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Star Wars Games Thread


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A thread to discuss Star Wars video game since there have been so many and because the current titles aren't platform exclusive. And hopefully because there will be a lot more with the success of Jedi: Fallen Order.


I just finished Fallen Order. Great game. Only minor gripe I have is that


Merrin doesn't join your party until the game is almost over. It feels kinda pointless. 


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I'll be getting Fallen Order when it's inevitably on a discount.

To be honest one of the things I'm most looking forward to next year is the Lego Skywalker Saga, I've always liked the Lego Star Wars games so to have all 9 episodes in one game should be terrific.

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Another thing about the Jedi: Fallen Order ending:


It is weird how okay Cere is with Cal destroying the Holocron in the end. She seemed to be so hellbent on rebuilding the order with it and it seems out of character for her to be so blasé about Cal casually ruining her plan. And he never explains to her why he did it either. He just does it. He never voices his doubts about their mission to her or tells her about the vision he had in the vault on Bogano of the Padawan being hunted down and killed by the Empire. I kept waiting for them to have that talk but it never happened. 


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