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  1. At Slammiversary they only used Brandon Tolle, John E Bravo, Kris Levin and Harry D they were also the 4 Ref's who ran a Referee Seminar at Battle Arts Academy on Saturday. Other than Wikipedia and can't seem to find a connection to Mark Harris.
  2. Add John E Bravo and Harry D as the Refs for Impact wrestling as 65 and 60 respectively. Brandon Tolle and Kris Levin can be moved from WWN and Chikara to Impact as refs as well. (They still do those companies but Impact is the biggest company they work for)
  3. By that Logic companies could make PED's and add some not medical ingredient and its a new substance andbam unbabnned substance
  4. I feel like the Touring System is completely broken. Unless it is meant to only the non-Japanese guys in the companies.
  5. Im hoping to get a basic update out on the first using the current update and then ill move into the massive update for March 1st.
  6. Alright so after the poll the basic game should be WWE, Chikara, PWG, CZW, WWN, Shimmer, ROH, Impact, Smash, CMLL, AAA, Crash The Deeper game will be all as above AAW, Beyond, HOH, WrestleCircus, ECCW, Alpha-1, NJPW, AJPW, Noah, Progress, ICW, Rev Pro, wXw and DDT
  7. I just put down the companies from Europe that I remembered. I Only have really watched Progress and a bit of wXw. (In Europe) Who are OTT's big names?
  8. Saw them on the 13th. Chase Owens put on a fantastic match with Roy Flash Gordon. Followed by Chase Owens eating a DDT from Jake "The Snake" Roberts and I became a fan of Kevin Lee Davidson.
  9. I quite like having tons of Companies in the game so the pinky and the Brain thing doesn't get triggered and because it leads to stuff like OVW becoming the #5 Promotion in my game. I also like the bloated rosters but since a majority of people would like to have a smaller file ill figure out what I can easily trim first. May even lead to having 2 updates a month a bloated file with tons of workers. and a smaller file focusing on the core gameplay.
  10. As many people have complained about the bloatedness of the EWR games. The First Step to trimming the "fat" Would be to figure out what companies People actually want in the game. I personally Only ever use 3 of the companies (WWE, Impact and ROH) or a custom company.
  11. Ill shoot you a PM and we can split up the roster. so We don't keep doing the same guys.
  12. I 100% want to try and get some more love for Canada in this game. So Would be willing to add in Smash, Destiny Wrestling and Alpha-1. Plus I can help you update all the birthdays.
  13. I can do them again. I have done them in the past.

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