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  1. thesunbedkid Here’s hoping I have a lucky egg activated when the big day comes 😆
  2. 17 days for us. I forgot you could check, good shout. Amusingly the person who I’m closest to is Trey’s wife 😂 on 12 days. After that it’s Jericode on 14. I can’t open any gifts (you guys are too kind) atm cos after buying more storage I’m almost near full again (950) with no gifts of my own, so I’ve deleted some items and then I’m gonna try and stockpile a load over the coming days to be able to start sending back. Also - shiny Eeveelutions this weekend Umbreon is pretty cool, as per. Espeon looks like an alien.
  3. I need this! Half way to 500k atm. Also, I finally have enough Swablu candy to get an Altaria 😎 managed to amass 70 candies over the course of a few days and then for the last 6 I needed I got a Swablu in an egg... although I’m scared to evolve just yet incase it forms part of a future special research task after the current Mew one 😒
  4. I really do hope that they implement distance training cos there’s not much hope for me otherwise. Besides, how are people in the states meant to get Mr Mime or people in the U.K. meant to get Tauros unless they either go on holiday or know someone else who has Opened a pile of gifts today and hoping I manage to actually get someone myself to send back. Think I became good friends with two people today also. Just wish I had of had a lucky egg active to get 20k each time instead of 10 😭
  5. And again tonight with someone else, another 20k 🤩 Managed to get out tonight so sent a few gifts through. Don’t seem to have got any XP for them tho, do you only get it when the gift is opened?
  6. I always go anti clockwise. Might have to try it the other way. Got an “Upgrade” item for a 7 day Pokestop streak tonight so was able to evolve a Porygon finally 🤗 also became a great friend of someone on here, can’t remember the username now, but it got me 20k XP and considering I’m on the road to 500k here I need all the help I can get. I’m fresh out of gifts and haven’t been able to actually venture very far the last few days to get some, and the few stops I’ve visited haven’t given me any, so whatever I sent yesterday was my last, plus my items have been constantly full also whic
  7. “Three great curveball throws in a row” I think I got one time. I actually watched a YouTube video for tips but quickly decided it wasn’t for me.
  8. Like Wailmer, Mr Mime and others more wild Ursaring would be good for the research tasks that require nice/great throws (especially in a row) and/or curveballs.
  9. I’ll be honest and say I did feel a little bit of shame when I started going out to public places but when I saw people double my age and whole families (including grandparents) all out doing the same I stopped worrying about it. Still waiting for someone to make some sort of similar remark to me at some stage tho. That’s how I got mine too. As soon as I hatched an Alolan Vulpix and got like 30 off candies I evolved it straight away!
  10. Alolan Ninetails is so much cooler than the normal Ninetails. Same with Sandslash also. The Dugtrio is just weirdly random. 😂 Were these egg hatches or encounters? I happened across a Ursaring a few days ago, not the sort of Pokémon I’d usually expect to find in the wild.
  11. Considering what my job is I’m incredibly socially awkward when it comes to this sort of thing. The past few occasions, one of them being today, I just latched onto a group of 7 other people and didn’t actually speak to any of them - I just followed them about. Yesterday with the EX raid, I went to the particular gym and there must have been 20/30 people there. I walked up, entered the public battle and within second a girl was calling out my trainer name and came over to give me the private group code - I think I said hi and that was it. It doesn’t help that I don’t have Facebook and ca
  12. You can use the options in the advanced section to narrow down the range of IVs. Was hoping for a shiney today also. 😞
  13. 2 out of 4 for me. Raging 😒 although with those 4 raids I’m just ~10k XP off level 30 now. Caught a shit load of Swablus today as well combined with pinap berries. Up to 240 candies or so now.
  14. I’ve been building up pinap berries over the last while due to running out during the Squirtle community day, so I once I get a good few more I might concentrate on harvesting Swablu candies. I do tend to see quite a few of them along a particular path nearby. Think I might head out for this Zapdos event tomorrow. Got a few when they were on the research tasks but much like you I need some candies to power them up! In other news: First legendary 🤩 I powered it up hence no candies left. Got it on the very last ball.
  15. Hoping to get my first legendary today! I’ve got nearly 500 Magikarp candies at the minute and am patiently waiting for the next stage where I can actually evolve it. It’s like torture considering what you have to go through to get that many candies. Talking of Pokemon that require a lot of candies to evolve them... how did you end up with an Altaria Good luck with that 😫
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