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  1. I am down to help build it but It will take a few people and a ton of time.
  2. Logo for my Diary

    Looking for a logo for my Diary, The Company is called "Northern Honour Wrestling" I am hoping to have the logo be a Red Maple Leaf with the Company name inside in black and across the bottom inside a banner it would say "Canadian Wrestling Defined"
  3. August EWR Update?

    Won't get a chance to do August but I'll get September done if PT doesn't post one in the first few days. Between work, PAcking to head back to school and other commitments I am a bit busy right now.
  4. August EWR Update?

    Gonna take a guess it means some more NXT Talent is coming up Like Roode and Ember Moon.
  5. The card game thread

    I play Yu-Gi-Oh! and have tried to get into Magic! but did not enjoy the mechanics of the game.
  6. Wanting to start a Fantasy Football league

    I'm down. I'm guessing you want it to be a keeper league?
  7. Here is an update. I am working on Adding UK Workers in but got busy and was unable to add Everyone I wanted too, Will continue to add to The UK scene. https://www.mediafire.com/?eigbhl14eb5df52 List of Updates
  8. Do you have stats for these guys? I'd like to help but I have never watched a full chikara match in my life.
  9. Shirai and Hojo are confirmed to be coming they have a few dates left in Japan but are coming. Their Lucha Underground deals might not have been exclusive.
  10. @Qwernst Will add the Women. Adam Cole won't be added unless it's confirmed he is going to WWE. Since apparently he still might go to NJPW instead.
  11. I wanted to add the UK workers so that people who want to use them can use them. But because of the negative opinion by people is why is decided I am going to also post a file without most of the UK Talent to keep the roster smaller. I haven't removed anything from the game. Only added.
  12. @Voyeur So are Edge and Christian but they aren't under WWE to keep the roster smaller and focused to the on TV Product.
  13. So I have Decided I am going to Add Progress, Rev Pro and ICW to the game along with a bunch of workers from the UK. I'll be posting two links each time My Full Game with extra promotions and one without the UK Promotions. So Far I have Added 6 Workers and would Like some Feedback on their stats Thanks for any feed back.
  14. @Creator I'll take a look at it. for My June Update as I plan to make it a huge update. Im still playing on the November 2016 mod so I havent noticed.
  15. A Basic update from my previous update. http://www.mediafire.com/file/9km5bd7dlymr7v4/May2017_(2).zip Changes made Disclaimer Can we please keep any recommendations civil. Thanks. Will also be posting a list of Wrestlers that I plan on adding to the next update (Mainly UK talent) *Edit was made because of missed changes. Talent that stats are needed for