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  1. The city is what im looking forward to seeing the most, I think that is because of the job Team Bondi did with the city in LA Noire.
  2. Within hours they release the half-season ticket for the last 10 home games of the season, good work. Although, because of the state of the club after Bates, its gonna take a while before the Leeds fan base trusts GFH/Haigh/Patel.
  3. Well... I preferred the first 45 to the second 45 aw well... the gulf in class was way to much, they are the second best in the world (technically) and were struggling to hold on to the second best in Yorkshire.
  4. History means nothing...which coincidentally is something Bradford can probably attest to. History means EVERYTHING History is always something to be proud of... but its the present that matters most. Also, Arsenal, Wenger isnt getting sacked when he gets them into the Champions League every season, asks for little in transfer fees (compared to those around him), but the players he signs get sold on for much much more than he signed them for. This is what happens when shareholders are placed above fans.
  5. Proper animals that lot, im at uni at Huddersfield and I see more Leeds/Man United/Liverpool gear in town than I do for the dog botherers. The poor sods think that theyre our number 1 rival, bless em, our main local derby is Bradford and after that, Sheffield(s).
  6. My mate lives next door to former France defence coach Dave Ellis, apparently he wanted to be part of the England set up but instead worked with Tonga in the recent Autumn Tests. So ill be going to him for inside information on RU related stuff... prepare for some dodgy bets (Y)
  7. This is the lad from Leeds isnt it?
  8. Heard rumours of Marouane Chamakh coming in January... which is mental. David Haigh and co have got a lot of work to do to actually build us up into a proper club again. I remember going to Leeds and never being able to avoid LUFC, like you cant avoid Everton or Liverpool on Merseyside or Man United in London, we need to brought back to the area. Also, sounding very optimistic again, we need to spend and get our academy in the top tier... fuck massive signings, Thorp Arch is where we need to concentrate.
  9. Victoria Quarter up Briggate is the Knightsbridge of the North, cant wait to see Victoria Beckham strolling around Primark on Headrow.... sure theres a Peacocks nearby as well. Aside from the Barcelona Academy/Cantera thats obviously going to be built, we need to reconnect with Leeds City Centre.
  10. We dont need billions, we just need some people who know how to manage a club... lets be fair, we could easily get 35,000 fans each home game, if you cant build a promotion winning squad off the back off that, then theres something very wrong... and Bates did do something wrong, hence 18,000 through the gates.
  11. Apparently so, they're being backed by somebody 'close to the Bahrain government'... so possibly Khalifa?
  12. WACCOE has gone into overdrive and already naming Roberto Di Matteo next seasons manager. Good times!!!
  13. Sheikh Maktoum's name is popping up on WACCOE again.
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