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  1. i know but don't worry i'm taking care of it. Thanks again
  2. I actually did that haha it's fine thanks for making it
  3. thanks man oh there are other promotions besides nxt, raw, and smackdown
  4. I agree i would love a wwe split data of current wwe so raw ,sdl, and nxt are all playable
  5. I was wondering for a scenario with both superheroes and anime heroes. I know of some that were mentioned but for some reason the data doesn't work on my computer. It's just an idea though
  6. its fine lol and thanks man. Sounds awesome. CAN'T wait. Have a merry christmas
  7. I was wondering if anyone has made an ewr scenario set in December of 2016 when the wyatt family (bray&randy) were smackdown tag champions. Thank you or at least when the brand split started
  8. yes it's the 7th one in the list and i really love it
  9. I was wondering if it was possible to an updated wwe universe split data but i'm not sure if that would work but i do love the idea of either choosing raw or smackdown (i know you can use nxt as well) and going head to head. But I was just wondering if it was possible
  10. Well i don't know that's the thing i meant for ewr you have made stuff like the farier sex and monday night wars 2017 so im not sure what ideas to think of .

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