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  1. Remove James Ellsworth from wwe he has been released.
  2. Alisha Edwards has been readded to the roster page so looks like she isn’t leaving afterall.
  3. Impact has updated its roster page. Mahabali Shera, The VOW, Alisha Edwards and Swoggle's profiles have been removed seemingly indicating that they are no longer with the promotion.
  4. Impact X Division title history needs updated. Looks like Sonjay Dutt was still set as champion in the last update and trevor lees reign was missed. Add title lineages for Sonjay Dutt and Trevor Lee, add Taiji Ishimori as champion - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Impact_X_Division_Champions Same with the tag-teams - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Impact_World_Tag_Team_Champions
  5. Rey Fenix is now the AAW Heavyweight Champion - https://www.cagematch.net/?id=5&nr=565
  6. Set relationship between Alberto El Patron and Paige to split up, according to recent reports they are now separated. Set Alberto El Patron as Heel in Impact - it appears the teaming with babyfaces was simply to setup a further heel turn stabbing Johnny Impact in the back. Add Madison Rayne to ROH but you can probably scrap adding her back to Impact. Looks like it was a one night thing and she hasn't been offered a contract. Add Phil Atlas to Impact as a babyface, old school face on a PPA deal. He worked a good few matches at the tapings. Add Brent Banks to Impact as a babyface. Add RJ City to Impact Wrestling as a Heel. - Not finding him in the database at the minute so may need created. Add Hannibal (Devon Nicholson) to Impact Wrestling as a Babyface. - Not finding him in the database at the minute so may need created Change Impact's home location to Ontario. It was hinted at that they were consolidating the nashville offices into the fight network offices and Jeremy Borash confirmed the canadian move at the tapings - http://wrestlingnews.co/wwe-news/its-official-impact-wrestling-is-leaving-the-united-states/
  7. Create a stable in Impact called The Cult of Lee consisting of Trevor Lee, Caleb Konley and Andrew Everett Tapings have confirmed that Jimmy Jacobs is gonna be heel. Change his alignment in Impact Wrestling to Heel. Undo that alignment change for Alberto El Patron. Despite wrecking the main event and threatening an announcer he's been teaming with the babyfaces throughout the rest of the tapings. James Storm's contract is up in January and by all accounts from the tapings its looking like building to his departure unless their teasing so i would set his contract to expire in either 1 month or 3 months in the next update. EC3's contract is up in June if you want to set that as 9 months left for accuracy. Add Jon Bolen to Impact on a PPA deal. He has wretled the last few tapings mostly as enhancement talent. He was also on that Global Forged program, hes a trainer at Scott D'Amore's school so expect him to be a regular enhancement talent. He works heel mostly. I'm gonna put this last one as a spoiler in case i spoil it for anyone. Theres also been some title changes but ill hold off on those and some could potentially not air until december. just update those when they happen i guess.
  8. Add John E. Bravo to the Impact Wrestling Roster as a referee. i believe he also wrestles for BCW. I can't seem to find him in the db so he may need added. https://twitter.com/JohnEBravo1st - https://www.cagematch.net/?id=2&nr=2670 To complete the new Referee roster, add The other ref Harry D. out of Toronto. Kris Levin confirmed his id on twitter but harry dosent have social media. Could just duplicate Kris Levin and set him as Canada active area with a very small popularity in ontario just. Add Kaito Kiyomayi to Impact Wrestling on PPA deal with same details as his NOAH contract. he worked the recent tapings as part of the ongoing NOAH talent exchange.
  9. - Add Kris Levin to the Impact Wrestling roster as a referee and tick Canada as one of his active regions. He's the 12 year old looking referee from Bound For Glory!
  10. No worries who - i thought it would be easier than tons of posts, if you've got all the stuff already up there now i'll just post individual updates then. - Add Chris Jericho to NJPW under a PPA deal. - Change OVE (Dave Crist, Jake Crist and Sami Callihan) to Heels and LAX (Santan, Ortiz, Konnan, Diamante & Homicide) to Babyface, the double turn at BFG appears to have been confirmed at the tapings. - Remove Bram from Impact Wrestling he has been released. - Add King Mo (muhammed lawal) to the impact roster as a heel, MMA fighter. I'm near sure he used to be in the database in the past but can't find him, perhaps he could be imported? - Add an Individuals tag team called American Top Team consisting of Lashley and King Mo. It appears this storyline is continuing after BFG with the look of the tapings results. - Add KC Spinelli to Impact wrestling, Heel and Old School Heel (Cocky) - Add Ashley Lane under her Madison Rayne alias to Impact Wrestling and tick Canada as an active area for her. - Change Hakim Zane to Heel - Blue Chipper. He worked Heel on his debut during last nights taping. - Set Abyss/Joseph Parks to Heel - Remove Courtney Rush as the manager of Abyss/Joseph Parks. - Remove Bruce Prichard from the impact roster. He was wrote out a few tapings back as part of a feud with Karen Jarrett, was originally expected to return but with Karen and Jeffs departure i can't see it. He's been removed from the Roster on the website and he hasn't been used on this taping so likely not until sometime next year would he be back if he was. - Spike (british isles) broadcaster has changed its name to 5Spike to bring it in line with the rest of the channel 5 branded channels - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/5Spike . The logo has changed slightly with the 5 and Spike logos combined but not essential that thats cut tbh the existing spike logo would do.
  11. Burke is working the tapings according to results ive seen so far, so you may have gotten your wish sir!
  12. Sami was already added in the november update and to the OVE stable. Have updated my impact notes above to include Jimmy Jacobs, Brandon Tolle and Tyson Dux who also debuted at bfg. Also Gail Kim's title win and retirement needs updated aswell.
  13. Remove Jake South (Sawyer Fulton) from NXT he's been let go. Billy Corgan should have other genres set to Musician Set Davey Richards status to ON HIATUS Added a few more impact updates - see my original post.
  14. Wow has Earl been confirmed now too? I thought with no word about him at the time of Brian's release he may have escaped the cut due to his name value but i guess they are gonna go with a lot of local refs to help toward the needed quota of Canadian talent needed for the production tax breaks.