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  1. Hey guys... here I am after a long time and to bug you with a question that will most likely lead to nothing... so, there was a EWR scenario called ECW Revival back in the day. It was a version of the original 4.2 data, I think, with ECW being revived as a fed with some of its alumni and some WWE guys too, like Batista and Brock Lesnar in it, and ECW was kind of a really big deal in the scenario. If anyone has it, I'd be very thankful, as it was THE scenario that got me into EWR. I remember it was hosted in an italian forum (download link is dead), as well as in ewwarehouse.info (I g
  2. I think there isn't, but that would be glorious...
  3. Oh, btw, you should add a note about the month that the scenario is meant to start.
  4. I love both ideas, tbh. The first one is specially nice, as it is something like what we dream Universe Mode could be. I will try both, the second with some modifications (I prefer to start at National level at these kind of scenarios + different names, title values and such - maybe add one or two more feds to the mix). Suggestions... hm... it would take a lot of work, but something like 7 Deadly Sins but with regional sized feds (PWG, CZW, EVOLVE, DG-USA, Beyond Wrestling, GCW and NWA, per example) and worker overness downgrades (max. 60/65 overall). In fact, I might try that, if yo
  5. The year is 2004 and WCW came back thanks to Shane McMahon and Paul Heyman. At THE DOME!!!, of course

  6. Ah, the Masters scenarios are classy. I have them on my collection too. Was kinda hoping for a 1993 one, really, as it was the beginning of Monday Night RAW and ECW Hardcore TV. But that's okay. I appreciate your contribution to the community, already, mate!
  7. Pretty solid update for one great wrestling year. Currently dividing time between ROH in this db and AWA in your 1987 one! Out of curiosity, are there plans for another update?
  8. That's really easy to create: delete all the promotions and create some of them + events + belts + tv shows with, IDK, 15 million dollars.
  9. It honestly seems the most realistic scenario for the 1980s. The amount of work you put on the gfx, banners, pics and all of that is also to be praised. The only things I'd change are the skills of younger workers. I mean, Chris Benoit and Kenta Kobashi are legends and some of the best wrestlers of all time, but with 19 years old they wouldn't be that good... Nice work, tho. I'm gonna give it a go!
  10. Thanks @Rocky Well, Maybe @SpanishMen should create a mega-thread with a great load of scenarios, "brother!". The community would be thankful.
  11. I thought I had @OGpistolpete's August 1996 Masters Scenario (hands down the best 1996 data) but only have his April 1997 one currently on my pc. Probably he may help you (and me too)...
  12. https://www.mediafire.com/?tatuwltx2vl2osp There you have it, mate.
  13. By chance, will we have a following for this scenario? That would be just beautiful. This is the best scenario around.
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