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  1. I stand corrected. She was born in the UK and moved to New Zealand when young, hence the accent. She was always billed as from New Zealand, but fair enough. However, Iestyn Rees is definitely not Australian and is probably definitely not a Lightweight
  2. Couple other things I've spotted (Sorry these aren't all in one post, just spotting them as I'm playing along). The worker Lacey is listed as 24 Years old, and has the photo of what looks like mid-2000's RoH Lacey (of Lacey's Angels). If the photo matches the worker, pretty sure she's not 24. as she was working RoH in like 2004. According to Wikipedia, she's 36. Also, Bea Priestly is listed as being British. Her Wikipedia also says this, but it also lists that she was training in New Zeland and debuted for a wrestling company there aged 14. Pretty sure she is from New Zealand
  3. Not sure if there's something I'm unaware of or not, but just noticed there's a Love Relationship between Chuck Mambo and Michael Elgin? Looks like Mambo has replaced MsChif in the data, and the relationship hasn't been removed
  4. Hi, Not sure if this is a general EWR issue, or with this update. But I started a game yesterday using the latest updates, and when I sign staff members, some of them go straight onto Unsackable contracts when I agreed a Verbal deal with them
  5. Couple of requests for new workers, although I don't have any stats or anything unfortunately, hopefully someone else can help out. Dezmond Xavier and Zachary Wentz, I believe both have wrestled for CZW, and they tag together as Scarlet & Graves Ashley Vox, Delmi Exo & Jawsolyn, who wrestle for CHIKARA and go by the name Team Sea Stars Also, I noticed Laurel Van Ness was male on the current data
  6. Also make Ultra Mantis Black an active Worker again and make him the CHIKARA Grand Champion Also, regarding TNA, is the roster really right for them? The Great Khali? Seriously?
  7. The Spirit Squad are appearing in Preston for PCW in April, so they definitely aren't under a Written Contract with WWE
  8. I'm not one for coming up with Stat updates etc for wrestlers, but if you want Pete Dunne updating (I've not seen the latest update, but he was definitely in the one previous) then you should probably want his stats correct. He's not 20, he's 23. He's not a face. His nickname should be The Bruiserweight. His finishing move is a Pump Handle into a Flatliner (not sure of his name for the move, but seen it at DT3 online)
  9. Whoa. Where is Tommy End? He's wrestled for PWG amongst other companies in the US, and has definitely been in previous updates. Rumoured to be signing with WWE soon also EDIT: Oops. Just found him. Someone jumped the gun and put him in WWE already
  10. Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish aren't shown as being with NJPW either
  11. Downloaded for the first time in a while to have a little play. Few things I've noticed: Chris Hero is a Lightweight (LOL) Deonna Purazzo is Male (I'm pretty sure she's not)
  12. Andy Kellet looks like a promising little player. No idea why Manu U have took him off us though. He's made 1 start for us, and as said previously, has spent most of this season at Plymouth Argyle. Obviously it's been said he's just cover for the Development squad as they're squad is quite thin at the moment, but there are some Bolton fans saying that Man U have been having a look at him for a while and it may turn into a permanent deal. Not sure if he may be out of contract with us in the summer. Can't see why Man U would bring in a 21 year old for the Development Squad though. Still baffling. Still, maybe he'll come back to Bolton in the summer as a better player having trained with the likes of Antonio Valencia and Ashely Young.
  13. I've noticed Davey Andrews is in the database as a 22 year old. That seems wrong seeing as though he debuted in ROH in 2004. I read online he retired in 2005 also, so may be worth removing.
  14. Any reason the EWR June 2004 Data isn't available on the website?
  15. Couple of things I spotted - FIP Tag Team Champions are Roderick Strong and Rich Swann, so I'd add both of those guys to FIP as well as making them champions - IWC Champion is Dalton Castle - IWC Super Indy Champion is R.J. City - IWC Tag Team Champions are Chest Flexor and Brian McDowell - MCW Rage TV Champion is Ruckus - MCW Tag Team Champions are G-Fed and Buck Chyld
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