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  1. https://www.cagesideseats.com/wwe/2018/6/17/17472126/keith-lee-profile-interview-biggest-wwe-signing - Remove Keith Lee from EVOLVE, PWG and RPW-UK and add to NXT under a developmental contract.
  2. Should have mentioned, hes already in the game data but under an alter ego called Asylum. And pleasantly surprised to see theres actually a gimmick for adventurer. So set him as babyface, Adventurer (Gimmicky).
  3. OK found out abit more about the MAD stable in AAA. Stands for Masters Asssociation Destruction. Konnan is the leader, other members are Jeff Jarrett, Killer Kross and Juventud Guerrera who seems to be rocking a mask again BUT THIS MIGHT JUST BE FOR ENTRANCES, I CANT FIND ANY FOOTAGE OF RECENT MATCHES. - Add stable called MAD to AAA. Konnan, Jeff Jarrett, Killer Kross (Kevin Kross) and Juventud Guerrera as major members. - Add and Set all above members to AAA as Heel.
  4. - Add Jeff Jarrett to AAA as a heel and set him as the aaa mega champion https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.cagesideseats.com/platform/amp/2018/6/4/17426008/jeff-jarrett-aaa-mega-champion-fenix-return-aaa-verano-de-escandalo-pics-wild-night-konnan-vampiro - Add Fenix to AAA as a baby face he made his return on the same night to help Vampiro chase off the MAD stable. - Add Konnan to AAA as a heel and in the MAD stable as he returned disguised as la parka to help jarrett win the title. Not sure yet if that means jarrett is in MAD or just that Konnan was screwing with his nemesis konnan.
  5. - Add Stone Rockwell to impact wrestling. He’s tagged with Fallah Bah on tonight’s Zero Fear ONO, has a column on impactwrestling.com and is part of the upcoming tapings, apparently josh Mathews is big on him. His gimmick is that of an adventurer ala Indian jones. So baby face, cowboy (gimmicky)? - change Sami Callihans gimmick in impact to loose canon it more accurately reflects his current character.
  6. - Remove Pepper Parks (Braxton Sutter) from Impact and update his employment history. His contract expired in April 2018 and was not renewed. - Add Gail Kim as the Head Trainer for the Dojo RISE Developing Tomorrows Women Athletes. They dont currently have a head trainer set and i noticed in my game RISE randomly signed Barry Windham to fill that role so this might be more realistic. Impact Wrestling have partnered with RISE to develop a talent line for future knockouts. This has included seminars from Gail Kim, Jimmy Jacobs, Sonjay Dutt and Scott D'Amore, the signing of some of their talent already to some recent shows and they will be taping a joint special for the GWN network. - Add Tenille Dashwood to Ring of Honor. She has been working there since february. I dont follow ROH but from the one match i just checked on youtube she appears to be Babyface, Old School Face (wholesome), in ring.
  7. This sounds amazing, giving this a download now.
  8. Not at all my intention. Was simply stating my surprise at the reaction and making my point that I’m contributing how little I can as a thank you to who for his great updates, there’s a lot of others regularly posting updates here and for that I’m greatful, last thing I’d want to do is start haranguing them for one small mistake. I watch two wrestling shows regularly impact and Lucha Underground, up until now I’ve posted impact updates only for thewho87 as LU has been off air. In all that time I’ve posted haven’t had one word said about my posts. despite the fact the thread already has a SPOILER WARNING I still tend to wait until after the change has aired on tv before posting which I assumed was suffice and has been until now, but as thewho87 has rightly pointed out it seems to be more a thing specific to the lucha updates, which I wouldn’t have known until i posted one would I? But as someone who never contributes to this thread or updates thanks for coming out of your way to insult me.
  9. Damn, i do the impact updates pretty much as they air and no-one bats an eyelid - maybe im the only one that watches? In my defence i'm only trying to help and this is a place to post things/changes that have happened for updates to the game if you don't want spoilers for your shows wtf are you looking in this thread for as its a pretty good place to find them? I'll just not bother posting updates for other shows then, someone else can take the flak for it! ill stick to what i know best. Some updates from last nights impact: - Further to my previous post then, keep Fallah Bah face and keep KM heel. - Change El Hijo Del Fantasma to Babyface, Comick Book Hero (Wholesome) - he was still set as heel in the db from that GFW/AAA feud a while back but has been face for a good while now. - Add Kevin Kross to Impact under the name Killer Kross - Heel, Monster (Brute), In Ring
  10. So maybe ignore this they literally just split up on last nights impact. Fml! 😀 everyone of the Lucha Underground updates was something that has already aired on tv, same with my impact updates not sure why they should be spoiler tagged tbh
  11. First episode of Lucha Underground was last night, some changes to the roster following it: - Add an alter ego for Dario Cueto called Antonio Cueto, and set him to use this. long story short Dario was killed at the end of season 2, his father antonio (played by the same guy but with new makeup/facial hair etc. has replaced him as the owner of LU so basically same gimmick and roster usage, still heel etc. - Set the trios champions to Killshot, Willie Mack and Son of Havoc. Antonio Cueto announced that since Dante Fox was not there (don't watch regularly enough to know - is he gone from LU now? or just storyline?) that the next person to enter aztec warfare would be their new trios tag team champion with them - it was son of havoc. - Set Chavo Guerrero Jr back to an Active Wrestler with Babyface, Family Tradition gimmick. he was reinstated and took part in aztec warfare. - Add Tommy Dreamer as a Babyface, Legend (Wholesome) - Add Mr. Pectacular (jessie godderz) as a heel, egomaniac (cocky) - Add Hernandez as a Heel, Cocky
  12. - Set KM (Kevin Matthews) and Fallah Bah as a babyface in Impact. What initially started as fat shaming of Fallah Bah has morphed into funny training vignettes and now an unlikely comedy duo tag team between the two with KM now babyface like Fallah. - Create a tag-team of KM and Fallah Bah in Impact Wrestling. I'd set them as individuals, Experience Low, formation date May 2018 - Add Davey boy Smith Jr, Teddy Hart and Brian Pillman Jr. to MLW and into a stable "Hart Foundation" (btw can they legally use that??!) with Davey Boy Smith Jr. - Set Katarina Leigh's favoured role of Manager to Somtimes - Set Grado's manager in Impact Wrestling to Katarina Leigh
  13. Also add John Hennigan, Kevin Sullivan and Davey Boy Smith Jr to the MLW roster - theyve just been announced for an upcoming show - not sure if its a regular gig or a one shot thing though - https://mlw.com/2018/06/12/first-battle-riot-participants-announced/
  14. Sure. Heres the changes/additions: website: www.mlw.com stategy: tv oriented power structure: Owner - Court Bauer Head Booker - Alex Greenfield broadcasting deal: MLW Fusion / beIN Sports (United States), Prime Time, 2 Years Announcers: Rich Bocchini & Tony Schiavonie (same for MLW Fusion TV show)/ Roster
  15. - Remove Don West from Impact Wrestling - Remove Laredo Kid from Impact Wrestling - Remove Scott Steiner from Impact Wrestling - Set Abyss back to his Joseph Park gimmick in Impact Wrestling (Babyface, lawyer) - Remove James Mitchell from Impact Wrestling

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