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Mixed Martial Arts Sim

Tits McGee

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Just wanted to spread some love for a game I came across through reddit search a month ago. It is a slowly growing community and the developer is an Adam Ryland lover. I'm not very active on these forums anymore but I lurk from time to time and thought this would be the perfect community to help him out. If this sort of thing isn't allowed i'm sorry in advance mods. I asked the developer to give a brief write up and posting below:


Mixed Martial Arts Sim, is an online, real time, multiplayer MMA company management simulation! You start off taking control of your own Startup MMA company.

You get to do all the usual, hire talent, hire staff. Create belts, weight classes, deal with fighters, book fights and host events. All the while building up your company popularity, working your way up the ranks and unlocking more of the game as you go.

However, you and your company are in this game world along side other real life users and their companies. So you're fighting for talent, staff, merch sales, sponsorships, TV contracts, PPV Deals against other real life users in real time.

Every 24 hours in real life is 1 in game month. You put on an event at the same time as someone else.. I hope you put on a good main event to attract the fan base to your show instead of your opponents.

If you build up your talent, maybe they become a dominant champion and you make them the face of your company. By the time their deal is expiring you have a choice to sign them and make a deal otherwise your rivals can come in with a big money offer!

Talent will start in the game new and fresh. And as they gain experience their stats will naturally rise. Each fighter has their own prime. Make the most of it. And after that it can be a slow, long decline or a steep drop. They will eventually retire. So it’s important to keep finding and building new stars to help grow your company. Sell tickets, merchandise and gain sponsorship income.

When you book fights you will have to deal with headaches such as fighters missing weight, getting injured or even failing a drugs test and risking a suspension.

At the core of the game is the fight engine. This is constantly being tweaked to keep users on their toes. The engine at the moment reports back with round by round feedback on what has happened within the fight. How the fight was won and which competitor was dominant in which area.

To have access to this game mode, everyone who has already paid for an account to Pro Wrestling Booker will have this game mode as a DLC for free.

If you’d like to purchase an account please visit www.mmasim.co.uk

Other links: www.prowrestlingbooker.com

Discord: https://discord.gg/5rG3Qe9S







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