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  1. Hi @Fat Frog first of all thank you for the scenario. I have decided to start with NWA-W and raise them up as a 3rd top company. I've currently just got them to National Level and have introduced 2 new titles and wondered if you had the graphic for the spreadsheet for a NWA National Championship and a NWA Jr Heavyweight Championship?
  2. has anyone still got this version??
  3. Probably going to get shot down with this suggestion, but i feel Kazarian's Charisma needs a slight raise to about 81, his promos as of late have been alot better & the Promo at slammiversery was really good think he is nearly upto the level of daniels

  5. anyone know where i can get some of these due to Megaupload not exciting anymore??
  6. I'm still trying to work out who you are ¬¬ Especially as you called me "Thrax"

  7. has any one Got Stats for Jim Ross as i wanna create him and have him as Jack Swaggers Manager
  8. has anyone got pics of Player uno unmasked???
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