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  1. Copy the data folder from the link above. Paste it over the current Data folder. (Make sure you actually copy it) and then the game should have the update.
  2. Are you attempting to add the update data to a game you are in the middle of playing? Because the game is not designed to allow this to happen.
  3. Check the EWR 2019 mods. I think September had the last update.
  4. Danhausen Charisma to 75 RJ City Charisma to 75 Jake Parnell Charisma to 75. Change name to Warhorse Josh Alexander Brawling to 78, Technical to 83. Speed to 65. Over to 55. Ethan Page Charisma to 85. Technical to 75. Brawling to 75. Speed to 55. Over to 55. Vertigo add to Alpha1 as Lower-Mid Old School face. Change name to Vaughn Vertigo Gabriel Fuerza. Add to Alpha1 as Lower-Mid Old School Face, Swoggle. Add to Alpha1 to Mid Card. Comedy. Kobe Durst. In Alpha1 switch to Heel. Old School Heel. Click High Spots
  5. I am currently in the process of doing an Ontario/Manitoba Indies update and was curios to how people rank in terms of overness. Such as would you say an IMPACT main eventer is equal to WWE's Upper-mid or Midcard?
  6. Sorry It was more of a talking point rather then a critique. If I can find some time Ill do up a stats update along with balance out the rest of the Alpha-1 Roster, And tag the alpha-1 teams, stables and Belts.
  7. Impact could use a roster stats update. But the Roster itself is perfect as far as I know.
  8. Should add Smashes Rival Promotion Destiny. Headlined By Josh Alexander (If added Josh Alexanders Companies would be Impact, Destiny and A1) id argue ROH, Impact and MLW are all about equal right now.
  9. If you put the July update into the game. It will not impact your save data. but if you have made any changes to the data as a whole then that will be deleted.
  10. yeah the Alpha-1 guys should be in the game. Cuz id said its bigger then C4. Destiny could be in the game as its the biggest of C4, Alpha-1 and id argue Smash but some people would say otherwise.
  11. I think adding more Ontario based Wrestlers would be great I can try and get full stats for them. They are blowing up and starting to expand into the states more.
  12. Impact Updates Remove Adam Thornstowe and Luster the Legend Remove Stone Rockwell Remove Daga Josh Alexander Changes Finisher 1 changed to TKO Impact Finisher 2 Jaydriller Impact Should have Trainer checked add to AAW as Midcard Bad Ass Heel
  13. At Slammiversary they only used Brandon Tolle, John E Bravo, Kris Levin and Harry D they were also the 4 Ref's who ran a Referee Seminar at Battle Arts Academy on Saturday. Other than Wikipedia and can't seem to find a connection to Mark Harris.
  14. Add John E Bravo and Harry D as the Refs for Impact wrestling as 65 and 60 respectively. Brandon Tolle and Kris Levin can be moved from WWN and Chikara to Impact as refs as well. (They still do those companies but Impact is the biggest company they work for)
  15. By that Logic companies could make PED's and add some not medical ingredient and its a new substance andbam unbabnned substance
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