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  1. - Add Abyss to the Impact Wrestling Hall of Fame, he was inducted in October 2018. - Add a working Agreement between Impact Wrestling and MLW, they have announced a collaboration and talent share over Wrestlemania weekend.
  2. Brian cage is now the impact x division champion he defeated Matt sydal at last nights slammiversary show. also add the Rebel Entertainment Complex in Toronto as a location. Such a class venue and impact are planning to use again by sounds of things. They sold out last night and estimates were 2500 people so set that as capacity. Is the Melrose Ballroom in New York in the locations list? If not it needs added aswell it was announced as the location for this years bound for glory event in October.
  3. Add Scarlett Bordeaux to impact wrestling. She was revealed as the mystery bee knockout in a vignette last night and is set to debut next weeks episode. Add a starting absence for Brooke Adams she is pregnant (two months in) so won’t be taking bookings for wrestling for a good 7+ months at very least.
  4. Remove Sienna from Impact Wrestling. Her contract recently expired and was not renewed, she has been removed from the active roster list on the impact website and removed all mention of iw from her twitter. Add Mj Jenkins to nxt she had recently signed a developmental deal.
  5. As per last nights impact - there is a split in the LAX faction with the original LAX combo of Hernandez and Homicide returning as heels to aide King (Eddie Kingston) in his battle with Konnan and the current LAX (Ortiz, Santana & Diamante). The originals and King will be going by the name of the OGz. - Set Konnan, Ortiz (Angel Ortiz), Santana (Mike Draztik) and Diamante as babyface and the only members of the LAX stable. - Create a new stable called the OGz with members King (Eddie Kingston), Homicide and Hernandez and set all as Heel.
  6. Change Eli Drakes Impact contract from 1 month left to expiry to 2 years or random. Its been announced he has signed a new long term deal with the company.
  7. Thats definately on the money who, i tried adding it as a secondary brand of NXT yesterday and any simulations i ran resulted in large moves of major NXT stars like Adam cole, ec3 etc to the brand and they persisted in running shows in the states, unless you set their tv show to a weekly event locked to british isles, but even then that didnt stop them eventually just ending the brand split. Seems to work better as a seperate promotion.
  8. Edit contract of Jeremy Borash. Change from WWE contract to NXT Developmental, to Train People, Road Agent.
  9. Impact Wrestling announced on this weeks episode that they have inked a deal with 52MX to broadcast impact in mexico. Apparently its a pretty suite deal with a prime time slot on saturday nights alongside Ninja Warrior and CMLL wrestling. - Add a Broadcaster deal between Impact (TV) and 52MX, Prime Time - LAX: Santana (Mike Draztik) and Ortiz (Angel Ortiz) are the new tag team champions, they defeated Z&E on this weeks episode. - Change Eddie Kingstons name in Impact to King.
  10. Updated the list for you, see above. Dante Fox was announced as MIA, and replaced in the trios championship team with Willie Mack and Killshot by son of havoc so he can be removed, looks like he's gone. Mysterio can go he won't be featured this season at all. Angelico and Jack Evans will appear on a couple of episodes but have confirmed they have now left following some backstage issues with ivelisse. ivelisse is definitely still part of lucha underground. Famous B (manager of Infamous Inc.) announced on this weeks episode that Texano Jr. AND Dr Wagner jr were "busy making him money" down in mexico and announced a new lineup for the stable (below in spoilers) so they can probably be removed aswell. Vibora is still on the roster he made an appearance last week attacking Johnny Mundo on behalf of Kobra moon. Taya has made an appearance this week aswell so she is still on the roster. As stated before Sexy Star is unlikely to be featured, she has left AAA and said she is retired, has now taken up boxing so she can be removed. Aero Star is still part of Lucha Underground, he's been working the Impact tapings as "lucha underground's aero star", so expect him to make an appearance later in the season. Updates from this weeks episode. Set Vader as deceased. RIP big man. Whats the plan at this stage for WWE UK - adding as a separate promotion in the WWE universe alliance or just a brand split in NXT?
  11. https://www.cagesideseats.com/wwe/2018/6/17/17472126/keith-lee-profile-interview-biggest-wwe-signing - Remove Keith Lee from EVOLVE, PWG and RPW-UK and add to NXT under a developmental contract.
  12. Should have mentioned, hes already in the game data but under an alter ego called Asylum. And pleasantly surprised to see theres actually a gimmick for adventurer. So set him as babyface, Adventurer (Gimmicky).
  13. OK found out abit more about the MAD stable in AAA. Stands for Masters Asssociation Destruction. Konnan is the leader, other members are Jeff Jarrett, Killer Kross and Juventud Guerrera who seems to be rocking a mask again BUT THIS MIGHT JUST BE FOR ENTRANCES, I CANT FIND ANY FOOTAGE OF RECENT MATCHES. - Add stable called MAD to AAA. Konnan, Jeff Jarrett, Killer Kross (Kevin Kross) and Juventud Guerrera as major members. - Add and Set all above members to AAA as Heel.
  14. - Add Jeff Jarrett to AAA as a heel and set him as the aaa mega champion https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.cagesideseats.com/platform/amp/2018/6/4/17426008/jeff-jarrett-aaa-mega-champion-fenix-return-aaa-verano-de-escandalo-pics-wild-night-konnan-vampiro - Add Fenix to AAA as a baby face he made his return on the same night to help Vampiro chase off the MAD stable. - Add Konnan to AAA as a heel and in the MAD stable as he returned disguised as la parka to help jarrett win the title. Not sure yet if that means jarrett is in MAD or just that Konnan was screwing with his nemesis konnan.
  15. - Add Stone Rockwell to impact wrestling. He’s tagged with Fallah Bah on tonight’s Zero Fear ONO, has a column on impactwrestling.com and is part of the upcoming tapings, apparently josh Mathews is big on him. His gimmick is that of an adventurer ala Indian jones. So baby face, cowboy (gimmicky)? - change Sami Callihans gimmick in impact to loose canon it more accurately reflects his current character.

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