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  1. I understand that they built this game from a new engine and all but, there's no excuse to not be able to customize an APC like you could in SR2. I'm equally disappointed with the lack of spinning rims. One of my favorite activities in Saint's Row 2 was rolling in a gaudy, purple-andpold abomination, with 36" gold spinners. Sure, in this game I can run around in a tank with Hulk Hogan manning a laser cannon, but dammit, this is Sain't Row, I should be able to do both!
  2. If you ever return to these parts, maybe a sims 3 real world would be in order?

  3. I saw the Haruhi movie tonight. It was good and all, but goddamn... 2 hours 40 minutes? Was not expecting an anime movie to go on for so long.
  4. What bugs me more than anything is that the review board will be made up of retired bureaucrats. I can't imagine a colder, more soulless type of person than an old, japanese, bureaucrat. This could be to anime and manga what the Comics Code was to american comics in the 50s.
  5. I wouldn't call it 'Dreaming the future', so much as 'dreaming something that's quite likely to happen.' He's probably not even the only person that's dreamed about zombies swarming the camp, just the only one that we've seen talk about it.
  6. I've seen brief, vague description of the rest of the episodes in the season...
  7. Yes. There's 1 or 2 references to previous episodes, but they're both minor. Though the second half of episode 5 was interesting, and completely different from the rest of the series, to the point of even being drawn in a different style, and may be worth investigation.
  8. By episode 6 of Panty and Stocking, I was about to give up on the show, then episode 6 happened, and it was one of the best episodes of anything I've seen.
  9. the way i figure, a person's zombie intelligence is relative to their living intelligence, so the brick-user-types were the geniuses when they were alive, which explains how out of that crowd of zombies at the glass, only one knew how to try to smash it open with a heavy object.
  10. I thought this was the worst out of the series, and that's an accomplishment considering most of the movies in the seires. I did like the ending... and that was about it. The premise of the victim of the main trap series was good... but the traps themselves, I thought, were boring, and I didn't like how it had nothing to do with the overall plot of the movie/series. The opening trap got my hopes up. I thought we were in for a series of public traps and the movie would explore the idea of our culture being one of jaded, detached, observers. Nope. The 3d effects were lame(especially the CGI gore flying into the camera), and the dream sequence was a complete waste of time. The scene with the skinheads was kinda cool, though.
  11. My first minute into this game, I fell into a pit, and couldn't get out, and coulnd't die, so I had to start a new world.
  12. Re: Panty and Stocking episode 3. For everyone that started watching Panty and Stocking because of me bringing it up: I apologize.
  13. So, on the one hand, all of the fanservice in High School of the Dead is kind of annoying, and is exactly the kind of thing that gives anime a bad name among non-fans, and even among some fans. On the other hand, I still kind of enjoy it.
  14. I enjoyed it. It was like the best parts of the Powerpuff Girls combined with the worst cliches in anime.
  15. So, Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt... Great show, or greatest show?
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