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  1. Not in stock for PS3. Just checked.
  2. I've checked about 5 different places and they were out of stock so it seems that way for now.
  3. Keep Big Show and Mark Henry's gimmicks as they are. Yeah should probably keep them as monsters. Seems about right and maybe keep Brad Maddox tweener but not sure.
  4. Change Big Show to Face with gimmick of BFG maybe? Change Mark Henry to Face maybe with same gimmick as Big Show Add Big Show and Mark Henry as a tag team Change Cody Rhodes to Face with the cocky gimmick? Turn the Prime Time Players Face? Change Layla to heel and gimmick maybe bitch? Turn Mr. McMahon, Randy Orton, Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and maybe Brad Maddox heel Change Ricardo Rodriguez Face and make his new client RVD instead of Del Rio
  5. I will be getting this over FIFA 14 i think.
  6. I think Arsenal will win to be honest. Might put some money on it don't know yet.
  7. Anyone know how much i'd get trade in for a 250gb xbox 360?
  8. Thought Wigan at home would of beat them though but oh well.
  9. It looks so good. Cant wait for it to come out.
  10. Would of lost anyway Lyon lost to Sociedad and Milan drew to PSV, but yeah Wigan fucked up.
  11. Yeah hopefully. Decent odds considering they're against Doncaster at home. Got them at 8/15.
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