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  1. Some more recent signings and moves. Add Austin Aries to MLW as heel cocky gimmick. remove Rhyno from WWE Add Jerry Lynn to AEW As road agent Add Bryce Remsburg to AEW as referee add angelico and jack evans to aew
  2. Add tv deal for AEW PPV events on ITV Box Office in the UK Add tv deal for WOS in the USA in stadium
  3. Add a worker relationship between Kevin Kross and Scarlett Bordeaux - they are dating.
  4. Add Chris Ridgeway to NOAH on a PPA deal, Babyface, Old School Face Wholesome
  5. - Rename the Global Wrestling Network broadcaster to Impact Plus They recently rebranded, logo here if someone is willing to make a cut for it for the graphics folder.
  6. - Add Michael Elgin to Impact Wrestling as a Heel with gimmick Wrestling Machine ( Brute ) - Change the alignment of John E Bravo to a Heel in Impact Wrestling. He's now portraying a crooked Heel ref aligned with Johnny Impact. - Set Gail Kim to Retired Wrestler and her push in Impact Wrestling to Road Agent. It seems her in ring return was a one shot programme to put over Tessa Blanchard and she has once again retired and returned to producer duties.
  7. Add Chris Sharpe to NXT UK as a referee. Jessie Godderz is the new OVW TV Champion -
  8. Of course man, I'm literally just posting stuff as i find it not expecting miracle turn arounds of updates mate i know its a tough slog doing this work and finding the time. Thats great you've got so many of the updates already done, its why i keep using your RW updates man - their the most accurate and best around. I hadn't heard about the fantasma thing myself. Makes sense he departs both companies as LU use AAA talent, but reading there it seems he, Joey Ryan, Ivelisse and Melissa Cervantes (Thunder Rosa) took out a class action lawsuit against El Ray and LU over the restrictive nature of the Lucha Underground contracts and looked to get their contracts nullified so this must have lead to the departures. Since his departure it looks like Fantasma has been working other independents in mexico the only one big enough to be active in the database is the Crash so probably just set him up a PPA deal with them. He's working without the mask and was teaming with Damien 666 and co who surprisingly look like they were the faces? So babyface, Comic Book Hero (Wholesome) gimmick should be the way to go for him.
  9. Sonny Onoo isn't the database - had a perfect storyline for bringing him back to the biz in my save only to find he's not there - i'm inconsolable right now lol
  10. Add Chris Sabin to Impact on a PPA deal as a Road Agent and set his Road Agent status to sometimes. He worked the last set of tapings as a producer as they try out different individuals. Also remove him from ROH he left in March 2019. Add starting injury for Chris Sabin for 16 weeks - he suffered a fully torn ACL in January 2019 and will be out of action for 8 months or so. The Tag Team - Private Party need added to the database, AEW just signed them. Not a team I'm familiar with at all so couldn't provide info, here's their cagmatch profile - https://www.cagematch.net/?id=28&nr=6318
  11. - Is Michael Wardlow in the database under another name? Cant seem to find him but might be worth adding him in then as AEW seem to be looking to sign him - https://www.sescoops.com/cody-scouting-big-heavyweight-talent-for-aew/ - Also can the Tennessee State Fairground Sports Arena (AKA TNA Asylum) be added to the database. Was looking to do the Impact Homecoming PPV and noticed its missing. Heres the details: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tennessee_State_Fairground_Sports_Arena Name Tennessee State Fairgrounds Description The Tennessee State Fairgrounds Arena is a 2500 seat arena located in Nashville Tennessee. It is the home of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling and has been affectionately dubbed the "TNA Asylum." Region South East (USA) Reputation None Owned By None Venue Capacity 2500 Wrestling Hotbed Yes Set to Open Jan 1960 Set to Close Never Languages English (Lots)
  12. Remove Luchasaurus ( Austin Draven ) from Lucha Underground - On the August 1, 2018, episode of Lucha Underground The character of Vibora was killed off via a decapitation by a sword wielding johnny mundo Add Lance Storm to Impact Wrestling as a Road Agent. He joined the company as a producer in March and is set to guest ref the main event at rebellion, so perhaps have his referee status set to sometimes as well.
  13. Remove Gursinder Singh (Tony Gunn) from Impact, he announced last night he's asked for his release. Add Mahabali Shera (Amanpreet Singh) to Impact Wrestling, PWInsider announced yesterday he has resigned with the company. Remove Chris Sabin from ROH. - During the January 12, 2019 ROH television tapings Sabin suffered a fully torn ACL during a six-man tag. He will be out of action eight to twelve months due to the injury. He left the promotion in March 2019.
  14. - Remove WGN America from the Sinclair Broadcast Group Media Group and create a new Media group for Tribune Broadcasting and add them there. On August 9, 2018, Tribune decided to back out on the merger, and decided to sue Sinclair, alleging breach of contract. They are now looking to merge with Sinclair's rival Nexstar Media Group pending government approval. Also double check and make sure NSPW isn't set at the owner of WGN America in the record. It was set for me, i may have inadvertently done that when updating the record but thought id mention just incase it was like that it the data update.
  15. Add Abyss into the Impact Wrestling Hall of Fame - he was inducted in 2018 but its missing in the database. Add Lance Storm to impact as a road agent, he's joined the team as a producer. Add a tag team in impact for Ethan Page and Josh Alexander called The North
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