's nothing there that sets him apart from the rest of them, other than the fact that he won Idol, and even that might be considered a dubious honor considering that a good portion of past Idol winners/runners-up don't have much in the way of a career afterward. I'd like to beat Katy Perry up solely because I keep getting that stupid "Hot and Cold" song stuck in my head. I used the mute button during her performance, partly because I don't think she's that great and partly because she really didn't need to be there (too much filler this season!). I outgrew my boyband phase ages ago, thankfully. It certainly kept the front-row fangirls entertained. I wonder if the fact that he's married would've affected that (fangirls are fickle creatures). Guess we'll never know...
  8. I know I'm going to have to get the fireproof armor out for saying this, but I have hated Kris Allen for weeks now. To me, he sounds like pretty much any generic pop act on the radio these days. That said, Adam will likely pull a Clay Aiken (and not in THAT way, minds out of the gutter) and slaughter Kris in sales.
  9. I have to say meh about the add-ons (especially all the pain in the ass fetch quests), but it was like revisiting an old friend. ...and I want an Earthbound remake. Seriously.
  10. RavenBlack

    Doctor Who

    He looks kinda like Chris Eccleston. Apparently he was in an episode of Secret Diary of a Call Girl last year, but I honestly can't remember if he was any good. Ah well, at least the speculation's ended.
  11. Same here. Jane did a wonderful job on a really good movie (with a kick-ass soundtrack). I abhor movie sequels that don't make the effort to use the same cast (continuity, people!), and this one looks especially shitty.
  12. The Hellsing OVAs cover a shortened version of what the TV anime covered, then (judging from the teaser clips) also cover the manga's Nazi vampire arc. I thought the TV series ended screwy, so I'm looking forward to seeing if Starz'll air more than just the first two...or since Starz-licensed anime also comes on SciFi, maybe there too?
  13. Lately I've gotten back into my Redwall habit (Brian Jacques is awesome), so I've been rereading random novels from that series. The last book I bought was Chris Paolini's Brisingr (no comments from the peanut gallery). Much better than the disappointment Eldest turned out to be, with an ending that didn't upset me (I hate cliffhangers). There's even a Doctor reference, though it's in there for pretty much no reason. It wasn't the best book ever, but I was happy with it.
  14. OMG YES. I used to watch that and Square One TV (anyone else remember that? With MathNet and 'Mathman' the Pacman knockoff?) on PBS when I was little, both those shows absolutely rocked. Couldn't get into the "Where In Time" version, though. Just wasn't as good.
  15. Pushing Daisies Sanctuary True Blood The Tudors (whenever that comes back on) There's also a lot of cool shows that randomly come on SciFi (mini-marathons on weekdays): Wolf Lake, The Sentinel, The Pretender, John Doe...
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