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  1. Add Mahabali Shera to wwe they signed him recently.
  2. Set Josh Mathews and Sonjay Dutt as the announce team for impact xplosion as well, just watched this weeks episode and that was the announce team. Looks like their going with Josh as PBP and Dutt on colour until they find a permanent new announce team.
  3. - Add Teddy Hart to Impact Wrestling on a PPA deal. Babyface, Showstealer (Cocky). He appeared on the other nights "Brace for Impact" twitch special, and it was announced on there he makes his official return to Impact on the upcoming Wrestlecon show. - https://www.twitch.tv/videos/227483397 - Set Sonjay Dutt to Colour Commentator sometimes and Road Agent sometimes. Whilst out injured he's currently performing both duties. - Set the Impact Commentary team as Josh Mathews as Announcer and Sonjay Dutt as Colour Commentator. They debuted this new team this week on impact and its planned to continue with this team for the next while until permanent replacements are agreed. They also went with Josh Mathews and Scott D'Amore on the Brace for Impact special so maybe set the PPV announce team as that. - Add Tenille Dashwood to ROH, she debuted the other night. - Add Rey Mysterio to NJPW he will be facing Jushin liger on the upcoming US tour. - Add Strong Friendships between Don Callis/Kevin Kelly, Don Callis/Chris Jericho and a Loyalty relationship between Don Callis and Kenny Omega. Don and Kevin have a friendship going back to WWF days, Don has a close relationship with both Omega and Jericho which was a huge factor in their NJPW match happening, Omega regularly cites Don as a mentor who saw something in him when noone else did. Jericho recently went to bat for Don and Scott D'Amore, calling Ed Nordholm personally to recommend them for the executive positions at Impact.
  4. Not at my computer at the moment to check the database but just reference regarding IMPACT Wrestling’s current PPV status. - They currently now run only 3 pay per views a year - Redemption in April, Slammiversary in June and Bound for Glory in October. - The One Night Only events now air exclusively on the Global Wrestling Network. - Additional specials will air on Twitch from co-promoted live events around the country. Not sure how you could set it up so AI will follow those rules instead of just popping them all on direct tv as I believe they will but as long as there’s also broadcast agreements in place for events on Twitch and GWN (as well as on demand) then that should be as accurate as we could get. Some contract updates - Set the Young Bucks NJPW contracts to expire in January 2019. (9 Months) - Big Shows WWE contract expires in February ie this month. I suppose there’d be a non-compete there, as well as his rehab but set it to expire in 3 months. - Miz just signed a 4 year contract extension with WWE. Set it to expire in 4 years.
  5. Jake Hager should have MMA Fighter set as other genres. He's doing Bellator as well as wrestling these days.
  6. Just noticed another. - Update the Impact Tag Team Champions to LAX (Ortiz and Santana), the defeated OVE for the titles on the episode that aired January 4th 2018.
  7. Impact Wrestling Updates - Austin Aries is now the Champion, he defeated Eli Drake on last nights Impact broadcast. - Rename the Impact Global Heavyweight title to Impact World Championship - they are now referring to it as that and Austin Aries stated in his twitter post after winning that his first decree is to remove the word heavyweight from the titles name - - Re-Add Chandler Park (Ethan Page) as a Babyface with Lawyer (Comedy) gimmick. It was believed he was gone due to not being part of the recent tapings but he has since been re-added to the roster on the impact site and has been promoting the show on twitter, his return is expected at the upcoming Redemption PPV in Toronto. - Remove the working agreement between Impact and Crash, it has ended with Konnan's abrupt departure from Crash. - Remove Ava Storie / Brandi Lauren, she hasn't been used in the last tapings and impact have moved her to the alumni section on their website. - Remove Brent Banks, Phil Atlas and Hannibal, they made enhancement appearances for them during the ottawa tapings but looks like it was a one shot deal as they haven't been used since. - Add a working agreement between Impact and Smash Wrestling. Smash now air on the Anthem owned GWN and impact talents like Allie, Rosemary etc have been working smash events whilst Tyson Dux and co have worked impact tapings. - Remove Dutch Mantel, his contract expired in January and was not renewed. - Remove El Texano Jr., Pagano and Hector Guerrero. They both made appearances as part of the AAA vs Impact storyline at the tail end of the year but their loan periods have expired and they haven't been booked since. - Remove Laurel Van Ness she has asked for her release and it has been granted. - Remove Mario Bokara, he hasn't been used in the recent tapings and has been moved to the alumni section of the impact site. Also if you have time and logos, heres some decently sized promotions that aren't in the game and should at least be added but not active if possible - - Future Stars of Wrestling - Rocky Mountain Pro - AML Wrestling - Superkick'd - Wrestlecade - World Wrestling Allstars (Yes the same one from 2002. Australian promoter by name of Wade Brewer has purchased the trademarks and video library and is planning an Australian tour later this year. They have a deal with Highspots airing the old PPV's.)
  8. As promised some new cuts for updated Impact logos for adding to the game WHO, as the current ones in game are pretty old. - New IMPACT promotion and TV Show logo - Bound For Glory Logo - Slammiversary Logo - Xplosion Logo - Victory Road ONO logo I wasnt able to cut the logo for the upcoming pay per view Redemption, set to take place on April 22nd in Toronto. The only image out at the minute is the one below and it was difficult to cut and didnt come out well so just maybe give it the ONO logo for now until we get a good image released for it.
  9. Add new stable to Impact Wrestling called Desi Hit Squad. Membership details below. As of right now i can only find Rohit Raju (Hakim Zane) and Gursinder Singh (Tony Cage) in the game so the other two members and the manager Gama Singh will likely need added to the DB, not sure about stats tbh as ive never seen them wrestle before. http://impactwrestling.com/desi-hit-squad/
  10. Never thought i'd type this but - - Remove Jeremy Borash from Impact Wrestling and add to WWE under a written deal with road agent push. https://www.pwinsider.com/article/115204/wwe-hires-jeremy-borash.html?p=1
  11. Add EC3, War Machine and Ricochet to NXT.
  12. I think it would be worthwhile adding 5 Star Wrestling and the Freesports TV channel to the database. Given the new TV deal and tour their certainly in a better position than any other british promotion i can think of at the moment. 5 Star started in 2015 by a guy called Dan Hinkles who was behind the 5 Star Wrestling games on the playstation. They started promoting a few events but recently seem to be going gung ho with it and are making waves in the UK. They had a big live tv special on Spike TV (UK) a year or so ago under the name "Dominant Wrestling". But they've announced a 10 date UK tour and signed a three year tv deal with Freesports to air a 3hour show (i suspect each tour event) each week live as well as a 1hr catch-up show on saturdays. They should be set as a touring company with touring months FEB, MAR, APR, MAY - i'd put their popularity somewhere similar or between Defiant/WCPW and ICW. They book a lot of US name talent, especially ex-WWE and mix that with a few local talents, all on PPA deals of course. Their roster is below: The full 5 Star Wrestling roster* is as follows: 5 Star Champion John Morrison, Rey Mysterio, Rob Van Dam, Jake Hager, Adam ‘Flex’ Maxted, ‘The Masterpiece’ Chris Masters, Carlito, PJ Black, Moose, ‘The English Lion’ Eddie Ryan, ‘Liverpool’s Number 1’ Zack Gibson, Rampage Brown, El Ligero, Dave Mastiff, Big Grizzly, ‘The Professional’ Nathan Cruz, Charlie Sterling, Jack Jester, Kid Fite, Lou King Sharp, The Australian Pop-Punk Powerhouse Joey Axl, Brian Cage, ‘The Phoenix’ Jody Fleisch, Mark Haskins, Flash Morgan Webster, BT Gunn, The Primate, Deviation and Tor Atterhagen. The Freesports channel (https://www.freesports.tv) is available on freeview (free to air/no subscription required) so has potential for big audience but it is a new channel and so relatively unknown, i'd give it similar stats to Premier Sports as it is owned and operated by the same media group - premier media so probably worth adding them as a media group with both channels owned by it aswell.
  13. Would this include OVE (Jake and Dave Crist, Sami Callihan) and LAX (Santana, Ortiz and Homicide) who recently featured in Barbed wire massacre 3? They are also not normally considered deathmatch workers per se but I suppose would need to be able to at least work barbed wired matches. For the record, Abyss, Sabu and Judas Mesias also competed in barbed wire matches in the past as well if that helps.
  14. lol yes it looks like it from some of the photos from the recent tapings! With the move to four sided ring they've taken away the six sided parted of the logo naturally and the green colouring that referenced GFW. Pretty much the same impact wrestling font though. Once a good image comes available which probably wont be until the new tapings start airing (next week?) ill post it up. Also cant believe i forgot but as it occurred at the previous tapings it probably slipped my mind: - Remove James Storm
  15. Impact Wrestling Changes from this weeks tapings in Orlando: Also have had no takers still to do the new IMPACT logo or the updated Slammiversary, Bound For Glory or the new Redemtpion logos. If i take a stab at them would you be willing to use them Who? Grand. See above, with regards to title changes ive included the expected air dates to help you out.