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  1. Here is an update. I am working on Adding UK Workers in but got busy and was unable to add Everyone I wanted too, Will continue to add to The UK scene. List of Updates
  2. Do you have stats for these guys? I'd like to help but I have never watched a full chikara match in my life.
  3. Shirai and Hojo are confirmed to be coming they have a few dates left in Japan but are coming. Their Lucha Underground deals might not have been exclusive.
  4. @Qwernst Will add the Women. Adam Cole won't be added unless it's confirmed he is going to WWE. Since apparently he still might go to NJPW instead.
  5. I wanted to add the UK workers so that people who want to use them can use them. But because of the negative opinion by people is why is decided I am going to also post a file without most of the UK Talent to keep the roster smaller. I haven't removed anything from the game. Only added.
  6. @Voyeur So are Edge and Christian but they aren't under WWE to keep the roster smaller and focused to the on TV Product.
  7. So I have Decided I am going to Add Progress, Rev Pro and ICW to the game along with a bunch of workers from the UK. I'll be posting two links each time My Full Game with extra promotions and one without the UK Promotions. So Far I have Added 6 Workers and would Like some Feedback on their stats Thanks for any feed back.
  8. @Creator I'll take a look at it. for My June Update as I plan to make it a huge update. Im still playing on the November 2016 mod so I havent noticed.
  9. A Basic update from my previous update. Changes made Disclaimer Can we please keep any recommendations civil. Thanks. Will also be posting a list of Wrestlers that I plan on adding to the next update (Mainly UK talent) *Edit was made because of missed changes. Talent that stats are needed for
  10. @Reflecto Is My Favorite Poster Ill wait for PaigeTurners next update and then see what I could do with the UK Promotions.
  11. also look in the EWR Mod forum on here. Sadly this site hasn't updated recently.
  12. @REDDRAGONB If you would like to suggest a change for stats. Can you please format it like this It allows me to read it quicker so I will be able to put the update up on the 1st of the month. Also, This was my first update and I didn't touch the stats of any wrestlers so I would prefer if you didn't spam the thread with video's that do not have any relevance to stats changes thanks you.
  13. @Deathlok190 I am going to look at the rosters for Progress, Rev Pro, ICW, WCPW and The WWE Uk Tournament. and Make sure they are all added to the game in the next two months. But I'll need help doing stats for them. So if anyone know any of those brands well I'd love the help.
  14. Oh I know that they are not from USA, Canada or Mexico. i meant to say does it really make a difference if the Company is listed in the right country? And I also think that those promotions are bigger then all the "small" promotions and bigger then some of the regional ones too. But I think That instead of adding the companies I will just add the people on the roster because some of them are starting to break into the USA. @Deathlok190
  15. I have played in all three countries and haven't noticed a difference in how they play based on country. But I may be wrong.